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19:00:24 <moray> #addchair h01ger
19:00:24 <nattie> hi
19:00:32 <h01ger> hi
19:00:36 <vanja> hi
19:00:39 <darst> hi
19:01:00 <moray> #chair h01ger
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19:01:03 <moray> #chair darst
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19:01:18 <moray> #topic meeting summary
19:01:23 <moray> volunteers?
19:01:28 <moray> h01ger half-volunteered
19:01:31 <nattie> i think i offered, unless anyone else is better
19:01:36 <h01ger> moray, no
19:01:36 <moray> ah, nattie, great
19:01:44 * h01ger cheers nattie
19:01:49 <nattie> i hate you all ;)
19:02:08 <moray> #topic Local team update
19:02:13 <moray> but I guess AbsintheSyringe is still missing?
19:02:27 <AbsintheSyringe> dude
19:02:28 <nattie> i told him i would tell him if there's anything exciting
19:02:30 <nattie> aha
19:02:33 <AbsintheSyringe> I completely forgot we had a meeting :D
19:02:43 <nattie> well, get on with it.  anything to report?
19:02:53 <AbsintheSyringe> um nothing much
19:02:54 <moray> anyway, one bit of relevant news (for those not following IRC constantly) is that Holger and I will go to visit Banja Luka for a couple of days from the 22nd
19:02:55 <tassia> hi, I'm here ;-)
19:03:02 <nattie> hi tassia!
19:03:18 <moray> #info Banja Luka visit now planned (Holger and Moray)
19:03:19 * h01ger just sent 2 mails about that trip: one to localteam and one to video
19:03:29 <h01ger> i would like to meet the locals! :)
19:03:36 <moray> this is the benefit of cheap flights in Europe ;)
19:03:57 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: any news from the govt / on the venue / hotel / whatever?
19:04:09 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, nope, all of that is set
19:04:14 <AbsintheSyringe> and reserved long time ago
19:04:16 <AbsintheSyringe> once you get here
19:04:28 <AbsintheSyringe> either I or someone will pick you, if you're want it that way
19:04:34 <AbsintheSyringe> we can send the shuttle to pick you up :)
19:04:35 <tiago> i'm leaving, sorry i forgot the meeting and scheduled a class (
19:04:41 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
19:04:45 * h01ger waves at tiago
19:05:02 <AbsintheSyringe> I'm too excited to attend this meeting as well, just got contacted by google requiter :D
19:05:04 <AbsintheSyringe> either way
19:05:12 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, however you want it
19:05:13 <AbsintheSyringe> it's good
19:05:15 <AbsintheSyringe> no news
19:05:19 <AbsintheSyringe> it's all the same stuff
19:05:23 <AbsintheSyringe> I was thinking
19:05:31 <AbsintheSyringe> we could do the blueprint of venue
19:05:32 <AbsintheSyringe> once you're here
19:05:36 <nattie> blueprint?
19:05:47 <h01ger> that would be great
19:05:51 <AbsintheSyringe> yep
19:05:56 <AbsintheSyringe> nattie, for vide otema
19:06:02 <AbsintheSyringe> so yea
19:06:05 <nattie> oh, right.  for layout purposes
19:06:08 <AbsintheSyringe> I'll be with you
19:06:09 <AbsintheSyringe> that whole time
19:06:12 <AbsintheSyringe> in the hotel
19:06:13 <moray> nattie: a vague plan really rather than blueprint
19:06:16 <moray> is enough
19:06:19 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, yay!
19:06:26 * h01ger nods moray
19:06:33 <AbsintheSyringe> yep :)
19:06:34 <nattie> a general overview, then
19:06:38 <h01ger> (and wonders next topic)
19:06:39 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
19:06:41 <nattie> how many power sockets, etc
19:06:46 <AbsintheSyringe> to get a overall picture how we planned it all
19:06:50 <AbsintheSyringe> by then we'll also have
19:06:51 <moray> h01ger: yes, was just waiting for AbsintheSyringe to finish his speech
19:06:56 <AbsintheSyringe> final number of sponsored people
19:07:03 <AbsintheSyringe> okay I'm done :)
19:07:08 <moray> #topic T-shirts
19:07:16 <nattie> yeah, so, t-shirts?
