Started logging meeting in #olpc-europe, times are UTC.
[17:03:08] <h01ger> #topic welcome
[17:03:12] <h01ger> hi everybody :)
[17:03:16] <crazy-chris> hey all!
[17:03:19] <b457144n> hi!
[17:03:24] <aferti> hi!
[17:03:26] * h01ger = Holger Levsen, debian developer, from hamburg, germnay
[17:03:37] <h01ger> #link
[17:03:47] <h01ger> meetbot is now more quiet :)
[17:04:12] <h01ger> #topic welcome & who is writing the summary
[17:04:42] <crazy-chris> anyone volunteering?
[17:04:55] <h01ger> please keep introducing yourself. we also need a volunteer to write the summary of this meeting. meetbot helps by providing some notes at
[17:05:33] * crazy-chris = Chris Hager, Summary Writer, Developer, Vienna
[17:05:50] * atodorov = Alexander Todorov, Red Hat QE Engineer, from Sofia, Bulgaria (usually based in Brno,Czech Republic)
[17:06:04] * b457144n = Bastiaan Bakker, software developer in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
[17:06:13] * nbd = Felix Fietkau, OpenWrt Lead Developer, Hamburg, Germany
[17:06:23] * Gregor_de support building German OLPC grassroots Organizations, go to Ethiopia for 2 months
[17:06:31] <aferti> = Andriani Ferti, legal intern, OLPC, attorney, Cambridge, MA/ Athens, Greece.
[17:06:50] <groupsky> groupsky = Geno Roupsky, Developer, Sofia
[17:07:24] <h01ger> thats a nice group :-)) now we just need a volunteer for the summary...
[17:07:42] <crazy-chris> can do this time
[17:07:56] <h01ger> hi yokoy, backlog at
[17:08:02] <h01ger> crazy-chris, \o/ thanks!
[17:08:20] <yokoy> hi & thx
[17:08:22] <h01ger> #topic 3. Information Flow
[17:08:34] <h01ger> #topic 3.1 Information Flow - What are all people currently working on and interested in?
[17:09:04] * crazy-chris is working on xo-get and the developer program, which we hope to bring to europe in february
[17:09:30] <h01ger> crazy-chris also suggest to start the meeting with the brief question "do we still agree to the Vision, and we want move on from here" - (silence is agreement here. just comment if you dont :)
[17:09:34] <h01ger> suggested
[17:09:35] <atodorov> /me, groupsky, ( h_ivano1 ) and few more, working on local OLPC group in Bulgaria. l10n, presentations. we've just started recently
[17:10:02] <Gregor_de> we (Marco, Jens and Me) plan do go to Ethiopia for 2 months for diploma, we are highly interested in OLPC education concepts
[17:10:13] * h01ger is preparing the OLPC europe fosdem event
[17:10:38] * h01ger is trying to find out what will happen at CeBIT regarding
[17:10:51] <crazy-chris> oh yes, that's all working out
[17:11:18] * h01ger is working on debian packages for the X0 and on OLCP germany...
[17:11:19] <aferti> I am working on ip legal issues/ free content/ open source policy issues at 1cc. Interested in contributing to the Vision in Europe.
[17:11:20] <b457144n> olpc-nl has had its second meeting last weekend. Some people are now working on lobbying to implement OLPC for all primary kids in NL. = ca. 1.5 million kids
[17:12:05] <b457144n> in say 2 or 3 years
[17:12:11] * yokoy working on olpc-de and -at
[17:12:43] <yokoy> b457144n: fine
[17:12:44] <h01ger> atodorov, please create the presentation with software which can be used on linux. (not that i suspect you will, but some presentations were made as mac os only...)
[17:13:16] <b457144n> coming friday: a small sugar-jhbuild hands on session to get people started
[17:13:20] <atodorov> h01lger: I'm converting exactly such one. Using only OOo
[17:13:31] <h01ger> atodorov, heh. great :)
[17:13:37] * Gregor_de working on olpc-de
[17:13:59] <h01ger> there is also a german pilot (in a school) coming up, but no more public news yet...
[17:14:00] * crazy-chris waves to all french people (any around?)
[17:14:18] <crazy-chris> we can keep the topic pilots for later
[17:14:30] <h01ger> #agreed we still agree to the Vision, and we want move on from here
[17:14:34] <atodorov> h01ger: can we list in the wiki all pilots coming up in Europe?
