11:59:52 <zack> #startmeeting
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11:59:57 <zack> #chair matthieucan
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12:00:09 <zack> clemux: orestis: welcome to gsoc 2015! :)
12:00:11 <zack> (again)
12:00:36 <zack> #topic weekly meeting planning
12:00:52 <zack> as you know, we're gonna have weekly IRC meetings for the duration of gsoc
12:01:04 <zack> I propose to have the meetings on Freeday, at 13:00 CET (european time)
12:01:09 <zack> is that OK with you all?
12:01:30 <orestis> yeap
12:01:41 <matthieucan> yes
12:01:54 <clemux> ok for me (if by CET you mean CEST ;)
12:01:55 <matthieucan> hi everybody!
12:02:24 <zack> #agreed weekly meetings on Friday, 13:00 CET
12:02:37 <orestis> hi matthieucan
12:02:40 <zack> for the first meeting, I think we should start the Friday *before* coding starts, to plan ahead for next week
12:02:53 <zack> but I will be on vacation! (until the monday where gsoc starts)
12:03:05 <zack> matthieucan: do you think you can take care of the meeting on Fri, May 22nd?
12:03:06 <matthieucan> when is that again?
12:03:15 <zack> alternatively, we can anticipate the meeting to Thursday
12:03:18 <matthieucan> lemme see
12:03:21 <zack> matthieucan: coding starts May 25th
12:03:31 <matthieucan> yes I should be around
12:03:48 <matthieucan> zack: thanks
12:03:51 <zack> actually, wait, maybe I will _still_ be around
12:04:27 <zack> I'll probably be at the train station
12:04:37 <zack> I guess I can make it, but it's good to have a fallback
12:04:38 <orestis> thursday is fine as well for me
12:04:38 <zack> so:
12:04:51 <matthieucan> thursday os ok for me as well
12:05:06 <zack> clemux: would, exceptionally, Thu May 21st work for you?
12:05:15 <clemux> yes
12:05:22 <zack> ok, let's do Thu then
12:05:38 <zack> #agreed 1st IRC meeting, exceptionally, will be on Thu May 21st, usual time
12:05:53 <zack> #topic preparatory activities
12:06:13 <zack> via email we already agreed to a rough initial planning repartition
12:06:18 <zack> clemux -> async updater
12:06:27 <zack> orestis -> web app refactoring / copyright.d.n
12:06:40 <matthieucan> is everybody on the libreboard?
12:06:57 <zack> good question
12:07:03 <zack> I do see the accounts
12:07:13 <zack> orestis: clemux: did you manage to get access to the board?
12:07:18 <clemux> I did
12:07:19 <orestis> yes
12:07:23 <zack> cool
12:07:26 <matthieucan> perfect
12:07:43 <zack> clemux: orestis: ditto for the access to the sources.d.n machine (and VM), right?
12:07:48 <clemux> yes
12:07:55 <orestis> yeap
12:07:58 <zack> awesome
12:08:12 <zack> so, my next question is about the dev. method: scrumban or whatever it's called :)
12:08:20 <zack> did you manage to read up about that a little?
12:09:35 <zack> clemux: orestis: ^^^
12:09:39 <orestis> yeap.. am more familiar with scrum but there is not much diff
12:09:54 <zack> orestis: right
12:10:25 <clemux> I think I got the basics
12:10:26 <zack> so, the idea is that me and matthieucan prioritize pending items, and I've tried to organize them with different labels/lists
12:10:43 <zack> but you two will pick the tasks to work on, at the Friday meeting, for the upcoming week
12:10:57 <zack> what it would be great is if, before the Thu May 21st meeting,
12:11:08 <zack> you could think up of tasks that you'll assign to yourself for the upcoming week
12:11:25 <zack> note that items on the board are not necessarily _tasks_ yet
12:11:39 <zack> most of them are from the user point of view, and are not directly actionable
12:11:53 <zack> (especially in the async updater area, because it's less clear to me what the next small steps will be)
12:12:08 <zack> can you please, *before* May 21st, try to think at:
12:12:15 <zack> 1) what you'd like to work on in the first week
12:12:20 <matthieucan> part of the job will be turning stories into tasks :)
12:12:26 <zack> 2) break down macro features into actionable tasks
12:12:39 <zack> and add the tasks to the board, for review by myself and matthieucan
12:12:44 <zack> matthieucan: right!
12:13:13 <orestis> ok fine by me
12:13:48 <zack> clemux: ^^^ there is a bit more work for you, in preparing tasks, than for orestis I think
12:13:58 <zack> do you think you can take care of that before next meeting?
12:14:31 <clemux> I'll have free time starting from the 15th
12:14:33 <clemux> so yes
12:14:40 <zack> orestis: but also in your case, please do not take the items I've put as final. They're just proposals, feel free to propose changes, by all means
12:14:43 <zack> clemux: great, thanks
12:14:55 <orestis> right ok
12:14:58 <zack> matthieucan: anything else on the dev. method?
