21:01:26 <Ganneff> #startmeeting
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21:01:38 <Ganneff> do we have an agenda for today?
21:02:32 <Ganneff> addchair mhy
21:02:38 <Ganneff> addchair ansgar
21:03:01 <Ganneff> and who else is here?
21:03:26 <mhy> I'm only half here I'm afraid
21:03:30 <Ganneff> #topic agenda, anyone?
21:03:58 <ansgar> I think we don't have one. At least the titanpad doesn't have it.
21:04:07 <Ganneff> ay
21:04:12 <Ganneff> weve been bad in maintaining that
21:04:45 <mhy> ok, well maybe let's start with the non-free firmware component
21:05:04 <Ganneff> #topic non-free firmware component
21:05:11 <mhy> we were "waiting for an advocate"!
21:05:15 <Ganneff> that mostly needs a driver to do it.
21:05:18 <mhy> (no ! intended)
21:05:19 <Ganneff> anyone up to take it?
21:05:36 <ansgar> People at DebConf looked like they might want to do it.
21:05:48 <ansgar> It's mostly dealing with the installer and things I guess.
21:06:05 <Ganneff> if we have someone pushing it, i dont think we block it, so whoever wants it can get it done?
21:06:23 <Ganneff> i cant/wont be it for now, im playing with the bikesheds in th ebit of time i have available
21:06:31 <ansgar> I think so. Basically have them prepare d-i and debian-cd and tell us which packages to move once they are ready.
21:07:05 <Ganneff> #info non-free firmware component just needs someone to do it. Basically have them prepare d-i and debian-cd and tell us which packages to move once they are ready.
21:07:24 <mhy> ok, so the thing is that we need to ask -boot and -cd
21:07:34 <ansgar> And please call it non-free-firmware, not non-free/firmware ;)
21:07:37 <mhy> so, KiBi and Sledge presumably
21:07:42 <mhy> yes, can we start to scrap the / syntax!
21:07:43 * ScottK is sort of here too.
21:07:45 <Ganneff> ansgar: non/free-firm/ware
21:08:18 <ansgar> $$$-firmware
21:08:23 <Ganneff> oh, and add some \ for profit
21:09:06 <Ganneff> right, so next
21:09:16 <Ganneff> #topic architectures
21:09:30 <Ganneff> first, since last meeting here, sparc (and squeeze) is gone
21:09:39 <Ganneff> but there was stuff in pipeline to come in
21:09:40 <ansgar> And mips64el arrived.
21:09:59 <mhy> so, most of that is dealt with
21:10:29 <Ganneff> thats nice
21:10:41 <Ganneff> #info yay, sparc gone, mips64el in
21:10:46 <Ganneff> #topic dak multi-db
21:10:54 <Ganneff> the mhy wanted to kick the paultag with this
21:10:58 <Ganneff> so what happened?
21:11:20 <mhy> I think I did, but I can't remember the outcome
21:11:27 <Ganneff> (this blocks the security removal foo after p-u)
21:11:28 <mhy> paultag: when you're next here, can you ping one of us?
21:11:36 <mhy> paultag: regarding the multi-db stuff
21:11:46 <Ganneff> .oO(the paultag should just reorganize his time :) )
21:12:32 <Ganneff> #topic #787338
21:12:40 <Ganneff> mhy: did you nag the lintian people?
21:13:20 <Ganneff> you wrote to the bug, but to lintian?)
21:13:56 <mhy> I could have sworn I wrote to the lintian people too
21:14:13 <mhy> Cc: 786946@bugs.debian.org
21:14:28 <Ganneff> #action mhy to recheck his sentmail folder and if not ping lintian people
21:14:41 <Ganneff> soo, i think whats left from last agenda is
21:14:52 <mhy> it's definitely in the bts in their bug
21:14:55 <Ganneff> #topic zfsonlinux
21:15:05 <Ganneff> which we had discussions at debconf, so its more a report point
21:15:10 <Ganneff> ansgar: could you summarise?
21:15:49 <ansgar> I think we agreed on shipping it in contrib.
21:16:10 <ansgar> Mostly as the situtation for pre-built binary packages is unclear.
21:16:13 <Ganneff> as dkms
21:16:41 <ansgar> We don't want people to install bla-dkms (from main) on an appliance and get something that might or might not be redistributable.
21:16:45 <Ganneff> #info zfsonlinux to go into contrib as dkms only thing.
21:17:00 <Ganneff> did anybody tell the maintainer? :)
21:17:06 <ansgar> I think not yet.
21:17:11 <Ganneff> can you?
21:17:57 <ansgar> I can try, but I don't really get much done in the last weeks :/
21:18:04 <ansgar> Not really settled in yet.
21:18:16 <Ganneff> #action ansgar to talk to the zfsonlinux people to ensure they really get it wrong the first time :)
21:18:40 <Ganneff> #topic php
21:18:45 <Ganneff> have we got any more on this?
21:19:48 <Ganneff> (i dont think so, but i may have missed it)
21:20:47 <Ganneff> ansgar, mhy: ? dont run away :)
21:21:52 <mhy> this just needed a statement according to our notes
21:22:22 <Ganneff> but doesnt look like anyone managed to get this prepared yet
21:22:59 <Ganneff> #info php statement needs someone to prepare and then get it out, whoever wants feel free to take up and coordinate with ftp team
21:23:01 <Ganneff> so there
21:23:12 <Ganneff> #topic any other topics?
21:23:30 <mhy> not that I know of, unless we want to pointlessly bikeshed about bikesheds
21:23:47 <ansgar> As ports.d.o was mentioned in the last meeting:
21:23:50 <Ganneff> ohyes, we need that not only on the list
21:24:12 <ansgar> I started work on import-repository to import the offical archive into a second dak instance for ports.d.o.
21:24:16 <ansgar> But it still needs work.
21:24:39 <Ganneff> #info work on dak for ports.d.o is slowly going forward
21:24:42 <ansgar> It can already import stuff, but it needs some more housekeeping and handling overrides too.
21:24:49 <mhy> are there a list of missing items / features?
21:25:29 <ansgar> The "Things to think about" in dak/import_repository.py and not all options are implemented.
21:25:36 <mhy> ok
21:26:07 <mhy> I think that's everything from my pov
21:26:19 <Ganneff> right. my bikesheds foo is going slowly, but steadily forward too. im moving stuff from dak admins command right now, to some daklib files
21:26:44 <Ganneff> and when that still works, i merge my branch and then its "just" filling the stubs in the commands.py file for real action
21:27:13 <Ganneff> plus loads of make-it-nicer work later - that is, things like "dont rerun packages/contents for unchanged suites
21:27:21 <Ganneff> (or general dinstall/buildd handling there)
21:28:03 <Ganneff> anyone could jump in and submit code (+hint*) :)
21:28:20 <ansgar> Oh, and we need to look at testing the debug packages foo too.
21:28:42 <Ganneff> #info bikesheds going forward, volunteers for coding always welcome
21:28:53 <Ganneff> #info need to test debug packages archive too
21:29:20 <Ganneff> #info next meeting 18th October, 21UTC
21:29:28 <Ganneff> #endmeeting