Started logging meeting in #olpc-europe, times are UTC.
[17:03:02] <h01ger> anybody can give #link s which will show up in the minutes..
[17:03:08] <h01ger> the other commands are for the chair
[17:03:17] <h01ger> #topic agenda
[17:03:25] <h01ger> Agenda
[17:03:26] <h01ger> Short introduction of ourselves (5 min)
[17:03:26] <h01ger> Brainstorm / Vision (15 - 20 min)
[17:03:26] <h01ger> What purposes could OLPC Europe serve
[17:03:26] <h01ger> Participation (15 - 20 min)
[17:03:26] <h01ger> Who wants to get involved
[17:03:28] <h01ger> spending his/her time on what topic(s)
[17:03:30] <h01ger> Events (15 - 20 min)
[17:03:32] <h01ger> Presentations / Workshops at events
[17:03:34] <h01ger> Who will be where doing what? (if known yet)
[17:03:36] <h01ger> Which group would need how many xo laptops? (5 min)
[17:03:38] <h01ger> Next Meeting (5 min)
[17:03:40] <h01ger> #link
[17:03:51] <h01ger> #topic Short introduction of ourselves
[17:04:06] <h01ger> please introduce yourself, preferedly with your real name too :)
[17:04:29] <crazy-chris> most know each other a bit, but it would be nice to introduce us
[17:04:40] * crazy-chris is Chris Hager from Vienna, currently working on xo-get, imagequiz, communication & coordination topics and the contributors program
[17:05:17] * h01ger = Holger Levsen, Debian Developer from Hamburg, Germany. Has been involved in the schoolserver, in and with debian on olpc (blog post pending :) - in debian i currently mostly do Debian Edu (education) stuff and conference videos
[17:06:02] <h01ger> anybody else here? :)
[17:06:05] <Gregor_Marco> Gregor Martynus & Marco Rauschenbach, Germany, we are interested in founding a German grassroots organizations and plan do be 2 months in ethiopia (OLPC Pilot)
[17:06:06] * sjoerd = Sjoer Simons. Debian developer from Eindhoven, The netherlands. I work on telepathy for OLPC
[17:06:09] * vircuser = Diana Cionoiu, Romania, involved in "Asociatia pentru un Soft Liber", trying to promote OLPC in .ro
[17:06:17] <ChristophD> ChristophD = Christoph Derndorfer, also Vienna, OLPC Austria, working on the Activity Handbook
[17:06:21] * b457144n is Bastiaan Bakker software developer from the Netherlands, currently involved in setting up OLPC-NL grassroots, translating into Dutch.
[17:06:21] <ryd> = Jens Muecke, OpenWRT Developer, Hamburg Germany
[17:07:17] * rwh = Reinier Heeres, Dutch developer working as an intern for OLPC on Sugar, Read, Calculate, Journal
[17:07:26] <h01ger> so currently we are from .at, .ro, .nl and .de :)
[17:07:45] <crazy-chris> where is fr?
[17:07:52] <crazy-chris> :)
[17:08:10] <b457144n> [florian]?
[17:08:15] <ryd> {Nico} is from .fr
[17:08:18] * h01ger suggests to move on. i'll have to go in (about) an hour...
[17:08:28] <ryd> me too
[17:08:31] <crazy-chris> okay
[17:08:49] * h01ger pings ryd Gregor_Marco kikka vircuser crazy-chris Kiko ChristophD rwh sjoerd h01ger sj meetbot b457144n jaume CanoeBerry massoud cafl {Nico} [florian] @nbd and goes to the next point
[17:09:06] <h01ger> #topic Brainstorm / Vision: What purposes could OLPC Europe serve (15 - 20 min)
[17:09:37] <h01ger> did everybody here receive the proposal crazy-chris send around?
[17:09:51] <vircuser> h01ger > for what?
[17:09:53] * rwh not
[17:10:00] <crazy-chris>
[17:10:21] <h01ger> this and...
[17:10:29] * b457144n looks at mindmap
[17:10:41] <crazy-chris> 1 sec... uploading
[17:10:57] <Gregor_Marco> * don't know it yet
[17:11:00] <crazy-chris>
[17:11:22] * h01ger suggest a 3min break so everybody can catch up with those documents
[17:12:44] <crazy-chris> sorry for the late docs; we are working day and night :)
[17:13:04] <Gregor_Marco> very good starting point, thanks chris!
