18:32:59 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor-browser 3/25
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18:33:00 <pospeselr> it's just one of those days
18:33:07 <GeKo> yeah
18:33:08 <boklm> hi
18:33:18 <sysrqb> o/
18:33:21 <GeKo> so, welcome everyone to our weekly sync
18:33:35 <GeKo> we have our pad, as usual: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N
18:33:44 <GeKo> enter you items and mark things to discuss as bold
18:34:52 <antonela> o/
18:36:52 <GeKo> okay, let's go
18:37:27 <GeKo> so far no one has any item to discuss, am i seeing that corerctly?
18:37:30 * mcs saw GeKo
18:37:39 * mcs saw GeKo’s comment r.e. Mozilla bug 1434666
18:37:42 <GeKo> (it's fine)
18:37:49 <GeKo> :)
18:38:17 <GeKo> so now is a good time in case you actually have something we should raise during the status update
18:38:54 <pili> hi
18:39:56 <pili> do we want to talk about letterboxing with antonela ?
18:40:18 <GeKo> okay nothing for the status updates
18:40:29 <GeKo> let's move on to discussion topics
18:40:34 <GeKo> pili: we could
18:40:50 <pili> I added it to the end of the list
18:40:56 <antonela> we cannot lol
18:40:57 <antonela> i cannot work on letterboxing before tpo.org and tb8.5 both desktop and tba launch
18:41:00 <GeKo> okay, then let's start with it :)
18:41:10 <pili> that was part of the discussion :D
18:41:13 <antonela> and this week we will kick off otf
18:41:31 <GeKo> no worries i think it's not that urgent
18:41:40 <antonela> that is what we talked last week, july
18:42:13 <pili> sorry, I missed that conversation... :( I was just looking through my emails and saw the thread on it
18:42:14 <pili> I will take a note
18:42:17 <GeKo> i think june maybe?
18:42:20 <pili> (I basically just wanted to know when we could plan it for)
18:42:26 <GeKo> at least not before may
18:42:33 <antonela> could be, yes
18:42:40 <pili> ok, great
18:43:02 <GeKo> it might depend as well on how far mozilla is with the planned experiments
18:43:16 <GeKo> but that#s a thing we could check once tjr is back
18:43:26 <GeKo> *that's
18:43:33 <antonela> if you make all hands you can know more about it
18:43:55 <GeKo> yeah, that's mid-june
18:44:14 <pili> ok, so july seems reasonable then
18:44:31 <GeKo> more june i hope :)
18:44:46 <GeKo> because in july the esr transition kicks in
18:45:06 <GeKo> and sitracting things like summer vacation time
18:45:11 <GeKo> *distracting
18:45:40 <GeKo> so, if we want to help mozilla by testing this feature in esr60 already we'd need to do that before juky
18:45:44 <GeKo> *july
18:46:13 <GeKo> (and i think it's worthwhile to help here as the feature is complex and important for us)
18:46:28 <antonela> im wondering how firefox is interested on it, since three working groups has been passed on this feature and nobody released it
18:46:50 <GeKo> what do you mean with "working groups"?
18:47:11 <antonela> different people worked on it for a long time, taipei, then berlin, then tom
18:48:13 <pili> GeKo: ok re: june
18:48:51 <GeKo> antonela: well, part of it that it's for us i think
18:49:11 <GeKo> so, it's not a particular high prio for mozilla itself
18:49:36 <GeKo> (although they might benefit from it, too)
18:49:47 <antonela> i see, okey june is good then
18:50:10 <antonela> is not summer vacs time here :)
18:50:22 <GeKo> hehe
18:50:23 <sysrqb> heh.
18:50:46 <GeKo> okay, let's move on?
18:50:53 <tjr|emailifneeded> Ooops
18:51:04 <GeKo> i think we can do the meeting time thing next
18:51:08 <GeKo> hi tjr!
18:51:23 <GeKo> what are the proposals for meeting time next week?
18:51:30 <GeKo> moving just an hour?
18:51:33 <tjr|emailifneeded> saw my mention. I have just today opened the doc and tried working on it. so not much of an update yet. I am shooting for havign a set of proposed resolutions by May 1st -ish though
18:51:50 <GeKo> sounds good!
18:52:03 <GeKo> like 17:30 UTC?
