17:30:15 <sysrqb> #startmeeting Tor Browser meeting 12 August 2019
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17:31:27 <sysrqb> hello hello
17:31:41 <acat> hi
17:32:04 <sisbell> hi
17:32:19 <mcs> hi
17:32:30 <brade> hi
17:32:33 <tjr> o/
17:32:46 <sysrqb> great, we have some people
17:32:49 <antonela> hello!
17:32:52 <sysrqb> pospeselr:  o/
17:32:58 <sysrqb> hi!
17:33:07 <pospeselr> hello hello
17:33:08 <sysrqb> pospeselr: do you have a "this week" plan?
17:33:16 <pospeselr> yes
17:33:25 <sysrqb> okay, good
17:33:28 <pospeselr> but it's a secret/i haven't gotten to it yet
17:33:33 <pospeselr> mostly the latter
17:33:34 <antonela> hehe
17:33:35 <sysrqb> excellent
17:34:26 <sysrqb> okay, i'll give people another ~1 minute for updating the pad
17:35:19 <sysrqb> okay, maybe +1 minute and then we'll really start
17:35:42 <sysrqb> sisbell: are you adding updates onthe pad, too?
17:36:01 <sisbell> yes, one sec
17:36:06 <sysrqb> thanks
17:36:59 <sysrqb> okay, i think we can get started while updates trickle in
17:37:50 <sisbell> done
17:37:59 <sysrqb> sisbell: okay, neat
17:38:06 <sysrqb> as that's the only bold item, i guess we can start there
17:38:30 <sysrqb> sisbell: do you know how you reproduced it?
17:38:53 <sisbell> I saw the error message IP addresses not found
17:39:10 <sisbell> It required the latest master and I cleared out everything for a complete build
17:39:45 <sysrqb> okay, and that was enough, simply building from master without any artifacts?
17:39:54 <sisbell> Basically I just put in a command to tell if the interfaces are up prior to calling gradle
17:40:07 <sisbell> Yes, that reproduced it
17:40:33 <sysrqb> did we recently update gradle or any of its dependencies?
17:40:34 <sisbell> There are no intefaces in the container and that version of gradle is unable to handle that condition
17:40:50 <pospeselr> is that related to the work boklm did to disable networking in the build containers?
17:40:55 <sisbell> No changes in master to gradle projects or dependencies
17:41:02 <sysrqb> pospeselr: i assume yes
17:41:04 <pospeselr> i vaguely recall seeing a ticket about that at some point
17:41:30 <sisbell> that would do it
17:41:35 <sysrqb> seems like #25623
17:42:12 <sysrqb> but that landed 4 months ago
17:42:17 <sisbell> Its not an issue for esr68, since it uses gradle 4.10 which handles the condition
17:42:41 <sysrqb> okay, maybe none of us tried buildingfrom scratch since then
17:42:50 <sysrqb> nifty.
17:44:05 <sysrqb> i do wonder why i haven't hit this on the new VM i created, but maybe that's related to the runc version
17:44:21 <sysrqb> okay, i don't see anything else bolded
17:44:36 <pospeselr> (sysrqb: i think we all had the same runc version yeah?)
17:44:37 <sysrqb> anyone want to discuss anything?
17:44:54 <sysrqb> pospeselr: on the VM i crated, i had an older runc - like 0.1.1
17:44:59 <sysrqb> *created
17:45:39 <pospeselr> ahh
17:46:17 <sysrqb> okay, seems like there's nothing else to discuss
17:46:33 <sysrqb> i guess i'll call it
17:46:41 <sysrqb> thanks for coming everyone!
17:46:44 <mcs> ty
17:46:55 <sysrqb> #endmeeting