[17:13:26] <h01ger> yokoy, hi. backlog at :-)
[17:13:47] <yokoy> h01ger: thx
[17:13:54] <yokoy> hallo everybody
[17:13:54] <crazy-chris> the thinking was done by aaron, me and an overhaul with holger
[17:14:18] * h01ger likes the guidelines except he would write down that olpc europe will not become a political instrument. i agree its no priority but i wouldnt say its a core principle not to be one
[17:14:31] <h01ger> s/would/would not/
[17:14:39] <l-fy> ok
[17:14:47] <crazy-chris> Vision -> IS NOT -> going to act as political instrument
[17:14:50] <l-fy> i don't agree with the points made by Chris in his document
[17:15:01] * h01ger concludes the 3min are over and we can discuss this now :)
[17:15:20] <h01ger> crazy-chris, ? - thats exactly what i criticised
[17:15:30] <crazy-chris> ah, okay
[17:15:35] <h01ger> l-fy, with what exactly do you disagree and what do you propose?
[17:15:40] <l-fy> ok, i see OLPC in general that is a political project
[17:15:58] <l-fy> so by default anything like a OLPC Europe will have a political goal
[17:16:07] <l-fy> to get OLPC in schools
[17:16:44] <h01ger> l-fy, is this the only thing you disagree with?
[17:16:51] * h01ger trying to focus the discussion...
[17:16:55] <h01ger> other opinions?
[17:17:02] <Gregor_Marco> we think a key aspect is transparency in both ways europe grassrooots <-> boston
[17:17:12] <l-fy> to be honest, i don't care much about the development, because that will happend anyway and YES i do think is important to syncronize but open source developers do that for years without an organization
[17:17:15] <ryd> l-fy: when a local group is political, it is ok
[17:17:24] <h01ger> Gregor_Marco, *heavily agree* :)
[17:18:02] <crazy-chris> all local groups should do what they want to / feel like is important
[17:18:17] <l-fy> crazy-chris > i agree, but we are talking now about OLPC Europe
[17:18:27] <l-fy> whcih is not obviosly a local group
[17:18:40] <crazy-chris> yes, but that's not two seperate topics; the crosspoints have to be defined
[17:18:49] <l-fy> ok
[17:18:49] * h01ger also doesnt think olpc europe should be political as a main "feature" (because education is not an european thing, but a local thing) - but i wouldnt define olpc europe as non-political. i would rather (as the document does) focus on documenting what we intend to do
[17:18:51] <b457144n> I agree with l-fy that OLPCs goals are intrinsically political
[17:19:10] <l-fy> can we vote on that point
[17:19:11] <l-fy> ?
[17:19:13] * Gregor_Marco agree with holger
[17:19:29] <l-fy> i mean about political side?
[17:19:29] * ryd agree to h01ger
[17:19:46] <h01ger> we wont lobby in brussels. we will lobby in berlin, paris, bucarest, etc. (and maybe in hamburg, lyon, etc too)
[17:19:55] <crazy-chris> yes
[17:19:59] <l-fy> political usually means to get support from OLPC Europe if local grassroots require on the political side
[17:20:07] * b457144n agrees with h01ger
[17:20:22] <l-fy> h01ger > for me is important that we will lobby in Brusseles and let me explain you why
[17:20:23] <crazy-chris> so we agree to take out "not going to act political..." from the text
[17:20:31] <yokoy> i do not get the point of the discussion
[17:20:31] <h01ger> l-fy, please explain
[17:20:43] <yokoy> we can't be not politcal
[17:20:44] <h01ger> crazy-chris, i'd say so, es
[17:20:53] <l-fy> because in Romania we only do things that are comming from Brusseles and the same goes for most east european countries which need the most olpc
[17:21:01] <yokoy> even if we do not want to
[17:22:19] <crazy-chris> okay, so we agreed on taking 'political' out from the text, and see how will/can be political
[17:22:20] <Gregor_Marco> yes, thats the point
[17:22:37] <b457144n> ayone against that?
[17:22:44] <b457144n> if not let's move to the next point
[17:22:52] <h01ger> yokoy, OLPC is political, for sure. but i'm not conviced OLPC europe should be political, even despite what l-fy says. (because in germany, brussels is completly irrelevant regarding school education)
[17:22:59] <crazy-chris> what can we see in o-e?
[17:23:13] <h01ger> #agreed take 'political' out from the text, and see how will/can be political
[17:23:20] <sj> hiya
[17:23:28] <l-fy> hi sj
[17:23:31] <crazy-chris> hey
[17:23:44] <l-fy> next point > pilot project
[17:23:49] <h01ger> sj, hi. backlog at :-)
[17:23:59] <b457144n> l-fy: you take the words out of my mouth
[17:24:16] * h01ger doesnt think we are done yet
[17:24:18] <l-fy> i think that OLPC Europe should help people that want to do pilot projects in their country and they can't with both skills and money
[17:24:30] <l-fy> ok h01ger, i appologize, go on
[17:24:36] * h01ger disagrees with l-fy (on pilots)
[17:24:42] <ChristophD> hello sj
[17:24:43] <h01ger> l-fy, no problem
[17:24:54] <b457144n> h01ger: I feel that doing a pilot can be very convincing politically
[17:24:57] * crazy-chris also disagrees on pilots. we have no money, and who has time?
