08:59:46 <matthieucan> #startmeeting
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08:59:51 <matthieucan> #chair orestis
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09:00:00 <devoxel> Hey matthieucan :)
09:00:03 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - ping
09:00:09 <matthieucan> ping orestis
09:00:10 <devoxel> pong
09:00:12 <matthieucan> hey devoxel :)
09:00:56 <devoxel> orestis has been quite busy recently it seems
09:01:22 <matthieucan> yes, but he didn't tell me anything about the meeting
09:01:29 <matthieucan> anyway, let's begin
09:01:38 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - weekly review
09:01:43 <matthieucan> you're up devoxel!
09:01:51 <devoxel> Okay cool
09:02:14 <matthieucan> I have the trello board in front of me :)
09:02:20 <devoxel> So you can look at my progress over on sourcesdev.debian.net, I finished getting the navbar done
09:02:41 <devoxel> in terms of board: still in limbo basically, although the main template is *almost* finished
09:03:01 <matthieucan> hm, I can't open the menu in mobile mode
09:03:27 <matthieucan> it looks great, but I can't see the items
09:03:33 <devoxel> Oops, seems we need to upgrade JQuery on sourcesdev
09:03:51 <matthieucan> to a more recent version? is that required?
09:03:52 <devoxel> on my machine, cloning libjs-jquery got be a high enough version
09:04:02 <devoxel> though I am in stretch
09:04:12 <devoxel> maybe a package update will do though
09:04:26 <matthieucan> what version is required? I think it's the last in wheezy
09:04:33 <matthieucan> or did I cherry picked that one?
09:04:45 <devoxel> 1.9.1 at least
09:05:02 <matthieucan> #action matthieucan update jquery
09:05:10 <matthieucan> alright
09:05:19 <devoxel> it's a bit outdated in jessie is all
09:05:28 <devoxel> jessie-backports has it
09:05:32 <matthieucan> what about the boostrap issue we were having? did you manage the resetting?
09:06:19 <devoxel> I took orestis's advice and didn't reset. I can output a reset version pretty easily using the bootstrap customizer
09:06:34 <matthieucan> so what's in use currently?
09:06:46 <devoxel> standard bootstrap :)
09:07:01 <devoxel> Should I talk about issues now?
09:07:05 <matthieucan> alright. That is still an issue then
09:07:08 <matthieucan> yes
09:08:05 <devoxel> Well yeah, there was quite a few little issues to fix, like the styling of the `app/sources/templates/sources/index.html` was all based around tables, and using columns messed with that big time
09:08:26 <devoxel> As you can see I removed the background color mostly from the homepage
09:08:36 <matthieucan> that file is the debian layout right?
09:08:53 <matthieucan> background color of which element?
09:09:02 <matthieucan> (oh no it's not the layout)
09:09:12 <devoxel> It's the bit with the browse by prefix and search bit
09:09:19 <devoxel> on sources
09:09:40 <devoxel> Note how documentation is responsive now, because it's simply text! Horray !
09:09:56 <matthieucan> ok, but aren't you focusing on the navbar first? the form there isn't done
09:10:01 <devoxel> Although the footer needs to be done too
09:10:01 <matthieucan> the research from
09:10:08 <matthieucan> let me look at the doc
09:10:30 <matthieucan> yes looks nice indeed, well done
09:10:44 <devoxel> yeah the navbar search bars are a bit weird atm, I am also working on figuring out that >:(
09:11:13 <devoxel> I should have finished them last week though
09:11:20 <matthieucan> and don't forget the result should look like what we had before, with the style of the links and the debian logo
09:11:37 <devoxel> Those two issues are at least noted in the code with XXX's
09:11:52 <matthieucan> great, didn't check the code yet.
09:12:03 <matthieucan> waiting for something pretty stable
09:12:27 <matthieucan> what other issues do you have?
09:12:34 <devoxel> That's cool, no worrys. My new goal is to start SPA next week
09:12:51 <devoxel> Well apart from the whole productivity thing, I'm trying to figure out the SPA
09:13:17 <matthieucan> wait wait wait, there's still to much to do with bootstrap before tackling spa
09:13:21 <matthieucan> too*
09:13:30 <devoxel> Okay :)
09:13:55 <matthieucan> I'd like every page to be responsive first, and we're far from that yet
09:14:29 <matthieucan> so you're a bit behind schedule, what's your plan to address that? when shall we expect:
09:14:35 <devoxel> Yep, how long do you reckon that _should_ take?
09:14:47 <matthieucan> - a responsive navbar, footer, and other elements
09:14:54 <matthieucan> - all responsive pages
09:14:56 <matthieucan> ?
09:15:14 <matthieucan> I don't know, but the first point should be done already
09:15:30 <devoxel> I should get the responsive nav and footer by tomorrow evening for sure anyway, since there is only minor fixes in those
09:15:55 <devoxel> all pages responsive shouldn't be _that_ hard, but at my current pace it would take a while, so I have to speed up
09:15:58 <matthieucan> having the search inputs properly, and proper navbar that looks like the old one is not minor
09:16:00 <matthieucan> IMO
09:16:10 <matthieucan> yes, ack
09:16:41 <devoxel> Should we put the search in the top right for desktops?