[17:14:40] <h01ger> crazy-chris, right, didnt see it on the agenda...
[17:14:48] <crazy-chris>
[17:14:55] <crazy-chris> please add all pilots there
[17:14:56] <atodorov> ahh, 10x
[17:14:59] <h01ger> atodorov, sure, its a wiki, please go ahead. i'd say such a list is very useful, esp. if it has contact info..
[17:15:18] <h01ger> next topic i'd say...
[17:15:23] <yokoy> h01ger: yes
[17:15:24] * crazy-chris nods
[17:15:37] <h01ger> #topic 3.2 Information Flow - Monthly (or Bi-Monthly) OLPC Europe Newsletter
[17:15:50] <h01ger> and 3.3 is Newsletters of participants?
[17:15:59] <h01ger> whats the difference, dont they belong together?
[17:16:10] <crazy-chris> yes, maybe 3.3 is more related to 4
[17:16:12] * h01ger likes the idea, it "just" needs someone to do that
[17:16:15] <crazy-chris> how to keep ourself informed
[17:16:24] * h01ger nods
[17:16:32] <h01ger> and edits the agenda :)
[17:16:45] <crazy-chris> i can volunteer with the first newsletter, if we have a way to collect the infos
[17:16:52] <yokoy> information flow: first monthly, later more often when there is more content
[17:16:54] <crazy-chris> which we can talk on topic 4
[17:17:03] <samy> hello/bonjour
[17:17:05] <atodorov> h01ger: all -eu groups can send info once a month to somebody
[17:17:13] <h01ger> hi samy, backlog at
[17:17:21] <crazy-chris> do we agree on a monthly newsletter?
[17:17:29] * h01ger thinks monthly is great
[17:17:37] * atodorov also
[17:17:38] * yokoy agrees
[17:17:43] <h01ger> more often is more work and less often is not good
[17:17:45] <Gregor_de> jup
[17:17:51] <aferti> yes
[17:17:58] <h01ger> #agreed we want a monthly newsletter
[17:17:59] * b457144n agrees
[17:18:11] <crazy-chris> perfect then. i start working for the first one and anyone please join!
[17:18:18] <atodorov> newsletter may be published at local groups sites to get people informed what's going on around Europe
[17:18:19] <h01ger> #action crazy-chris will collect, create and send out the first one
[17:18:54] <Gregor_de> question: should newsletters be archieved? Maybe at
[17:19:08] * crazy-chris thinks yes
[17:19:11] <h01ger> yes, they should be archived.. wiki.l.o sounds like a good place
[17:19:12] <atodorov> better yes
[17:19:40] <yokoy> hm, normal textfile is better IMHO
[17:19:43] <h01ger> and collecting the bits in git and publish the compiled one in the wiki?
[17:19:50] * h01ger nods yokoy
[17:20:01] <crazy-chris> yes
[17:20:03] <Gregor_de> wiki is good for creating newsletters also
[17:20:09] <atodorov> no objections
[17:20:17] <atodorov> ^^^ text file
[17:20:17] <Gregor_de> h01ger: good idea
[17:20:18] <h01ger> having textfiles in git also allows a team to work on it and sharing halfwritten entries
[17:20:55] <crazy-chris> we'll develop the best way in the next month's
[17:20:59] <yokoy> Gregor_de: somebody is creating the newsletter, lets send him email about the news
[17:21:01] * h01ger suggest thats crazy-chris, who will create the first one, will solve the implementation details ;-) (with our help via irc or list)
[17:21:28] * crazy-chris agrees. I and anyone who wants to join will figure that out.
[17:21:33] * h01ger thinks it would be good to settle on a first publish date
[17:21:45] <crazy-chris> when is fosdem?
[17:21:47] <h01ger> in three weeks? 2? 4?
[17:21:50] <h01ger> 23+24.february
[17:21:56] <h01ger> 23+24.february is fosdem
[17:22:05] <crazy-chris> just after that?
