17:31:00 <pili> #startmeeting tor browser 6/17
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17:31:04 <pili> oops fixed :)
17:32:07 <pili> please add your updates to the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/3daX0HwTbuQOtqRqbNF1-QpHnwZFyzLDApRNx0jvccj
17:32:21 <pili> GeKo asked me to run the meeting today as he's afk travelling :)
17:33:17 <pili> hi everyone
17:33:34 <mcs> happy Monday!
17:33:39 <antonela> hello!
17:34:02 <acat> o/
17:34:27 <boklm> hi!
17:34:55 <Guest5278> morning!
17:35:07 <Guest5278> oh boy who could it be
17:35:13 <pili> hmmm ;)
17:35:14 <pospeselr> it's a me
17:36:03 <pili> I'll just give people a bit more time to finish filling in the updates
17:36:25 <pili> nothing bolded so far other than my reminder of the Tor Browser Release meeting this week
17:36:31 <pili> I will send out a reminder email later
17:39:29 <pili> ok, let's get started
17:39:42 <pili> let me check the pad for any bold items
17:39:53 <pili> none so far :)
17:39:57 <pili> no discussion items either
17:40:13 <pili> actually, I'll add one
17:40:23 <pili> in the meantime, does anyone have any items they'd like to share?
17:41:38 <pili> actually, I have 2 discussion items
17:41:55 <pili> has everyone had a chance to look at the list of dev meeting sessions and proposed draft schedule? https://nc.riseup.net/apps/onlyoffice/s/FFkikRBmKDZyLw9
17:43:32 <brade> pili: day one looks fine to me
17:43:55 <pili> please take a look and make sure that any sessions you want to happen are there and suggest any others here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/_kDAK09C16xL2lBRQ7sJ
17:44:00 <pili> thanks brade
17:44:12 <pili> I think we may remove the Tor Browser Vision session in favour of something else
17:44:21 <mcs> I looked it over and it looks fine, but I don’t remember all of the sessions ideas we generated a few weeks ago.
17:44:31 <pili> although we haven't defined what that something else would be
17:44:39 <pili> mcs: I think those should all be represented
17:44:53 <mcs> Is that because we are not ready to talk vision again or is the something else more important?
17:44:58 <brade> pili: I was surprised there is only one 60minute S27 meeting but that is fine
17:45:11 <pili> we're probably ready, but I think there are probably more important things
17:45:32 <pili> and we probably have a good idea of what the team's work will be like for the next 6 - 12 months as it is :)
17:45:42 <mcs> pili: make sense to me
17:45:47 <mcs> s/make/makes/
17:46:19 <mcs> I guess we will fine time to talk about ESR68 things during roadmapping or other unscheduled time
17:46:37 <mcs> s/fine/find
17:46:40 <mcs> ugh
17:46:48 <pili> brade: maybe the Tor Browser Vision slot can be used to think about the different sponsor projects we have to work on
17:46:53 <pili> or the ESR68 work
17:47:23 <pili> so yeah, let's leave that as an unspecified Tor Browser discussion slot for now ;)
17:48:42 <pili> any other comments on the dev meeting schedule?
17:50:40 <pili> ok, the other thing was about anarcat's infrastructure usage survey: https://nc.riseup.net/apps/onlyoffice/s/QEM4MNBA8MmWW4x
17:51:23 <pili> I think GeKo already had a look and filled it out but if any of you are using any infrastructure and  can take a look and see whether there is anything else that's missing that would be helpful
17:53:43 <anarcat> if i can jump in - a bunch of entries were added, but without any details. it's much more useful if i have actual specs in terms of disk/memory/cpu requirements :)
17:53:57 <anarcat> not saying it's TBB people, of course :)
17:54:20 <pili> thanks for clarifying anarcat :)
17:56:10 <pili> I think that's it from mea
17:56:16 <pili> s/mea/me
17:56:32 <pili> does anyone else want to share any updates, comments, or anything else? :)
17:57:09 <mcs> Are a bunch of people at the Mozilla meeting this week?
17:57:20 <pospeselr> yeah I think so
17:58:01 <mcs> Shiould be a more lively meeting next week then!
17:58:12 <pospeselr> :D
17:58:46 <pili> someone could always share a joke to make the meeting livelier ;)
17:58:52 <pili> anyway, I think we are done :)
17:59:15 <pili> mcs: yes GeKo and sysrqb are at the all hands this week
17:59:50 <pili> I think that's everyone from the Tor Browser team there
18:00:13 <pili> ok, if there's nothing else I will end the meeting the
18:00:17 <pili> then
18:00:18 <mcs> pili: thanks.
18:00:21 <pili> #endmeeting