17:31:56 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor browser 4/8
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17:32:02 <GeKo> hello everyone
17:32:17 <GeKo> let's check out the pad
17:32:26 <GeKo> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N
17:32:38 <GeKo> is the usual place to enter your items
17:32:57 <GeKo> and check the update of the others
17:33:14 <GeKo> please mark the pieces you want to talk about bold
17:34:07 <antonela> hello!
17:34:28 <GeKo> acat: you around?
17:34:32 <GeKo> o/
17:34:36 <sisbell> hi
17:34:41 <acat> hi
17:34:59 <GeKo> acat: could you add the items you worked on onto the pad?
17:35:00 <sysrqb> o/
17:35:12 <GeKo> we have a last week/this week category
17:35:26 <GeKo> so everyone knows what is yet to come and what got done
17:35:47 <boklm> hi
17:36:25 <pili> hi
17:36:57 <GeKo> okay, let's get the status updates going
17:37:12 <GeKo> sysrqb: i have one item for you
17:37:15 <GeKo> and one for the group
17:37:25 <GeKo> i need review help with the tickets i worked on
17:37:36 <GeKo> mcs and brade picked already up a bunch, thanks!
17:37:57 <GeKo> boklm: could you pick up #30016
17:38:03 <boklm> GeKo: ok
17:38:39 <GeKo> sysrqb: you are probably the best one for #28622, #29843, #29859
17:39:04 <sysrqb> ack, i'll add those on my list
17:39:06 <GeKo> i think that's it
17:39:34 <GeKo> i might be able to finish #30069, too tomorrow or on wed
17:39:36 <sysrqb> i'll look at the other needs-review tickets after i finish with these
17:39:44 <sysrqb> cool
17:39:45 <GeKo> i think the other i can handle
17:39:54 <GeKo> or they can be postponed
17:40:01 <sysrqb> okay
17:40:02 <GeKo> it's just the 4 right now
17:40:43 <GeKo> okay, it seems no ones else has anything marked bold
17:41:05 <GeKo> do we have other status update items or should we move on to the discussion part?
17:41:44 <intrigeri> from Tails: anonym took {back,over} the "upgrade to Tor Browser 8.5" task.
17:42:15 <GeKo> intrigeri: great, 8.5a10 should have all the desktop things
17:42:23 <GeKo> modulo a fixup for #25658
17:42:57 <GeKo> one thing i heard on the comments were folks complaining about the removed noscript button
17:43:05 <GeKo> in particular in contexts like tails
17:43:42 <GeKo> because *if* they want to customize their scripts etc. they now need to put the noscript button back to the toolbar first
17:43:44 <intrigeri> thanks, I'll point anonym to it. I'm not too worried about the noscript button personally.
17:43:46 <GeKo> every time
17:44:04 <GeKo> just sayin'
17:44:19 * antonela discovered that TB for Tails came with uBlock installed by default
17:44:42 <GeKo> i think we plan to implement the remaining part of prop 101 that shuold address that
17:44:55 <GeKo> but this very likely won't happen before 8.5 gets out
17:45:08 <GeKo> at least i hope it won't happen :)
17:45:30 <intrigeri> thanks. that's all from the Tails side.
17:45:41 <GeKo> k
17:47:26 <GeKo> let's move on to the discussion then
17:47:47 <GeKo> i think we should start with the next meeting time
17:48:07 <GeKo> it seems neither pili nor i won't be available next week
17:48:14 <GeKo> and on monday 22th
17:48:20 <pili> yup, or the week after :)
17:48:33 <GeKo> so i guess this means no meeting next week
17:48:43 <GeKo> how about doing a sync on 23th
17:48:46 <GeKo> ?
17:48:55 <boklm> the 23th works for me
17:48:58 <GeKo> maybe the same time and place?