[17:22:07] <atodorov> - 1st Feb for the 1st newsletter
[17:22:30] <crazy-chris> i can't do it in this one week alone
[17:22:44] <h01ger> #agreed we will be collecting the bits in git and publish the compiled one in the wiki. crazy-chris, who will create the first one, will solve the implementation details - with our help via irc or list
[17:22:56] <h01ger> crazy-chris, i think its too long til fosdem
[17:23:09] <h01ger> qiute the contrary, it would be good to have one by fosdem :)
[17:23:29] <h01ger> #link
[17:23:35] <crazy-chris> okay. for example around 10. feb
[17:23:52] * yokoy do not think git is a good solution for newsletters
[17:24:02] <crazy-chris> we can discuss the rest on the list and move on?
[17:24:11] <yokoy> ok
[17:24:13] <Gregor_de> jup
[17:24:33] * h01ger forgot that the way atodorov gave the link is fine for meetbot too. links have to be in the beginning or prepended with #link, then meetbot will pick them up
[17:25:20] <h01ger> #agreed the first newsletter should be published before fosdem (23+24.feb)
[17:25:30] <h01ger> #agreed for example around 10. feb
[17:25:44] <h01ger> #topic 4. Information Infrastructure
[17:25:56] <h01ger> #topic 4.1 Information Infrastructure - Newsletters of participants
[17:26:10] <h01ger> anything else to say about this? (/me following the agenda..)
[17:26:46] <crazy-chris> we can discuss this after the first newsletter again
[17:26:48] <h01ger> maybe we have time to discuss yokoys doubts later at "any other business"..
[17:26:52] * h01ger nods, next
[17:27:04] <h01ger> #topic 4.2 Information Infrastructure - Homepage (this), Domain names, and the future
[17:27:21] <atodorov> what about domain ?
[17:27:28] <crazy-chris> so. there are: and and
[17:27:39] <h01ger> all taken?
[17:27:41] <crazy-chris> the first two we registered with aaron
[17:27:47] <atodorov> is taken
[17:27:51] <h01ger> ah. he
[17:27:55] <crazy-chris> by one of us here?
[17:28:03] <Gregor_de> great chris
[17:28:12] <yokoy>, too :-/
[17:28:12] <h01ger> Registrar:
[17:28:12] <h01ger> Name: Vof VIP Hosting
[17:28:12] <h01ger> Website:
[17:28:26] <atodorov> we can ask them to donate it
[17:28:32] <Gregor_de> maybe so should try to get in contact with registrar
[17:28:33] <b457144n> likewise, but different domain squatter
[17:28:37] * h01ger thinks is nice as we have it, but would also work for me
[17:28:52] <crazy-chris> yes, that doesn't really matter
[17:28:55] <h01ger> Gregor_de, we are no legal entity
[17:29:16] * b457144n does not really care about domain names
[17:29:20] <h01ger> #idea we ( to be specific) own and
[17:29:21] <atodorov> olpc-bg is using university hosting and 3rd level domain, works for us
[17:29:38] <crazy-chris> not olpc-austria. we
[17:29:42] <h01ger> #idea (and and are domainsquatted
[17:29:46] <crazy-chris> like we here
[17:29:48] <atodorov> is more readable
[17:29:56] <Gregor_de> agree
[17:30:00] <h_ivanov> why not stick to the main domain and sublevel, like .[eu]
[17:30:17] <h_ivanov> and to be gathering point
[17:30:30] <crazy-chris> well, this might take a while
[17:30:30] <h_ivanov> thus keeping one url for all the things?
[17:30:35] <atodorov> I prefer, as with debian domains
[17:30:46] * h01ger thinks a domain is mostly good to print on business cards. then it should redirect to ;)
[17:30:50] <atodorov> eu.l.o is good for a gathering point
[17:30:57] * h01ger nods h_ivanov
[17:31:02] <crazy-chris> what could be the first purposes of that domains
[17:31:15] <b457144n> would be best for a separate legal entity for European OLPC things
[17:31:18] <h01ger> business cards. telling people. articles
[17:31:32] <atodorov> spreading the word
[17:31:32] <crazy-chris> we start to need a mailing list
[17:31:42] <h_ivanov> hosting project status, current events, presentations...
[17:31:48] <b457144n> to make clear it's independent from
[17:31:56] <h01ger> crazy-chris, why do you think grassroots is not good enough anymore?
[17:32:01] * yokoy says:
[17:32:03] <crazy-chris> lol
[17:32:11] * crazy-chris also says
[17:32:22] * atodorov +1
[17:32:26] <Gregor_de> we too,
[17:32:30] <b457144n> olpc-europe fits nice with
[17:32:30] <Gregor_de> +3 :-)
[17:32:33] <crazy-chris> h01ger: no. but some things like collecting the infos for the newsletter, might be better suited there
[17:32:40] <b457144n> so +1 for me too
[17:32:40] <h01ger> and then? redirect to wiki.l.o? or own wiki or what?
