17:13:55 <mrphs> #startmeeting
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17:14:04 <mrphs> let's get this going
17:14:28 <PhilipL> So, just to comment my mail. I thought it was a huge contribution, but it seems I am braking the process there. So, let us just let Elio finish his work and see where we get from there.
17:15:18 <mrphs> i dont think you are breaking the process
17:15:43 <mrphs> but it would be useful to send different emails on different topics so people can read them more easily
17:16:30 <mrphs> for example I'd separate the email about irc meetings and feedback
17:16:47 <PhilipL> oh that’s right. to me it was clearly one topic as it referred to our last meeting. but sure, that might have worked better
17:17:20 <mrphs> and pick a proper subject for each of them.
17:17:47 <mrphs> that way, it's easier for people ro read the parts they're most interested in, and respond.
17:18:26 <mrphs> so as far as the irc meetings go, the regular meetings are more of a check-in process. to let the others know what we've been up to in the past two weeks
17:18:40 <mrphs> and sync with eachother on topics that need discussions
17:19:13 <mrphs> I do agree with you that it's not the right medium to provide detailed feedback on every signle thing that was proposed in style guideline
17:19:21 <mrphs> but it can be an starter for the conversation
17:20:00 <mrphs> if that makes sense :)
17:20:26 <PhilipL> ok. i wasn’t sure if it was more an interruption or an agile changing the focus.
17:21:19 <PhilipL> I guess it wasn’t clear for anyone where that meeting could have led and we had to find our way.
17:21:38 <mrphs> well right now our focus is to get a design/style guideline so we can start putting things in the right order.
17:21:43 <mrphs> or at least that's how i think abou tit
17:22:06 <mrphs> it goes wherever we want it to go.
17:22:11 <ame_e> I thought PhilipL, your email comment about just a few pages was a good one.
17:22:21 <PhilipL> and i take back my feedback a bit :)
17:23:00 <mrphs> PhilipL: but to be clear, i'm not criticizing you at all. just trying to explain how i see it.
17:23:12 <PhilipL> or let’s say I lower my claim for now
17:23:26 <mrphs> :)
17:23:52 <ame_e> I'm just like :0. Positive emoji all around.
17:23:55 <PhilipL> i totally understand and agree with you
17:24:30 <mrphs> so have you had a chance to talk to ElioQoshi during the last week?
17:25:14 <ame_e> I've exchanged a few DM's, but not substantitive discussion.
17:25:28 <mrphs> do we have any updates other than emails?
17:25:40 <ame_e> Yesterday he asked if the meeting was going to be last night, and I said, no tonight.
17:25:52 <PhilipL> no. i was occupied. and then i wrote that mail on friday. I thought I’d wait for some response.
17:26:36 <PhilipL> haven’t heard from him
17:27:07 <mrphs> hm I wonder if the time of the meeting needs to be changed
17:27:22 <PhilipL> but he didn’t answer that he would join this evening?
17:27:39 <ame_e> My sense is (this is just a guess) that as a newcomer, Elio was waiting for responses on email before jumping in to respond.
17:27:50 <ame_e> I don't know why he isn't here now. I expected him here.
17:28:11 <mrphs> he's idle but not responsive.
17:28:26 <mrphs> okay, maybe we should just call it and switch back to email?
17:29:07 <ame_e> I can try to DM him on twitter? Or we call it?
17:29:37 <mrphs> would be nice if you can ping him
17:29:43 <ame_e> just did.
17:29:56 <mrphs> but we have to finish our meeting in 20mins anyway
17:30:31 <ame_e> He thought it started in 30 minutes.
17:30:41 <ame_e> Which is my mistake. I think I told him wrong time.
17:30:46 <PhilipL> oh no!
17:31:00 <mrphs> oh well :)
17:31:08 <PhilipL> it might be better to switch to email then
17:31:32 <ame_e> I thought we were in the same time zone?
17:31:38 <PhilipL> yes we arw
17:31:41 <PhilipL> are
17:32:00 <PhilipL> if he is in Albania right now
17:34:27 <weasel> cass: hmm.
17:34:40 <PhilipL> i am not sure if we’ll be very productive when catching him on the hop?
17:34:43 <PhilipL> is there anything we can discuss now?
17:34:55 <ame_e> mrphs?
17:35:34 <ame_e> I think at minimum we should confirm next meeting details. And if need be, maybe a sub-set of us jon a different meeting? Or discuss on email?
17:35:39 <mrphs> sorry phone rang.
17:36:19 <mrphs> so one important thing i wanted us to talk about is that I'm giving a talk with some other tor folks at HOPE
17:36:31 <ame_e> ok cool!
