12:59:20 <matthieucan> #startmeeting
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12:59:24 <matthieucan> #topic roll call
12:59:30 <matthieucan> zack: clemux orestis
12:59:32 <matthieucan> ping
12:59:35 * zack is around
12:59:36 <clemux> hello
12:59:41 * orestis 
12:59:50 <matthieucan> YAY!
12:59:55 <matthieucan> #topic orestis - weekly review
13:00:01 <matthieucan> orestis: sup? :)
13:00:28 <orestis> we merged api functionalities, and documentation
13:01:03 <matthieucan> that's true. About that, it would be nice if zack could read the proposal, if you agree with the routes and co
13:01:05 <orestis> PR#42 is about the versions refactor we talked in the emails, and dropping the /summary and /patch prefix we discussed here
13:01:15 <zack> sure
13:01:19 <zack> is it #42/
13:01:30 <matthieucan> no
13:01:34 <matthieucan> orestis: ?
13:01:39 <orestis> proposal is PR#36
13:01:46 <matthieucan> oh and it is in doc/
13:01:54 <zack> 36 is closed ?
13:02:00 <matthieucan> yes
13:02:09 <orestis> although it does not mention dropping the /summary and /patch prefix (i should modify it)
13:02:30 <zack> orestis: so, can you please update it, and ping me when it's final for review?
13:02:35 <matthieucan> ok, so let's keep it for after meeting, and then ping zack with a pointer :)
13:02:38 <matthieucan> oh
13:02:41 <matthieucan> same idea
13:02:44 <zack> ack!
13:02:48 <orestis> ack
13:03:05 <matthieucan> I'll review PR#42 today or tomorrow
13:03:16 <matthieucan> same for PR#37, if it's merge-ready?
13:03:33 <orestis> and then i just opened PR#43 for better handling the version redirection (avoid copy pasting the code in all the Views)
13:03:52 <orestis> PR#37 should be ok yes..
13:04:06 <matthieucan> ok, I'll re-check it then
13:04:16 <matthieucan> anything else for the past week?
13:04:17 <orestis> btw we need to fix travis.. it fails everywhere because it is missing the submodule
13:04:25 <matthieucan> good point
13:04:36 <orestis> that's all for this week
13:04:40 <matthieucan> I didn't have time to look at this
13:04:43 <matthieucan> ok
13:04:57 <matthieucan> #topic orestis - next week
13:05:07 <matthieucan> (is it useful to pick up items, as it is debconf?)
13:05:28 <orestis> no idea :)
13:05:35 <zack> right
13:05:36 <orestis> i could work on the bugs zack found
13:05:48 <zack> we should probably decide what to do together before debconf ends
13:05:57 <zack> but it'll be more efficient to do that in person, once we're all here
13:06:06 <zack> so I think we can skip the "next week" section for this meeting
13:06:11 <zack> if you're all ok with it, of course
13:06:16 <matthieucan> that sounds good!
13:06:23 <orestis> yeap :)
13:06:30 <matthieucan> and there are always small fixes to implement in the meantine anyway ;)
13:06:36 <zack> indeed
13:06:56 <matthieucan> ok, so let's move on. I think this week was productive!
13:07:01 <matthieucan> #topic clemux - last week
13:07:05 <matthieucan> clemux: you're up! :)
13:08:02 <clemux> so, for the tests I continued pulling my hair trying to understand the problem, but I still don't understand what's going on, and I'll show that to zack if he's got some time(?)
13:08:11 <zack> sure, when you want
13:08:40 <matthieucan> good that debconf happens now then! let's have the goal to fix the damn tests before it ends ;)
13:08:53 <zack> well, before it ends we need to *merge* clemux code ;)
13:08:58 <matthieucan> besides tests, what about the missing stage(s)?
13:09:04 <matthieucan> zack: right!
13:09:09 <clemux> making the tasks more independant to each other (context for zack: I've been having trouble figuring out how to call a task after all subtasks have finished)
13:09:25 <zack> I see
13:09:34 <matthieucan> clemux: are they independent now?
