09:00:20 <orestis> #startmeeting
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09:00:27 <orestis> #chair matthieucan
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09:00:41 <orestis> #topic ping all
09:00:50 <matthieucan> hey :)
09:00:50 <devoxel> pong!
09:00:58 <devoxel> hello
09:00:59 <orestis> yay
09:01:18 <orestis> #topic week-review
09:01:28 <orestis> devoxel: stage is yours :)
09:01:52 <devoxel> yep, so I got most stuff done
09:01:58 <matthieucan> I'm quite happy with your commits this week devoxel, you seem to have filled many items
09:02:27 <devoxel> I did a bunch of stuff, and all my notes about stuff unfinished are in that table I made
09:02:40 <matthieucan> devoxel: what are your current blockers?
09:02:43 <orestis> so is there anything we can merge?
09:02:45 <orestis> ^^
09:03:10 <devoxel> current blocker.. hmm
09:03:13 <devoxel> I need to get stuff tested
09:03:17 <devoxel> on different browsers
09:03:25 <devoxel> and there's that weird firefox bug for links
09:03:26 <matthieucan> before merging we need to review, and for this we need smaller PRs. But as already mentioned, it should be easy to split by group of related files
09:03:41 <devoxel> yeah I think I mentioned that in my plan for next week in the email
09:03:46 <matthieucan> yeah forget about that bug for now, as it's not linked to your work
09:03:47 <devoxel> I will split stuff down
09:04:26 <matthieucan> I would do this as a priority, so we can give you precise feedback and merge things. Plan is to keep iterating
09:04:40 <devoxel> okay that's a good idea, I will do that first then
09:04:56 <matthieucan> and then create PRs for things that are finished
09:05:17 <devoxel> okay good idea
09:05:31 <matthieucan> what about the navbar being too high? why is the breadcrum not a bit above?
09:05:42 <orestis> sorry i forgot... wehre is this bug? in all blueprints?
09:05:55 <matthieucan> orestis: the ff bug?
09:06:03 <orestis> yes
09:06:18 <matthieucan> in the Browse by prefix boxes in all homepages yes
09:06:25 <matthieucan> when you mouse over... really weird
09:06:32 <devoxel> I will fix the navbar, it's a bit awkward to do in the css but with some overriding I can do it. I'll make a trello thing for it
09:06:50 <matthieucan> devoxel: ack
09:07:11 <matthieucan> what's left to do?
09:07:57 <matthieucan> (orestis: I can't always reproduce the bug... if you don't see it I'll send you a screenshot)
09:08:38 <orestis> i ll check this tonight
09:08:40 <devoxel> split PR's, fix navbar, fix image alignment on phones for stats, review other work
09:08:47 <devoxel> matthieucan, orestis ^
09:08:51 <orestis> is it user agent that adds things? anyhow yes that's priority then
09:09:13 <matthieucan> orestis: no it's more a rendering bug
09:09:38 <matthieucan> devoxel: ok, seems your table helps you a lot to keep track. continue this way!
09:10:15 <orestis> what can we say about the end of the week? we should be able to review a couple of PRs? and you continue on the remaining issues?
09:10:21 <matthieucan> can we expect you to have finished everything css-bootstrap related this week?
09:10:38 <devoxel> Yeah I expect me to have everything finished this week
09:10:48 <devoxel> so you can too :)
09:11:05 <matthieucan> great! hopefully we can also merge incrementally
09:11:07 <devoxel> although of course there can be unexpected blockers but if something comes up, I'll tell you
09:11:45 <matthieucan> yes please :)
09:12:19 <matthieucan> ok, we have a precise goal for the week I think. and then we'll move on to javascript
09:12:21 <matthieucan> right?
09:12:39 <devoxel> yeah, sounds good
09:13:00 <matthieucan> anything else regarding last week/this week?
09:13:40 <devoxel> not really! next time with javascript I will make trello issues better
09:13:49 <matthieucan> alright
09:13:56 <matthieucan> #topic next meeting
09:14:12 <orestis> same time works for me
09:14:12 <devoxel> this time works for me :)
09:14:33 <matthieucan> I will be in germany from thursday on, and until debconf, but expect my usual uptimes
09:14:37 <matthieucan> works for me too
09:15:02 <devoxel> cool :)
09:15:05 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - misc
09:15:18 <matthieucan> anything else? are you still motivated by the project?
09:15:21 <matthieucan> :)
09:16:24 <devoxel> yes! I am very motivated. Especially with javascript coming up, which I like :) I've been thinking about how I'll do this task in a good way, not sure yet :P
09:16:49 <matthieucan> (btw: a motivation to finish css this week: I'll give a talk about your work at debconf, and if it's not advanced enough I will have to cancel it)
09:17:10 <devoxel> when is debconf? :P
09:17:16 <matthieucan> yes, we'll discuss this in time, but I prefer to not mix everything to keep you focused on current work
09:17:23 <matthieucan> 2-10 july
09:17:40 <devoxel> okay yeah I'll keep focusesed :P I'm motivated to finish CSS to get to the JS!
09:17:44 <matthieucan> but I will need to prepare the talk beforehand anyway
09:17:50 <matthieucan> awesome!
09:17:58 <orestis> yes js would certainly be more interesting
09:18:31 <devoxel> indeed :P but we will see, this is pretty important too :)
09:18:32 <matthieucan> many reasons to finish with bootstrap and move on! :)
09:18:46 <devoxel> is there any way we can get the newer jquery on sourcesdev?
09:19:01 <matthieucan> oh yes, sorry I forgot about this issue
09:19:15 <matthieucan> adding it to my todo list
09:19:21 <devoxel> okay cool :)
09:20:17 <orestis> so we are good?
09:20:17 <matthieucan> I think we can adjourn? unless there's something else you want to discuss?
09:21:09 <matthieucan> devoxel: ?
09:21:35 <devoxel> matthieucan: nope!
09:21:45 <matthieucan> #endmeeting