19:07:21 <moray> we got some prices, was there an outcome?
19:07:36 <moray> I think we decided to print in Bosnia, and that the govt will pay this?
19:07:53 <h01ger> yay
19:08:04 <moray> but (if that's right) we will still need some people to progress towards a final design, etc.
19:08:05 <AbsintheSyringe> yea, that's how it was planned
19:08:10 <h01ger> then someone should tell gabi^wour mexican supplier :)
19:08:12 <AbsintheSyringe> um
19:08:17 <AbsintheSyringe> anyone has link to those
19:08:22 <AbsintheSyringe> proposed designs
19:08:27 <AbsintheSyringe> I think I already know which one to go with
19:08:30 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: well, I don't think we need to look at designs *now*
19:08:35 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: can you post to the list about it?
19:08:43 <h01ger> we should always cc: valessio on such problems
19:08:54 <AbsintheSyringe> sure
19:08:55 <h01ger> #info thirts will be printed in bosnia
19:09:01 <AbsintheSyringe> valessio did them
19:09:05 <AbsintheSyringe> we're tkaing one of his designs
19:09:09 <h01ger> #info we need to inform our mexican supplier about this
19:09:15 <nattie> is there a decision on which design?
19:09:21 <nattie> or will there be one soon?
19:09:22 * h01ger suggests to improve one of his designs
19:09:27 <AbsintheSyringe> oh
19:09:32 <AbsintheSyringe> you know what we need to talk about
19:09:37 <AbsintheSyringe> I don't know if that's on our list for today
19:09:38 <AbsintheSyringe> but
19:09:43 <h01ger> http://valessiobrito.info/projetos/debconf/debconf11/tshirt.svg
19:09:43 <AbsintheSyringe> Linux Journal and Nezavisne Novine ads
19:09:53 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, lets stay on the tshirt topic for now
19:10:00 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, ok
19:10:03 <AbsintheSyringe> that's not the one
19:10:10 <AbsintheSyringe> let me try finding the link
19:10:15 <h01ger> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/T-Shirts
19:10:38 <AbsintheSyringe> ook
19:10:39 <AbsintheSyringe> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/T-Shirts
19:10:40 <AbsintheSyringe> yep
19:10:41 <moray> right, let's finalise it on the list
19:10:50 <AbsintheSyringe> he one
19:10:53 <moray> as the design people aren't reading now
19:10:56 <AbsintheSyringe> in the right upper corner is just wow
19:10:57 <AbsintheSyringe> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/File:V2pdc11.svg
19:11:07 <moray> #topic Sponsorship team status
19:11:12 <h01ger> colors also need to be deciced, but on list
19:11:17 <AbsintheSyringe> same case here
19:11:17 <AbsintheSyringe> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/File:Vpdc11.svg
19:11:18 <moray> does anyone know about the sponsorship team?
19:11:21 <h01ger> moray, thats getting sponsorship or spending it?
