18:40:16 <tumbleweed> #startmeeting
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18:40:19 <DLange> o/
18:40:24 <tumbleweed> Agenda: https://storm.debian.net/shared/pg75HcKvGVql2SS_PdlitmnPFMUTTYz4_A6mqT_LeDr
18:41:19 <cate> Just to start, how it is the status of UTC?  Google news tell me often about unrests
18:41:26 <cate> UCT
18:41:27 <tumbleweed> UCT
18:41:30 <indiebio> it's rather bad, cate.
18:41:44 <tumbleweed> #topic UCT
18:41:45 <tumbleweed> for that matter
18:41:57 <tumbleweed> I was wondering if this would be too soon to discuss it
18:42:03 <tumbleweed> indiebio: any idea of the level of damage?
18:42:19 <indiebio> I was briefly on campus rtoday and it looks OK,
18:42:31 <indiebio> and it will probably blow over, but who knows?
18:42:38 <tumbleweed> I can imagine that accommadations are rather swamped atm
18:42:44 <tumbleweed> I mean the booking people
18:42:51 <tamo_> indiebio: seems to be the same crowd that incited the rhodes must fall
18:43:01 <indiebio> DC16 will be in our holidays, so there won't be an audience, and I doubt they will harass conference goers, especially as we're open to all, but it's still scary and uncomfortable
18:43:14 <indiebio> oh.
18:43:22 <DLange> News summaries at http://www.news24.com/Tags/Topics/protests
18:43:27 <indiebio> so accommodation people are struggling with people demanding accommodation
18:43:48 <indiebio> we're not top priority
18:43:55 <tamo_> because they want that on the platter too
18:44:17 <tumbleweed> holidays are also when renovations happen, so if any buildings are damaged now, there's a good chance we won't get to use them
18:44:27 <indiebio> tamo_, can we please not discuss the ins and outs of it, it's not relevant and it's really exhausting and sad, please :)
18:45:15 <dumbassman> I agree with indiebio, the only relevance I assume is if it affects the conference, which I assume it doesn't
18:45:21 <indiebio> I don't know what to say, tumbleweed. it could really go any which way, in my opinion
18:45:44 <tumbleweed> yeah, I don't feel like I know, either
18:45:49 <tamo_> tumbleweed: what would be a back-up plan if it carried on?
18:46:19 <cate> I also think that it wouldn not effect the conference, but people will start talking about it (for registration) so we need to reassure people... in case of questins
18:46:30 <tamo_> tumbleweed: do we have other options
18:46:51 <tumbleweed> tamo_: we have the other options we investigated for the bid. But they cost, and are probably booked at this point :)
18:46:56 <superfly> I think it's mostly the students who are now back from their holidays, I don't think it'll last too long
18:47:25 <tumbleweed> Yes, I'm fairly confident that the holidays will be quiet
18:47:32 <tumbleweed> shall we move on
18:47:35 <tumbleweed> #topic pre-registration
18:47:41 <superfly> we have an intern at work from UCT, I'll keep abreast of things
18:48:00 <highvoltage> yeah I think this was a bunch of hooligans that embarrassed themselves and I doubt more will follow after they demonstrated how futile their actions were
18:48:19 <tamo_> well lets hope they don't start burning the buildings as they did at the other University.
18:48:22 <tumbleweed> lots of wafer infrastructure is in progress, but still no registration form as such. Sorry, I've been swamped
18:48:35 <tumbleweed> good news is that should be easy now :)
18:49:03 <highvoltage> the blocker there was the key value stuff that's now unblocked?
18:49:06 <tumbleweed> our cape town wafer hackers have been hacking away
18:49:16 <tumbleweed> yes, and an API is on the way, too
18:49:40 <highvoltage> that's going to be so awesome for this and future debconfs
18:49:57 <tumbleweed> if we keep using wafer :P
18:50:15 <tumbleweed> I plan to hack on the form this evening
18:50:16 <highvoltage> heh, I didn't want to say it.
18:50:29 <tumbleweed> sorry, madduck, you wanted to discuss it last night. I was just exhausted
18:50:48 <tumbleweed> #topic Call For Papers
18:50:54 <tumbleweed> wendar: ?