17:36:36 <mrphs> and was hoping (no pun intended) to talk about ux stuff too
17:36:53 <PhilipL> yey
17:37:19 <mrphs> so hopefully we'll have some more development till then (it's in 8 days)
17:37:26 <PhilipL> oh :)
17:37:31 <mrphs> thats one reason i was hoping to see ElioQoshi today.
17:38:08 <mrphs> ame_e: is he joining? if not, we can switch to email.
17:38:18 <PhilipL> But it is not planed for Elio to work on it for other 50 hours. So, I am optimistic
17:38:25 <ame_e> I'm not sure.
17:38:38 <mrphs> ok let's call it. falling back to email.
17:38:39 <ame_e> I think maybe he's hurry to somewhere to try to join.
17:38:48 <ame_e> But I don't know.
17:39:03 <PhilipL> aha!
17:39:04 <PhilipL> :)
17:39:05 <elio> Hey
17:39:07 <mrphs> oh here's an elio
17:39:10 <ame_e> I think calling it is fine. But before we go, do we want to schedule something else?
17:39:17 <elio> Sorry, I thought it was an hour later
17:39:20 <elio> my bad
17:39:34 <mrphs> no worries. we've about 15mins
17:39:36 <elio> mrphs its super effective!
17:39:55 <ame_e> Hi there!
17:39:56 <mrphs> if you can fill us in recent developments
17:40:00 <PhilipL> last week's meeting was irritating as it was one hour later that normal
17:40:17 <elio> Well, no updates from me, I havent received any feedback on the UX list yet
17:40:32 <elio> The only thing I got was the discussion from the last meeting
17:40:49 <elio> And we would bring the discussion to the UX list if Im not mistaken
17:40:56 <PhilipL> what kind of feedback can we deliver?
17:41:35 <mrphs> elio: PhilipL has provided some detailed feedback in his email. though the subject is about the last meeting.
17:41:59 <elio> I dont know, I have a vision in mind, people seem to have different opinions on few elements and I was awaiting them
17:42:10 <PhilipL> if there are not any other opinions popping up, i guess we can go on with the style guide as it is.
17:42:17 <elio> Email? I havent received anything since the last meeting...
17:42:53 <PhilipL> I was waiting for responses to my feedback, but people weren’t very active this week
17:43:10 <mrphs> elio: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/ux/2016-July/000173.html
17:43:20 <dcf1> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/ux/2016-July/000173.html
17:43:27 <dcf1> elio: did you get that email? ^
17:44:57 <elio> no :(
17:45:07 <elio> and Im pretty sure Im subscribed
17:45:54 <dcf1> https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/ux
17:46:09 <dcf1> You can check by entering your email address next to the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button.
17:46:28 <elio> Will do once on laptop
17:46:29 <dcf1> Or just read the archives on the web :)
17:46:45 <elio> So if no one has to add anything I will address Philip's comments
17:46:54 <PhilipL> maybe you keep working a bit on the style guide. i give you some distinct feedback. you see, what you add or change or keep your way. and there we have our initial style guide to present to the team again. the feedback we get then, should not go into detail, but maybe some basic ideas will come up or something basically missing.
17:47:19 <elio> Yeah sure, I was just expecting a bit more input from others as well
17:47:46 <elio> But well, we opened it up and gave people the chance to chime in I guess
17:47:59 <PhilipL> right. maybe these basic info should be our input now and not after your next version
17:48:06 <elio> Yeah
17:49:35 <PhilipL> Would you write to the mailing list some explicit demands what kind of feedback you need now to go on?
17:50:10 <PhilipL> maybe with a deadline of a few days and then go on
17:50:23 <PhilipL> then they really had their chance
17:50:54 <elio> I dont need any feedback honestly, I have a pretty clear process in mind which might be wrong and I cant judge that without people telling me
17:51:09 <mrphs> elio: yeah we should proceed. we can always have style guide version 2.0
17:51:20 <elio> So Im good to go, unless people have something to address
17:51:33 <elio> Cool, so we are good to proceed
17:52:23 <mrphs> ok
17:52:24 <PhilipL> yes. but we should tell the mailing list that you go on from here with the little feedback we have.
17:52:35 <elio> Of course
17:52:55 <PhilipL> cool
17:53:23 <mrphs> thanks everyone. looking forward to read the emails.
17:53:36 <elio> Thanks as well!
17:53:39 <ame_e> Thanks to you all.
17:53:40 <PhilipL> thumbs up
17:53:43 <mrphs> #endmeeting