19:11:24 <moray> getting
19:11:25 * nattie likes alternative colour b, option 3
19:11:32 <nattie> but i've missed the boat now
19:11:35 <AbsintheSyringe> nattie, ea
19:11:37 <h01ger> lets discuss tshirt deesign details on the list
19:11:39 <AbsintheSyringe> but it's not gonna be like that
19:11:44 <AbsintheSyringe> nattie, check them out here http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/T-Shirts
19:11:47 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
19:11:48 <AbsintheSyringe> sounds good
19:11:49 <h01ger> #topic Sponsorship team status - getting money
19:12:05 <AbsintheSyringe> I think I'm the only one who's getting money
19:12:10 <moray> do we have anyone here who wants to admit to being on the sponsorship team? ;)
19:12:11 <h01ger> me will go to linuxtag on thursday and wednesday to talk to companies and also mail some more
19:12:18 <moray> h01ger: great
19:12:24 <AbsintheSyringe> I still have couple of big sponsors
19:12:27 <AbsintheSyringe> and after that I'm done
19:12:33 <AbsintheSyringe> I'm planning to finish that by the end of the month
19:12:34 <AbsintheSyringe> as
19:12:40 <AbsintheSyringe> it's gonna be too late after that either way
19:12:43 <AbsintheSyringe> to ask for money
19:12:44 * zumbi has not done much :/
19:12:51 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, we debunked that two meetings ago. but if you want me (and other people to stop working) please keep saying you're alone doing the work.
19:12:58 <nattie> AbsintheSyringe: i hate to break it to you, but i actually dislike the full-body logos
19:13:13 <h01ger> great use of my typing capacity too
19:13:18 * h01ger takes a break
19:13:23 <moray> zumbi: I'm not that worried about money for DC11, but I'm worried about us losing sponsors for *next* time
19:13:24 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, no I don't have a problem with that :)
19:13:37 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, I made a commitment to do all this stuff even 2 years ago so ;)
19:13:41 <AbsintheSyringe> nattie, :(
19:13:48 <AbsintheSyringe> what I can tell you is
19:13:49 <moray> zumbi: if we don't get them on board them this time, it's harder to get them back next year
19:13:54 <AbsintheSyringe> that they are going to be the "standard" ones
19:14:02 <AbsintheSyringe> different colors with logo in the middle
19:14:13 <AbsintheSyringe> either way
19:14:17 <AbsintheSyringe> there's a lot of nice ones
19:14:20 <nattie> we can discuss this onlist later
19:14:24 <AbsintheSyringe> I'll def mail the mailing list regarding this one
19:14:29 <AbsintheSyringe> mhm
19:14:34 <AbsintheSyringe> so yea
19:14:35 <AbsintheSyringe> back to money
19:14:38 <zumbi> moray: yes, thats more or less sensible. I try to push it a bit.
19:14:42 <moray> zumbi: thanks
19:14:45 <AbsintheSyringe> I have couple of more sponsors
19:14:48 <AbsintheSyringe> big ones
19:14:51 <AbsintheSyringe> and after that
19:14:55 <AbsintheSyringe> we're set I guess
19:14:56 <moray> zumbi: also would be good if you can check what other people are doing/encourage them/report back
19:15:01 <AbsintheSyringe> we have govt and sponsors
19:15:03 <AbsintheSyringe> and we're good to go
19:15:10 <nattie> AbsintheSyringe: can you give us concrete information on that at some point in the near future?
19:15:23 <moray> zumbi: a few other people are still vaguely meant to be working, according to the DebConf11/Teams wiki page
19:15:32 <AbsintheSyringe> nattie, yea, once I'm back in Bosnia tho
19:15:40 <moray> #topic Magazine adverts
19:15:44 <moray> this is also sponsorship team
19:15:48 <AbsintheSyringe> and after moray and h01ger leave or during their stay, by the end of the month either way
19:15:55 <AbsintheSyringe> my idea is to
19:15:58 <AbsintheSyringe> release those
19:16:02 <AbsintheSyringe> for the next month
19:16:03 <moray> zumbi: can you check the dates Linux Journal said?  I think we've already missed their deadlines
19:16:11 <AbsintheSyringe> so it appears in next months magazine issue
19:16:16 <AbsintheSyringe> same goes for nezavisne novine
19:16:18 <moray> zumbi: unless there's been more messages to them
19:16:23 <AbsintheSyringe> for example
19:16:24 <AbsintheSyringe> with nezavisne novine
19:16:37 <AbsintheSyringe> we could get couple of pro/corp attendees but it's more to
19:16:39 <AbsintheSyringe> do PR
19:16:42 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: I think we may be too late for the right issue of Linux Journal
19:16:49 <AbsintheSyringe> and of course bring awareness
19:16:52 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, ok
19:16:53 <nattie> so we should perhaps do Thank You ads instead?