[17:25:05] <h01ger> crazy-chris, exactly
[17:25:07] <crazy-chris> we can share information and contacts though
[17:26:08] <h01ger> regarding our vision and the rest of the agenda, i would suggest to send this document to the grassroots lists now and discuss it there and in the next meeting "formally" define these as our guidelines. (hopefully :)
[17:26:09] <crazy-chris> anything 'pilots'?
[17:26:24] <l-fy> crazy-chris > you don't have the money and the time
[17:26:29] * crazy-chris agrees
[17:26:34] <l-fy> but maybe i'm willing to help Bulgaria
[17:26:36] <b457144n> I thinks to point is that oplc-europe shouldnt DO pilots but help with exchanging experiences etc
[17:26:40] <l-fy> or other countries
[17:26:48] <l-fy> the point is
[17:26:54] <b457144n> I'm very interested in pilots in other countries
[17:26:58] <h01ger> l-fy, then (IMHO) you should do so for olpc.bu
[17:27:00] <l-fy> OLPC Europe doesn't do pilots but helps the grassroots
[17:27:03] <l-fy> with anything that can
[17:27:04] <b457144n> to help me setup one in NL
[17:27:46] <crazy-chris> l-fy: agreed on that
[17:27:53] <h01ger> yup
[17:27:54] <yokoy> l-fy: me too
[17:28:04] <_bernie> Hello, Europe!
[17:28:06] <h01ger> #agreed OLPC Europe doesn't do pilots but helps the grassroots
[17:28:09] <b457144n> e.g. we can build on eachothers promotional material, implementations scenarios, etc.
[17:28:15] <Gregor_Marco> we agree with l-fy. The best way, olpc europe could help, is to become a good contact point to boston, a channel, so that local grassroots don't need to contact boston semself
[17:28:19] <h01ger> _bernie, aferti, hi. backlog at :-)
[17:28:29] <crazy-chris> Gregor_Marco: absolutely
[17:28:34] <_bernie> h01ger: thanks!
[17:28:45] * h01ger nods b457144n and Gregor_Marco
[17:28:47] <aferti> Regards to Europe on my behalf too.
[17:28:56] <crazy-chris> this could take a bit of work off the mit people and focus discussions
[17:29:04] <ChristophD> _bernie, hey :)
[17:29:10] * h01ger waves over the ocean :)
[17:29:17] <Gregor_Marco> yes, chris
[17:29:35] <h01ger> #agreed The best way, olpc europe could help, is to become a good contact point to boston, a channel, so that local grassroots don't need to contact boston semself
[17:29:45] <b457144n> so, how do we best organize communication with Boston?
[17:29:50] <rwh> If I understand correctly people are interesting in deploying XO's locally, not in remote developing countries (which is what I had expected)?
[17:30:17] <Gregor_Marco> no
[17:30:18] <crazy-chris> b457144n: this will evolve
[17:30:39] * h01ger nods crazy-chris .oO( mail and irc mostly, i guess :)
[17:30:42] <Gregor_Marco> rwf: OLPC for everyone :-)
[17:30:49] <crazy-chris> yes, and we can discuss things on the grassroots list, before contacting boston people
[17:31:19] <h01ger> rwh, thats the goal of olpc. we are olpc europe :) and most of us also intend to work in olpc :)
[17:31:35] <aferti> Btw, here is .gr.
[17:31:37] <h01ger> IMHO
[17:31:45] <crazy-chris> how do you all feel about the grassroots and a seperate europe mailing list?
[17:31:52] <rwh> h01ger: the goal on OLPC is *mostly* aimed at developing countries I would say
[17:32:03] <crazy-chris> grassroots okay for all or any protests
[17:32:05] * h01ger thinks its not neccessary yet (a europe list) - later, yes
[17:32:20] <yokoy> h01ger: agree
[17:32:20] * crazy-chris basically agrees
[17:32:21] <ChristophD> agree with h01ger
[17:32:31] <b457144n> agree, not another list
[17:32:37] <Gregor_Marco> agree
[17:32:51] <yokoy> b457144n: not yet...
[17:32:58] <h01ger> #agreed we will use the grassroots lists for now - maybe, probably, later a dedicated list is fine..
[17:33:12] <l-fy> wait
[17:33:17] <l-fy> i have something to say on this point
[17:33:41] * crazy-chris reminds: half-time
[17:33:42] <l-fy> i want a europe mail list because it will speed up things a lot
[17:34:10] <ChristophD> how will it speed things up?
