18:31:50 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor-browser 3/18
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18:31:58 <GeKo> hi everyone!
18:32:06 <GeKo> let's get the meeting started
18:32:09 <GeKo> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N
18:32:14 <GeKo> is the pad as usual
18:32:16 <boklm> hi!
18:32:21 <GeKo> please add your items
18:32:28 <GeKo> and mark things to discuss bold
18:32:31 <mcs> hi to all
18:33:16 <sisbell> hi
18:34:16 <pili> hi
18:35:47 <GeKo> okay, let's get started
18:36:53 <GeKo> antonela: sisbell: pili: can you copy your stuff below the headline?
18:37:10 <antonela> ?
18:37:11 <GeKo> that's probably easier for everyone to follow your items :)
18:37:17 <antonela> oki
18:37:25 <GeKo> I see them above "Tor Browser Meeting Notes"
18:37:40 <antonela> oh, F5
18:37:50 <antonela> seems a storm glitch
18:37:56 <pili> hmm, I reloaded and I see them below :)
18:38:01 <GeKo> okay, ugh
18:38:11 <sisbell> I see below as well
18:38:17 <GeKo> great, so we fixed the first issue already :)
18:38:18 <antonela> yeah im behind you sisbell
18:38:30 <antonela> great, refresh or restart always fix things!
18:38:36 <GeKo> so, it seems i am first
18:38:56 <GeKo> so this week mozilla-central switches to firefox 68
18:39:15 <GeKo> which means we can start with our yearly esr-transition preparation
18:39:51 <GeKo> so, the first thing we need to do is looking at our patches and figuring out which we want to upstream
18:40:06 <GeKo> and then prioritizing that work
18:40:51 <GeKo> we still have https://torpat.ch/ thanks to arthur
18:40:59 <GeKo> which has all the patches i think
18:41:32 <GeKo> but we should go over those patches and make sure all we have (and think we want to upstream) have bug numbers at mozilla's bug tracker etc.
18:41:49 <GeKo> pospeselr: is that something you could think about doing?
18:41:57 <GeKo> in coordination with the uplift team?
18:42:13 <pospeselr> sounds good to me
18:42:38 <GeKo> okay, i guess ping me and arthur if you have questions and/or need help?
18:42:52 <GeKo> s/and/and\/or/
18:42:53 <pospeselr> a point of clarification about torpat.ch, is it basically a diff of the tor-browser branch and the firefox esr branch it's based off of?
18:43:11 <GeKo> i think so, yes
18:43:21 <pospeselr> ok neat
18:43:56 <GeKo> although it seems it could need some fixup (see the commits and the end of the page)
18:44:38 <GeKo> so additionally: do we think we need to have anything else we should think of now
18:44:41 <GeKo> ?
18:44:54 <GeKo> now that mozilla switched to developing the esr68?
18:45:26 <GeKo> (apart from the stuff we already know, like new toolchain for windows etc.)
18:46:02 <GeKo> okay, it sounds like nothing comes to mind right now :)
18:46:06 <GeKo> which is okay
18:46:26 <GeKo> keep thinking of things in case i missed something so we can schedule them accordingly
18:46:35 <GeKo> that's all i had
18:46:40 <GeKo> antonela: you are next :)
18:46:44 <antonela> gracias!
18:47:09 <antonela> two things -  Security Settings article at the Tor Browser manual is ready for review
18:47:21 <antonela> who should/help reviewing it?
18:47:32 <antonela> wayward put it here  https://pad.riseup.net/p/ZsGRD4yM5pshKddf75IR-keep
18:47:52 <GeKo> hm
18:48:14 <antonela> i sent an email to stephw and you, but maybe pospeselr wants to be in the loop too
18:48:18 * pospeselr reading
18:48:24 <pospeselr> yes please :)
18:48:25 <antonela> thanks :)
18:48:25 <GeKo> yeah, steph would be good
18:48:31 <GeKo> i can take a look as well
18:48:37 <antonela> awesome, thanks both
18:48:58 <antonela> second thing - when do you expect to release letterboxing? im reading more before make suggestions
18:49:09 <antonela> i want to know which kind of priority it has
18:50:28 <pospeselr> so there is a plan in place for getting this implemented in firefox, but there are some open questions regarding specifics (how much to letter box, what are the most common windows sizes used by users, etc)
18:50:29 <GeKo> you mean which alpha or which stable it will be in?