19:17:03 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, then July?
19:17:12 <AbsintheSyringe> nattie, what do you mean?
19:17:33 <nattie> ads that run after the conf, thanking our sponsors
19:17:45 <nattie> and cautiously hinting at next year's edition
19:17:55 <AbsintheSyringe> nah
19:17:58 <AbsintheSyringe> def not
19:18:02 <AbsintheSyringe> we have to do it before
19:18:18 <AbsintheSyringe> at least for nezavisne we're gonna do it because I can reach them easily
19:18:29 <AbsintheSyringe> I would contact Linux Journal
19:18:32 <AbsintheSyringe> as well but I don't have their contact
19:18:50 <nattie> AbsintheSyringe: i believe that deadline has already oassed
19:18:53 <nattie> passed
19:18:56 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: the sponsorship team already spoke to them -- as with other sponsors, we should keep the same contact
19:19:05 <h01ger> there is a ticket in rt about it
19:19:15 <h01ger> queue sponsors
19:19:28 <AbsintheSyringe> k
19:19:30 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
19:19:33 <AbsintheSyringe> then I'll take care of this
19:19:42 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, got rt access?
19:19:42 <moray> "The ad is due on May 4th. I can get you 1-2 day extension if needed."
19:19:51 <nattie> it's now the 10th
19:19:52 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, yea, what date?
19:19:56 <moray> I assume we didn't send anything for 4 May
19:20:01 <nattie> so i suspect we're scuppered for that issue
19:20:02 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, actualy no
19:20:47 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, please send mail to admin@debconf.org then
19:20:56 <AbsintheSyringe> k
19:21:12 <moray> but (as I said above) we should keep the same person in contact with them
19:21:16 <nattie> AbsintheSyringe: i really think it's important to continue talking to the contact we've already established
19:21:23 <moray> it looks like it was mostly Pablo
19:21:28 <moray> so please speak to Pablo
19:21:34 <moray> e.g. he may know more than is in RT
19:21:43 <nattie> since he has experience
19:22:14 <Clint> who did it before him?
19:22:20 <AbsintheSyringe> nattie, me too
19:22:33 <AbsintheSyringe> I'd be happy if I don't have to do this
19:22:40 <AbsintheSyringe> I already have too many things on my back
19:22:41 <moray> Clint: I'm just looking at the RT mails I have as a non-member of the sponsorship team who gets spammed some of the stuff
19:22:42 <nattie> AbsintheSyringe: then delegate, delegate, delegate
19:22:48 <AbsintheSyringe> so if someone else will do I'd be glad if not I'll do it
19:22:54 <AbsintheSyringe> nattie, :)
19:22:55 <moray> Clint: the secret sponsorship team files may say more
19:23:06 <nattie> so do we resolve to contact Pablo and get him to do it?
19:23:20 <Clint> moray: i'm pretty sure they don't have anything about the magazines
19:23:23 <Clint> i think i looked last year
19:23:48 <moray> I think Pablo may still be holidaying, he had some post from Iguazu on Planet
19:23:52 <moray> (IIRC)
19:24:21 <moray> Clint: this is a sponsorship team thing, any chance you can work out what's going on and poke Pablo or speak to Linux Journal yourself?
