08:59:40 <matthieucan> #startmeeting
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08:59:46 <matthieucan> #chair orestis
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08:59:53 <devoxel> #help
08:59:56 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - gathering
09:00:02 <matthieucan> ping orestis devoxel
09:00:03 <orestis> pong
09:00:09 <devoxel> pong? :P
09:00:13 <matthieucan> yay :)
09:00:24 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - next meeting
09:00:30 <matthieucan> next week, same time?
09:00:39 <devoxel> Works for me
09:00:45 <orestis> same here!
09:01:39 <matthieucan> same here! awesome
09:01:39 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc progress
09:01:39 <matthieucan> devoxel: we're all hears :)
09:01:39 <matthieucan> ears
09:01:51 <devoxel> Ah okay
09:02:10 <matthieucan> let us know what you're working on, open problems, etc
09:03:00 <devoxel> Yeah so problems: using bootstrap without changing UI. Your comment on the PR has me trying to figure out how to customize our bootstrap build
09:03:16 <devoxel> because otherwise it will try and overwrite a lot of stuff
09:03:49 <matthieucan> is there any known way to not use the default boostrap style, but only the layout model? I didn't google it
09:04:12 <matthieucan> otherwise that should be fairly easily resetable
09:04:46 <orestis> this affects the templates right? sorry didn't run yet the PR
09:04:53 <matthieucan> at this point (second week), such a small PR should work and be merged
09:05:10 <matthieucan> orestis: it affects the styling of titles, etc, the bootstrap defaults
09:06:08 <devoxel> see yeah, I added the bootstrap as the earliest depend, which means many bootstrap things are being overwritten by debian.css and base.css
09:06:25 <devoxel> but there are defaults that are also getting overwritten
09:06:43 <orestis> but since you are working on the templates this should be corrected soon right?
09:06:50 <matthieucan> yes, but not all of them or overwritten by debian.css or debsources-whatever.css
09:06:58 <matthieucan> devoxel: ^
09:07:44 <matthieucan> you can get inspired by http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15028702/easiest-way-to-reset-bootstrap-css-attributes
09:07:51 <devoxel> Yeah well my templating changes how the content is in the dom but doesn't won't really fix the UI problems matt has
09:07:52 <matthieucan> anyway, that's not difficult
09:08:34 <matthieucan> just add foo:none in the debsources css, and done.
09:09:04 <devoxel> okay grand
09:09:30 <devoxel> and yeah templating wise things are alright, the report sums up my feelings on that stuff mostly I think
09:09:48 <devoxel> progress wise: I thought I'd have my commits in by now
09:10:10 <matthieucan> that shouldn't prevent you from working on top of them
09:10:19 <matthieucan> but it can't be merged if it breaks things
09:10:54 <devoxel> Yeah there do have some broken elements atm, which is why I haven't commited them
09:11:15 <devoxel> also, what should I do with the red debsources logo on mobile screens?
09:11:29 <matthieucan> the background logo?
09:12:03 <matthieucan> ?
09:12:07 <devoxel> yeah, the little one at the top
09:12:20 <matthieucan> so, not the background one
09:12:25 <matthieucan> what's the problem with this one>?
09:12:53 <devoxel> I've no problem with it normally but on a mobile screen, it kind of floats over the debian logo oddly
09:13:26 <matthieucan> then up to you to place it correctly when you rewrite the navbar with bootstrap, right?
09:14:01 <devoxel> okay yeah I'll just handle it as I see best I spose and you guys can give me feedback
09:14:14 <matthieucan> I see the problem right now
09:14:20 <matthieucan> indeed it's ugly
09:14:33 <matthieucan> just make sure it's at the left of the logo
09:14:48 <matthieucan> and yes we'll happily give you feedback anyway
09:14:55 <devoxel> yeah cool :)
09:15:25 <orestis> yes probably its best if you can commit some things so we can see and give feedback.. even if its not at 100% you can rebase your commits after
09:15:51 <matthieucan> so what's your plan for this week? that's no secret, we expected a bit more last week, and it seems all the trello cards have moved to This week
09:15:54 <matthieucan> orestis: +1
09:16:24 <matthieucan> do you think you can finish the reset css thing today?
09:16:41 <devoxel> yeah I can do that today for sure anyway and get that PR ready to merge
09:16:49 <matthieucan> good :)
09:17:13 <matthieucan> and then attack the main templates with bootstrap boxes model?
09:17:17 <devoxel> and then I'll work on getting some commits for the navbar, not finished commits but just to show you
09:17:26 <matthieucan> yes, sounds good
09:17:34 <devoxel> yeah so I'll also need to fill up this trello board
09:17:54 <devoxel> since all of the js and spa and stuff isn't filled up
09:18:02 <matthieucan> the sandstorm one? or do you mean trello?
