16:59:27 <donuts> #startmeeting ux weekly sync
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16:59:33 <donuts> perfect timing nicob!
16:59:33 <championquizzer> hello o/
16:59:38 <nicob> hiii
16:59:43 <donuts> hi championquizzer!
16:59:59 <donuts> welcome to this week's UX Team meeting everyone
17:00:06 <nah> heya
17:00:10 <donuts> as usual, the pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2022-keep
17:00:28 <donuts> please take a minute to add anything you may want to discuss to the agenda
17:00:42 <donuts> otherwise, there's just one announcement this week
17:01:04 <donuts> our first release of the year for Android is sort of released, but not really
17:01:37 <donuts> meaning there's a release post up, but it's not available anywhere yet :P
17:01:54 <donuts> I see championquizzer has already posted a ticket about the APKs
17:02:02 <championquizzer> yep :)
17:02:07 <donuts> ty :)
17:02:13 <championquizzer> np!
17:02:15 <nah> when will it available?
17:03:00 <donuts> well the APKs should be up asap, but there's a slight delay between the "release" and when it's updated on other distribution channels (i.e. Google Play, F-Droid etc.)
17:03:12 <donuts> this is inevitably causing confusion though
17:03:42 <donuts> and I'm going to chat to the android team(?) about whether we can tighten this up a little in future
17:04:34 <nah> got it
17:04:35 <nah> ty donuts
17:04:39 <donuts> okay, let's take 5 minutes to update the weekly planning section of the pad next
17:05:01 <donuts> remember to please highlight anything you'd like to discuss (that's not already on the agenda) in **bold**
17:05:24 <donuts> and lastly, make sure your tickets are in the right columns and assigned to the right people in the team kanban :)
17:05:26 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/boards?scope=all&label_name[]=UX%20Team
17:10:03 <donuts> okay, I'm done
17:10:06 <donuts> how's everyone doing?
17:10:16 <nicob> also done
17:10:46 <nah> ok
17:11:06 <donuts> great
17:11:34 <donuts> looks like both of the items in bold relate to the S101 (VPN) project
17:11:43 <donuts> mind if I go first nah?
17:12:10 <nah> go ahead
17:12:11 <nah> :)
17:12:19 <donuts> aha ty
17:12:39 <donuts> so at the VPN meeting tomorrow I'm planning on presenting the work so far on both the non-empirical user stories
17:12:54 <donuts> (wip found here: https://www.figma.com/file/pN5u676dfXI6Qk1wyXD7XG/VPN-UX-planning-board?node-id=0%3A1)
17:13:08 <donuts> and the screenshots I've been collecting for the ecosystem evaluation
17:13:26 <donuts> (not sharing the link in here because there are some IP leaks I need to tidy up first)
17:13:36 <donuts> I need to finalize both this afternoon and then structure the session
17:14:14 <donuts> but the plan is to encourage feedback from the project committees and development teams over the next couple of weeks, so we can validate the user stories in interviews and the next survey
17:14:20 <donuts> and get started on the wireframes
17:14:35 <donuts> I'll also give everyone a short update on what nah's been up to
17:14:44 <donuts> which is the perfect segue...
17:14:53 <donuts> (go ahead nah hehe)
17:14:56 <nah> haha
17:15:46 <nah> yep, so, while the interviews are on hold for a little bit (so we can gather feedback to create better questions)
17:16:06 <nah> i worked on a screening questionnaire for the interviews
17:16:37 <nah> so we can share the call for participation for the interviews with tor communities
17:16:54 <nah> we plan to interview at least 10 ppl in this round
17:16:54 <donuts> it's looking great nah!
17:17:04 <nah> from various locations, gender, ages
17:17:14 <nah> we are looking for vpn power users and tor power users
17:17:39 <nah> i brought this up so we could discuss ~localization~ for this call for participation
17:17:55 <donuts> ohhh yes good idea
17:18:00 <donuts> what are you thinking?
17:18:19 <nah> well, i thought about english, portuguese and spanish
17:18:27 <nah> (languages that i'm able to interview)
17:19:10 <nah> what do you think?
17:19:21 <donuts> yep, that makes sense – I'm assuming you want to localize the screening survey itself?
17:19:25 <nah> yes!
17:19:40 <donuts> can we do that with a single survey in limesurvey, or does it need split in three?
17:19:56 <nah> we can do it with a single survey
17:20:00 <donuts> oh amazing
17:20:15 <donuts> I spotted it has an autotranslate feature, but I wasn't sure if you could do it manually
17:20:27 <nah> that are options on 'general settings' for 'additional languages'
17:20:34 <donuts> ahhh I see
17:20:43 <donuts> well, I think it's a great idea – go for it!
17:20:54 <donuts> I'm guessing a graphic would be nice too :)
17:21:06 <nah> yes! it would be amazing
17:21:13 <nicob> happy to make one!
