08:00:11 <matthieucan> #startmeeting
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08:00:16 <matthieucan> #topic gathering
08:00:23 <matthieucan> ping orestis devoxel
08:00:31 <orestis> pong
08:01:30 <matthieucan> 50% packet loss
08:01:39 <orestis> ah?
08:01:51 <matthieucan> I meant for my ping
08:02:11 <orestis> pinging what?
08:02:22 <matthieucan> you and devoxel
08:02:52 <orestis> hmm
08:03:15 <orestis> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol!! you mean coz only i responded for now?
08:03:41 <matthieucan> yes :) cheap joke, I admit
08:03:52 <orestis> nah i was trying to figure out how you ping me
08:09:26 <matthieucan> that's it
08:09:29 <matthieucan> #stopmeeting
08:09:36 <matthieucan> devoxel: figure out a solution.
08:10:23 <orestis> #endmeeting
08:10:44 <matthieucan> #endmeeting