[17:34:11] <l-fy> plus that if we make a mail list we can keep the history in the same place and no one can say that we didn't had a debate
[17:34:32] <l-fy> because is a starting point since we've already agree that we want olpc europe
[17:34:41] <l-fy> and we have to start with organizations from a point
[17:34:46] <ChristophD> all discussions from the europe list can now be had on the grassroots list and only when it reaches a critical mass you start a new seperate list (IMHO)
[17:34:48] <l-fy> and the first thing is to be on the same place
[17:34:50] <ryd> l-fy: how many list your are reading normally?
[17:34:55] <l-fy> ryd > 5
[17:35:15] <h01ger> does anybody agree with l-fy that we need a europe list now? otherwise i'd say, lets move on. (and sorry l-fy :)
[17:35:19] * crazy-chris suggests discussing that next week again
[17:35:24] <l-fy> wait
[17:35:29] <ryd> l-fy: for me, I have more and not want any more
[17:35:30] <crazy-chris> i'd say no also
[17:35:31] <yokoy> no, we do not need it yet
[17:35:33] <l-fy> is really really important to start from somewhere
[17:35:41] * h01ger suggests not to discuss topics frequently again and again. in a month, yes
[17:35:46] <l-fy> ok, can we talk about a starting point or a road map?
[17:35:52] <yokoy> l-fy: yes, maybe in a few weeks
[17:35:56] <l-fy> ok
[17:35:59] <h01ger> ok
[17:36:04] <h01ger> anything else to vision?
[17:36:05] <b457144n> I agree with rwh that we do want to make it easier for people to help setup remote deployments. E.g. for GiveMany initiatives.
[17:36:08] <l-fy> unfortunatlly is something i have to mention
[17:36:23] <l-fy> Romania is one of the countries where Microsoft is porting Windows on OLPC
[17:36:43] <h01ger> l-fy, how is that related to defining our vision?
[17:36:43] <crazy-chris> l-fy: < 2 min, please
[17:36:49] <l-fy> long i wait i decrease the chances to have an OLPC Linux in .ro
[17:36:56] <b457144n> E.g. people in NL are trying to setup up a project in Suriname, but we have no clue how people can support deployment
[17:37:34] <l-fy> so i agree that will not be the mail list the starting point, but something else but we need a starting point now
[17:37:45] * h01ger thinks b457144n and rwh brought up an important point to our vision: we want to help remote deployments too. right?
[17:37:45] <crazy-chris> we have the starting point *here*
[17:37:46] <b457144n> Boston is more focussed on large deployment than GiveMany of a few hundred laptops
[17:38:00] <b457144n> I suspect..
[17:38:03] <l-fy> crazy-chris > here is nothing as long as you don't exist for the outside world
[17:38:13] <Gregor_Marco> agree, we want remote deployments too
[17:38:28] <l-fy> agree h01ger and Gregor_Marco
[17:38:37] <crazy-chris> next topic?
[17:38:47] <l-fy> a starting point?
[17:38:47] <h01ger> l-fy, thats "bringing our vision to the world" but not "defining our vision" - which is the currnet topic :)
[17:38:51] <crazy-chris>
[17:38:54] <h01ger> crazy-chris, yes
[17:39:10] <h01ger> #agreed we want to help remote deployments too.
[17:39:20] <l-fy> if we can't even do a mail list how can we do an organization?
[17:39:39] <crazy-chris> l-fy: please try to be constructive
[17:39:40] <h01ger> #topic (15-20min) Participation - Who wants to get involved / spending his/her time on what topic(s)
[17:39:48] <h01ger> l-fy, we have a list...
[17:39:50] <h01ger> hi maks_ :)
[17:40:09] <crazy-chris> so participation
[17:40:26] <h01ger> l-fy, do you want to work on the olpc europe website? flyers? other promo material?
[17:41:04] * ryd want t-shirts :)
[17:41:08] <l-fy> h01ger > i've already offered my self voluteer for putting up the mail list and also one of my .at friends offered a virtual machine fully for the OLPC Europe
[17:41:35] <b457144n> I'd like to work on a guide for setting up a local pilot. and for remote deployments too, for that matter.
[17:41:39] <crazy-chris> l-fy: what would you want to do except the mailing list?
[17:41:56] <Gregor_Marco> we want to help getting more transparency in Europe, we already work on concepts
[17:42:02] * h01ger wants to network with people and help with the website, which imo should be mostly in the wiki, with a dedicated domain for easier handout. (think redirecting (or promptly linking) to - and i dont want to discuss this details here and now ;)
[17:42:05] <b457144n> But I don't have the time or experience to do that on my own
[17:42:05] <vircuser> log please
[17:42:13] <crazy-chris> b457144n: starting guide is great. there can be a lot of connection done, since there are pilots in many european countries
[17:42:29] <h01ger> vircuser, hi. backlog at :-)
[17:42:37] <b457144n> crazy-chris: do we have a list of that?
