12:59:54 <zack> #startmeeting
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12:59:58 <zack> #topic roll call
13:00:01 <zack> wh ois here?
13:00:06 <matthieucan> hi everybody!
13:00:12 <zack> jpleau sent regrets, so won't be around
13:00:15 <clemux> hello
13:00:23 <matthieucan> I'll be here in ~1min
13:00:37 <zack> matthieucan: ack
13:00:40 * orestis 
13:00:40 <zack> orestis: ping
13:01:29 <zack> ok
13:01:34 <zack> #topic next meeting
13:01:45 <zack> next meeting next week at the usual time is good for everyone?
13:01:56 <orestis> good for me
13:02:01 <clemux> good for me
13:02:04 <zack> for me, it should be good ~90%
13:02:05 <matthieucan> yep
13:02:14 <zack> matthieucan: if I can't make it, can you chair?
13:02:24 <matthieucan> zack: sure
13:02:27 <zack> ok then
13:02:34 <zack> #agreed next meeting next friday, usual time
13:02:41 <zack> #topic weekly review - orestis
13:02:49 <zack> orestis: table is yours :)
13:03:28 <orestis> pr#12 and pr#19 were merged.. (doc for the batch api)
13:03:38 <zack> ack
13:04:08 <orestis> batch api was merged as well.
13:04:13 <orestis> PR#18
13:04:23 <zack> ack too
13:04:27 <zack> (i'm moving to reviewed as we speak)
13:04:35 <orestis> ah ok cool
13:04:52 <orestis> so the views are under review i think
13:04:55 <zack> there were 2 tasks in pr#12, right?
13:05:20 <orestis> yes i had to update the file-by-file url schema
13:05:27 <zack> ok, cool
13:05:33 <zack> the views are in which PR?
13:05:42 <orestis> PR#21
13:05:54 <zack> matthieucan: are you on it?
13:06:11 <matthieucan> zack: yep, in my todo list
13:06:15 <zack> cool
13:06:16 <matthieucan> sorry, didn;t have much time this week
13:06:22 <zack> no worries, same here :)
13:06:37 <orestis> np it is not blocking anything anyway
13:06:40 <zack> orestis: then we discussed the DB structure for license stuff this morning
13:06:49 <zack> but I guess there was no task associated to it
13:06:50 <matthieucan> orestis: ok great :)
13:06:58 <zack> ah, no, sorry
13:07:03 <zack> there is
13:07:04 <orestis> it was the DB schema
13:07:15 <zack> but you were waiting for my feedback, right
13:07:34 <zack> so we can already move to next week planning, right?
13:07:44 <orestis> nope just a sec
13:07:48 <zack> sure
13:08:34 <orestis> in this branch https://github.com/oorestisime/debsources/tree/copyright-db i have te changes in the model, the migration script and the license hook. if i open a PR travis will fail.
13:08:59 <zack> right, because the DB tests will fail, is that it?
13:09:03 <orestis> yes
13:09:11 <orestis> should i open a PR anyway to review the code?
13:09:13 <zack> so, just leave a note in the PR text about that
13:09:16 <zack> yes please
13:09:22 <orestis> ok  works
13:09:25 <zack> I'll review, keeping in mind that it's normal that travis fails
13:09:51 <zack> anything else?
13:09:55 <orestis> and last thing is the authors.. we said today that we won't return the authors
13:10:00 <zack> correct
13:10:06 <orestis> what should i do with that card?
13:10:22 <zack> put it in the backburner
13:10:27 <zack> we don't want to do it for now
13:10:30 <zack> but in the future ... maybe
13:10:38 <orestis> ok works
13:10:46 <orestis> and yes that's all for this week
13:10:48 <zack> cool
13:10:56 <zack> #topic next week - orestis
13:11:02 <zack> what do you want to pick up for next week?
13:12:01 <orestis> since we will have the new table maybe i should refactor the API to use these entries instead of parisng the d/copyright.
13:12:24 <zack> sounds good
13:12:36 <orestis> then i think ninka is interesting to do and the license statistics
13:12:47 <orestis> except if spdx is more important
13:12:54 <zack> the plugin part is done already?
13:13:06 <zack> because first we will need to get the data into the DB
13:14:33 <orestis> i thought plugin = hook like the sloccount or ctag hook
13:14:39 <zack> yes, that's correct
13:14:42 <orestis> there's more to it?
13:14:45 <zack> nope
13:14:53 <zack> is that in the branch you mentioned above?
13:14:57 <orestis> yes
13:15:21 <zack> ok
13:15:46 <zack> so, I'd rather do the stats first
13:15:49 <zack> not that ninka is not interesting
13:15:50 <zack> bug
13:15:51 <zack> but
13:16:02 <zack> I've just completed running ninka on all the archive with a collegue for research reasons
13:16:09 <zack> and I'd like to first have a look at those data
13:16:14 <zack> and understand the needed db structure
13:16:20 <zack> before implementing something similar in debsources
13:16:28 <zack> so let's postpone ninka for now
13:16:31 <zack> license stats look good
13:16:36 <orestis> ok then
13:16:45 <zack> and if you think you will have extra time, yes, next step would be spdx
13:16:49 <zack> (up to you)
13:17:17 <orestis> well there also small tasks to be done, like the base templates, the documentation for the copyright BP
13:17:26 <zack> ok, perfect then
13:17:45 <zack> just note down those tasks in trello, ok?
