17:29:58 <GeKo> #startmeeting
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17:30:29 <GeKo> okay, a somewhat unusual day due to the US holiday yesterday
17:30:36 <GeKo> but it's time for a tor browser sync
17:30:40 <pili> hi
17:30:45 <sisbell> hi
17:30:52 <GeKo> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N is the usual url for our pad
17:31:11 <GeKo> please add your items and mark things to talk about in bold
17:31:48 <acat> hi
17:31:53 <boklm> hi
17:33:42 <mcs> hi
17:35:56 <GeKo> okay, let's get started
17:37:01 <GeKo> pili: yuo are up
17:37:04 <GeKo> *you
17:37:05 <pili> HI
17:37:14 <GeKo> HI!
17:37:23 <pili> just an announcement that we have published the blog post about the final Orfox update
17:37:31 <pili> so we can hopefully close off this soon :)
17:37:38 <GeKo> yay
17:37:46 <pili> https://blog.torproject.org/orfox-paved-way-tor-browser-android
17:38:18 <GeKo> "and now tor browser for ios" exactly :)
17:39:01 <GeKo> sisbell: are you around? could you add your items to the pad?
17:39:09 <sisbell> one sec, almost done
17:40:12 <sisbell> its in
17:41:00 <GeKo> okay, good
17:41:26 <GeKo> so, from the release side it looks like we can make 9.0a6 based on esr68
17:41:56 <GeKo> i've uploaded my bundles to https://people.torproject.org/~gk/builds/9.0a6-build4/
17:42:07 <GeKo> please test them on the platform of your choice
17:42:30 <GeKo> if there are no blockers until tomorrow morning european time
17:42:38 <GeKo> we'll try to get them out as 9.0a6
17:42:57 <GeKo> there is nothing under tbb-9.0-must-nightly anymore
17:43:24 <GeKo> so if you are looking for something to do please ask or pick things tagged with tbb-9.0-must-alpha
17:43:43 <GeKo> we should have solved all toolchain related bugs until the next alpha
17:43:54 <GeKo> to have more time to test that
17:44:26 <GeKo> and then on to the myriad of issues that esr68 brings
17:45:04 <GeKo> i suspect we want to do some release before for macos for the new signing scheme that is enforced on macos 10.15
17:45:45 <GeKo> but that's somewhat unrelated to esr68 transistion
17:45:54 <GeKo> okay.
17:46:09 <GeKo> anything else for the status updates today?
17:47:35 <GeKo> okay, discussions
17:47:40 <GeKo> tjr you are up
17:48:08 <tjr> just a mild note about the highlight.  Has anyone else been bothered by this?
17:48:21 <tjr> (If not, then never mind, if so, maybe there's a low-impact solution?)
17:48:34 <pospeselr> (I don't know what this is)
17:49:07 <GeKo> i don't follow #tor-bots
17:49:08 <boklm> I also see the highlights in #tor-bots, but this does not bother me too much
17:49:16 <GeKo> so, wfm :)
17:49:17 <mcs> boklm: same for me
17:49:32 <tjr> haha okay situaiton resolved.
17:49:58 <GeKo> great
17:50:07 <boklm> maybe some irc clients can ignore hilights in some channels?
17:50:34 <GeKo> do we have anything else to discuss?
17:50:47 <GeKo> questions, concerns etc.?
17:50:50 <pili> there were a few items from the roadmap that needed estimations
17:50:57 <GeKo> (don't be shy we have the time and space for that :) )
17:50:58 <pili> GeKo: not sure if you already followed up with people :)
17:51:04 <mcs> Do we have an idea when the code freeze for the next alpha will be?
17:51:13 <GeKo> no, i did not
17:51:18 <GeKo> let's see
17:51:41 <pili> I have the ticket numbers :)
17:51:53 <mcs> So maybe the answer is “when the bug list is smaller we will determine the date”
17:51:54 <GeKo> 10/22 is the day for tb 9
17:52:11 <GeKo> it won't get smaller
17:52:21 <GeKo> (rule number one in tor browser land)
17:52:42 <GeKo> so we have 7 weeks
17:53:04 <GeKo> let#s aim for a release at the end of sep
17:53:42 <GeKo> so code freez like sep 23?
