18:39:54 <tumbleweed> #startmeeting
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18:40:06 <tumbleweed> #chair indiebio
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18:40:07 * superfly will be right back, need to get the bread in the oven
18:40:56 <tumbleweed> indiebio: are we starting with actions?
18:41:57 <indiebio> Gah. I'm having sense of humour failure tonight. Just too much going on. anyways. Let's get started.
18:42:23 <indiebio> Agenda: Last meeting's minutes' action items, design, brochure and DC15 ppt
18:42:28 <tumbleweed> oh, dear, what are you supposed to be laguhing about? :)
18:42:39 <indiebio> I have done very little.
18:43:17 <tumbleweed> well, booking fuller is presumably blocked on a local company / heidi
18:43:31 <tumbleweed> ginggs: any news on that?
18:43:39 <indiebio> shall we do a roll call first?
18:43:54 <indiebio> ginggs is out of action tonight, but I can report back on his behalf
18:44:14 <indiebio> tibid: I am Bernelle Verster
18:44:14 <tibid> indiebio: Sorry...
18:44:23 * tamo tammy raises hand
18:44:24 <indiebio> ?
18:44:25 <tumbleweed> tibid isn't taking minutes, so that doesn't do anything useful
18:44:28 <indiebio> oh
18:44:36 <indiebio> ffs. yet another bloody bot
18:44:43 <tumbleweed> heh
18:44:44 <indiebio> meetbot: I am Bernelle Verster
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18:44:49 <indiebio> omg.
18:44:50 <tumbleweed> meetbot is different
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18:44:58 <tumbleweed> and he's not very chatty
18:44:59 <indiebio> what am I supposed to do
18:45:06 <tumbleweed> indiebio: nothing, he doesn't have a roll call feature
18:45:09 <cate> indiebio: close the meeting
18:45:10 <indiebio> ok
18:45:15 <tumbleweed> cate: no, I just started it
18:45:20 <indiebio> can we just please get this over with
18:45:25 <cate> ah right
18:45:32 <tumbleweed> #chair cate
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18:45:43 <cate> no, I don't want to chair
18:46:00 <tumbleweed> :)
18:46:01 <cate> I were distracted by an other meeting
18:46:06 <cate> now I'm 100% here
18:46:59 <indiebio> #topic last meeting actions
18:47:03 <indiebio> yes!
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18:47:07 <tumbleweed> sorry, should have done that earlier
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18:47:25 <DLange> useless bot! :)
18:47:25 <nkukard> o/
18:47:58 <indiebio> so, last actions, there are 4: 1. venue, 2. company, 3. floorplans and 4, local disability assistant
18:48:13 <indiebio> 1. venue: I asked for final dates and to book Fuller, no reply yet.
18:49:00 <indiebio> The contract would depend on the company or internal via UCT's CPD (Continual professional development) place, ala Heidi Tait
18:49:08 <tumbleweed> indiebio: asked who?
18:49:13 <indiebio> ginggs has not have time to contact her, but we're working on it
18:49:20 <indiebio> ask Phelo, the venues person
18:49:34 <tumbleweed> ok, I was just worried you were blocked on us
18:49:42 <indiebio> no, thanks :)
18:50:10 <indiebio> Dates: Phelo hasn't replied yet, but here's my take on it:
18:50:10 <indiebio> From the UCT website, the 2016 vac dates are as follows:
18:50:10 <indiebio> 1 Jun 2016 to 17 Jul 2016
18:50:10 <indiebio> (http://www.uct.ac.za/calendar/terms/)
18:50:10 <indiebio> We would need the following structure and dates, if possible:
18:50:11 <indiebio> If not, we wish to keep the days, so move the whole thing by a week.
18:50:12 <indiebio> Sunday 26 June - Friday 1 July: DebCamp and Sprints (these are smaller
18:50:14 <indiebio> numbers of attendees, we estimate 50 - 100).
