Meeting started by h01ger at 19:00 UTC
19:01:42 Topic: who writes the summary?
19:01:58 LINK h01ger
19:08:08 ACTION h01ger vagrant will write the summary
19:08:25 Topic: bugs we care about in etch / debian-edu 3.0 r2
19:09:13 LINK h01ger is where i track what i think is reasonable to fix in etch r2.
19:13:07 AGREED h01ger we will "skip" debians r2 and base our r2 on debians r3
19:16:17 ACTION h01ger please add packages you want to see fixed in etch to and send a mail to debian-edu@l.d.o as when we released etch r1
19:16:38 Topic: lenny
19:17:16 Topic: 3.1 lenny - cd building
19:21:10 IDEA h01ger cd-building still broken, the exact error is Can't open Packages file /skolelinux/administrator/temp_storage/builder/lenny-test-i386/lenny/CD1/dists/lenny/local/binary-i386/Packages : No such file or directory
19:21:32 Topic: 3.2 lenny - dak upgrade
19:23:48 AGREED h01ger all is well :)
19:23:57 Topic: 3.3 lenny - roadmap
19:24:17 LINK h01ger
19:25:20 AGREED h01ger this topic is covered by the other lenny-subtopics
19:25:33 Topic: 3.4 lenny - progress on #311188
19:25:44 LINK h01ger
19:27:40 LINK h01ger
19:33:43 AGREED h01ger we switch to syslog-ng in lenny now, to test if it works. if it doesnt, well, we keep the pieces ;)
19:34:04 ACTION h01ger holger will document this in #370339 (the syslog bug)
19:34:44 ACTION h01ger 370349 is also syslog related.
19:36:57 ACTION h01ger itais will provide a patch for #370343
19:37:44 AGREED h01ger should lists issues and proposals (as in fix the package, switch to package X or Y, drop).
19:38:33 Topic: 3.5 lenny - xmms replacement
19:41:43 IDEA h01ger xmms depends on gtk1 which will be removed for lenny, because/if nobody maintains it. gtk1 is dead upstream since years
19:42:15 Topic: 3.6 lenny - ldapify services?
19:51:03 ACTION h01ger itais will create a wiki page, "ldapify services" and there have several paragraphs, each describing one service, proposal solutions, status.
19:51:51 Topic:
19:53:56 ACTION h01ger jever is preparing a demosite for explaining his understanding of multilingual site. he hopes to have a rollout scenario ready for Narvik
19:54:07 ACTION h01ger holger suggests to have a website session saturday morning in narvik.
19:54:21 Topic: 5. netboot install repository
19:55:08 LINK h01ger
19:55:44 IDEA h01ger finnarne succeeded in netbooting installs of debian-edu but he didnt attend the meeting... :)
19:56:45 Topic: Ellaborate an Agenda for Narvik gathering
19:57:48 AGREED h01ger to elaborate the agenda for narvik in the wiki and on the list
19:57:56 Topic: 8. next meeting?
19:59:28 AGREED h01ger next irc meeting should be after narvik, probably 8 or 15 days later
19:59:37 Topic: 7. any other business
Meeting ended at 20:04.

People Present:
  1. pere
  2. h01ger
  3. jever
  4. sepski
  5. vagrantc
  6. itais
  7. H
  8. winnie

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