[17:42:45] <crazy-chris> we make a todo list right now
[17:43:08] <b457144n> crazy-chris: I mean a list of pilots
[17:43:25] <h01ger> crazy-chris, can you create the todo list on please? :)
[17:43:25] * b457144n thinks a todo list is a good idea as well
[17:43:27] <crazy-chris>
[17:43:28] <Gregor_Marco> starting guide would be great, the exchange of experiences (in pilots) is very important. That is a big problem in Ethipia
[17:43:37] <h01ger> crazy-chris, cheers!
[17:44:09] <l-fy> well, can i have a proposal for OLPCE website?
[17:44:20] <b457144n> Gregor_Marco, who is doing Ethiopia?
[17:44:24] <h01ger> l-fy, i dont think we should duplicate infrastructures. more work, more likely to fail, etc
[17:44:44] * b457144n agrees with h01ger about infra
[17:44:45] <crazy-chris> l-fy: what would you like to have on this extra website?
[17:44:48] <Gregor_Marco> #link
[17:45:20] * h01ger proposes to create a project on so that we have a VCS repository. should i send a mail and ask for one? (so that we can keep our documents (like flyers etc) there...)
[17:45:25] <b457144n> Gregor_Marco: thanks
[17:45:27] <Gregor_Marco> sorry, the link is about the Ethiopian project, OLPC Pilot is a sub project
[17:46:01] <crazy-chris> h01ger: i think basically a very good idea. usual way is a project application
[17:46:05] <l-fy> well, i want a wiki for the usage manual translated in all the languages
[17:46:07] * h01ger nods
[17:46:23] <l-fy> and a consolidated blog about the pilot projects and what's going on in europe in general
[17:46:28] <h01ger> #action holger will apply for an "olpc europe" project to have a vcs to store documents in
[17:46:31] <sj> re: mailing lists
[17:46:38] <l-fy> which is low traffic and also translated
[17:46:46] <sj> please see:
[17:46:50] <yokoy> I would like to have a groupware incl projektmanagement
[17:47:01] <crazy-chris> everyone who wants access to the git repo should send h01ger a mail with the ssh key
[17:47:09] <l-fy> one more reason to have a separate website
[17:47:11] <Gregor_Marco> yokoy: we can offer basecamp
[17:47:27] <h01ger> yokoy, webbased?
[17:47:28] <l-fy> OLPC fundation anyway in general doesn't agree with local fundations
[17:47:39] <yokoy> h01ger: maybe
[17:47:50] <ChristophD> l-fy, what do you mean???
[17:47:50] <l-fy> so in order to keep the independence we need something separate from
[17:47:51] <yokoy> h01ger: if there is a fine one...
[17:48:08] <ChristophD> how doesnt OLPC agree with local groups and where are you getting that from?
[17:48:10] <h01ger> yokoy, what do you have in midn?
[17:48:21] <l-fy> ChristophD > OLPC fundations doesn't agree with local OLPC's called fundations
[17:48:32] <b457144n> does anyone know what Bostons ideas are on supporting small GiveMany project deployments?
[17:48:38] <l-fy> is ok to lobby for OLPC but you can't say that you are OLPC representative
[17:48:43] <sj> for a set of proposed lists that can be rolled into one another (and occasionally split out).
[17:48:48] <yokoy> h01ger: technical or social?
[17:48:54] <h01ger> l-fy, (sorry but) i dont think anyone here besides you wants to keep things seperated from - or?
[17:49:05] <h01ger> yokoy, both :-D
[17:49:07] * crazy-chris agrees
[17:49:11] <h01ger> (if you ask... :)
[17:49:37] <crazy-chris> can we agree to have things basically on, and see if it's required to extend that
[17:49:41] <yokoy> h01ger: lets discuss it later on the mailinglist...
[17:49:48] <h01ger> yokoy, great! :)
[17:49:57] <yokoy> crazy-chris: ack
[17:49:59] <Gregor_Marco> agree with chris, good idea!
[17:50:04] * b457144n agrees with crazy-chris
[17:50:05] * h01ger is a bit lost with the discussion atm and takes a 2min break to sort his thoughts
[17:50:07] <sj> mburns and isforinsects (Seth woodworth) are talking about a consolidated blog, covering pilots and other communities
[17:50:17] <h01ger> i wonder if we are still on topic / what the topic is
[17:50:25] <crazy-chris> next topic: events (!)
[17:50:38] <b457144n> are we done with participation?
[17:50:39] <ChristophD> sj, thx for the info, I think some pilots (such as etheopia maybe) could join that effort
[17:50:48] <h01ger> crazy-chris, yes, but let me summarize participation first :)
[17:50:53] <crazy-chris> yes
[17:50:55] <l-fy> 2 minutes break?
[17:50:55] <sj> I don't know the right structure for a constellation of blog planets...
[17:51:07] <Gregor_Marco> participation: we will think about getting more transparence in europe
[17:51:36] <h01ger> #agreed most participants in the meeting want to participate in olpc europe :) read the log for peoples details
[17:51:38] <ChristophD> Gregor_Marco, what exactly do you mean by transperancy?