[17:32:49] <h_ivanov>
[17:32:59] <crazy-chris> no own wiki as long as we don't need it?
[17:33:05] <atodorov> h_ivanov: redirecting to local resources
[17:33:06] <Gregor_de> agree
[17:33:24] <Gregor_de> no wiki as long as we don't need it
[17:33:26] <h01ger> who maintains that webserver? who maintains the content? acl?
[17:33:40] <crazy-chris> basically forward to w.l.o for the first
[17:33:48] <crazy-chris> content adding by need and volunteers for maintaining
[17:34:01] <yokoy> crazy-chris: nods
[17:34:04] <h01ger> editing .html with vi?
[17:34:13] <h01ger> typo3?
[17:34:21] <h01ger> how to manage accounts?
[17:34:39] <Gregor_de> typo3 for what?
[17:34:40] <yokoy> no drupal5, as i got today an DOS
[17:34:40] <h01ger> i'm not convinced we should waste our energy on this... ;)
[17:34:44] <crazy-chris> h01ger: typo3 what for?
[17:34:59] <h01ger> typo3 as the "opposite" of handcoding .html files
[17:35:11] <crazy-chris> we don't need to waste our time; simply forward to w.l.o.
[17:35:13] <h01ger> (example)
[17:35:42] <yokoy> crazy-chris: yes, we do not need a webserver, now
[17:36:02] * h01ger thinks he wants a consistent plan, written down, to discuss. this is to adhoc
[17:36:19] <h01ger> (the plan can be very short. i should just be complete :)
[17:36:31] <crazy-chris> for the plan: what do all think of a o-e mailing list?
[17:37:11] <b457144n> why? is the grassroots list not sufficient anymore?
[17:37:14] <yokoy> no extra mailinglist
[17:37:17] <atodorov> crazy-chris: what for
[17:37:29] <h01ger> crazy-chris, why do you think the grassroots list is not sufficient anymore? (i dont care much, i'm just surprised by changing plans so fast...)
[17:37:41] <crazy-chris> no, not changing plans. just an idea.
[17:37:50] <crazy-chris> i'm also unsure about that
[17:37:53] <b457144n> skip it.
[17:37:56] <yokoy> if there is to much traffic, later, then we could make an o-e ML
[17:38:00] <Gregor_de> skip
[17:38:00] <h01ger> nobody said "yes!" :)
[17:38:08] * crazy-chris nods
[17:38:47] <crazy-chris> next topic then
[17:38:57] <h01ger> do we agree we want a plan about website & domain? or how to proceed here?
[17:39:23] <crazy-chris> yes, hm... we simply forward the urls to w.l.o and see if we need anything in the futureß
[17:39:24] <atodorov> h01lger: we need a plan and vote for it
[17:39:39] <atodorov> sounds like a plan :)
[17:39:43] <h01ger> my plan would be, to redirect *.olpc.europe/* to :)
[17:39:48] <Gregor_de> just forward for now
[17:39:49] * yokoy nods to crazy-chris
[17:40:15] * b457144n agrees with redirect
[17:40:33] <h01ger> does anybody want to write down another plan or is this the plan?
[17:40:41] <h01ger> this is so simple, we can instantly implement it :)
[17:40:46] <yokoy> it is the plan
[17:41:06] <crazy-chris> on it's done, we fix
[17:41:12] <h01ger> #agreed simply redirect *.olpc.europe/* to
[17:41:29] <h01ger> #action on it's done, we fix
[17:41:37] <h01ger> #topic 4.3 Information Infrastructure - email
[17:41:50] <h01ger> is this about :)
[17:42:03] <h01ger> or about mailinglists?
[17:42:05] <crazy-chris> maybe about the way we communicate with each other
[17:42:05] <Gregor_de> [country]@olpc europe
[17:42:25] * atodorov agrees ^^^
[17:42:30] * crazy-chris too ^^
[17:42:35] * h01ger thinks for now its the grassroots list
[17:42:36] <yokoy> ???