18:52:12 <antonela> works for me
18:52:15 <pospeselr> works for me
18:52:22 <pili> GeKo: would that be 17:30 UTC?
18:52:25 <pili> too late
18:52:26 <pili> :D
18:52:30 <boklm> works for me
18:52:33 <pili> me too
18:52:38 <sysrqb> +1
18:52:41 <mcs> +1
18:52:46 <sisbell> +1
18:54:18 <GeKo> okay, let#s do 17:30UTC then
18:54:27 <GeKo> i'll send  mail to tbb-dev
18:54:43 <GeKo> okay, now the 8.5 item
18:54:56 <GeKo> and blockers for it.
18:55:17 <GeKo> we have https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&keywords=~tbb-8.5 with all the ticket son our 8.5 radar
18:55:49 <antonela> when is the release date? again, sorry
18:55:53 <GeKo> and i think we should have one additional alpha before releasing 8.5 (more in case we hit unexpected things)
18:56:06 <GeKo> antonela: some time in april
18:56:12 <antonela> oh great, the alpha, next week?
18:56:20 <GeKo> in part depending on what we think should block it
18:56:32 <antonela> perfect
18:56:35 <GeKo> *that* depends on what we think should block the alpha :)
18:56:48 <GeKo> so, let's figure that out now
18:57:31 <GeKo> from looking at the tickets i want to block the alpha until all the TOPL related tickets are landed
18:57:43 <GeKo> we need an alpha for that to test (at least one)
18:58:00 <GeKo> that is #27609 and child tickets
18:58:12 <GeKo> i hope we have this ready by the end of this week, finally
18:58:34 <GeKo> sisbell: is that realistic, what do you think?
18:58:36 <sisbell> It looks pretty doable
18:58:42 <GeKo> great
18:58:49 <GeKo> the earlier the better ;)
18:58:50 <sisbell> don't see any issue with hitting end of week
18:59:01 <GeKo> leaves more time for review and testing
18:59:20 <sisbell> I'll target wed/Thursday and see if I can push it out
18:59:27 <GeKo> so, then i want to block the alpha on #28329 and children
18:59:40 <antonela> could we have the original animation there sysrqb? another animation? no-animation solution?
18:59:45 <GeKo> and #27539
19:00:02 <GeKo> that would be the two high prio things for sysrqb
19:00:18 <sysrqb> antonela: maybe, i think it's possible
19:00:33 <sisbell> I believe F-Droid resigns the apk, is that an issue
19:00:36 <sysrqb> but i need some more time working on it before i can say for sure it is posible
19:00:42 <antonela> awesome, feel free to ping me for assets/review whatever you think i can help
19:00:45 <GeKo> i want to get #29246 in and will take care of that
19:00:45 <sysrqb> sisbell: i think i solved that problem
19:00:54 <GeKo> (it's not that hard)
19:01:05 <antonela> GeKo: #25764 is a blocker? has developer?
19:01:26 <GeKo> nope that won't be doable before 8.5
19:01:35 <antonela> perfect, and new identity either
19:01:37 <GeKo> but is high prio for after it
19:01:38 <antonela> #28800
19:01:41 <GeKo> yes, alas
19:02:20 <antonela> got it
19:02:46 <GeKo> one item i am unsure about is what to do with the site-specific settings for our redesigned security ui
19:03:05 <antonela> we can work on it this week, pospeselr?
19:03:30 <pospeselr> I'm focused on getting the screenreader issues resolved
19:04:00 <antonela> but i think we need more thinking/discussion around the per-site settings, my latest delivery is just following the proposal
19:04:07 <pospeselr> ah yes that's fine :)
19:04:16 <pospeselr> so long as you don't require patches ;)
19:04:31 <GeKo> yes
19:04:52 <GeKo> i think right now we are at a stage where we need to tie down the exact ui for it
19:05:09 <GeKo> so, it will likely miss the alpha we aim for next week
19:05:58 <GeKo> do we have any other alpha blockers than those i mentioned above that come to mind?
19:06:38 <GeKo> i can tag the tickets with a fancy keyword so everyone has an easy way of checking where we are
19:06:59 <pospeselr> i'm currently blocked on #29868
19:07:15 <pospeselr> boklm, would you midn helping me out with this after this meeting?
19:07:36 <GeKo> could you just use the package from stretch for now?