[17:51:46] <h01ger> #agreed to have things basically on, and see if it's required to extend that
[17:51:58] <l-fy> ok
[17:52:00] <h01ger> #action mburns and isforinsects (Seth woodworth) are talking about a consolidated blog, covering pilots and other communities
[17:52:05] <l-fy> i don't agree to be on the
[17:52:13] <b457144n> anyone want to work on G1G1 Europe. is it even appriopiate to work on that now?
[17:52:22] <l-fy> i don't think that we can in the same time independent and in
[17:52:30] <Gregor_Marco> ChristophD, we want to see where are activities in Europe, Events, XO's and so on
[17:52:33] <l-fy> if we are on the we should belong to the OLPC fundation
[17:52:38] * b457144n is totally unclear about Bostons plans with G1G1
[17:52:42] * crazy-chris reminds: 18:50
[17:52:44] <ChristophD> Gregor_Marco, thx, okay, now I understand
[17:52:45] <l-fy> if we don't belog to OLPC fundation we shoudn't be there
[17:52:46] <h01ger> l-fy, we noticed. but we cannot agree on everything. which reminds me that we need a proper voting procedure or something to find consensus
[17:53:07] * Gregor_Marco agree with holger
[17:53:14] <crazy-chris> yes. i put it into todo
[17:53:15] <h01ger> b457144n, g1g1 is planned for next meeting. as i see it, the current info is "there might be another one"
[17:53:16] <sj> let me clarify something:
[17:53:18] <ChristophD> b457144n, how would you want to bring g1g1 to europe without olpc and brightstar?
[17:53:25] <sj> does not 'belong' to OLPC
[17:53:28] <sj> it is a community site.
[17:53:35] <l-fy> ChristophD > with a different companny
[17:53:46] <l-fy> sj > this is a political disscusion
[17:53:51] <sj> there are people who post project ideas there, and solicit suppor for them, who "OLPC" as an association absolutely does not support
[17:54:00] <l-fy> belongs at least legaly to OLPC
[17:54:05] <l-fy> and second of all
[17:54:06] <b457144n> ChristophD: I don't but setting up local foundations for tax exemptions,etc. could help.
[17:54:08] <h01ger> #agreed the olpc europe guidelines need a proper voting procedure or something to find consensus (today we said "agreed" when in fact not everybody agreed but only 90%)
[17:54:22] * yokoy agree with sj
[17:54:28] <sj> I just want to make that clear. the license on the wiki text is CC-BY to make it as easy as possible for anyone to fork part of the wiki
[17:54:32] <ChristophD> b457144n, okay, that makes sense
[17:54:32] <l-fy> insted of being something that makes sense, and is related to Europe it will get lost there
[17:54:49] <sj> and to mirror it and make sure it isn't somehow 'owned' or controlled by others.
[17:55:01] <l-fy> anyway the disscusion was about news and documentation
[17:55:02] <ChristophD> l-fy, I think that trying to bring XOs to europe by sidestepping brightstar aint gonna work, plus I dont even think its a good idea
[17:55:20] <l-fy> ChristophD > there is brightstar in Romania
[17:55:33] <l-fy> so how can Brightstar can do a g1g1 in .ro?
[17:55:43] * crazy-chris suggests keeping things at at first, and discuss further via mails
[17:55:46] <h01ger> soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. should we get back on topic? i need to leave in 15min... (and g1g1 europe is topic for the next meeting or the mailinglist )
[17:55:58] <ChristophD> h01ger, ack
[17:56:05] <crazy-chris> next topic: events
[17:56:09] <h01ger> #topic Events (15 - 20 min) Presentations / Workshops at events - Who will be where doing what? (if known yet)
[17:56:28] <crazy-chris> 1. FOSDEM - who will be there?
[17:56:38] * b457144n will be at FOSDEM
[17:56:40] * sjoerd
[17:56:48] <sj> (not me)
[17:56:51] * ryd will be at fosdem also
[17:56:51] <l-fy> ok
[17:56:52] * rwh not
[17:56:55] <h01ger> #action at there will be a olpc europe event which is scheduled for february, 23rd, 15-17 localtime
[17:56:58] * yokoy maybe 30%
[17:57:01] <l-fy> i don't feel like we are making any progress
[17:57:02] * h01ger will be there too :)
[17:57:03] * crazy-chris has probably no money, but will see
[17:57:10] <l-fy> i mean what does actually OLPC Europe is gonna do?
[17:57:24] <l-fy> i don't have a mail list, is not gonna have a website
[17:57:35] <b457144n> l-fy: stop it :-)
[17:57:38] <l-fy> how exactly are we gonna put things together?