[17:42:48] * yokoy do not understand
[17:42:52] * h01ger doesnt really understand Gregor_de - there is for example olpc-de@l.d.o
[17:43:14] <h01ger> someone please explain this topic :)
[17:43:16] <crazy-chris> like
[17:43:27] <crazy-chris> i assume
[17:43:29] <h01ger> crazy-chris, what should that be?
[17:43:36] <b457144n> do we need more than
[17:43:39] <h01ger> (there is olpc-de@l.d.o)
[17:43:50] * h01ger nods b457144n and doesnt think so
[17:44:14] <b457144n> where should go to?
[17:44:48] * h01ger votes for grassroots list or a request tracker (much later, if at all)
[17:44:48] <crazy-chris> maybe no contact@ for the moment
[17:44:49] <crazy-chris> what for
[17:45:08] <h01ger> contact: grassroots-l@l.l.o?
[17:45:49] <crazy-chris> this could be interesting if we apply for funds and such...
[17:45:52] <crazy-chris> which is not now
[17:45:59] <h01ger> btw, s/.d.o/.l.o/ for all the above. of course i ment not ;-)
[17:46:26] * h01ger thinks people (speaking for an organisation) should apply for funds and give peoples names as contact
[17:46:34] <crazy-chris> hm. we can discuss that via mail perhaps
[17:46:35] <h01ger> contact@ would be more for random contacts..
[17:46:42] <b457144n> indeed
[17:46:51] <b457144n> people need to have a simple address to contact
[17:47:12] <b457144n> and its easier if we can change where it points to whenever we want
[17:47:51] <crazy-chris> maybe we send it to all interested, but only one should reply. h01ger: what do you think?
[17:48:05] <Gregor_de> how is it solved @ olpc austria?
[17:48:12] * h01ger was about to write: #agreed there is no clear idea, what other email addresses we need. it seems a simple address for "random people" to contact us is desirable. discussion should be continued on the list
[17:48:14] <b457144n> send to all interested, cc contact@ when replying
[17:48:23] <h01ger> but then i like b457144n idea very much
[17:48:33] <h01ger> create a contact address now and "be done with it" ;)
[17:48:44] <atodorov> -bg is using private mailing list, non members can post and only group members can reply
[17:48:47] <h01ger> hi jaume, backlog at
[17:48:49] <b457144n> yes, lets move to pilots
[17:49:12] * h01ger doesnt see an agreement what we want now
[17:49:14] <jaume> ( thanks h01ger )
[17:49:28] <h01ger> but we should move on. only 11min left..
[17:49:31] <crazy-chris> we agree to contact@ to all interested, we reply with cc?
[17:49:45] <h01ger> ah. now i understand crazy-chriss last comment :)
[17:49:46] <Gregor_de> agree, why not?
[17:49:47] <h01ger> yes
[17:49:51] <yokoy> we got no agreement, now
[17:49:57] * b457144n agrees :-)
[17:50:06] * atodorov agrees
[17:50:10] <aferti> agrees
[17:50:17] * yokoy do not know
[17:50:18] <h01ger> #agreed there is no clear idea or agreement, what other email addresses we need. it seems a simple address for "random people" to contact us is desirable. or not. discussion should be continued on the list
[17:50:24] <h01ger> who takes this to the list?
[17:50:34] <h01ger> (by writing a mail and summarizing the topic and options)
[17:50:48] <crazy-chris> i can do after the summary
[17:50:55] <h01ger> cool
[17:50:57] <Gregor_de> great thx
[17:51:03] <crazy-chris> thats in one go :)
[17:51:08] <h01ger> #action crazy-chris takes it to the list by writing a mail and summarizing the topic and options
[17:51:12] <crazy-chris> pilots?
[17:51:17] <h01ger> #topic 5. Pilot projects
[17:51:29] <crazy-chris>
[17:51:40] <crazy-chris> (for meetbot)
[17:51:56] <crazy-chris> in austria there are 4 pilot classes coming 08
[17:52:01] <crazy-chris> but i have no further infos
[17:52:09] <h01ger> what else to discuss/say here?
[17:52:17] <crazy-chris> they want to link this with the nepal pilot
[17:52:18] <b457144n> were is more information about those pilots?
[17:52:29] <atodorov> we (olpc-bg) are planning at least 1 pilot by the end of 2008, no clear vision for it yet
[17:52:36] <b457144n> we're very interested in scripts, setup, etc.