19:07:59 <GeKo> like doing s/jessie-backports/stretch/g
19:08:18 <GeKo> i think it's just .py files and it might work
19:08:50 <pospeselr> tried that, but the only project jessie-backports seems to occur in is the tor-browser config
19:09:05 <pospeselr> swapping that out doesn't appear to work
19:09:13 <GeKo> we are switching to stretch once 8.5 is out
19:09:17 <GeKo> okay, hrm
19:09:35 <GeKo> yeah, let's check after the meeting then
19:09:46 <GeKo> so, okay, we have our alpha blockers
19:09:52 <GeKo> now our 8.5 blockers
19:10:21 <GeKo> in addition to the alpha blockers i want to block the 8.5 release on #27503
19:10:43 <GeKo> i guess we want to block on #29768 as well?
19:10:57 <GeKo> (might that be another one for the alpha release, too?)
19:11:40 <GeKo> because i feel we should have that ready for such a big feature change as with the new security settings
19:11:53 <mcs> brade and I plan to work on #29768 this week; we will see how it goes
19:12:00 <GeKo> mcs: brade: what do you think in general?
19:12:29 <mcs> GeKo: I am not sure what you are trying to ask.
19:12:48 <GeKo> whether we should a) block 7.5 on that ticket being resolved
19:12:59 <GeKo> and whether b) we should already block the next alpha on it
19:13:03 <GeKo> *8.5
19:13:27 <GeKo> i tend to say "yes" to the former and am not sure for b)
19:14:01 <mcs> I think there is risk associated with each change we make but I’d feel better if it went out in an alpha before it went out in 8.5
19:14:57 <GeKo> okay, agreed
19:15:23 <GeKo> we have #26536 as well as a stable blocker
19:15:38 <GeKo> sysrqb: i guess that oneis for you?
19:15:45 <GeKo> *one is
19:16:08 <sysrqb> yeah
19:16:16 <GeKo> k
19:16:41 <GeKo> we should fix #29657 for stable, too, i think
19:17:14 <GeKo> anything else that should block 8.5?
19:17:28 <pospeselr> so for #29657 we don't need to do anything
19:17:37 <pospeselr> the Learn more links point to where the documentation *will be*
19:17:55 <pospeselr> so just a matter of waiting for that to come online
19:17:58 <antonela> yes, and wayward has a ticket assigned to make it done
19:18:00 <GeKo> okay
19:18:16 <antonela> #29862
19:18:22 <GeKo> i thought we actually need to change something reading from the ticket
19:18:59 <GeKo> so, where would the "Learn more" links to be changed then?
19:19:23 <GeKo> or is that wrong on the ticket?
19:20:06 <antonela> i think pospeselr already changed it
19:20:21 <antonela> the link is going to https://tb-manual.torproject.org/en-US/security-settings.html now, it was going to /security-slider
19:20:23 <pospeselr> yeah the links in the XUL used to point to the old security-slider
19:20:35 <pospeselr> docs, but now they go to the new url provided by anto
19:20:44 <GeKo> hrm, seems so. so this ticket is technically done then
19:20:49 <GeKo> good
19:20:54 <pospeselr> technically done, which is the best kind of done
19:21:07 <GeKo> yes!
19:21:14 <antonela> does /en-US/ change depending on locale?
19:21:46 <antonela> sorry for this tricky question, we should localize the tb manual entry too
19:21:51 <pospeselr> yeah
19:22:00 * antonela add a to-do in my neverending to-do list
19:22:02 <pospeselr> it uses the same locale functionality as was used in torbutton
19:22:07 <antonela> perfect, thqanks
19:22:26 <GeKo> okay, anything else that comes to mind as blocker for 8.5?
19:24:00 <GeKo> so, if you look for a ticket to work on the order of priority would be 8.5-alpha-blocker -> 8.5-blocker -> tbb-8.5 -> general todo list
19:24:09 <GeKo> (or just ask me :) )
19:24:13 <antonela> ha
19:24:29 <GeKo> ooookay.
19:24:33 <pospeselr> lol
19:24:36 <GeKo> anything else we should talk about today?
19:24:49 <pili> I’m good
19:24:52 <antonela> im groot
19:26:11 <GeKo> thanks for the meeting then, everyone *baf*
19:26:14 <GeKo> #endmeeting