17:10:57 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team biweekly meeting
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17:11:00 <isabela> !
17:11:03 <isabela> forgot that piece
17:11:12 <ame_e> Is there a web page or instructions for IRC? He uses IRC a lot (unlike me), but I wasn't sure how to explain, channel, server, etc.
17:11:13 <isabela> #action organize a session on irc with Elio
17:11:18 <ame_e> Hello Meetbot!
17:11:24 <isabela> yes there is
17:11:41 <isabela> https://www.torproject.org/about/contact.html.en#irc
17:11:45 <PhilipL> hi isabela
17:11:48 <isabela> if you familiar with irc that should do it
17:11:54 <isabela> oi PhilipL !
17:12:07 <PhilipL> but that page doesn’t say that the ux team meets here, right?
17:12:20 <ame_e> Ok, so we're Tor-project, got it.
17:12:23 <isabela> ah no, that is general info, our page does
17:12:26 <ame_e> No it doesn't.
17:12:38 <isabela> our wiki page had it let me check if is updated
17:12:43 <ame_e> I feel a little ridiculous, like what number am I calling you at right now?
17:13:03 <isabela> blah
17:13:05 <isabela> doesnt
17:13:09 <isabela> will add to the list
17:13:17 <isabela> #actioin add meeting schedule and place to the wiki
17:13:23 <isabela> #action add meeting schedule and place to the wiki
17:14:02 <isabela> did anyone had time to build the guidelines project page in the wiki?
17:14:55 <ame_e> No, I didn't. I have a vague draft of process, and it's on my to-do to refine.
17:15:20 <isabela> I think i can play with it during this long oliday
17:15:21 <isabela> holiday
17:15:26 <isabela> 4 of july
17:16:10 <isabela> what can be a good day for us to sync with Elio -- since today was a little fail
17:16:59 <PhilipL> i don’t know. maybe monday?
17:17:04 <ame_e> He is very accessible on Twitter, and I've exchanged emails with him too. Usually fast response time, but I believe he has a conflict the next couple of days.
17:17:20 <PhilipL> if we talk about the same time, I am not available on tuesday and wednesday
17:17:32 <ame_e> But I would absolutely schedule with him soon, and he is super responsive. He asked if all was ok since he hadn't heard.
17:17:45 <isabela> ame_e: monday this time works for you?
17:17:56 <ame_e> Yes.
17:17:56 <PhilipL> i’ll write him again to see when it’s possible
17:18:02 <isabela> if is monday the same time as this meeting works for me too
17:18:09 <isabela> PhilipL: thanks!
17:18:20 <ame_e> He's European time too.
17:18:31 <isabela> ah zurope!
17:18:36 <ame_e> Sorry, I don't know the official GMT - X, or UTC XX number for that.
17:19:15 <isabela> i will share a link to the wiki page before monday too
17:19:20 <isabela> did he joined our ux list?
17:19:21 <isabela> he should
17:19:57 <ame_e> I'm not sure. I didn't exactly roll out the welcome mat of all the things to get onboarded.
17:21:10 <ame_e> I wasn't sure if someone from Tor side wanted to be main point person, but I can definitely point him to the list and suggest he send an intro.
17:21:58 <isabela> is ok, we should do an onboarding welcome email for sure
17:22:06 * arma1 pops in, in case there's something he can be useful for
17:22:08 <isabela> i can do that and copy tor-project
17:22:17 <isabela> o/
17:22:23 <ame_e> Hi
17:23:25 <isabela> arma1: we have a designer to work on our brand guidelines, Elio
17:24:07 <ame_e> We do! We do we do. If helpful I can share a bit of our conversations?
17:24:37 <isabela> :)
17:24:44 <PhilipL> sure.
17:25:05 <mrphs> omg i totally lost track of time
17:25:19 <ame_e> My hope is that the Style Guide is a catalyst for other engagements, so designers, UX people, some less techie than others, can then take a bite-sized piece. So let's leep the text of that welcome email handy, since I hope we need it.
17:25:22 <ame_e> mrphs!
17:25:55 * mrphs reads backlog real quick
17:26:01 <ame_e> I was just sharing a bit of context around Elio. With whom I did not share the details of this meeting.
17:26:07 <ame_e> Trying to raise him now.
17:26:46 <mrphs> I'm going to propose a crazy idea...should we reschedule this meeting for next wed?