09:18:24 <matthieucan> let's try to move to sandstorm to avoid copy pasting things around
09:18:55 <devoxel> yeah I agree, but I still need to add all the tasks for the next few weeks :P Maybe I'll do that later if I get time or tommorrow
09:19:02 <orestis> i am waiting the instructions from laura on that and i ll make the migration
09:19:19 <devoxel> orestis: yeah I saw the email, thanks
09:19:43 <matthieucan> orestis: yes, thanks for taking care of it, keep us in touch
09:19:57 <matthieucan> and devoxel: ack, waiting for your kanban input then
09:19:59 <orestis> and we probably need to discuss/decide on a js liberary right?
09:20:06 <devoxel> matthieucan, orestis: what are your thoughts on using phonegap? and what are your ideas for the features?
09:20:32 <devoxel> and yeah the js library :P
09:20:50 <matthieucan> devoxel: we need to list the features we want, and see if it's doable with pure js, or only with cordova js
09:21:01 <devoxel> yeah
09:21:03 <matthieucan> and not phonegap but cordova please :)
09:21:26 <devoxel> yeah cordova is what I mean :P phonegap is evil adobe right?
09:21:33 <matthieucan> for the js library, there's a blocker we didn't explore yet: the fallback for non js browsers
09:21:40 <matthieucan> devoxel: right ;)
09:22:13 <matthieucan> so if you can research the fallback side, we'll give you our thoughts!
09:22:39 <matthieucan> the order will still be bootstrap-js lib-maybe cordova, if needed
09:22:41 <devoxel> I think we did discuss ensuring the content was viewable for non-js browsers, what other fallback are you thinking?
09:22:58 <matthieucan> only this one, but it's not trivial I think
09:23:07 <devoxel> I'll get something more solid down yeah
09:23:15 <matthieucan> great :)
09:23:49 <matthieucan> anything else? any technical blocker, question, point to discuss?
09:23:53 <devoxel> will these meeting logs be available yeah? so I can look over what I have to do? I am sometimes a bit forgetful
09:24:00 <matthieucan> devoxel: yes
09:24:15 <orestis> you ll see links when we end the meeting
09:24:17 <matthieucan> we'll get the url at the end
09:24:20 <matthieucan> :)
09:25:01 <matthieucan> my question right up is still in the stack :)
09:25:02 <devoxel> Okay grand ^_^ yeah in terms of other questions, not really. matthieucan you did mention getting my blog debian- somethinged
09:25:10 <matthieucan> yes
09:25:14 <matthieucan> planet.debian.org
09:25:35 <matthieucan> can you have an rss link for blog posts tagged with debian or planet?
09:25:35 <devoxel> I posted my report on that (and it looks like the build failed) but it'll be available once I fix that
09:25:46 <devoxel> tagged how?
09:26:02 <matthieucan> tag, categories, whatever your blog engine uses
09:26:03 <devoxel> I do have an RSS feed yeah
09:26:20 <orestis> zack: olasd might be able to add this
09:26:30 <matthieucan> to avoid putting unrelated posts to planet.d.o, an rss that gives only debian related posts would come handy
09:26:56 <matthieucan> you see what I mean?
09:26:59 <devoxel> yeah my blog is jekyll so it's pretty easy to add something custom yeah
09:27:09 <matthieucan> jekyll here too, and yes that's easy :)
09:27:30 <matthieucan> give the link to zack once you have it, I'm pretty sure he'll be happy to add it to planet
09:27:44 <devoxel> okay grand
09:28:07 <matthieucan> #topic gsoc - other
09:28:11 <devoxel> I don't have any other issues really but I'm sure they'll come up :P
09:28:32 <matthieucan> yes you can always ping us anyway, you've seen we're pretty active here
09:28:54 <devoxel> yep I will do so :)
09:28:58 <matthieucan> one reminder from me: always keep kanban up to date, I actually use it to track your work
09:29:26 <matthieucan> anything else you'd like to discuss? your feeling after one gsoc week? any problem? etc
09:29:29 <devoxel> yeah okay, I'll use it! for a while I was still getting used to it
09:29:34 <matthieucan> sure
09:29:56 <devoxel> My feelings: I'm happy I'm adjusting. I want to be more productive and I hope that'll come soon.
09:30:37 <orestis> nice :)
09:30:38 <matthieucan> we're on the same track then! :)
09:31:06 <matthieucan> alright, looks like we're done?
09:31:17 <orestis> looks like it yes
09:31:18 <devoxel> I'm good anyway :)
09:31:29 <matthieucan> great, that was productive. Thanks to both of you!
09:31:34 <matthieucan> #endmeeting