09:16:53 <devoxel> and have it maybe full column for mobile?
09:17:01 <matthieucan> everything should be like before for desktop, unless good reason not to
09:17:07 <matthieucan> yes, sounds good
09:17:41 <matthieucan> what else? issues or doing currently?
09:19:10 <devoxel> No more issues really, need to just get working haha :P
09:19:25 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - workflow
09:19:33 <matthieucan> so I like having sourcesdev to follow your work
09:19:48 <devoxel> Yeah it's a good way to check it out
09:19:52 <matthieucan> but I'd also like to have small iterative PRs that we can merge
09:20:07 <devoxel> I agree to, okay so should navbar and bottom thing be PR?
09:20:14 <devoxel> *footer* haha sorry :P
09:20:54 <matthieucan> yes, separate PRs would be perfect, but they will be merged only if they don't break anything, which isn't currently the case
09:21:19 <matthieucan> I think we can merge a generated bootstrap file to not let this be a blocker
09:21:21 <devoxel> Yeah okay, so I need to get a mergable navbar and footer.
09:21:24 <matthieucan> and come back to resetting later
09:21:27 <matthieucan> what do you think?
09:21:30 <matthieucan> yes
09:21:39 <devoxel> Yeah I will generate a bootstrap file
09:21:52 <devoxel> will I make a script for it or just commit the finished one?
09:22:20 <matthieucan> script, so we can redo easily and/or adapt it, but also the finished one so we can deploy
09:23:14 <matthieucan> so if you update your first PR with that, it should be mergeable right? (without navbar because that's not finished yet)
09:23:27 <matthieucan> can I expect this for today?
09:23:36 <devoxel> Yeah okay I'll get that done by this evening
09:23:45 <matthieucan> cool
09:23:46 <devoxel> We have to agree on a new schedule soon I think
09:23:53 <matthieucan> yes? tell me more
09:23:53 <devoxel> Or an adjusted one
09:23:56 <devoxel> Next week?
09:24:20 <matthieucan> if you need a new schedule, tell me about it now
09:24:31 <matthieucan> how is it with your sleeping? getting better?
09:25:57 <devoxel> Yeah getting better in general, but I'm still very tired and not focusing well. _But_ I think it's getting better quickly.
09:26:05 <devoxel> The reason I want the new schedule is twofold
09:26:14 <devoxel> 1) I feel like it should be realistic
09:26:25 <matthieucan> (schedule = time for meetings?)
09:27:06 <devoxel> Nah I'm referring to the per week work over on the wiki page
09:27:19 <matthieucan> oh ok
09:27:32 <devoxel> https://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2016/StudentApplications/AaronDelaney
09:27:36 <devoxel> I think that's the right link
09:27:39 <matthieucan> that's a bigger thing, care to do this via email with orestis?
09:27:54 <devoxel> Yeah okay.
09:28:13 <devoxel> I did leave some room but there's still a lot left to do
09:28:24 <matthieucan> fwiw, if you manage to finish the responsive pages (and navbar, etc) this week, it's gonna be fine
09:29:02 <devoxel> Okay, time to stretch my fingers then :P
09:29:09 <matthieucan> but let's discuss this via email, I think it's better
09:29:14 <matthieucan> haha, stretch ;)
09:29:19 <devoxel> Yeah good idea :P
09:29:36 <devoxel> Anything else to talk about?
09:29:48 <matthieucan> so you know what to do for this week I think. Please update trello accordingly
09:29:51 <matthieucan> I'm good.
09:30:00 <matthieucan> #topic gosc - misc
09:30:27 <matthieucan> anything random to add? still motivated by your gsoc? something you're not happy with?
09:31:07 <devoxel> The only thing I'm not really happy with is my productivity, I'm enjoying the work and am motivated to do it, I just *need* to get focused
09:31:25 <matthieucan> yep, don't hesitate to update us on the advice we gave you
09:31:33 <matthieucan> did you try libraries or coffees?
09:31:53 <devoxel> I'm happy with you as mentors too, you're being very helpful :) I've going with coffees since my laptop is currently in repair
09:32:00 <devoxel> but once it's out of repair I'll try librarys
09:32:10 <devoxel> I'm just coding on my desktop atm
09:32:15 <matthieucan> alright
09:32:19 <matthieucan> keep us in touch then
09:32:31 <matthieucan> that's all?
09:32:40 <devoxel> Yeah I think so :)
09:32:51 <matthieucan> let's adjour then, I need to leave :)
09:32:55 <matthieucan> #endmeeeting
09:33:01 <matthieucan> #stopmeeting
09:33:06 <matthieucan> damn
09:33:09 <devoxel> Okay cool :) Thanks for your time, and for being good mentors :P
09:33:12 <devoxel> How does this work?
09:33:15 <matthieucan> thank you
09:33:15 <devoxel> #help
09:33:31 <devoxel> #endmeeting
09:33:34 <devoxel> extra e
09:33:36 <devoxel> in yours
09:33:47 <matthieucan> #endmeeting