18:50:17 <indiebio> Friday 1 July: Arrival day for DebConf (estimate 200 - 350)
18:50:18 <indiebio> Saturday 2 July - Saturday 9 July: DebConf 2016
18:50:21 <indiebio> Sunday 10 July 2016: Check-out 10:00 am
18:50:22 <indiebio> So total reservation Sunday 26 June - Sunday 10 July 2016. Perhaps
18:50:25 <indiebio> let's work on 230 people for the entire period for now, which equals
18:50:27 <indiebio> to the whole Fuller residence.
18:50:32 <indiebio> I sent that to her...
18:50:44 <indiebio> But a final contract depends on the meeting with Heidi Tait.
18:50:56 <indiebio> Anyways.
18:51:10 <tumbleweed> indiebio: that sounds a bit long?
18:51:15 <indiebio> The second thing, we've made contact with someone who understands company details (Matthew Waltons and Associates)
18:51:32 <indiebio> I adapted the dates from DC15, pretty much exactly...
18:51:44 <tumbleweed> hrm, one sec
18:52:24 <tumbleweed> oh, that is also two weeks
18:52:59 <tumbleweed> that still seems longer than normal
18:53:28 <tumbleweed> http://debconf13.debconf.org/dates.xhtml was shorter
18:53:44 <tumbleweed> but enough distraction
18:53:51 <cate> for budget problems
18:53:58 <indiebio> well, whatever, make a decision and let me know.
18:54:21 <cate> Monday-Sunday, but I would not make shorter
18:54:39 <tumbleweed> yeah, a week for the conference proper is good
18:54:50 <tumbleweed> and debcamp can vary from 5 days to a full week
18:55:20 <tumbleweed> indiebio: Matthew said he'd reply to my questions. I followed up with a link to our discussions after we had them, but still haven't heard back from them
18:55:49 <indiebio> Ben's probably a better bet to contact.
18:56:09 <tumbleweed> but heidi is probably our first prize
18:57:11 <indiebio> yeah. so can we move on?
18:57:16 <tumbleweed> please do
18:57:44 <indiebio> 3. I haven't done floorplans yet
18:57:52 <tumbleweed> not critical at this point
18:57:59 <indiebio> but we have the web stuff. I'll take pictures for the presentation.
18:58:14 <indiebio> and 4. AGREED: highvoltage to add a local teamrole for disabled assistance
18:58:15 <tumbleweed> oh, do we have any pictures of the team, from the braai?
18:58:26 <indiebio> no, we didn't take any.
18:58:34 <tumbleweed> pity
18:58:41 <indiebio> another braai before August is probably a good idea though
19:00:14 <tumbleweed> I guess highvoltage isn't around right now
19:00:21 <indiebio> ginggs says that's a no, he's got two more assignments.  but we'll figure something out.
19:00:22 <indiebio> ok, moving on.
19:00:35 <indiebio> #topic design/logo
19:00:44 <indiebio> tamo, over to you
19:01:07 <tamo> cool thanks the question is has everyone seen the logo's?
19:01:24 <indiebio> here: http://corelli.tumbleweed.org.za/stefanor/tmp/LOGO%20OptionsFincv.pdf
19:01:40 <tamo> There are 4 options of different styles and ideas
19:02:12 <indiebio> Sorry, to skip ahead, I spent most of the day half-heartedly doing brochure and DC15 ppt, and there's next to nothing to show, so let's just spend the rest of the meeting on logo's then call it a night please?
19:02:17 <tamo> the first 3 are of what was presented first but changed to Debconf insted
19:03:07 <tamo> With an icon for the URL
19:03:32 <tamo> The last option was an extra playing with some ideas
19:03:53 <tamo> it would be great to hear everyones opinions and take it from there?
19:04:19 <superfly> tamo: I've copied the logo I like the best and I'm fiddling with it. you'll see my file in Dropbox
19:04:35 <tumbleweed> superfly: which one is that?