[17:52:37] <l-fy> crazy-chris > i just got an idea
[17:52:40] <h01ger> crazy-chris, link as in "the pilots exchange info and stuff"?
[17:52:51] <l-fy> crazy-chris > what do you think about bringing your gov people to see our pilot
[17:53:16] <crazy-chris> l-fy: i'm not involved in that. please contact aaron or tano about this
[17:53:18] <b457144n> olpc-nl want to discuss starting a pilot with education people next week.
[17:53:20] <h01ger> l-fy, atodorov: please add you pilot to
[17:53:30] <h01ger> s/you/your/
[17:53:51] <atodorov> h01ger: will do soon
[17:53:58] <yokoy> what is the best way to initiate a pilot project?
[17:54:02] <crazy-chris> b457144n: if we get the git repo soon, we can store the edu scripts, infos, ... there
[17:54:26] <jaume> yokoy, be in the media, and meet the ministery (?)
[17:54:28] <crazy-chris> idea: set up a page for instructions on how to initiate a pilot
[17:54:30] <b457144n> crazy-chris: great. when will that be :-)
[17:54:44] <h01ger> #idea set up a page for instructions on how to initiate a pilot
[17:54:54] <b457144n> jaume: meeting is not enough, you need to have a good plan
[17:54:55] <atodorov> crazy-chris: that differs from country to country
[17:55:05] <h01ger> #idea everybody who is doing a pilot documents stuff on the way :)
[17:55:18] <crazy-chris> yes! that would be great
[17:55:19] <h01ger> atodorov, so what? it will still be useful partielly...
[17:55:21] <Gregor_de> do someone know about an olpc implementation handbook?
[17:55:30] <yokoy> jaume: thanks :-) , I wanted to animate a dokomentation for it
[17:55:36] * h01ger expects there is some info already..
[17:55:37] <jaume> b457144n, the plans will come from the others pilots, for sure... shared in the wiki that crazy-chris proposes
[17:55:42] <h01ger> ask on the grassroots list?
[17:55:50] <Gregor_de> there exist one from ethiopia
[17:55:56] <Gregor_de> not official yet
[17:56:05] <h01ger> Gregor_de, can you link that on our pilot page please?
[17:56:13] <Gregor_de> sure
[17:56:17] <crazy-chris> super!
[17:56:21] <h01ger> indeed!
[17:56:28] <h01ger> next topic? 4mins left :)
[17:56:47] * crazy-chris nods
[17:56:50] <jaume> also cross-pilot projects info...
[17:57:15] * h01ger thinks pilots will be a continuing topic in the future... and so
[17:57:18] <h01ger> #topic 6. T-shirts until FOSDEM? (end of february)
[17:57:31] <h01ger> we can use the .at design, its cc licenced
[17:57:48] <Gregor_de> cool, love it
[17:57:50] <h01ger> and i guess i want to print some tshirts til then anyway..
[17:57:51] <h_ivanov> make a list of the attendants and let everyone purchase one
[17:57:56] <h_ivanov> if he's going
[17:58:19] <h_ivanov> there are some sources where you can actually buy yourself a tshirt with your own drawing on it
[17:58:22] <h01ger> i just wonder, how many to print and if i could get some money to pre-finance it/more
[17:58:37] <crazy-chris> how much would one be?
[17:58:37] <h01ger> h_ivanov, i'm thinking more about printing 50 or 100
[17:58:43] <h_ivanov> if there are, say, 10 people, you won't get any discount
[17:58:45] <atodorov> #link
[17:58:48] <h01ger> ~10e per shirt
[17:59:06] <crazy-chris> okay
[17:59:14] <yokoy> what about "siebdruck vor ort" to put the logo on you lovely bags
[17:59:29] <h01ger> which is 1000e for 100 shirts. i think i _might_ get them for 5 or 7e but thats still a lot money (for me)
[17:59:34] <yokoy> or shirts...
[17:59:40] <crazy-chris> yokoy: would be great! you do it?
[17:59:55] <yokoy> crazy-chris: 99% yes
[17:59:57] <h01ger> yokoy, i plan to use a local print company... but i dont want to start with bags..
[18:00:01] <h01ger> yokoy, til fosdem?
[18:00:24] * yokoy will not be at fosdem
[18:00:31] <crazy-chris> but from us you can get at most a few hundret e
[18:01:19] <yokoy> crazy-chris: ?
