17:31:08 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor browser 5/13
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17:31:11 <pili> hi
17:31:14 <GeKo> hello!
17:31:14 <brade> HI
17:31:17 <antonela> hello
17:31:28 <mcs> hello to all
17:31:29 <GeKo> let's get started with our weekly meeting
17:31:44 <sisbell> hi
17:31:49 <GeKo> status updated first as usual, please enter your items to the pad and mark things to discuss bold
17:31:49 <pospeselr> morning y'all
17:31:54 <GeKo> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N
17:31:55 <GeKo> o/
17:35:20 <acat> hi!
17:36:10 <GeKo> sysrqb: regarding your bugzilla bugs
17:36:26 <GeKo> i wonder whether mozilla is actually still taking patches, say, next week
17:36:48 <GeKo> given that there won't be a fennec 69 anymore
17:36:49 <boklm> hi
17:37:11 <GeKo> or did you think to just fix those issues for tor browser?
17:37:50 <GeKo> anyweay
17:37:54 <GeKo> *anyway
17:37:57 <GeKo> let's start
17:38:07 <GeKo> i am currently only seeing one bolded item
17:38:09 <GeKo> which is mine
17:38:50 <GeKo> it's just a gently reminder that the feedback for your peers is due this friday
17:39:14 * antonela is trying to keep the good indentation at the pad
17:39:22 <pospeselr> it's hard :(
17:39:34 <GeKo> and i heard one should not try to write it on thursday :)
17:39:57 <GeKo> pospeselr: so how is the widl adventure going?
17:40:14 <GeKo> i think i'd need something by tomorrow if possible
17:40:32 <pospeselr> that would be overly optimistic
17:40:33 <GeKo> are we on track with that?
17:40:55 <GeKo> i think wed is fine too
17:41:31 <GeKo> i am jsut trying to figure out whether i should start getting creative (again)
17:41:36 <GeKo> *just
17:41:38 <pospeselr> ok
17:41:47 <GeKo> or whether we can proceed as planned
17:42:05 <pospeselr> so I've a mostly working fix/refactor for the main blocker
17:42:34 <sysrqb> GeKo: i think this week, assuming 68 is being created until this week
17:42:38 <sysrqb> at least, that's my understanding
17:42:55 <pospeselr> and I *expect* the other issues I originally filed will have much simpler fixes now that I understand how the code works
17:42:56 <sysrqb> i can confirm before i spend time on it
17:43:26 <pospeselr> but, the more I dig into this I'm less optimistic that these are the only problems we're having
17:43:45 <GeKo> pospeselr: k, then let's cross the fingers and see what we get
17:44:05 <GeKo> i guess we *could* start build one without the fixes if needed
17:44:10 <GeKo> to give a bit more time
17:44:22 <pospeselr> i think best case scenario (ie I won't run into any more nagging problems and the remaining fixes are as easy as I hope) I can have patches tested and working and integrated into tor-browser-build by the end of the week
17:44:22 <GeKo> and then do a build2 later on with them
17:44:48 <GeKo> but that#s already part of the being creative scenario
17:45:05 <GeKo> okay
17:45:34 <GeKo> that might be too late for 8.5 but we'll see
17:45:51 <GeKo> sysrqb: i saw that mozilla-central got merged to beta today already
17:45:58 <GeKo> but there might be more merges to come
17:46:12 <GeKo> and they might be willing to backport to beta
17:46:18 <GeKo> so, i'd say worth a try
17:46:19 <sysrqb> oh. huh. okay.
17:46:28 <sysrqb> i didn't check
17:47:01 <GeKo> sisbell: if you coould fix up all the #30166 related issues today that would be neat
17:47:09 <sysrqb> arthur pinged me and mentioned we may have until the end of the week
17:47:18 <sysrqb> but maybe that was nt the case
17:47:23 <GeKo> so i can merge that tomorrow and we have at least some nightlies to test it
17:47:24 <sysrqb> *not
17:47:41 <GeKo> sysrqb: well, i guess there are more merges until the end of the week
17:47:50 <sysrqb> okay, i'll try :)
17:48:02 <sisbell> GeKo: you mean fix for snowflake?
17:48:19 <GeKo> sisbell: and then #30284 solved would be really helpful for 8.5
17:48:39 <GeKo> sisbell: well, we *could* do that later
17:48:53 <GeKo> i meant more addressing all the other review coments
17:48:56 <GeKo> *comments
17:49:06 <GeKo> and pushing new branches where needed
17:49:09 <sisbell> ok, I'll do that
17:49:38 <GeKo> (although doing a >8 instead of a >5 now does not seem unreasonable to me)
17:49:54 <GeKo> actually a >9
17:49:59 <GeKo> but yeah
17:50:08 <GeKo> alright
17:50:14 <GeKo> anything else for status updates?
17:51:15 <pili> not a status update but I was wondering if we got the donate button and assets we were talking about for the next release?
17:51:24 <pili> (sorry to jump the queue on the discussion items... :) )
17:51:58 <antonela> i planned to work on it this week
17:52:33 <GeKo> it seems this will m iss 8.5
17:52:40 <GeKo> *miss
17:52:47 <pili> ok
17:52:56 <antonela> could we simply add the line at the footer? without button?
17:53:34 <antonela> btw, is there any ticket for it? should i file it?
17:54:19 <pili> ooops, I don't think so
17:54:26 <pili> yes please, or I can do it also
17:55:11 <GeKo> it's not clear to me which line, but in principle we could add that, yes
17:55:58 <antonela> #30497
17:57:16 <GeKo> okay
17:57:19 <pili> thanks antonela
17:57:25 <GeKo> pili: i guess that was your discussion item?
17:57:29 <pili> yup
17:59:01 <GeKo> okay, anything we want to add here or should we move on?
17:59:57 <pili> I'm good
18:00:32 <GeKo> okay
18:00:38 <GeKo> tjr: you are up
18:00:59 <tjr> Just a reminder about the meeting tomorrow
18:01:27 <tjr> Current Agenda is: Mozilla Research Grant for Tor, Whistler Meetings, and maybe  Moz's Summer Intern
18:02:16 <sysrqb> is that open to any of us?
18:02:25 <tjr> Anyone who wants to go, yea
18:02:37 <GeKo> i've been thinking about the whistler meetings a bit
18:02:58 <GeKo> how many would be useful to have?
18:03:16 * tjr shrugs
18:03:21 <tjr> You tell me! :)
18:03:30 <GeKo> kk
18:03:57 <tjr> I don't know if you've seen Simon Mainey on bugzilla but he will be coming, and I'm sure he'd love to do one or more in-depth working sessions on fingerprinting stuff
18:04:36 <GeKo> i see
18:04:59 <GeKo> well, right now i am more interested to have the important moz<->tor meetings covered
18:05:05 <GeKo> *having
18:05:26 <GeKo> or better moz<->tor topics covered
18:05:44 <tjr> Sure, just giving you a heads up since i remembered
18:05:59 <GeKo> yup, thanks
18:06:41 <GeKo> i try to get my thoughts organized until tomorrow then
18:07:12 <GeKo> (but everyone: if there are meetings we should have please speak up)
18:07:49 <GeKo> okay, anything else for discussion today?
18:09:17 <GeKo> thanks everyone then and have a nice wek *baf*
18:09:19 <GeKo> #endmeeting