19:04:36 <tamo> superfly ok thanks
19:04:52 <superfly> tumbleweed: option 1, the 3rd, I think
19:05:37 <tamo> ok the colours can change, so nothing is cast in stone than superbly for the suggestion
19:05:47 <superfly> http://pasteboard.co/1OmDAKtj.png
19:05:54 <tamo> superbly thanks I mean
19:06:02 <wendar> My favorite is option 2, #4
19:06:11 <wendar> But, option 4 has a nice feel to it too
19:06:26 <tamo> I have also added the to the banner so you can see it in context
19:06:33 <tumbleweed> I like the simplicity of 1 & 2. I prefer 2's spiral to 1's. 2's spiral is a styalized debian logo, where 1's seems just weirdly upside down and different
19:06:58 <superfly> option 2 #5 is my number 2
19:08:03 <superfly> tamo: in a lot of places I feel like we're trying to squash the Debian swirl into a place it wasn't designed for
19:08:29 <superfly> tamo: and in that case I'd rather just leave the swirl out of it
19:08:42 <wendar> superfly: I see where you're going, kind of a 1-based array index
19:09:30 <wendar> superfly: seems like we might need more to it to make a t-shirt
19:09:37 <superfly> wendar: I hadn't looked at it like that...
19:09:40 <tamo> superfly no not at all I think it is free flowing can you give an example?
19:10:18 <wendar> t-shirt wise, option 4 #1 is brilliant
19:10:22 <tumbleweed> superfly: every debconf logo on https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Logos includes the swirl (I can't remember about the earlier ones)
19:10:23 <superfly> tamo: http://pasteboard.co/1OmWlBVQ.png
19:10:43 <superfly> tumbleweed: yeah, i'd like to include it, but only if it looks GOOD
19:11:02 <tumbleweed> sounds sane
19:11:12 <tamo> wendar T-shirt would have its own design with whatever the logo is
19:11:33 <wendar> tamo: the tradition is that the t-shirt has the logo on it
19:11:43 <superfly> tamo: http://pasteboard.co/1On1LrcH.png
19:11:45 <wendar> tamo: maybe with more added, but at least included for consistent branding
19:12:19 <tamo> superfly in the last meeting the swirl was a "holy cow" therefore I have modernised it a bit, wendar yup def on the T,
19:13:00 <superfly> tamo: I don't think it was the holy cow, we just wanted to keep it where and if possible
19:13:05 <tumbleweed> it is a bit of a holy cow, yes :) I mean, we can play with it, but it's going to be a sensitive area
19:13:09 <wendar> aye, the swirl is definitely a "thing"
19:13:12 <tamo> wendar def logo on the T what I mean is whatever logo gets chosen it would be modified and used to create aT, but it would have a few design options to choose from
19:13:45 <wendar> tamo: yeah, we have options there
19:14:04 <wendar> does anyone else have favorites?
19:15:06 <wendar> I'm digging option 3 #1 too.
19:15:07 <superfly> if I had to choose an option that I reckon we can use without much/any modification, I'd say option 2, #5
19:15:24 <indiebio> my favourite was the third example of Option 1, followed by the first example of Option 2, and the first example of Option 4.
19:15:30 <tamo> wendar yup whatever logo gets chosen or 2 perhaps we can take that and still work on it
19:15:33 <indiebio> But the first example of Option 4 is growing on me.
19:15:43 <tumbleweed> #1.3, #2.4 and #2.5
19:15:54 <superfly> I love the colours of option 3a, but I feel the "deb" is too difficult to read
19:16:11 <superfly> 4.3 is also pretty good
19:16:24 <indiebio> I've been reading through the final reports, and liked the logo of nicaragua (dc12). It was a bird with the swirl on its chest.
19:16:26 <tumbleweed> I struggle with #4 because it reads "clebconf" to me
19:16:51 <tumbleweed> is my PDF viewer screwing up a font?