19:24:44 <moray> Clint: it's not a *disaster* if we've missed the pre-DC11 deadlines, but in that case we need to negotiate a post-conf ad anyway
19:25:10 <nattie> i think it's going to be more sensible to aim for a post-conf ad, at this point
19:25:21 <moray> nattie: I'm not at all sure my deadline quote is right
19:25:33 <moray> nattie: it's cut out of a vast top-posted email thread
19:25:46 <nattie> ok, once we establish what the actual deadlines are, we can act
19:25:47 <moray> and may e.g. be for a different year :)
19:25:52 <nattie> and then we should act reasonably quickly
19:25:59 <Clint> moray: magazine ads are well outside my area of expertise, and i don't expect to be able to contact DrDub any better than y'all
19:26:19 <h01ger> Clint, true, but we're trying to distribute load ;)
19:26:22 <moray> Clint: I think we're looking for someone with the time for it, rather than expertise
19:26:36 <moray> Clint: the magazine ad production itself is not part of this job
19:26:43 <zumbi> who has the email of that LJ guy?
19:27:19 <Clint> moray: really? i was under the impression that all we had to do was send the ad and they'd run it
19:27:51 <zumbi> if I can get a hold of all the bits I can try to take care of the LJ affair
19:28:04 <moray> Clint: if you can read the sponsorship team stuff and tell us the address to send it to and deadline (that didn't already pass) then the job is done
19:28:40 <Clint> sure, i can do that. we already slipped one or two months on it, i believe
19:29:29 <moray> Clint: right, I fear we passed the relevant deadline, and it's in that case that some sponsorship team person needs to negotiate what happens next
19:29:47 <moray> but perhaps we still are on time, in which case it's merely a matter of saying where to send it
19:31:25 <moray> Clint/zumbi: ok, can you sort it out between you?  I understand there's even a sponsorship team IRC channel you can discuss on ;)
19:31:35 <h01ger> shall we move on? Clint has offered to do this and i'm sure he's captable of finishing this off! ;)
19:31:53 <moray> #action Clint and zumbi to find out what's going on with the magazine ad
19:32:10 <moray> #topic Registration progress
19:32:18 <moray> does someone have the current figures?
19:32:43 <moray> #info Registration was extended until 19 May
19:32:51 <darst> http://rkd.zgib.net/http/debconf/registration-data.txt
19:33:06 <moray> #info 348 attend
19:33:09 <h01ger> is applying for sponsored travel closed or open now? how should it be?
19:33:26 <Ganneff> hrm. noone updated the munin scripts yet?
19:33:29 <moray> darst: 348 now?  wasn't it lower recently?
19:33:49 <darst> that's just what the script says...
19:33:56 <darst> it's still updating, that's all I can say
19:34:07 <h01ger> http://munin.debconf.org/debconf.org/skinner.debconf.org-penta_accounts_type.html doesnt look up2date
19:34:16 <h01ger> Ganneff, no, i've asked you about it, but iirc got no comment
19:34:27 <moray> whoever updates that -- please archive the current one first
19:34:38 <Ganneff> h01ger: it just needs someone to update the .sh, then a copy into the /etc/munin/plugins
19:34:38 <h01ger> ie just some words, so i can do it
19:34:43 <moray> we forgot to do the archiving sometimes, but the archived years' data has been useful
19:34:44 <h01ger> which .sh?
19:34:50 <Ganneff> h01ger: you are munin maint, i would guess you know how to find that :)
19:34:56 <Ganneff> h01ger: well. the right ones, on skinner
19:35:09 <h01ger> Ganneff, i dont know how these plugins are written. but i will looko
19:35:10 <h01ger> now
19:35:21 <Ganneff> simple shell, using psql
19:35:27 <moray> h01ger: the archiving part should be easy, probably just a cp of the directory
19:35:40 <moray> h01ger: (as was done for e.g. dc7)
19:35:45 <Ganneff> yes
19:36:07 <h01ger> /var/lib/munin i assume?!
19:36:16 <Ganneff> the plugins not.
19:36:32 <Ganneff> and the munin server is not skinner, but there you want to copy the www dir
19:36:35 <Ganneff> for archival
19:36:38 <h01ger> ah
19:37:09 <moray> #topic Budget team progress
19:37:13 <moray> darst: is this you?
19:37:33 <nattie> isn't it always?
