09:00:23 <matthieucan> #startmeeting
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09:00:29 <matthieucan> #chair orestis
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09:00:37 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - ping
09:01:06 <orestis> pong
09:01:21 <devoxel> pong
09:01:32 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - next meeting
09:01:37 <matthieucan> next week, same time?
09:01:42 <devoxel> works for me
09:01:45 <devoxel> :)
09:01:46 <orestis> same here
09:01:57 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - review
09:02:14 <matthieucan> I'm not really happy that we didn't merge anything at this point...
09:02:16 <matthieucan> devoxel: you're up
09:03:11 <devoxel> so I sent out that email, that contains most of, just worked away on templating for the past week
09:04:00 <matthieucan> yes I saw it. But we also need to focus on continuously integrating your work, or it will become too complicated
09:04:39 <orestis> and the templates PR is getting huge. We sjould probably merge sources and then focus on the other blueprints
09:04:48 <matthieucan> +1
09:05:20 <matthieucan> devoxel: did you see my last email from 10mins ago? howcome you didn't spot this issue while testing your patch?
09:06:42 <devoxel> matthieucan: saw the email, i dunno it got past me :L
09:06:57 <devoxel> And yeah I can break down the PR and make it into more byte sized chunks
09:07:12 <devoxel> (^ the templates PR that is)
09:07:18 <matthieucan> always rely on visual feedback for every page you touch, since it's not really tested in the testsuite
09:07:48 <matthieucan> are there blockers currently?
09:07:56 <matthieucan> besides jquery version
09:08:37 <devoxel> no, not really
09:09:14 <devoxel> just stuff to do :P
09:09:19 <matthieucan> it's really not acceptable that the only mergeable PR doesn't change much but is blocked because it introduces regressions
09:09:56 <matthieucan> so just make it work, and we'll move on
09:10:33 <matthieucan> same for things like whitespace. Reread your diff before submitting, to prevent yet another review iteration
09:10:34 <devoxel> no worrys :) I'll do more visual testing before hand
09:12:07 <matthieucan> other points? you're supposed to lead this part of the meeting
09:12:49 <devoxel> What did ye think of my plan for the week in the email?
09:13:01 <matthieucan> let me reread
09:14:15 <matthieucan> is javascript necessary? given that nothing is merged yet, and only a small pr is about to be merged, I would only focus on the responsiveness
09:14:20 <matthieucan> unless it's js for that
09:14:45 <matthieucan> orestis: what do you think?
09:15:28 <orestis> yes i afree that we need to avoid js at least now
09:15:38 <devoxel> matthieucan: probably most of my work will end up going into fixing stuff so maybe not necessary)
09:15:49 <orestis> sry don't have the email on hand right now.
09:16:28 <matthieucan> devoxel: do you think pr#61 will be mergeable today?
09:16:55 <devoxel> matthieucan: yeah. by the end of my work anyway
09:17:05 <devoxel> well probably a lot earliar
09:17:06 <matthieucan> you're more and more behind schedule, and you must do something about it
09:18:38 <devoxel> I got more than 50% of templating done, but I agree that I need to get things into mergable quality and quicker
09:18:58 <matthieucan> yes, if it's not mergeable quality, it's not done
09:19:29 <orestis> and your last devlog contained barely information on what you do
09:19:46 <orestis> its already hard to follow your schedule so please at least keep that up to date
09:19:53 <matthieucan> yes, I mentioned that in an email yesterday. It was fine at the beginning and items are fading away
09:20:08 <devoxel> Yes the last few devlogs were less informative, I'll keep up on that :)
09:20:38 <matthieucan> it's supposed to benefit you, so no excuse :)
09:20:51 <matthieucan> any other technical point?
09:22:00 <devoxel> Not on the tip of my toungue :P
09:22:08 <devoxel> *tongue
09:22:33 <matthieucan> so I think you know what to do. Make the first things work perfectly and iterate on the templates from that
09:22:38 <matthieucan> agree?
09:22:47 <devoxel> yes, makes sense
09:23:02 <matthieucan> great.
09:23:11 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - misc
09:23:20 <matthieucan> devoxel: orestis: ?
09:23:31 <devoxel> matthieucan: what do you think of sourcesdev atm?
09:23:32 <orestis> should we discuss about milestones before mid term/
09:23:32 <orestis> ?
09:23:37 <devoxel> same for you orestis
09:23:46 <devoxel> also yes milestones would be good :)
09:24:44 <orestis> honestly i was expecting it to be a bit more beautiful. imho there is work to do on buttons, icons etc. but probably best to focus first on responsivness
09:24:58 <devoxel> where could I improve?
09:25:52 <devoxel> just user interactivity points?
09:26:08 <matthieucan> I agree it's a good beginning, that you can improve comparing with the normal version. Random example: the navbar is too tall
09:27:05 <matthieucan> things are weird for window width=770px
09:27:11 <matthieucan> and it's all in the details, etc
09:27:55 <matthieucan> but really, I'll look in details to give feedback once the first pr is merged, and we can move on from there
09:28:22 <devoxel> okay, no problem
09:28:35 <devoxel> so what do you think about milestones?
09:28:46 <matthieucan> for your gsoc you mean?
09:29:10 <devoxel> yeah
09:29:28 <matthieucan> which milestones? if you updated the wiki, I have no idea
09:30:07 <devoxel> I mean: what do you think about setting new milestones for mid-review, and thoughts on this
09:30:09 <orestis> i think milestones before gsoc midterm he means
09:30:56 <orestis> i think you should propose first what you think you can do before midterm
09:31:19 <matthieucan> I think it's of course a great idea to set milestones. Feel free to propose us a list of things that need to be done with the midterm as a deadline
09:31:44 <matthieucan> but I didn't see this list, or did I miss it?
09:31:57 <devoxel> Should I do it in an email?
09:32:29 <matthieucan> that would be great, yes
09:32:32 <orestis> matthieucan: i think its a reference to the email we sent. what are we evalutating at midterm?
09:33:09 <devoxel> midterm evaluations happen next week I think, so yeah I'll send out an email. I think I can be done with templating by then, in short.
09:33:14 <matthieucan> in theory, that the initial schedule has been respected. In practice, that half of the gsoc work has been done, in good conditions
09:33:29 <matthieucan> 20-27 of june, yes
09:34:12 <devoxel> okay cool
09:34:19 <matthieucan> time is running, so set deadlines and respect them
09:34:35 <matthieucan> waiting for your email, then
09:34:38 <matthieucan> anything else?
09:35:23 <devoxel> not that I can think of, no. If I think of anything it'll be in the email
09:35:36 <matthieucan> orestis: ?
09:35:49 <orestis> nope
09:36:27 <matthieucan> alright then, thanks everybody!
09:36:30 <matthieucan> #endmeeting