17:29:48 <pili> #startmeeting tor browser 7/22
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17:29:57 <pili> hi, who's around today? :)
17:30:04 <brade> o/
17:30:09 <sisbell> hi
17:30:14 <pili> since GeKo is afk I'll be running today's meeting
17:30:34 * mcs is here
17:30:42 <pili> please add your updates to the pad as usual: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/jBmb1ogOoR1P-pmmfQhLCIuVK89qFm8Au62wKcGjEd2
17:31:44 <acat> hi!
17:31:47 <pili> I believe boklm and pospeselr are also afk
17:32:04 <pili> let's cross our fingers that there are no chemspill releases this week ;)
17:35:12 <pili> let's give a few more minutes for updates
17:35:35 <pili> so far it's just my bold item and one discussion point to talk about
17:37:26 <pili> ok, let's get started then
17:38:00 <pili> I was looking over the roadmap we put together in stockholm and I need some help identifying whether some of the items have tickets already
17:39:17 <pili> so the first item is "Switch meek uTLS"
17:39:29 <pili> is that #29430 ?
17:39:33 <mcs> yes
17:39:40 <pili> good, easy one ;)
17:40:10 <mcs> “rip out meek” is part of that ticket as well… dcf has patches there
17:40:25 <pili> I see your comment also about "Rip out meek", so let's move on to "Tor Button Migration"
17:40:35 <pili> is that #28745 ?
17:41:16 <acat> also #10760
17:41:47 <pili> ok, cool
17:42:13 <mcs> I am not sure if all of #28745 is needed for 9.0 alpha (probably not?)
17:42:25 <mcs> esr68-based alpha that is
17:42:36 <pili> mcs: right, I can double check that
17:42:44 <pili> I'll circle back if I need some help with it
17:42:54 <pili> then there's "Network settings in General settings"
17:43:32 <mcs> I thought there was a ticket for that but I cannot find it right now.
17:43:52 <pili> ok, let's look for it later :)
17:44:27 <pili> "Toolbar button for New Identity" seems to be #27511 (I did a search and couldn't find it myself!)
17:45:11 <pili> and then for the "Tor Launcher for ESR68" I have #29197 and #30506
17:45:16 <pili> Any others?
17:46:06 <mcs> Not that I know about so far (but we will open new tickets if we find problems with Tor Launcher in esr68).
17:46:08 <brade> 30506 is not required for 9.0 alpha
17:47:10 <pili> ok, thanks for checking :)
17:47:35 <pili> so, if no one has any bold items we can move on to the discussion?
17:49:35 <pili> ok, let's move on then
17:50:04 <pili> GeKo marked some tickets that he thinks are blockers for the 9.0 nightly:  https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&keywords=~tbb-9.0-must-nightly&order=status
17:50:13 <pili> can anyone think of anything that is missing from that list?
17:52:07 <sisbell> the android issues look like they are accurate in that list
17:52:23 <tjr> There is at least one patch that needs to be backported to esr68 still; https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1547519
17:52:38 <tjr> But that might fall under #30322 or something
17:54:37 <acat> perhaps we also want #31065, it's just a pref flip that we need to avoid local network access from web content
17:54:57 <mcs> What is our criteria? We may also want a fix for #31019
17:55:11 <mcs> (disable Windows BITS update mechanism)
17:56:26 <pili> Geko mentioned about the linux toolchain being ready, but I'm not sure if that was just regarding switching over to the new branch
17:56:46 <pili> and catching up with the other platforms after the switch
17:56:47 <pili> does that make sense? :)
17:58:41 <mcs> I am not sure what you are asking, but the toolchain tickets for all platforms are on the list already.
17:58:45 <pili> ok, well, if anyone thinks of any others, please tag them with the tbb-9.0-must-nightly keyword :)
17:59:18 <pili> mcs: that was in answer to your question about what the criteria would be to include as a 9.0 blocker
17:59:47 <mcs> pili: ah, OK. In any case, I am sure we want all platforms as soon as possible :)
18:00:24 <pili> actually GeKo's exact words were: "think about whether we need to have additional tickets blocking our nightly releases"
18:01:01 <pili> anyway, that was all I had, I'll handover the mic to tjr now
18:01:16 <tjr> Anyone recognize this error I'm getting?
18:01:33 <tjr> I thought it might be good if I could build Tor Browser just in case of a chemspill but I'm not getting far...
18:02:46 <tjr> Okay guess not
18:02:57 <tjr> We can wrap up and if anyone knows anything they can ping me :)
18:03:14 <mcs> tjr: I don’t recognize that error. Maybe bash thinks it is an interactive shell somehow when it is not?
18:04:46 <acat> I have seen the error, but now I don't remember what I did to fix it (but I think the error message was not very helpful)
18:06:02 <sysrqb> o/ sorry, reading backlog. (just got home from stockholm)
18:06:45 <pili> hey sysrqb
18:06:46 <pili> any last minute discussion points or questions from anyone? :)
18:06:58 <pili> does everyone know what they should be working on this week? :)
18:07:28 <mcs> yes. esr68 :)
18:07:42 <pili> :D
18:08:46 <pili> ok, let's leave it at that then
18:08:47 <pili> thanks everyone!
18:08:48 <pili> #endmeeting