19:37:44 <h01ger> actually i dont think i will manage the munin stuff in the next 4 days... Ganneff if you could i'd be thankful. (work+linuxtag..)
19:37:53 <Ganneff> (and btw, im back with a little more time, so if there is admin stuff or such things i can help, tell me. right now im outside of any knowledge)
19:37:54 <Ganneff> h01ger: fine
19:38:17 <h01ger> Ganneff, great. also listadmin stuff. but i'll talk to you about this on #-admin
19:38:23 <h01ger> is there any budget progress?
19:38:40 <moray> darst should have news, but he seems to have been abducted
19:38:45 <darst> budget
19:39:02 <darst> our current "balances" are here:
19:39:03 <darst> http://rkd.zgib.net/http/debconf/accounting-balances.txt
19:39:16 <darst> that should list how much we have recieved in each account, and how much is pledged
19:39:30 <darst> we don't have any more information on actual costs
19:39:35 <h01ger> darst, please add morays+my trip to that. numbers off-meeting
19:39:36 <darst> what we might have to spend ourselves
19:39:41 <darst> ok, will do
19:39:50 <h01ger> thank you!
19:40:17 <darst> I checked that a few days ago with sponsors-table
19:40:28 <moray> and it matched, or not?
19:40:31 <h01ger> great
19:40:39 <darst> it is updated from the table
19:40:54 <h01ger> why is our income from sponsor negative?
19:41:10 <darst> mentally imagine it positive, it's just the way the ledger works
19:41:19 <darst> (money goes from sponsors to our accounts)
19:42:06 <darst> (at least with these programs)
19:42:27 <moray> darst: any more to say?
19:42:36 <darst> I don't think so
19:42:45 <darst> I am trying to collect data and add it to spreadsheets/there
19:42:48 <moray> darst: it's worth considering what to do about govt-paid stuff
19:42:58 <moray> darst: traditionally it would just be off balance sheet
19:43:03 <darst> yeah
19:43:05 <moray> but if we're having lots of it, that's a bit silly
19:43:18 <darst> if I have a number I could mark it as paid directly from the gov
19:43:25 <moray> we may need to manage some (unlimited?) pot of govt money too
19:43:29 <moray> and direct spending etc.
19:43:48 <h01ger> we should at least try to count it
19:43:49 <moray> darst: well, it won't be outgoing from our accounts either
19:44:00 <darst> I can represent that in the ledger and have it searchable as "paid directly" and all
19:44:01 <moray> so I'm not sure it belongs in the same system, but yes we should be tracking it somehow
19:44:08 <moray> ok
19:44:33 <moray> anyway, just raising the issue now, as I don't think we should fall back on ignoring that spending for our records
19:44:43 <h01ger> aehm. about the last topic, registration process. we should plan^wdiscuss deciding sponsorship today, so that we can start working in 9 days.
19:45:03 <h01ger> maybe just make up another meeting date just for this
19:45:12 <moray> #topic Travel sponsorship
19:45:24 <h01ger> or maybe Ganneff can lend us some energy + work here too ;)
19:45:29 <moray> deciding travel sponorship, you meant?
19:45:34 <Ganneff> http://paste.debian.net/116567/ (btw, thats the scriptset we have)
19:45:35 <h01ger> yes
19:45:43 <h01ger> and registration^wfood+accom
19:45:49 <moray> h01ger: right
19:46:07 <Ganneff> huh. i COULD run such a process as i did in the past. if thats (or something along it) is what we want.
19:46:08 <moray> h01ger: on both it must logically be possible to start now *even if* the deadline didn't happen yet
19:46:13 <Ganneff> how soon?
19:46:19 <Ganneff> well. first you need a team :)
19:46:23 <h01ger> Ganneff, deadline ends may 19th
19:46:28 <h01ger> we have a team on the wiki
19:46:33 <h01ger> but we need a team leader
19:46:41 <h01ger> pushing the team and making it work ;)
19:46:54 <h01ger> ie, i'm on the team but i cant do this
19:46:55 <moray> Ganneff: yes, I think the same again would work well
19:47:00 <h01ger> yes
19:47:23 <Ganneff> uh. fine.