17:53:45 <GeKo> *freeze
17:54:12 <GeKo> so we have roughly 3 weeks for squashing as much bugs as we can
17:54:17 <mcs> sounds good to me; thanks
17:54:38 <GeKo> we need still talk to mike about doing the code and feature revies
17:54:41 <GeKo> *reviews
17:54:51 <GeKo> he seems to be overbooked
17:55:04 <pili> yeah, still no word from him... :/
17:55:07 <GeKo> but i am still confident we'll find a solution
17:55:18 <GeKo> i'll meanwhile start looking at all the closed bugs
17:55:32 <GeKo> and make breaks in between to prevent my eyes from starting to bleed
17:55:34 <GeKo> :)
17:55:42 <GeKo> so that part will be covered
17:55:56 <GeKo> i might start to re-route this task, though
17:56:16 <GeKo> in case i need to pick up like the network code review
17:56:25 <GeKo> we'll see
17:57:18 <GeKo> anythign else for today?
17:57:54 <pili> yup, I still want to get some quick estimates from people :)
17:57:59 <pili> if it's ok to do live here
17:58:06 <GeKo> please do
17:58:41 <pili> ok so the first one is for pospeselr #31449
17:59:01 <pili> oh, we already have .2 now
17:59:18 <GeKo> wrong bug :)
17:59:33 <GeKo> #31286
17:59:33 <pospeselr> haha yeah this is the first time seeing this bug :)
18:00:04 <GeKo> given 1 point per day
18:00:10 <GeKo> how many points are left?
18:00:15 <pospeselr> hm ok
18:00:24 <GeKo> (there is 0.25 etc, too)
18:01:12 <pili> while you are thinking we also need an estimate for #30036 from sysrqb :)
18:01:24 <pili> and #31491 from brade/mcs
18:01:56 <pospeselr> I would say about 10 points worth of work getting tor-launcher wired and potentially refactored into the UX (which is mostly complete apart from polish), then a week or so for misc fixes, polish, review, etc
18:01:57 <GeKo> i think sysrqb is not here right now...
18:02:13 <pospeselr> so, 15 points?
18:02:40 <mcs> for #31491 probably 3-4 points (we need to handle platform differences and test on all platforms)
18:02:41 <GeKo> review is not counted
18:02:42 <pili> ok, thanks pospeselr :)
18:02:55 <pili> let's keep it at 15 just in case
18:03:00 <pili> just for the uncertainty
18:03:08 <pospeselr> I meant for implementing review feedback :)
18:03:14 <pili> sounds good
18:03:33 <pili> GeKo: I also saw #31564
18:03:43 <pili> not sure who that'd be for
18:03:53 <GeKo> sisbell: what do you think
18:03:56 <GeKo> ?
18:04:08 <GeKo> how many days will that cost you
18:04:16 <sisbell> That's tough to estimate as a single task since we aren't certain of the solution
18:04:24 <GeKo> i know :)
18:04:35 <sisbell> I need to see if I can get google source building 1 day
18:05:09 <sisbell> I need to see if I can location the patch google did (so far I can't pull google's log history) so maybe another day
18:05:43 <sisbell> Then if we need to create a project for the gradle build, that can take a couple more days
18:05:54 <sisbell> So that
18:06:01 <sisbell> looks like 5 days for that
18:06:12 <pili> thanks sisbell !
18:07:11 <GeKo> sounds reasonable, thanks!
18:07:24 <GeKo> okay any last last items :) ?
18:07:40 <pili> I think we're ok for capacity for the month but I need to double check with the last points :)
18:07:42 <pili> I'm good
18:08:02 <GeKo> well, we'll keep adding things you'll see ;)
18:08:15 <pospeselr> lol plz n o
18:08:58 <GeKo> thanks all and have a nice week *baf*
18:09:01 <GeKo> #endmeeting