17:27:00 <mrphs> with elio in it of course
17:27:01 <isabela> we were thinking of having one on monday actually
17:27:02 <isabela> with elio
17:27:14 <mrphs> I wont be able to do monday
17:27:38 <mrphs> earliest i can do is tue evening
17:27:57 <PhilipL> tue and wed are difficult for me :/
17:28:22 <mrphs> and damn i see my email to elio et al hasnt went out either.
17:28:29 <mrphs> this has been hell of a week
17:28:40 <mrphs> PhilipL: what is a good day for you?
17:28:53 <mrphs> and which timezone are you at?
17:28:58 <PhilipL> or on wednesday one hour later
17:29:51 <isabela> wed one hour later works for me
17:29:55 <mrphs> me too
17:29:59 <mrphs> ame_e: ?
17:30:00 <PhilipL> im hamburg so right now it is 19:30
17:30:07 <ame_e> Sorry. In Berlin.
17:30:23 <isabela> ame_e: wed one hour later works for u?
17:30:26 <ame_e> Elio is Europe time zone, says un-sophisticated me.
17:30:28 <mrphs> ame_e: would 1800 UTC work for you?
17:30:31 <ame_e> Yes, I can do then.
17:30:51 <ame_e> I'm kind of a dummy with UTC, off to {search engine of your choice}.
17:30:52 <PhilipL> that’s UTC+2 MESZ
17:31:12 <PhilipL> Elio is in the same timezone if he is in Albania right now
17:31:26 <ame_e> So 20:00 for us, Philip?
17:31:40 <mrphs> ame_e: we're basically shifting this to an hour later, temporarily
17:31:46 <PhilipL> that would work!
17:31:49 <mrphs> ame_e: so whatever it was for you today, +1 .
17:32:00 <PhilipL> right
17:32:11 <ame_e> Ok, and adding next week, which is out of step of every-other-week. But we have Exciting Stuff and People to Conenct.
17:32:33 <mrphs> yes indeed
17:32:58 <mrphs> and sorry about the mess today :/
17:33:23 <isabela> ok
17:33:37 <isabela> do we have any other updates ?
17:33:46 <ame_e> I can share what I know from Elio
17:33:54 <isabela> sure
17:34:31 <ame_e> He has started working, with a few hours of initial work, and shared a quick, initial few pieces of graphics. He's looking forward to meeting you all and diving in for real.
17:34:56 <ame_e> The plan is he's doing the design work, and PhilipL (waves) is providing a few hours too
17:34:57 <isabela> :)
17:35:21 <ame_e> PhilipL is a continuity point to this community and conversations, and it's hard to design alone, so PhilipL is the reviewer.
17:35:22 <PhilipL> yes
17:35:27 <mrphs> I'll send an email shortly to him and the rest of folks, but ame_e can you please make sure ux mailing list and me are in loop?
17:35:50 <isabela> he will join the list too
17:35:53 <ame_e> Yes, I've only sent 1 email, and he wrote back to me saying hey these are a few things, is all ok at Tor.
17:36:07 <ame_e> And I said, hey thanks, hope to chat w folk on  Wed.
17:36:10 <isabela> mrphs: i mentioned before i will proper introduce and onboard him :)
17:36:29 <ame_e> So, you're not far out of the loop. Let's sew it together with your and isabela's email and then 1 loop.
17:36:45 <isabela> :)
17:36:49 <ame_e> He's IRC savvy and Floss ++++ so easy to reach in the usual ways.
17:36:50 <mrphs> excellent
17:38:29 <ame_e> Hang on all. He's coming here, now.
17:38:42 <isabela> ame_e: so for us to be productive on wed i will work on creating a page to document the project
17:38:43 <ame_e> He's very responsive on twitter.
17:39:12 <isabela> great
17:39:22 <PhilipL> :) wow
17:39:36 <isabela> having a page with the phases documented is a priority now
17:39:51 <isabela> so we can centralize things
17:40:10 <isabela> and communication happens much easier / one place to go and know what is going on
17:41:46 <ame_e> Hello
17:43:25 <ElioQoshi> Hi there!
17:43:26 <ame_e> Elio!
17:43:29 <PhilipL> Yey! Hi Elio
17:43:30 <ElioQoshi> Sorry, am late
17:43:32 <ame_e> Welcome, warm warm welcome.
17:43:46 <ElioQoshi> I usually use IRCCloud and it didn't allow another connection
17:43:50 <ElioQoshi> Did I miss exciting things?
17:43:57 <ElioQoshi> Thanks so much!