18:50:50 <GeKo> it won't happen before 9.0 in stable
18:51:11 <antonela> you mean the alpha or the stable? :)
18:51:19 <antonela> im talking about the alpha :)
18:51:26 <pospeselr> tjr is working on doing some analysis and crunching the numbers atm but he's on leave so we're not going to see this for awhile
18:51:27 <GeKo> but as i wrote on the tbb-dev list i think i'd be amenable to test things out in one of the alphas
18:51:44 <GeKo> it's not set yet
18:51:57 <GeKo> it probably won't be in april/may
18:52:00 <GeKo> but maybe june
18:52:16 <antonela> perfect, that was my question. I'm following your thread in tbb-dev
18:52:25 <GeKo> great!
18:52:31 <antonela> that's all - thanks!
18:52:42 <GeKo> pili: you are up
18:52:48 <pili> hi
18:53:05 <pili> Google are running a new program this year called Season of Docs
18:53:34 <pili> it runs from september - november 2019 or september 2019 - feb 2020
18:53:47 <pili> and it allows technical writers to work with open source projects
18:54:06 <pili> and I thought it could be nice if we could get someone to help with some documentation
18:54:24 <pili> I could even mentor it myself if necessary
18:54:34 <pili> but if we can get other mentors from the team that could be ncie
18:54:37 <pili> nice
18:54:52 <pili> also, does anyone have any ideas of any documentation that we have that needs some special love?
18:56:03 <sysrqb> we have a lot of documentation :)
18:56:06 <pospeselr> i'm not really aware of what documentation we do have
18:56:10 <antonela> lol
18:56:32 <antonela> pili, this is great, at some point we need to consolidate docs.torproject.org and for sure the browser team will have content for it
18:56:36 <sysrqb> i wonder if the tor browser design doc wants some log?
18:56:39 <sysrqb> err, *love
18:56:46 <antonela> log love, yeah
18:57:01 <pili> at one point arma1 was asking for docs on FPI, which we already have
18:57:10 <pili> but maybe we can make them nicer?
18:57:15 <pili> or maybe that's not a large enough project
18:57:33 <pili> maybe a project could be to consolidate docs.torproject.org
18:57:38 <pili> as a 5 month project
18:57:45 <antonela> the network team will be interested on it as well, so we should have both as apart as docs.tpo
18:57:48 <antonela> yep
18:57:49 <pili> (I wasn't aware of this website, so I'll have to go look it up)
18:58:32 <GeKo> sysrqb: i plan to update it
18:58:37 <pili> well, I'll send an email out get more ideas, but i just wanted to let you know I'm looking into participating
18:58:38 <GeKo> (still, yes)
18:58:51 <GeKo> and i will update it before that time :)
18:59:04 <antonela> pili is awesome, i hope we get it!
18:59:10 <pili> yup!
18:59:27 <GeKo> but still it might benefit from someone who know what they are doing...
18:59:28 <pili> that's all from me :)
18:59:33 <antonela> we talked about having readthedocs behind it, there is a plan around
19:00:01 <pili> so, here's the site about ideas: https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/project-ideas
19:00:19 <pili> just to give us some ideas
19:00:25 <antonela> oh si, we fit perfectly there
19:01:14 <sysrqb> GeKo: yeah, i was simply thinking it might be nice having some help with that
19:01:22 <GeKo> sure.
19:01:55 <GeKo> i guess by the time we start with the seasons of docs program
19:02:06 <GeKo> the design update to 9.0 needs to get done
19:02:24 <GeKo> so it might fit actually (and could cover the FPI part, too)
19:02:31 <GeKo> so, yes, good idea
19:03:03 <GeKo> okay, anything else for the status updates?
19:04:37 <GeKo> okay, discussion
19:04:44 <GeKo> sysrqb: you are up
19:04:49 <GeKo> with the meeting times item
19:05:34 <GeKo> so, one hour earlier
19:05:37 <sysrqb> right, given the time changes (clock jumps), would everyone be okay with moving the meeting 1 hour earlier?
19:05:46 <GeKo> how urgent is that?
19:06:04 <mcs> Europe has not switched to summer time yet (I think)
19:06:08 <pili> nope
19:06:14 <GeKo> could we wait until 4/1 because then there is daylight savings time as well
19:06:15 <sysrqb> ah, when doesthat happen?