17:48:59 <pospeselr> works for me
17:49:02 <sisbell> +1
17:49:04 <mcs> The 23rd sounds good to me
17:49:15 <acat> +1
17:49:16 <pospeselr> do you want us to update the pad as usual on the intervening week?
17:49:56 <sysrqb> i'll be traveling a little that week, but I should be available for a meeting on the 23rd
17:51:44 <GeKo> pospeselr: i think updating the pad before the meeting is fine
17:51:53 <GeKo> or whatever your update routine is
17:52:16 <GeKo> okay, then let's tentatively move the next meeting to that time
17:52:32 <GeKo> i'll announce that on tbb-dev@
17:52:53 <sysrqb> same time as today? 17:00 UTC?
17:53:13 <GeKo> well today is 1730 UTC
17:53:15 <sysrqb> err, 17:30? :)
17:53:20 <GeKo> yeah
17:53:23 <GeKo> i think same time
17:53:34 <sysrqb> okay
17:53:50 <GeKo> so, the 8.5a11 release
17:54:06 <GeKo> if we want to get 8.5 out in april
17:54:14 <GeKo> we need to get out 8.5a11 built this week
17:54:35 <GeKo> i am not worried about the remaining bits for #29768 which mcs and brade are addressing
17:54:59 <GeKo> but i don't know everything regarding #28239 and #27609 and friends
17:55:06 <GeKo> err
17:55:09 <GeKo> #28329
17:55:32 <GeKo> i think i'd need something to review by tomorrow and wed
17:55:41 <GeKo> how does that look like?
17:56:04 <GeKo> i am starting to get uncomfortable moving things further to may
17:56:19 <GeKo> mainly because that blocks other things we would want to get landed
17:56:24 <GeKo> and working on for 9.0
17:56:33 <sysrqb> for #28329, we ran into a problem  with the animation
17:56:40 <GeKo> and the more we are pushing 8.5 out the less time we have for those
17:56:59 <GeKo> sysrqb: yes, but what speaks against using what we have for now?
17:57:00 <sisbell> I have the library loading issue solved for Android. I'm doing build now so should have more info in a couple of hours.
17:57:13 <sysrqb> so i think including a spinning onion will depend on whether we can resolve that issue with the designer's help
17:57:16 <GeKo> sisbell: ack
17:57:40 <sysrqb> GeKnothing in particular is blocking using the current pulsing animation
17:57:45 <sysrqb> GeKo: ^
17:57:56 <GeKo> great, then let's go with that
17:57:57 <sysrqb> other than trying to match the mock up
17:58:07 <GeKo> well, we can iterate on that later
17:58:22 <GeKo> android is just one platform of four right now
17:58:51 <GeKo> i don't feel the spinning justifies 8.6 getting delayed for the other platforms any longer
17:58:56 <GeKo> *8.5
17:59:09 <sysrqb> that's fiar, i'll push my current branch today
17:59:48 <GeKo> okay. we might get it even easier that way as we coul dplan for the esr68 switch
18:00:11 <GeKo> like having this fixed once we switch to something newer
18:00:20 <GeKo> and then in shape for 9.0
18:00:30 <sysrqb> sure
18:00:54 <sysrqb> we can plan for that
18:01:09 <GeKo> okay, so i currently plan to get the build started on thursday
18:01:30 <GeKo> after reviewing the latest bits that got done on wed
18:01:47 <GeKo> sisbell: does that sound like a plan which could work for you?
18:02:02 <sisbell> sounds good
18:02:19 <sisbell> I'll touch base in a couple of hours, hopefully with good news
18:02:42 <sisbell> These builds are touchy beasts
18:02:59 <GeKo> yeah, thanks
18:03:20 <GeKo> anything else we should think about for 8.5a11
18:03:21 <GeKo> ?