[18:01:25] <h01ger> hmmm...
[18:01:38] <Gregor_de> time over ;-)
[18:01:44] <h01ger> i'll discuss this with crazy-chris and yokoy after the meeting...
[18:01:57] * crazy-chris nods
[18:02:12] <h01ger> #idea print 50-100 tshrts for fosdem (to sell them there) based on the olpc austria design, which is cc licenced
[18:02:20] <h01ger> #topic 7. next meeting, when?
[18:02:32] <crazy-chris> 2 weeks?
[18:02:34] <b457144n> in two weeks again
[18:02:35] <b457144n> ?
[18:02:42] <Gregor_de> agree
[18:02:42] * yokoy agrees
[18:02:44] <atodorov> h01ger: where does the money from t-shirts go ?
[18:02:46] <aferti> agree
[18:02:52] <kikka> n8
[18:02:54] * atodorov agrees for next 2 weeks
[18:03:12] <h01ger> atodorov, good question. either olpc europe or into more tshirts, if olpc europe doesnt legally exist by then..
[18:03:14] <crazy-chris> sell t-shirts for no profit?
[18:03:20] * h01ger also agrees for two weeks
[18:03:28] * kikka wants a T-shirt!
[18:03:34] <kikka> But. night.
[18:03:40] <h01ger> crazy-chris, basically yes. but there will be some euros, even if only 5
[18:03:53] <h_ivanov> okay, except for hosting, in the initial state, what would we need those money for
[18:03:53] <h01ger> so, its thursday, the 7th of february
[18:04:03] <h_ivanov> and if we find them a use, will they be enough?
[18:04:03] <crazy-chris> idea: we put that money in the pot for the olpc europe founding party
[18:04:06] <h01ger> same time or one hour later?
[18:04:09] <crazy-chris> :)
[18:04:17] <Gregor_de> yeah chris!
[18:04:21] <h_ivanov> sell shirts to get drunk?
[18:04:22] <h01ger> crazy-chris, excellelent idea
[18:04:24] <atodorov> #idea we put the money in the pot for G1G1 Europe
[18:04:30] <h01ger> h_ivanov, for the buffet!
[18:04:40] <yokoy> next meeting topic: olpc-europe party
[18:04:43] * Gregor_de goes from olpc party to olpc party
[18:04:59] <h01ger> anyway, which time the next meeting? again 17 utc or better 18 utc?
[18:05:02] <crazy-chris> okay, then in two weeks, same time?
[18:05:13] <b457144n> h01ger: for me 17 utc
[18:05:18] * h01ger is fine with same time or one hour later
[18:05:25] <atodorov> 17 UTC is better for folks from Eastern Europe
[18:05:33] <h01ger> then be it 17 utc
[18:05:38] <aferti> agree
[18:05:51] <h01ger> #agreed next meeting: thursday, the 7th of february, 17 UTC
[18:06:04] <h01ger> #topic 8. any other business (in overtime)
[18:06:13] <h01ger> be fast and say good bye allready :)
[18:06:50] <crazy-chris> thanks for the meeting! it was a pleasure again :)
[18:07:08] <yokoy> yes, thx to all!
[18:07:09] <h01ger> thank you all for this productive meeting again! and please move stuff to the lists, one hour meetings are quite short with so many topics and people :) certainly too short to really develop ideas...
[18:07:20] <atodorov> thanks to all and have a good day/night
[18:07:26] <aferti> It was great participating. Thank you. Regards from BOS.
[18:07:33] <b457144n> yeah. thanks!
[18:07:44] <b457144n> maybe do a separate pilot meeting soon
[18:07:56] <crazy-chris> that's an idea
[18:07:57] * h01ger nods b457144n
[18:07:58] <yokoy> b457144n: good idea
[18:07:58] <Gregor_de> sound interesting
[18:08:06] <crazy-chris> when?
[18:08:18] <jaume> thanks to everybody too
[18:08:21] <crazy-chris> -> list
[18:08:26] <Gregor_de> maybe there should be an pilo tproject working group -> I'll move it to mailinglist
[18:08:38] <crazy-chris> Gregor_de: excellent idea!
[18:08:45] <yokoy> Gregor_de: good
[18:08:54] <h01ger> oki. cu! :)

Meeting ended.

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