19:47:37 <moray> Ganneff: if we get too many locals, we will also need some prioritisation of people for rooms in the main hotel
19:47:37 * h01ger bows to Ganneff! :)
19:47:43 <Ganneff> "Travel bursaries" - wtf is bursaries?
19:47:46 <moray> (e.g. matching /debian.org/
19:48:05 <nattie> Ganneff: it's like a scholarship but without the scholarliness
19:48:08 <moray> Ganneff: 'bursaries' is what people called outgoing sponsorship to try to avoid the ambiguity between ingoing and outgoing
19:48:11 <Ganneff> and the names there arent really what we had in the past for a team
19:48:28 <moray> Ganneff: the wiki page just has people who volunteered I think
19:48:29 <Ganneff> that are possible team leaders (and partly participants), but the actual rating should be done by many more and more diverse people
19:48:53 <moray> Ganneff: I agree that getting some more 'external' volunteers makes sense, I'm happy for you to push that as the team leader
19:48:54 <Ganneff> right, so i can go around and ask the usual set of debianites around the world to "volunteer" some time?
19:49:03 <h01ger> please
19:49:13 <h01ger> probably ask on -team or -project
19:49:18 <Ganneff> ok. fine. so dc7/8 style again. will do, will ask around, will report to -team
19:49:33 <Ganneff> then a date, then rate rate rate, then decision, then lots of spam mails
19:49:34 <moray> great
19:49:35 <Ganneff> more or less
19:49:44 <h01ger> wunderbar!
19:49:53 <moray> #topic Coordination
19:50:02 <Ganneff> (i do need to earn my own monesy (and possible my girls too), right? :) )
19:50:21 <h01ger> eparse
19:50:29 <moray> h01ger: he wants money to pay for girls
19:50:30 * nattie hands Ganneff an apostrophe
19:50:44 <nattie> i didn't think geeks believe in girls
19:51:01 <moray> nattie: (the above was a joke but) do you not follow Planet?
19:51:01 <h01ger> Coordination of what?
19:51:02 <Ganneff> nattie: somehow she doesnt run away screaming
19:51:15 <moray> h01ger: I'm not sure, though it's possible I added the topic
19:51:28 <moray> I think it may be about "we have people who volunteered to do stuff but we never contacted back"
19:51:40 <moray> and "we have too much work with a few people not-getting-round to doing it"
19:51:42 <h01ger> hm
19:52:01 <h01ger> we also had a meeting planned which never happened, but thats probably another topci
19:52:04 <moray> also of course that AbsintheSyringe needs to delegate more things to other locals :)
19:52:27 <moray> instead of trying to take too many tasks himself, we already told him to concentrate on *coordination* instead
19:52:28 <AbsintheSyringe> I will
19:52:31 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: yay!
19:52:36 <AbsintheSyringe> once these "big" things pass
19:52:36 <AbsintheSyringe> :)
19:52:44 <moray> but, let's leave this for now
19:52:51 <h01ger> what big things are left?
19:52:56 <h01ger> except the big conf ;)
19:52:59 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, none
19:53:02 <AbsintheSyringe> after you check it out
19:53:05 <AbsintheSyringe> it's all left for them
19:53:13 <moray> #topic Talks team progress
19:53:14 <h01ger> eparse
19:53:22 <moray> do we have a talks team leader?
19:53:23 <AbsintheSyringe> oh btw
19:53:28 <AbsintheSyringe> I was on Debian health check today
19:53:32 <h01ger> moray, i dont think so
19:53:35 <Ganneff> moray: gwolf?