18:51:00 <tumbleweed> (err agenda says RFP timing)
18:51:26 * wendar is in the middle of a work crisis, not here
18:51:34 <madduck> tumbleweed: fine. I just need to know what you expect me to do. I am lost at how you want to get from here to there, and too afraid of just hacking away
18:51:35 <tumbleweed> OK, move on
18:51:47 <tumbleweed> #topic food
18:51:55 <tumbleweed> indiebio: back up plans?
18:52:03 <indiebio> so our preferred caterer is booked.
18:52:15 <indiebio> I don't know. get quotes for other caterers.
18:52:21 <tumbleweed> you had some other quotes from before
18:52:26 <tumbleweed> how did you feel about them?
18:52:34 <indiebio> use UCT catering and figure something out for the alternative meal options
18:52:37 <indiebio> food trucls
18:52:49 <indiebio> they could work, I guess.
18:53:08 <indiebio> is anyone keen to take over the food job?
18:53:16 <indiebio> as in, to chase it up and stuff
18:53:38 <dumbassman> I'm willing to help, don't want to champion the food job
18:53:57 <tamo_> indiebio: can you not do it?
18:54:05 <indiebio> I don't want to
18:54:46 <tamo_> ok, what is your reasoning for that?
18:55:08 <indiebio> I don't want to be part of this team, tamo_, same reasoning as I've given in November.
18:55:23 <tamo_> ok
18:55:47 <superfly> dumbassman: sounds like that's your cue ;-)
18:55:50 <dumbassman> so far tracking possible caterers seems the most practical thing I can help with; I can search and call for quotes
18:56:06 <tumbleweed> dumbassman: we have a bunch of quotes in the git repo, from our bid
18:56:23 <tumbleweed> tamo_: is this something you can help with too? You have some experience with such things, I think?
18:56:38 <tamo_> so the question is who is going to take charge with all these things tumbleweed can you give us an overview of how this all works.
18:56:56 <tumbleweed> that's what we're looking for, basically
18:57:05 <tumbleweed> is someone to take charge of organising food
18:57:37 <cate> tamo_: there is huge freedom on how.  Just that it should fit the budget
18:57:44 <tamo_> tumbleweed: a little bit, i can deal will things like that, but I do need to factor in time etc, on top of other work
18:58:12 <tumbleweed> tamo_: no problem
18:58:21 <tumbleweed> dumbassman: do you want to find some options and we can discuss them?
18:58:33 <dumbassman> sure, more than willing
18:58:35 <highvoltage> an IRL food BoF might help kick that off
18:58:37 <tamo_> cate: tumbleweed ok so the best is to give a budget, indiebio to hand over what she has and I can call and see what options are available et
18:59:00 <indiebio> everything I have is in git.
18:59:16 <DLange> fallback-option is always the UCT food + the cafe right?
18:59:22 <cate> and we should provide vegetarian and vegan food.
18:59:39 <tamo_> as well as dumbassman, then maybe we put menu's and proposals together and make a choice from there
18:59:58 <tumbleweed> DLange: residence food or UCT cafe food
19:00:05 <tumbleweed> s/cafe/club/
19:00:09 <tamo_> DLange: yup but I would not suggest that
19:00:23 <tumbleweed> UCT club isn't bad, it's just small
19:00:30 <tumbleweed> but they could probably cater in other venues, too
19:01:43 <tumbleweed> #action dumbassman to find some food options
19:01:45 <tamo_> tumbleweed: I need dates and deadlines when would this need to be secured by so I/dumbassman can work towards a goal
19:01:56 <cate> but it sould be a final backup plan.
19:02:24 <tumbleweed> tamo_: I'd say we should get this done within a couple of weeks? no reason not to, right?
19:02:31 <dumbassman> ok
19:03:31 <tamo_> tumbleweed: sure could we say beginning of March say the 3nd March?
19:03:41 <tumbleweed> indiebio (if she's willing) or I can help you navigate the options we've already explored
19:03:46 <tamo_> indiebio: who do we speak to at UCT
19:03:47 <cate> personally I would prefer a backup plan, and take more time for the first choice (so we know if we have much money to spend, so better food)
19:03:50 <tumbleweed> tamo_: sure
19:04:13 <tumbleweed> cate: you mean, find a range of caterers?
19:04:23 <tamo_> cate: what is our budget per head?
19:04:26 <indiebio> tamo_: sending an email.
