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00:04:03 Topic: visa issues
00:05:31 INFO MrBeige today is mainly a way for frank to make an outline of what you need from him, and for him to give an estimate of when you can expect to see it
00:09:31 INFO iriefrank frank bynum is an attorney licensed in new jersey. will be admitted in new york sometime soon. graduated from univ of southern california law school in may 08. right now working in city government in new york and practicing law in free time on low/pro-bono basis
00:11:11 INFO iriefrank frank will produce two separate sets of documents. first, one of more legal memos with citations and analysis of the immigration issues
00:11:58 Topic: How soon do we need an exact date and address?
00:12:39 INFO iriefrank frank will look into the longest lead times for non-visa-waiver countries and how flexible dates can or cannot be
00:15:01 INFO MrBeige gotcha - biometrics
00:15:55 INFO MrBeige the situation with columbia (where we hope to host it) is that they can't commit to a date we can use their housing until October this year. The conf will be next summer, probabyl june
00:16:03 INFO MrBeige so how will this affect applications ?
00:16:28 Topic: are there preferable ports of entry
00:16:57 Topic: this is mainly saying, should people have less of a problem entering in NYC since it's so multicultural?
00:17:07 Topic: are there preferable ports of entry
00:17:19 INFO MrBeige this is mainly saying, should people have less of a problem entering in NYC since it's so multicultural?
00:17:58 INFO iriefrank all airports are run substantially in the same way
00:18:00 INFO MrBeige also, I guess part of it is also, what issues might come up while at the visa/customs check, AFTER someone already has a visa approved
00:18:18 INFO Hydroxide the relevance of this to legal advice is that a more friendly port will be less likely to turn people away based on the personal reactions of the border official, or provide a hostile border experience to the attendee
00:18:29 INFO iriefrank one advantage to flying into nyc is that frank can respond in the unlikely event of problems. but we can also recruit volunteer lawyers elsewhere to be on call if necessary.
00:19:39 Topic: What qualities make people more or less likely to be granted a visa?
00:20:23 INFO iriefrank financial ties to home country (proprty ownership); family in home country; job in home country
00:21:55 INFO iriefrank hard to say, it's a balancing test. but from a stable country and with a combo of those things, i'd say more likely than not
00:23:21 INFO MrBeige iriefrank we will get iriefrank the past debconf reports, which list breakdowns by country
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00:24:43 LINK Hydroxide
00:25:14 LINK Hydroxide
00:25:44 Topic: Advantages of the Visa Waiver program vs. applying for a visa anyway.
00:26:07 LINK coyled
00:26:12 INFO MrBeige so I hear that some people eligible for visa waiver might want to apply for a visa anyway, because it gives more rights...
00:26:25 INFO Hydroxide but is also a lot more hassle
00:28:40 Topic: What kinds of help can we provide? (email contact (signed/encrypted?), earlist/latest contact dates, phone, in person once arrived...)
00:29:52 INFO Hydroxide this item is about how to get specific assistance to individualsfit
00:30:16 INFO iriefrank also hopes to have advisory materials posted in the order theyll be useful, like documents about biometric passports and visa applications very early
00:30:27 INFO iriefrank an airport how-to guide last
00:35:22 Topic: Specific Countries
00:35:40 INFO MrBeige anyone who has specific countries or groups we should be sure to check into, #info it here...
00:35:49 INFO MrBeige venezuela
00:35:57 INFO MrBeige visa waiver countries
00:36:20 INFO marga middle-east ?
00:36:32 INFO MrBeige cuba
00:36:33 INFO marga Cuba?
00:36:55 INFO iriefrank cuba will be nearly impossible
00:37:52 INFO Hydroxide general latin-america regional concerns
00:38:23 INFO MrBeige iran (no DDs *yet* we think, though)
00:38:29 INFO Hydroxide people who have traveled to countries the US doesn't like (e.g. syria, libya, iran, cuba) but don't live there
00:39:09 INFO iriefrank those specifics are more subject to the vagaries of enforcement than the absurdity of the law, so i'll look into it via antecdote the best i can
00:39:52 Topic: any other visa business ?
00:42:04 Topic: border searches
00:42:18 INFO MrBeige frank has done extensive research on this (while in law school?)
00:48:41 INFO MrBeige what about when it's not a "normal" windows laptop ?
00:50:32 Topic: information about fingerprinting/photographing
00:51:29 INFO Hydroxide accurate information about this will minimize problems
00:53:23 Topic: if a laptop is held, how long does that usually go for?
00:53:54 Topic: DC10 prestation - what to include
00:54:51 INFO Hydroxide how should we incorporate the general part of this stuff into the presentation we give to introduce DC10?
00:57:21 Topic: Timeline for date decisions - decide before october, or in october? (Do we want to decide dates before Columbia Housing guarantees us spots?)
00:57:45 INFO MrBeige Columbia housing can commit to spots for us in October
00:57:53 INFO MrBeige Columbia SEAS can commit (almost) anytime
00:58:08 INFO MrBeige HI can commit to us anytime
00:59:08 INFO MrBeige But columbia housing strongly implied multiple times, that if we do decide before october, it will be all right because we can fit in extra cracks, but may not be there "best" building
01:02:57 INFO MrBeige so do we want to decide in a) june b) october c) december ?
01:03:27 INFO MrBeige this highly depends on when the earliest visa peoppple need to know
01:03:49 AGREED MrBeige if they don't need to know dates before october for .ve to get a visa, let's decide in october. if he tells us we do, let's decide in june
01:03:58 Topic: Make a best estimate dates now.
01:04:50 INFO MrBeige weather-wise, there is no real preference
01:05:05 INFO Hydroxide by "best estimate dates" we really mean "ideal approximate dates"
01:05:41 INFO Hydroxide earlier in the summer is cooler, but regardless it'll be cooler than DC9
01:07:36 INFO MrBeige july is most preferable for now it seems, but not by a huge amount
01:07:42 Topic: DC10 presentation at DC9
01:09:09 INFO Hydroxide the whole localteam will work on preparing the presentation
01:09:23 Topic: next meeting
01:09:50 INFO MrBeige NYC locals, remember the debian gathering on May 8th evening, location to be decided
01:10:51 INFO MrBeige next meeting trigger points - deciding on dates (if we get info on columbia), frank having good information
01:10:58 INFO MrBeige or presentation discussion
01:12:46 Topic: any other business ?
01:13:48 INFO MrBeige bgupta is collecting press/blog press contacts, send leads to him
01:14:05 INFO MrBeige for US-based leads, mainly
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