19:06:20 <GeKo> 3/31
19:06:27 <GeKo> iirc
19:06:38 <sysrqb> ah, yes, sorry, i thought it happened this past weekend
19:06:38 <pili> I think so too
19:06:47 <sysrqb> i guess not :)
19:06:50 * pospeselr did not know europe changes their times as well
19:07:09 <sysrqb> okay, we can plan on 1 april, if that works for everyone
19:07:45 <GeKo> yes, that sounds good to me
19:07:50 <pospeselr> no objections here
19:08:08 <boklm> sounds good to me
19:08:09 <pili> +1
19:08:12 <sisbell> ok
19:08:41 <sysrqb> okay, great :)
19:10:25 <GeKo> okay, the final item on the current list then
19:10:42 <GeKo> i think everyone should have got an email sent to tor-employees today
19:10:58 <GeKo> it's about a review process we at tor want to implement
19:11:11 <GeKo> s/review/feedback/
19:11:29 <GeKo> if there are any questions/concerns about that feel free to ping
19:11:34 <GeKo> me or anyone else you trust
19:11:46 <GeKo> and we sort those out
19:12:12 <GeKo> if there are any you have right now, please say so and we can talk about them
19:13:19 <sisbell> we need review from different team
19:13:42 <sisbell> I haven't had much interaction outside of this group
19:14:20 <GeKo> good point. i guess other folks have the same issue
19:14:27 <pospeselr> hm yeah same
19:14:35 <GeKo> sisbell: would you mind asking erin on the mailing list about that point?
19:14:43 <brade> does anto count for “outside of this group”?
19:14:48 <sisbell> sure, I'll ask
19:15:01 <antonela> sysrqb: on the Soliciting Feedback section, you can ask for peers from another team for feedback too
19:15:04 <GeKo> that way everyone can benefit and we figure that out fast
19:15:14 <antonela> sisbell: not sysrqb
19:15:48 <antonela> brade: am i another team peer :)
19:16:05 <brade> antonela: that’s why I ask
19:16:16 <antonela> i think yes, even when you are my team!
19:16:31 <GeKo> i think technically that's a different team, yes
19:16:51 <pili> I would agree with that also
19:17:11 <pospeselr> looks like anto's going to be getting a bunch of feedback requests :p
19:17:24 <antonela> :)
19:17:39 <GeKo> okay, do we have anything else to discuss today?
19:17:44 <mcs> still, it is a valid issue to raise from a process point of view
19:17:55 <brade> any progress on hiring?
19:18:27 <GeKo> brade: i am waiting on erin to get back with the references check
19:18:38 <brade> GeKo: that’s what I guessed
19:18:43 <GeKo> and then based on that i thought about reviving the discussion on the mailing list
19:19:12 <GeKo> but all of you could meanwhile try to get an opinion on how you'd like to proceed
19:19:22 <GeKo> based on what you heard/read during the interview
19:19:31 <GeKo> and all the other facts available
19:19:41 <antonela> should we do that on the list? or the pad? or?
19:20:26 <GeKo> i have no strong opinions about that
19:20:43 <pospeselr> #tor-internal ?
19:21:08 <GeKo> i thought everyone was thinking about it and then we have the final discussion on the mailing list after erin got back to us
19:21:17 <pili> I think we should use the job mailing list
19:21:24 <pili> on the relevant thread
19:21:25 <GeKo> but i am fine having something else instead if folks prefer
19:21:36 <pili> but also open to suggestions
19:21:41 <pili> or we can open a new thread
19:21:42 <pospeselr> yeah that sounds reasonable
19:21:49 <antonela> GeKo, yes, i thought the same, lets wait for erin
19:21:51 <pospeselr> re: relevant thread
19:22:09 <pili> ok
19:23:39 <GeKo> okay, one final note: we plan to release another alpha in about two weeks and shortly after that tor browser 8.5 (i hope)
19:23:53 <GeKo> so please work on your tbb-8.5 tickets
19:24:04 <GeKo> and if you don't know what to do, just ping me
19:24:20 <GeKo> that said: thanks for all your hard work and happy tor-browser-improving this week *baf*
19:24:23 <GeKo> #endmeeting