19:04:33 <tamo_> indiebio: thanks
19:04:57 <cate> tumbleweed: if we can book cafetteria mush later, I think we could use the time to find better food.
19:05:12 <cate> tamo_: you should ask nkukard for the budget
19:05:18 <tumbleweed> cate: so, we were delaying food a bit for those reasons, and then lost our nice option, because she got booked
19:05:26 <tumbleweed> cate: which makes me a little hesitant to delay more
19:05:35 <tumbleweed> but yes, we should investigate UCT in parallel with other options
19:05:36 <cate> ah ok
19:05:41 <cate> right
19:06:23 <nkukard> sorry, was on the phonee
19:06:28 <nkukard> the budget is in git
19:06:33 <tamo_> cate: ok, tumbleweed lets secure this by beginning of March and book by then so we don't get stuck, indiebio do you have a list of food requirements or do we need to get that?
19:06:34 <nkukard> I pulled the figures from the quotes
19:06:41 <tumbleweed> nkukard: yeah, I can't make sense of the food bits of it, though :)
19:07:04 <nkukard> tumbleweed, pulled from the quotes that indiebio sent me or checked into git iirc  *opens up*
19:07:10 <tumbleweed> OK
19:07:11 <indiebio> tamo_ you would need to refresh it, basically, think of the most pedantic eaters you've ever encountered.
19:07:27 <tumbleweed> most aren't pedantic, but there will be some
19:08:15 <indiebio> we don't have numbers of eaters yet, as that is only upon registration. and we were considering going vegetarian as default. so instead of having to choose vegetarian, one would have to choose meat. and the default option is 'I will eat whatever is served to me'
19:08:16 <tamo_> ok thanks indiebio, can someone provide us with a list of what is needed madduck, DLange or anyone from previous Debconfs
19:08:18 <nkukard> tumbleweed, I'd like some kind of quote values to update it with if at all possible
19:08:38 <madduck> tamo_: a list of? (sorry, following the other meeting too)
19:09:05 <cate> tamo_: I can give you the requirements
19:09:16 <tamo_> madduck: dietry requirements, we are discussing food and dumbassman and i are looking into taking it over
19:09:35 <indiebio> dumbassman: please msg me your email for food stuff.
19:09:38 <nkukard> tamo_, would you be the one that gives me figures?
19:09:39 <madduck> oh, and you want approximates…
19:10:27 <tamo_> cate: ok great, if you could do a list in an email perhaps and a rough idea of numbers then we have something to start with.
19:10:56 <tamo_> nkukard: ok well then lets see what quotes we get and i can present those figures to you?
19:11:06 <nkukard> cool beans!
19:11:10 <tumbleweed> right
19:11:17 <tumbleweed> I think we're at the end of our agenda
19:11:22 <tumbleweed> #topic anything else?
19:11:26 <madduck> tamo_, dumbassman: the majority will be "eat anything (incl. vegetarian)" and we have really good experience with providing a vegetarian base option for everyone sans the vegans/allergic people.
19:11:54 <tamo_> madduck: so do we need gulten free, lactose intolerant etc?
19:12:13 <madduck> if I had to guess right now, I'd say: 10% vegan, 5% allergies, and meat/fish as an option for ca. 60%
19:12:16 <tumbleweed> tamo_: small quantities, yes. They can come from another caterer, and cost more
19:12:21 <madduck> tamo_: that is under allergies.
19:12:22 <cate> tumbleweed: I think you should start to form registration team and call the publicity team for the opening or pre-registration
19:12:24 <tamo_> tumbleweed: for my part I will have verything for you by the 3ed
19:12:26 <tamo_> 3rd
19:13:09 <cate> lactose intollerant could switch to vegan on some days
19:13:16 <tamo_> madduck: perfect thanks that is a good estimate and CT has alot of health option too
19:13:36 <madduck> tamo_: I would err on the side of increasing the nr. of vegans
19:13:38 <tamo_> cate: ok thanks
19:14:31 <tumbleweed> cate: yeah, I haven't been doing anything about that while we've been blocked on the site
19:14:37 <tumbleweed> but that needs to start soon
19:14:57 <tumbleweed> are we done?
19:15:04 <cate> yes
19:15:28 <tumbleweed> thanks everyone :)
19:15:30 <tumbleweed> #endmeeting