18:04:22 <GeKo> okay, pili, you are up then
18:04:29 <pili> hi
18:04:47 <pili> I saw this ticket last week: #29837
18:04:57 <pili> and I thought it could be a nice one to discuss during this meeting
18:05:10 <pili> even though it's not a priority
18:05:18 <pili> just if anyone has any thoughts/ideas
18:06:25 <antonela> metrics is the place where that info should live, imo
18:07:19 <GeKo> yes, agreed
18:07:23 <sysrqb> hrm
18:07:44 <GeKo> but karsten has good points we should address
18:08:49 <pili> for example, is there any data that needs to be anonymised?
18:09:33 <sysrqb> i expect yes
18:09:42 <sysrqb> or at least bucketed
18:10:43 <sysrqb> for example, they give us stats on which devices have installed the app and the count of each device
18:10:56 <antonela> is there any information about hardware?
18:10:57 <sysrqb> i belive we can get country-specific data, as well
18:11:18 <sysrqb> butt we should be careful with that information
18:11:26 <antonela> like, the most downloaded device
18:11:35 <antonela> android version is helpful too
18:11:50 <mcs> Some of the device info that Google collects could (nearly) uniquely identify a person. We should discard the long tail for sure.
18:12:11 <sysrqb> antonela: yes, we can get that information
18:12:17 <sysrqb> mcs: yes, for sure
18:12:44 <antonela> great, that can be really useful for setting up some QA workflow in the future
18:13:26 <sysrqb> yep
18:13:48 <sysrqb> pili: so, yes :)
18:14:01 <boklm> maybe we should drop the devices/android versions with less than 100 users
18:14:10 <GeKo> i guess we can tag that with our monthly tag and get to it after 8.5 is in shape
18:14:10 <sisbell> Yeah, you could correlate OEM device type, and carrier to get precise info on a specific user
18:14:23 <sysrqb> pili: hopefully i'll be able to pick up this ticket, and a few others after the release is out
18:14:40 <pili> we should capture this discussion on the ticket
18:14:42 <sisbell> some devices are fairly unique
18:14:48 <pili> sysrqb: great :)
18:14:55 <sysrqb> GeKo: semms like a good idea
18:14:59 <sysrqb> *seems
18:15:11 <GeKo> i can put the discussion on the ticket and add the tag
18:15:25 <sysrqb> thanks, that'd be good
18:15:30 <GeKo> i'll just copy out of the meeting if no ones says "no"
18:15:33 <GeKo> *no one
18:15:50 <pili> sounds good to me
18:16:10 <sysrqb> i don't see a problem with that (considering it's already logged :) )
18:16:17 <GeKo> okay, anthing else for today?
18:16:24 <GeKo> yeah, but maybe others do :)
18:16:32 <antonela> one small thing
18:16:49 <GeKo> go ahead!
18:17:06 <antonela> tomorrow during the Mozilla monthly meeting i'll demo TB8.5 sec settings, pospeselr could you help me if any tech question raise?
18:17:28 <GeKo> i can help you as well fwiw
18:17:39 <pospeselr> yeah I think I can manage that :)
18:17:46 <GeKo> even better :)
18:17:50 <antonela> perfect, thanks both!
18:18:15 <GeKo> alright, are we good for today?
18:18:18 <antonela> groot
18:18:23 <sysrqb> iamgroot
18:18:32 <pili> all good here :)
18:18:32 <antonela> (:
18:18:39 <GeKo> mcs: brade: may i ask you to swap out #29197 for #30000?
18:19:02 <GeKo> i think the former can wait until may and i 'd like to see some progress on s27 work?
18:19:07 <mcs> GeKo: ack. We wrote that before the S27 meeting :)
18:19:21 <GeKo> in particular as there might still need some help with the network team for that one
18:19:22 <mcs> We have a lot to do to get up to speed on the S27 work.
18:19:39 <GeKo> it was not clear yet and we should find our early if possible
18:19:54 <GeKo> yeah :)
18:20:01 <GeKo> thanks!
18:20:12 <GeKo> alright, thanks everyone for today *baf*
18:20:15 <GeKo> #endmeeting