[17:57:40] <crazy-chris> yes, please
[17:58:00] <l-fy> b457144n > sorry :( i'm just very focused
[17:58:00] <h01ger> l-fy, can you please stop this?! we have a mailing list, we have a vision now, we have plans, we have events. and we have a topic we would like to discuss now
[17:58:04] <b457144n> what are the plans to do at FOSDEM
[17:58:05] <Gregor_Marco> sorry l-fy, we have to stay on topic
[17:58:12] <b457144n> besides seeing eachother
[17:58:14] <h01ger> samy, hi. log at
[17:58:26] <samy> hello/bonjour
[17:58:34] <crazy-chris> not much probably
[17:58:42] <l-fy> h01ger > i don't want events, i don't have time to go to events, i'm to busy working like hell to get the money to push OLPC here
[17:58:47] * h01ger has three main goals with this event: 1. meet each other. 2. tell others we exist. 3. start olpc europe (this already happens \o/)
[17:58:57] <crazy-chris> because only few people from here will be there
[17:59:09] * crazy-chris agrees with holger
[17:59:12] * h01ger expects people from >30 european countries at fosdem
[17:59:18] <b457144n> only 4000 FOSS developers
[17:59:40] <h01ger> b457144n, yes. _mostly_ developers, but not only
[18:00:04] <b457144n> h01ger: that's not bad is it?
[18:00:23] <h01ger> #action h01ger has three main goals with the fosdem event: 1. meet each other. 2. tell others we exist. 3. start olpc europe (this already happens \o/) - h01ger expects people from >30 european countries at fosdem
[18:00:27] <b457144n> we do need educators, artists, writers etc as well
[18:00:31] * sj appreciates l-fy's focus
[18:00:55] <crazy-chris> does anyone want to be at the LinuxTag Berlin (28. to 31. May, Berlin) for olpc?
[18:00:55] * Gregor_Marco agree with b457144n
[18:01:01] <h01ger> someone from france here? Solutions Linux is happening in two weeks...
[18:01:07] <h01ger> crazy-chris, /me :)
[18:01:19] <samy> Samy from france (near paris)
[18:01:19] <yokoy> l-fy: crazy-chris : me
[18:01:45] * b457144n wants to be at LinuxTag Berlin but probably cant
[18:01:48] <h01ger> #agreed florian prepares something at Solutions Linux in paris from 29. to 31. January 08
[18:01:49] <Gregor_Marco> I've heard there will be a meeting an cebit (starting at 9.3., Germany)
[18:02:08] <b457144n> any word on ApacheCon?
[18:02:14] <b457144n> A'dam that is
[18:02:14] <crazy-chris>
[18:02:18] <h01ger> #link
[18:02:27] <ChristophD> ~4 people from OLPC Austria will be at cebit
[18:02:34] <ChristophD> most likely with a free both at the linuxpark
[18:02:44] <ChristophD> working on that atm
[18:02:59] <crazy-chris>
[18:03:04] <ChristophD> and cebit starts 3.3. (not 9.3.) if I'm mistaken
[18:03:32] <ChristophD> I'm NOT mistaken ;)
[18:03:33] <Gregor_Marco> yes u'r right
[18:03:38] <Gregor_Marco> sorry!
[18:03:52] <ChristophD> so who else is at cebit?
[18:03:54] <Gregor_Marco> Maybe jens will be @ cebit
[18:03:59] <ChristophD> cool
[18:04:08] <yokoy> Gregor_Marco: i will be at cebit
[18:04:08] <h01ger> maybe me too
[18:04:15] <ChristophD> great
[18:04:16] <ChristophD> :)
[18:04:19] <crazy-chris> please add yourself to the wiki if you know :)
[18:04:21] <ChristophD> shall be fun
[18:04:27] <crazy-chris> What about ApacheCon (7. to 11. 4.)
[18:04:28] <h01ger> we should settle on an exact date for cebit ASAP
[18:04:31] <Gregor_Marco> Marco and Gregor can't come to cebit
[18:04:34] <ChristophD> tobit software and freenet party here we come ;-)
[18:04:44] <ChristophD> h01ger, we cant settle the date...
[18:04:47] * crazy-chris would like to go to ApacheCon :)
[18:04:47] * yokoy not at apachecon
[18:04:54] <ChristophD> OLPC Austria will be there throughout cebit, all days
[18:04:56] <h01ger> CanoeBerry, who can?
[18:05:02] <h01ger> ChristophD, ^
[18:05:20] * h01ger notes we have 10min left and two topics left
[18:05:33] * crazy-chris thinks we're not bad in time :)
[18:05:41] <h01ger> should we move on?
[18:05:47] <yokoy> h01ger: yes
[18:06:02] * h01ger waits 15 more seconds
[18:06:19] <h01ger> #topic Which group would need how many xo laptops? (5min)
[18:06:52] <crazy-chris> there are no laptops to give away at the moment, but to get an overview
[18:06:59] <h01ger> noone needs laptops? ;)
[18:07:11] <yokoy> everybody...
