Meeting started by h01ger at 17:02 UTC
17:03:17 Topic: agenda
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17:03:51 Topic: Short introduction of ourselves
17:09:06 Topic: Brainstorm / Vision: What purposes could OLPC Europe serve (15 - 20 min)
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17:11:00 LINK crazy-chris
17:23:13 AGREED h01ger take 'political' out from the text, and see how will/can be political
17:28:06 AGREED h01ger OLPC Europe doesn't do pilots but helps the grassroots
17:29:35 AGREED h01ger The best way, olpc europe could help, is to become a good contact point to boston, a channel, so that local grassroots don't need to contact boston semself
17:32:59 AGREED h01ger we will use the grassroots lists for now - maybe, probably, later a dedicated list is fine..
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17:39:10 AGREED h01ger we want to help remote deployments too.
17:39:40 Topic: (15-20min) Participation - Who wants to get involved / spending his/her time on what topic(s)
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17:44:48 LINK Gregor_Marco
17:46:28 ACTION h01ger holger will apply for an "olpc europe" project to have a vcs to store documents in
17:51:36 AGREED h01ger most participants in the meeting want to participate in olpc europe :) read the log for peoples details
17:51:46 AGREED h01ger to have things basically on, and see if it's required to extend that
17:52:00 ACTION h01ger mburns and isforinsects (Seth woodworth) are talking about a consolidated blog, covering pilots and other communities
17:54:08 AGREED h01ger the olpc europe guidelines need a proper voting procedure or something to find consensus (today we said "agreed" when in fact not everybody agreed but only 90%)
17:56:09 Topic: Events (15 - 20 min) Presentations / Workshops at events - Who will be where doing what? (if known yet)
17:56:55 ACTION h01ger at there will be a olpc europe event which is scheduled for february, 23rd, 15-17 localtime
18:00:23 ACTION h01ger h01ger has three main goals with the fosdem event: 1. meet each other. 2. tell others we exist. 3. start olpc europe (this already happens \o/) - h01ger expects people from >30 european countries at fosdem
18:01:48 AGREED h01ger florian prepares something at Solutions Linux in paris from 29. to 31. January 08
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18:06:19 Topic: Which group would need how many xo laptops? (5min)
18:09:32 AGREED h01ger getting laptops can also be dealed via mail or by asking here at any time. (especially if you only need one or two for a demo event or such)
18:09:59 LINK h01ger
18:11:09 Topic: who writes the summary? of this meeting
18:12:04 ACTION h01ger crazy-chris will post a summary to the grassroots-list
18:12:11 Topic: next meeting
18:15:25 ACTION h01ger next #olpc-europe meeting on #olpc-europe on freenode on thursday, the 24th, 17 UTC (18 CET)
18:15:52 Topic: cheerio, thats it for today! thank you all for attending!
Meeting ended at 18:17.

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