13:10:14 <zack> (clemux is looking for a commit URL)
13:10:29 <matthieucan> ack
13:10:32 <clemux> I've made progress on that front (https://github.com/clemux/debsources/commit/90d6126626960a5053d6bd0a339ef84d88e95e92) but it's not ready
13:11:36 <clemux> and there's still the statistics/charts stage
13:11:43 <clemux> so... I have a lot lot lot of work during debconf
13:12:14 <matthieucan> alright... is it still reasonable to expect merging next week?
13:12:40 <zack> I think that's indeed a conversation we should've at debconf
13:12:54 <clemux> I think so, since the small problems I have should be solved easily with face-to-face help
13:13:04 <matthieucan> sounds good
13:13:19 <matthieucan> any other item to mention/ask for review/etc?
13:13:38 <clemux> nope
13:14:14 <matthieucan> alright, so fingers crossed for your workload! I'd be happy to help face-to-face from saturday on
13:14:17 * zack has a misc topic, but is waiting for the appropriate meeting session
13:14:25 <matthieucan> #topic misc
13:14:28 <matthieucan> ;)
13:14:29 <zack> so: debconf talk
13:14:31 <orestis> heh
13:14:32 <zack> 2 questions
13:14:45 <zack> orestis: clemux: what did you decide (with olasd?) about talking about your gsoc work?
13:14:54 <zack> will you do that in the gsoc session or not?
13:15:26 <orestis> i ve prepared some slides and i ve sent them to olasd.. i didn't get any answer though.. is it happening in the end or not ? ;p
13:15:37 <zack> the session is definitely happening
13:15:44 <zack> but I guess olasd is busy with cccamp right now
13:15:58 <zack> I guess that gives us an answer then
13:16:03 <zack> you'll have your own session
13:16:11 <zack> and me and matthieucan will have the more general talk
13:16:22 <zack> clemux: you should probably send olasd something too then
13:16:23 <orestis> i dont mind not talking :p
13:16:34 <zack> but we do mind you *not* talking :-P
13:16:45 <zack> (but if you need help, let us know, we'll be happy to help!)
13:16:54 <zack> 2nd question:
13:16:56 <matthieucan> yeah, gsoc session is a good opportunity to talk :)
13:16:59 <clemux> zack: yes, I should
13:17:02 <clemux> :)
13:17:10 <zack> matthieucan: I was assuming we can base our talk on your last version of it, which was very complete imho
13:17:13 <orestis> i ve already sent my slides to matthieucan , i ll send them to you as well for feedback :)
13:17:14 <zack> agree?
13:17:27 <matthieucan> zack: yes totally
13:17:39 <zack> matthieucan: ok, so we review them live while you get here, right?
13:17:47 <zack> (the talk is quite late during debconf week, which helps)
13:18:08 <matthieucan> yes, we can do that. Are we presenting it together?
13:18:20 <matthieucan> and are we updating it according to orestis and clemux' work?
13:18:21 <zack> I'll be happy to leave it to you :-D, but we can share if you prefer
13:18:34 <zack> yeah, we should probably add a few slides pointing to their work
13:18:42 <zack> (and their session, assuming it's later than debsources' one)
13:18:49 <matthieucan> good idea!
13:19:04 <zack> I'll check the schedule
13:19:14 <orestis> gsoc is 1 hour before debsources
13:19:20 <zack> oh crap
13:19:31 <zack> MeetBot: remove that from the log please ;)
13:19:31 <MeetBot> zack: Error: "remove" is not a valid command.
13:19:38 <zack> :-P
13:19:44 <matthieucan> dammit
13:19:45 <orestis> well there are two sessions.. its either 1 or 2 hours before
13:19:56 <zack> oh well, we're gonna say "as you learned from the gsoc session" ;-)
13:20:09 <matthieucan> hahaha, what a hack :p
13:20:19 <zack> *at your service*
13:20:25 <zack> I guess this was it for my misc topic(s)
13:20:27 <clemux> "you can watch a recording of the gsoc session"
13:20:36 <matthieucan> clemux: good point
13:20:48 <orestis> eheh!
13:20:58 <matthieucan> ok, we can decide about the blurry points face to face I guess :)
13:21:03 <matthieucan> any other misc topic?
13:21:07 <zack> not here
13:21:11 <orestis> nope
13:21:29 <matthieucan> clemux: alles gut?
13:21:34 <clemux> ja
13:21:39 <zack> oh gosh, all those german speakers
13:21:46 <matthieucan> #endmeeting