17:44:00 <ame_e> Dude, I never told you where it was, you're not late. I'm delighted you're here.
17:44:21 <ElioQoshi> I just wrapped up my exams today, so full focus on helping out you guys now (and some other FLOSS projects as well hehe)
17:44:22 <ame_e> Well ... isabela, mrphs, and PhilipL are here.
17:44:30 <mrphs> ElioQoshi: welcome
17:44:39 <ElioQoshi> Hey everyone o/
17:45:03 <isabela> oi ElioQoshi !
17:45:12 <PhilipL> So, you didn’t miss any important stuff for this meeting
17:45:34 <isabela> ElioQoshi: I plan on doing a proper onboarding email for  you :)
17:45:42 <ElioQoshi> isabela, thanks so much!
17:45:49 <ElioQoshi> I need to reply to you guys too
17:45:56 <ElioQoshi> It will be easier for me with university out of the way
17:46:26 <mrphs> in fact, we just decided to reschedule this meeting for next week wed 1800 UTC
17:46:44 <isabela> cool, i hope to introduce you to rest of tor and also give a list of places for you to be or check in that will help with your work
17:47:09 <ElioQoshi> mrphs well, I will be around here if you guys wish to stick around as well
17:47:15 <PhilipL> Yes, I guess we took you by surprise today, so maybe we can meet next wednesday to talk about the style guide
17:47:20 <ElioQoshi> isabela, sounds great! I met Moritz Bartl 2 months ago
17:47:21 <isabela> hehe
17:47:22 <ElioQoshi> Great guy
17:47:29 <isabela> :) awesome
17:47:35 <isabela> ElioQoshi: you are welcomed to stick around too
17:47:39 <isabela> here on irc
17:47:46 <ElioQoshi> Yes, but I'd like to spoil you before that
17:48:10 <PhilipL> of course.
17:48:25 <ElioQoshi> Let me send you some stuff, it's nothing ground breaking, just how I envision it
17:48:28 <PhilipL> we are all too excited
17:48:29 <ElioQoshi> ame_e has seen it
17:48:30 <ame_e> Well, don't feel like you need to have work done by then. It's more hey: here are the people.
17:48:37 <mrphs> ElioQoshi: hey are you on ux list yet?
17:48:57 <ame_e> I mentioned what you shared, but I didn't know if it was online somewhere yet ElioQoshi.
17:48:58 <ElioQoshi> Nope, where can I register?
17:48:59 <isabela> mrphs: he is not is part of the onboarding list i will send
17:49:30 <mrphs> ElioQoshi: i sent you a welcome email that i just realized it never got delievered. it was part of that email :)
17:49:35 <mrphs> let me give you the link real quick
17:49:46 <mrphs> https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/ux
17:50:05 <mrphs> we use the list as main communication channel
17:50:24 <mrphs> it's a public list, and anyone could join, lurk or participate
17:51:59 <ElioQoshi> Let me share an owncloud folder
17:52:08 <ElioQoshi> btw, ownCloud or Nextcloud? :D
17:52:25 <isabela> either cloud :)
17:54:28 <ElioQoshi> hehe
17:54:31 <ElioQoshi> thanks mrphs
17:56:47 <ElioQoshi> http://elioqoshi.me/owncloud/index.php/s/gQ6OqV3XYMP1p6E
17:56:51 <ElioQoshi> Guys, here we go
17:56:58 <ElioQoshi> So, in a nutshell
17:57:23 <ElioQoshi> I propose a clear logo format, when to use it on lighter backgrounds and how on darker ones
17:57:48 <flexlibris> hi all, just fyi, community team is meeting in here in 3 minutes
17:58:01 <ElioQoshi> I created a monochrome version when we cannot use a full color one (this is handy in printing)
17:58:04 <isabela> flexlibris: thanks!
17:58:10 <ElioQoshi> oh ok thanks!
17:58:11 <ame_e> Hi flexlibris!
17:58:22 <ElioQoshi> Can we migrate to another room?
17:58:23 <flexlibris> hi ame_e!
17:58:31 <ame_e> Sorry ElioQoshi, I didn't know that.
17:58:32 <isabela> ElioQoshi: different teams uses this channels for meetings
17:58:39 <isabela> i actually should stop our meeting bot
17:58:39 <mrphs> hm
17:58:44 <isabela> :)
17:58:49 <isabela> if is ok for y'all
17:58:57 <mrphs> yeah pls go ahead
17:59:02 <isabela> #endmeeting