12:15:18 <clemux> so the stories should be broken down into small actionable tasks, and at (before) each meeting, we need to define which tasks will/should be done before the next meeting
12:15:22 <matthieucan> don't hesitate to ask feedback over here before the next meeting
12:15:38 <zack> clemux: that's the idea, yes
12:15:57 <zack> to be clear: "break down" does not mean remove the macro one; but rather _add_ the smaller actionable items to the relevant lists
12:16:11 <zack> they'll be sort of dependencies of the macro ones
12:16:13 <matthieucan> zack: nothing else about dev method, I agree with all your points
12:16:26 <zack> (although I don't think trello/libreboard allows to actually link items to one another as dependencies)
12:16:59 <zack> when in doubt about new tasks, feel free to ping us here about new tasks
12:17:02 <orestis> is it ok contacting you here or you prefer emails ?
12:17:12 <matthieucan> both are fine for me
12:17:14 <zack> orestis: it's fine for me either way
12:17:27 <zack> but I do not always look at backlog, if you do not highlight my nickname
12:17:36 <zack> so please do that, if you want to get my attention
12:17:53 <matthieucan> same here :)
12:18:02 <zack> ok, next topic for me is infrastructure:
12:18:06 <zack> #topic infrastructure
12:18:16 <zack> matthieucan has setup travis on github
12:18:27 <zack> but I think we still lack a push, to actually _see_ results running
12:18:27 <matthieucan> yes, works fine
12:18:28 <zack> right?
12:18:45 <matthieucan> has there been a new commit since then btw?
12:18:48 <matthieucan> yes
12:18:51 <zack> https://travis-ci.org/Debian/debsources is empty
12:18:54 <zack> right, that's the point
12:19:15 <matthieucan> not on my debsources machine right now, but I'll fix a typo later
12:19:20 <matthieucan> will do the trick
12:19:20 <zack> matthieucan: I think we can just do an empty commit, with --allow-empty
12:19:38 <zack> yeah, fixing something would be even better :), but whatever you please
12:19:40 <matthieucan> I don't have the ssh key here
12:19:59 <matthieucan> I'll do it later
12:20:02 <zack> great, thanks
12:20:26 <zack> so, I think I only have one last, classical, topic:
12:20:31 <zack> #topic additional business
12:20:39 <zack> questions/doubts/other topics to be discussed?
12:21:08 <matthieucan> when is the official end of gsoc?
12:21:14 <zack> lemme check
12:21:36 <zack> timeline is here https://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/events/google/gsoc2015
12:21:42 <matthieucan> zack: thanks
12:21:52 <orestis> we have received an email about debconf.. they ask us to answer some questions if want some sponsorship.. one fo them is if our mentor will be there.. will you ?? :p
12:21:53 <zack> Aug 28th is the final evaluation deadline
12:22:01 <zack> pencil down is Aug 21st
12:22:12 <zack> orestis: ah, right, thanks for mentioning it!
12:22:22 <zack> yes, I'll be at debconf, and also a significant part of debcamp
12:22:30 <zack> so probably 10+ days in total
12:22:46 <zack> matthieucan: do you have plans for debconf yet?
12:22:56 <orestis> how can we organise better this? since debconf will be final week for gsoc commitment
12:23:09 <matthieucan> I think I'll be able to go
12:23:12 <zack> orestis: what do you mean?
12:23:31 <matthieucan> I'll negociate travel sponsorship with lab, if I can
12:23:38 <matthieucan> my lab*
12:23:38 <zack> orestis: if you can make it to debconf, by all means try to
12:23:53 <zack> at debconf there will be plenty of time for hacking (= work on gsoc), having fun, know other debian people
12:23:54 <orestis> i've never been to debconf, i really want to come but i guess i wont be conding much for gsoc if i do make it there
12:24:04 <orestis> ah ok
12:24:09 <zack> it's definitely well-spent gsoc time
12:24:35 <matthieucan> totally agree, I was in that situation 2 years ago
12:24:38 <matthieucan> I went there
12:24:39 <clemux> debconf is a great place for finishing a gsoc project :)
12:24:42 <matthieucan> totally worth it ;)
12:24:48 <orestis> well i think i ll be there even without sponsorship then :)
12:25:11 <zack> orestis: we appreciate your commitment, but you should totally get sponsorship :)
12:25:22 <zack> and I'm sure there will be for all interested gsoc students this year
12:25:28 <matthieucan> clemux: so you'll be there as well?
12:25:36 <zack> orestis: from where you'll be traveling?
12:25:41 <orestis> Lyon
12:26:00 <zack> it'd even be cheap then, so no problem, I think
12:26:11 <orestis> That would be great !!
12:26:14 <zack> anything else before closing the meeting?
12:26:22 <zack> (we can continue chatting after the end, of course)
12:26:27 <clemux> no question from me
12:26:32 <matthieucan> fine for me
12:26:34 <orestis> me neither
12:26:45 <zack> ok, last comment is: it's great to have you on board! :)
12:26:58 <zack> #endmeeting