Meeting started by h01ger at 17:02 UTC
17:03:08 Topic: welcome
17:03:37 LINK h01ger
17:04:12 Topic: welcome & who is writing the summary
17:08:22 Topic: 3. Information Flow
17:08:34 Topic: 3.1 Information Flow - What are all people currently working on and interested in?
17:14:30 AGREED h01ger we still agree to the Vision, and we want move on from here
17:14:48 LINK crazy-chris
17:15:37 Topic: 3.2 Information Flow - Monthly (or Bi-Monthly) OLPC Europe Newsletter
17:17:58 AGREED h01ger we want a monthly newsletter
17:18:19 ACTION h01ger crazy-chris will collect, create and send out the first one
17:22:07 LINK atodorov - 1st Feb for the 1st newsletter
17:22:44 AGREED h01ger we will be collecting the bits in git and publish the compiled one in the wiki. crazy-chris, who will create the first one, will solve the implementation details - with our help via irc or list
17:23:29 LINK h01ger
17:25:20 AGREED h01ger the first newsletter should be published before fosdem (23+24.feb)
17:25:30 AGREED h01ger for example around 10. feb
17:25:44 Topic: 4. Information Infrastructure
17:25:56 Topic: 4.1 Information Infrastructure - Newsletters of participants
17:27:04 Topic: 4.2 Information Infrastructure - Homepage (this), Domain names, and the future
17:29:20 IDEA h01ger we ( to be specific) own and
17:29:42 IDEA h01ger (and and are domainsquatted
17:41:12 AGREED h01ger simply redirect *.olpc.europe/* to
17:41:29 ACTION h01ger on it's done, we fix
17:41:37 Topic: 4.3 Information Infrastructure - email
17:50:18 AGREED h01ger there is no clear idea or agreement, what other email addresses we need. it seems a simple address for "random people" to contact us is desirable. or not. discussion should be continued on the list
17:51:08 ACTION h01ger crazy-chris takes it to the list by writing a mail and summarizing the topic and options
17:51:17 Topic: 5. Pilot projects
17:51:29 LINK crazy-chris
17:54:44 IDEA h01ger set up a page for instructions on how to initiate a pilot
17:55:05 IDEA h01ger everybody who is doing a pilot documents stuff on the way :)
17:57:18 Topic: 6. T-shirts until FOSDEM? (end of february)
17:58:45 LINK atodorov
18:02:12 IDEA h01ger print 50-100 tshrts for fosdem (to sell them there) based on the olpc austria design, which is cc licenced
18:02:20 Topic: 7. next meeting, when?
18:04:24 IDEA atodorov we put the money in the pot for G1G1 Europe
18:05:51 AGREED h01ger next meeting: thursday, the 7th of february, 17 UTC
18:06:04 Topic: 8. any other business (in overtime)
Meeting ended at 18:08.

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  7. Gregor_de
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