[18:07:18] <b457144n> olpc-nl group now has 1 laptop (from sj via Rop) and gets two more from l-fy
[18:07:18] <Gregor_Marco> we are still waiting from g1g1 ...
[18:07:55] <b457144n> and we will count G1G1 laptops at the next olpc-nl meeting (12 januari)
[18:08:08] <crazy-chris> the french guys have 1 at the moment and we'll borrow another for the solutions linux. they could need 2 more perhaps
[18:08:23] <Gregor_Marco> we need laptops for our university, but we are still working on the concept
[18:08:24] <samy> from 5 to 10 (for collaborative activities (homework, classwork, projects, etc.)
[18:08:28] * h01ger thinks this topic can also be dealed via mail or by asking here at any time. (especially if you only need one or two for a demo event or such)
[18:08:37] <sjoerd> b457144n: s/12/19 ?
[18:09:01] <h01ger> b457144n, where is the next olpc-nl meeting?
[18:09:06] <yokoy> h01ger: ack
[18:09:07] <b457144n> sjoerd: of course 19 januari
[18:09:19] <sj> b457144n, are you in touch with Kennisnet?
[18:09:25] <sj> they have 2 laptops as well
[18:09:32] <h01ger> #agreed getting laptops can also be dealed via mail or by asking here at any time. (especially if you only need one or two for a demo event or such)
[18:09:36] <b457144n> h01ger: it will be in Delft: see
[18:09:43] <b457144n> sj: not yet
[18:09:46] * h01ger really needs to fix meetbots #INFO...
[18:09:53] <yokoy> b457144n: WHERE is the...
[18:09:59] <h01ger> #link
[18:10:01] <h01ger> yokoy, delft :)
[18:10:01] <sj> Jan-Bart de Vreede is a good contact there
[18:10:16] <b457144n> sj: ah thanks for the name. I'll contact him
[18:10:24] <h01ger> sj, that should go to that wiki page - can some one please add it there?! :)
[18:10:26] <yokoy> h01ger: ups! sorry
[18:10:34] <h01ger> yokoy, np :)
[18:10:42] <h01ger> next topic?
[18:10:57] <crazy-chris> yes
[18:11:06] <Gregor_Marco> jup
[18:11:07] <ryd> ok, I'm leaving - cy
[18:11:09] <h01ger> #topic who writes the summary? of this meeting
[18:11:18] <yokoy> ryd: bye
[18:11:24] <h01ger> surprise topic :) but i think it would be very useful if someone does...
[18:11:34] <crazy-chris> i can start with it, and post the page in 2 or 3 hours for editing
[18:11:49] <h01ger> crazy-chris, excellent
[18:11:58] <Gregor_Marco> great
[18:12:04] <h01ger> #action crazy-chris will post a summary to the grassroots-list
[18:12:11] <h01ger> #topic next meeting
[18:12:20] <crazy-chris> one or two weeks from now?
[18:12:39] * h01ger would plea for two weeks and prepare+do stuff on the list inbetween
[18:12:53] <Gregor_Marco> agree, two weeks
[18:12:57] * yokoy agrees with h01ger
[18:12:59] <b457144n> two weeks, can't be here next week. have to promote OLPC :-)
[18:13:02] <crazy-chris> for me two weeks
[18:13:12] <crazy-chris> day / time
[18:13:18] <h01ger> is thurday a good day?
[18:13:26] <h01ger> does todays time fit?
[18:13:36] <h01ger> (for me, both to yes)
[18:13:37] <yokoy> h01ger: yes
[18:13:38] <Gregor_Marco> yes,, fits good for us
[18:13:39] * crazy-chris can
[18:13:41] <h01ger> yes to both even :)
[18:14:17] <b457144n> thursday is fine
[18:14:38] <yokoy> 24th january, 18:00 MET
[18:14:43] <h01ger> so, it looks we'll meet again here on thursday, the 24th, 17 UTC. right?
[18:15:10] * crazy-chris is looking forward to that
[18:15:25] <h01ger> #action next #olpc-europe meeting on #olpc-europe on freenode on thursday, the 24th, 17 UTC (18 CET)
[18:15:48] <crazy-chris> and discussion channels:, Grassroots list, #olpc-groups/-europe
[18:15:52] <h01ger> #topic cheerio, thats it for today! thank you all for attending!
[18:15:55] <Gregor_Marco> thanks you for the conversation, greets from Germany @all
[18:16:12] <crazy-chris> thanks to all for the conversation
[18:16:23] <samy> thanks/merci
[18:16:37] <ChristophD> have a good evening everyone!
[18:16:51] <yokoy> vielen dank, gute nacht..

Meeting ended.

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