19:53:42 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, there is any other business later :)
19:53:47 <AbsintheSyringe> and we kinda agreed we should talk more about that topic on DebConf
19:53:51 <moray> Ganneff: I'm happy if he is the talks team leader, but I just don't know the answer
19:53:57 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, ok, that keyword "talks" got me highlighted :)
19:54:08 <Ganneff> moray: its the only one i see regularly writing mails about talks
19:54:13 <Ganneff> and who asked in here about status
19:54:24 <blarson> gwolf has been leading talks team
19:54:25 <h01ger> biella said here she reviewed some submissions
19:54:30 <moray> #action gwolf is talks team leader (whether he likes it or not)
19:54:35 <nattie> haha
19:54:42 <h01ger> :)
19:54:45 <moray> #topic Any other business/next meeting
19:54:52 <blarson> submissions are being reviewed, poll for talk team meeting later this week
19:55:05 <moray> blarson: sounds good
19:55:10 <h01ger> #info he could ask biella or other people for co-leading
19:55:15 <h01ger> blarson, cool!
19:55:35 <nattie> biella does have the advantage of being an actual academic
19:55:45 * h01ger is happy about invisible progress which has now become visible :)
19:56:33 <moray> next meeting - ?
19:56:52 <nattie> do we continue in the fortnightly rhythm?
19:57:08 <moray> probably, just listening for any dissent really
19:57:21 <moray> also depends if there is internet in Bosnia :)
19:57:28 <h01ger> :)
19:57:54 <moray> #info Next meeting in two weeks: 24 May 2010
19:57:55 <AbsintheSyringe> I heard rumors there is :D
19:58:04 <AbsintheSyringe> while you're in Banja Luka?
19:58:07 <AbsintheSyringe> sweet :)
19:58:14 <moray> done?
19:58:15 <h01ger> yes :)
19:58:28 <nattie> hopefully by then they'll have actually met the localteam, so something can definitely be reported on that front
19:58:31 <moray> any last vital topic for 1 minute?
19:58:35 <h01ger> think so
19:58:42 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe had something about health check
19:58:45 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
19:58:52 <AbsintheSyringe> was on Debian Health check
19:58:55 <AbsintheSyringe> on UDS
19:58:58 <Ganneff> ok. pentabarf updated. that is, i moved from dc10 to dc11 for it. i have NO idea if we added fields in penatabrf. if so i miss on them
19:59:03 <h01ger> what is DHC?
19:59:13 <AbsintheSyringe> and what we agreed was that to improve the situation is to have talk about these things on DebConf
19:59:17 <h01ger> Ganneff, you mean munin?
19:59:18 <moray> Ganneff: did you archive the old one?  (please do if not yet :)
19:59:23 <AbsintheSyringe> where more Debian can talk about their problems
19:59:24 <AbsintheSyringe> with Ubuntu
19:59:25 <Ganneff> arr. i mean munin
19:59:28 <Ganneff> moray: i did
19:59:33 <moray> Ganneff: thank you
19:59:39 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, what is the Debian Health check at UDS?
19:59:46 <h01ger> Ganneff, thanks indeed!
19:59:54 <Ganneff> meeting is 24 may, 19utc, right?
19:59:57 <nattie> yes
20:00:32 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, um something where they inspect is Debian being treated right, if all the uploads are being synced
20:00:39 <AbsintheSyringe> so they are not doing things on their own
20:00:58 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-o/meeting/community-o-debian-healthcheck/
20:00:59 <nattie> that's not really relevant to the meeting just now, is it?
20:01:05 <nattie> tell us afterwards
20:01:09 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
20:01:13 <h01ger> #info next meeting is 24 may, 19utc
20:01:20 <AbsintheSyringe> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-o-debian-healthcheck
20:01:36 <nattie> AbsintheSyringe: hold off for just a moment, please
20:01:41 <AbsintheSyringe> mh
20:01:43 <AbsintheSyringe> mhm*
20:02:00 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, if you want to submit the talk, go ahead, but you're past the deadline! ;)
20:02:05 <h01ger> done? (meeting)
20:02:10 <moray> #endmeeting