20:00:17 <waldi> #startmeeting
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20:00:20 <lamby> Can someone else "drive"? I'm a little warm and not 100% with it /just/ yet.
20:00:23 <lamby> Thanks!
20:01:12 <waldi> hmm, we forgot to update the list
20:01:27 <ta> so we are already ready? :-)
20:01:59 <waldi> #topic Check action items from last meeting
20:02:26 <waldi> * lfaraone to setup the codesigning service
20:02:33 <waldi> i think this is done
20:02:48 <ta> this cron needs to be more silent
20:02:52 <lamby> I believe so too, although there is a cron that is very spammy atm.
20:03:03 <waldi> #info DONE: lfaraone to setup the codesigning service
20:03:11 <waldi> * ta to contact node maintainers
20:03:24 <waldi> not done, but a draft was sent
20:03:26 <lamby> #action codesigning cron needs to be more silent
20:03:41 <ta> waldi: yes, just read your answer ...
20:04:22 <waldi> #topic How much do we care about copyright holders in d/copyright
20:04:43 <waldi> ScottK: are you here?
20:04:45 <ta> there should have been a discussion during debconf?
20:04:47 <lamby> ta: May I suggest sending a reminder ping to your draft mail?
20:04:57 <waldi> okay, does not look like
20:05:04 <waldi> #info adjourned
20:05:32 <ta> lamby: yes, will add a bit and than ping with the new text
20:05:39 <lamby> neat
20:05:41 <lamby> #action ta to send reminder ping to draft email re. node.
20:06:53 <lamby> ^ There was no discussion at DebConf on that AIUI, at least not including myself.
20:07:23 <lamby> lfaraone_ and ansgar might have discussed it between themselves, but a discussion IRL would probably have fragmented stuff too much
20:07:52 <lamby> as there is discussion on a bug, various folks with an interest in the topic were not present, etc.
20:08:52 <lamby> Nothing more from me on this
20:09:03 <waldi> #topic CUPS license change (GPL -> Apache)
20:09:07 <ta> ok, so there is still that email from scottk and noone objected, right?
20:09:14 <waldi> right
20:09:43 <lamby> Which mail is this, sorry?
20:09:54 <lamby> to the ftpmaster alias, or…?
20:10:50 <ta> lamby: yes
20:11:53 * ta can't find it ...
20:11:54 <lamby> Can someone send a reminder ping for that one too?
20:12:12 <lamby> ♥425454.QfdHj6pzrc@kitterma-e6430>
20:12:20 <lamby> < 3425454.QfdHj6pzrc@kitterma-e6430 >
20:12:23 <lamby> I'll do that
20:12:34 <ta> aah, there it is
20:12:34 <lamby> #action lamby to send reminder-followup ping to 3425454.QfdHj6pzrc@kitterma-e6430
20:13:44 <waldi> okay
20:13:55 <waldi> someone, not sure who, wanted to discuss CUPS
20:14:43 <ta> hmm, "who" does not seem to be here
20:14:56 <lamby> re. GPL → Apache, right?
20:15:38 <ta> yes
20:15:44 <lamby> I don't recall the details nor the person. Next? :)
20:16:04 <waldi> #topic OpenSSL
20:16:04 <ta> ok
20:16:09 <waldi> no information either
20:17:52 <lfaraone_> lamby: not the person, but based on https://www.cups.org/blog/2018-06-06-demystifying-cups-development.html , upstream is aware of the incompatibility and is looking for a solution. Not sure any action makes sense yet until the issue is forced by the 2.3 release
20:18:20 <lamby> evening sir
20:18:26 <lamby> Neat, thanks
20:20:42 <lamby> Next?
20:21:23 <waldi> #topic Any other business
20:21:47 <ta> nothing from my side
20:21:55 <waldi> nothing from me either
20:22:05 <lamby> I have one…
20:22:18 <lamby> #topic Re-evaluating architecture inclusion in unstable/experimental
20:22:24 <lamby> I sent a mail, and some pings.
20:23:03 <lamby> I believe Ganneff was going to send it out but he is afk for a bit.
20:23:25 <peb> (sorry to bother, but could someone check if an upload has been attempted for src:python-ldap version 3.1.0-2?)
20:23:28 <lamby> I'm guessing it's mostly okay otherwise.
20:23:58 <lamby> Suggestions? Wait until Ganneff appears…? :)
20:24:42 <waldi> send it?
20:25:01 <ta> do we need to ask? if yes, send it ...
20:25:28 <waldi> #action lamby to send mail about architecture inclusion
20:25:29 <lamby> I didn't want to send myself it due to $reasons.
20:25:35 <lfaraone_> lamby: if you'd like one of us to, I can.
20:25:49 <lamby> Perfect, please do.
20:26:09 <lamby> #action lfaraone to actually send mail about architecture inclusion
20:26:18 <lamby> nothing else in AOB from me
20:27:03 <waldi> lfaraone_: something from you?
20:27:17 <lfaraone_> I have a few, but in the middle of DEF CON at present, and I'd prefer to wait until more people are back.
20:27:25 <waldi> okay
20:27:32 <lfaraone_> I'll put it on the agenda for next.
20:27:36 <lamby> #info Next meeting $ date --date="Sep 14 2018 20:00 CEST" +%s → 1536948000
20:27:56 <waldi> thank you everyone for attending
20:28:00 <waldi> #endmeeting