19:16:55 <superfly> tumbleweed: yeah, agreed
19:17:06 <indiebio> and if the cl was more of a d, what would you think then?
19:17:15 <tamo> NO 4 was based on the "on" button of a comp but incorporating the d and c
19:17:24 <superfly> tumbleweed: I looked at the SVG in Inkscape, was the same
19:17:41 <tamo> tumbleweed we can always close the space a bit
19:18:16 <tumbleweed> tamo: I get that, but it still keeps saying clebconf to me :)
19:19:36 <wendar> tamo: as design elements go, I like the network of lines and nodes in option 4 #1, it's worth keeping that in mind as a thematic element for signs and things
19:19:51 <superfly> tumbleweed: http://pasteboard.co/1OnyatLf.png that better?
19:20:10 <tamo> tumbleweed I see what you say I think if it was solid you might just see the "d" more it would read as the no:2 logo's then
19:20:21 <tumbleweed> wendar: I think thematically, that speaks more to our community than a power button does
19:20:39 <indiebio> yup, wendar, it reminds me of the stylised Table Mountain outline, without being too obvious...
19:20:48 <tumbleweed> superfly: now it's like a weird "d" :P
19:20:48 <wendar> tumbleweed: nod
19:20:59 <superfly> tumbleweed: rough draft! ;-)
19:21:22 <wendar> how about we pick two top choices, and outline any variants we want to experiment with?
19:21:45 <superfly> tamo: which font did you use for the "Cape Town"?
19:21:49 <tamo> wendar so happy you like that my favourite elements!! show connectivity and that on a website, T etc will be awesome
19:22:00 <ginggs> tumbleweed: sorry, just caught up on the logs. I have a preliminary meeting with Heidi tomorrow morning
19:22:08 <tumbleweed> ginggs: \o/ thanks
19:22:09 <wendar> for example, I can totally go with superfly on option 2 #5, but would like to experiment on fonts for "Cape Town"
19:22:40 * superfly rather likes the font used in "Cape Town"
19:22:58 <superfly> but I'm a Web 2.0 kinda guy, not a sysadmin ;-)
19:24:07 <tamo> bare in mind the fonts need to be rather different to stand out more
19:24:21 <tumbleweed> yes, that is a nice font
19:24:28 <tumbleweed> I need to run off momentarily
19:24:39 <tumbleweed> but my votes are towards the last two option 2s
19:25:09 <indiebio> can we do a vote thing like the T-shirt guys did? and then close the meeting with that?
19:25:49 <wendar> indiebio: maybe set p a web poll?
19:25:52 <wendar> up
19:26:08 <tumbleweed> wendar: I think one of us should, indiebio is sounding a bit exhausted right now :)
19:26:09 <tamo> indiebo maybe everyone can put their 2 favourite choices down, with comments and I can amend?
19:26:14 <indiebio> how does one do that in open source? I'm guessing google won't do
19:26:25 <wendar> I can set one up
19:26:43 <tumbleweed> great
19:26:46 <wendar> I think we've used one in the past, I'll dig it up
19:26:56 <wendar> or, otherwise can do limesurvey
19:27:10 <indiebio> cool, and then please email the link.
19:27:15 <indiebio> sweet, can we endmeeting?
19:27:15 <wendar> will do
19:27:30 <indiebio> anything else?
19:27:47 * tamo says Hi! I think we need to choose a few and take it from there with evryones comments
19:27:57 <tumbleweed> yes, thanks indiebio, tamo, superfly, wendar, cate, everyone!
19:28:00 <superfly> tamo: to get an idea of what I'd like the web site to look like (and therefore how the logo fits in), take a look at another site I'm busy redoing: http://beta.openlp.org/
19:28:03 <madduck> i am sorry for having missed the meeting
19:28:36 <tumbleweed> #endmeeting