13:18:07 <orestis> ok so i ll focus first on using the db to retrive the licenses, then the statistics and then some minor tasks here and there
13:18:22 <orestis> yeap ok i ll do that now
13:18:25 <zack> cool
13:18:28 <zack> let's move to clemux then
13:18:33 <zack> #topic weekly review - clemux
13:18:37 <zack> clemux: your turn :)
13:18:57 <clemux> first thing: my tasks were not well defined this week
13:19:13 <zack> that's badâ„¢! :)
13:19:18 <clemux> "base: extract new stage" was not granular enough
13:19:33 <zack> oh, I though you meant the tasks in trello -- never mid
13:19:34 <zack> mind
13:19:44 <zack> *nod* then
13:20:10 <clemux> and "update prototype according to specifications" at this point is basically "do all the other tasks"
13:20:48 <clemux> so, I worked on two celery tasks this week
13:21:10 <zack> ok
13:21:25 <clemux> extract_new: which I have updated to use chords (parallel tasks with a callback)
13:21:47 <clemux> and calls the other task: add_package, which I've been stuck on for some time because of the dumb mistake we talked about yesterday
13:22:01 <zack> yup (that's fixed now, right?0
13:22:02 <zack> )
13:22:21 <clemux> it now extracts packages and fills the database
13:22:27 <zack> yay
13:22:40 <clemux> I should have commited and made a pull request, but I was confused by my badly defined trello tasks
13:22:51 <clemux> I'll do that after the meeting
13:23:06 <zack> fair enough
13:23:19 <clemux> next problem: I was having trouble running a celery task on a specific worker, for calling hooks on the same machine
13:23:30 <clemux> (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31073110/celery-how-to-use-celery-utils-worker-direct)
13:23:34 <clemux> I fixed that a few minutes ago
13:23:47 <zack> is that for testing purposes, or for the "shortcuts" when workers are local?
13:24:12 <clemux> no, it's required for hooks, since they need to access the extracted sources
13:24:18 <zack> oh, I see
13:24:48 <clemux> it basically solves the problem of sending large data set over the network, since we /must/ run them on the same machine anyway
13:24:59 <zack> right
13:25:08 <zack> ok
13:25:11 <zack> anything else to report about?
13:25:23 <clemux> that's it for the week
13:25:36 <zack> #topic next week - clemux
13:25:39 <zack> so, next steps?
13:26:36 <clemux> for next week:
13:26:45 <clemux> - update plugins for use in celery tasks
13:27:33 <clemux> (from what I've seen, it means removing the DB access from the plugins, and make them return data either as local files, or as celery messages)
13:27:43 <zack> so, am I understanding it right that you want first to do the add part completely, and only later look into GC ?
13:27:47 <zack> (I'
13:27:54 <zack> (I'm ok with that, it's too better understand the path here )
13:28:03 <clemux> yes, to be sure we the protocol is well designed
13:28:09 <zack> sounds reasonable, yes
13:28:16 <clemux> since it's the more tricky part
13:28:59 <clemux> next (not sure on the order) : "plugin_system: add package hook" (continue working on what I've started this week)
13:29:10 <zack> yep
13:29:19 <zack> having a working add package + plugins would be awesome
13:29:44 <clemux> might be made more granular by adding a task "port hello word plugin to celery updater" or something
13:29:57 <zack> that would be fun :)
13:30:11 <clemux> also: I will need to write tests from now on
13:30:37 <clemux> so I need to update the tests to allow testing the async updater
13:30:48 <zack> *nod* <- vigorously
13:30:56 <clemux> setting the celery configuration key for running all tasks synchronously, etc.
13:31:12 <clemux> already added to the trello, I can move it to the "this week" list
13:31:19 <zack> ok, sounds about right for next week
13:31:28 <zack> anything else before we move to misc?
13:31:35 <clemux> that's it
13:31:38 <zack> #topic misc
13:31:45 <zack> open grounds for any additional topic?
13:31:56 <zack> s/?/./
13:32:16 <orestis> nothing from me
13:32:16 <clemux> oh, one question: when I'm stuck on something for a long span of time
13:32:26 <clemux> should I create a new task for that specific problem, so it's trackable?
13:32:33 <zack> it's useful, yes
13:32:40 <zack> also, if it's too long, feel free to ping me/us
13:32:45 <clemux> yup
13:33:02 <zack> it sucks if you (any of you) stays blocked on a given problem for ~1 day
13:33:11 <zack> that's already a good deal of your week, so...
13:33:21 <zack> but yeah, the task helps reviewing what you've done
13:33:35 <zack> and helps you not feeling you've haven't done anything (which is not true)
13:33:42 <zack> anything else?
13:33:47 <clemux> that's it, thanks :)
13:34:08 <zack> ok then, let's adjourn
13:34:12 <zack> #endmeeting