17:21:13 <nah> now i want a graphic for all surveys
17:21:14 <nah> hahaha
17:21:17 <nicob> hehehe
17:21:27 <nah> <3
17:21:28 <donuts> awesome, yep just throw a ticket in ux/research for nicob ^^
17:21:34 <donuts> haha!
17:21:41 <donuts> is there anything else we can help with here nah?
17:22:01 <nah> i know we can add a css to limesurvey
17:22:06 <nah> like 'additional css'
17:22:22 <nah> i'm still trying to find out where it is supposed to be
17:22:29 <donuts> mmmmmmmmmmmmm
17:22:34 <nah> or if i need to ask access to it
17:22:37 <nah> access/privileges
17:23:11 <nah> anyway, i'll take sometime to look for it
17:23:21 <nah> and then i'll bring it back, probably today  on tor-ux
17:23:50 <donuts> I think we should just use the vanilla theme tbh
17:23:55 <donuts> I know it's not great
17:23:58 <donuts> but it also works
17:24:02 <nah> it's not to change the theme
17:24:07 <donuts> oh
17:24:31 <nah> it's just for additional small fixes/changes
17:24:43 <donuts> gotcha, in that case good hunting :)
17:25:21 <nah> not gonna spend too much time on that anyway
17:25:39 <nah> if i don't find it, we work with what we got  hehe
17:25:46 <donuts> no worries, sounds like it would be good to suss out anyway
17:25:49 <donuts> ha!
17:26:05 * donuts checks the agenda...
17:26:21 <donuts> I put "3. UX Team Q1 roadmap review" in here but I've not finished it yet
17:26:40 <donuts> I still need to add things to sponsors 9, 30 and 96
17:27:03 <donuts> but given you've already added everything that's on your plate nah, I don't think we need to review it before together really
17:27:13 <donuts> I'm adding both my and nicob's work
17:27:45 <donuts> for ref: I'll be presenting the team roadmap for Q1 super quickly at the all hands tomorrow
17:27:47 <donuts> along with the other teams who haven't gone yet
17:28:02 <donuts> https://www.figma.com/file/n4ETd0cUkcfj3KyclJQnt3/UX-Team-Planning?node-id=0%3A1
17:28:27 <donuts> any Qs on that subject?
17:28:55 <nicob> I don't think so. Is there anything you need from me?
17:29:06 <donuts> nope, you're all good nicob :)
17:29:17 <donuts> our work kind of blends together so it's easy for me to add
17:29:24 <nicob> gotcha
17:29:30 <nah> question o/
17:29:34 <donuts> go for it nah
17:30:24 <nah> there are some ur activities planned for tor:connect this quarter on s96, i think?
17:30:49 <donuts> ah yep, I was in the middle of fixing S96 when this meeting started
17:31:02 <donuts> I repurposed the blocks you added for onionshare
17:31:08 <donuts> and was about to duplicate them for the browser
17:31:09 <nah> ah ok
17:31:10 <nah> :)
17:31:18 <donuts> but I need to check in to see if the timeline's still accurate there
17:31:33 <donuts> S9/30/96 are still missing a bunch of stuff
17:31:42 <donuts> not too much though, hopefully :)
17:32:06 <nah> :o
17:32:15 <donuts> (mostly product stuff ha_
17:32:19 <donuts> *)
17:32:52 <donuts> are you still around championquizzer?
17:32:56 <championquizzer> yep
17:32:59 <donuts> woohoo!
17:33:04 <donuts> I see the next agenda item's yours
17:33:13 <donuts> somehow though I _completely_ missed your report on friday
17:33:14 <championquizzer> yes, that's me!
17:33:20 <donuts> so I haven't looked it over yet
17:33:23 <donuts> :(
17:33:44 <championquizzer> no worries..
17:33:46 <donuts> did you get the chance nah?
17:33:50 <donuts> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2022-February/003283.html
17:34:16 <donuts> wow, those kazakhstan tickets are climbing
17:34:31 <nah> yep!!!
17:34:39 <donuts> it was fortunate in a way that the community team already had RU language resources ready
17:34:46 <nah> donuts: no, i was reading right now as well
17:34:53 <championquizzer> agreed, donuts
17:35:10 <donuts> I can't wait until the missing features bug is fixed
17:35:25 <championquizzer> ok ...before diving into the report i think i should give a quick overview what our work is actually ...
17:35:34 <donuts> go for it, sorry championquizzer :)
17:35:39 <championquizzer> since we have nicob now! :)
17:35:55 <nicob> yes I'd love to hear!!
17:35:57 <ggus> donuts: nah, championquizzer maybe we could discuss about the user feedback monthly report - format, period, etc?
17:36:39 <donuts> sure, happy to do that too ^^
17:36:57 <championquizzer> we (the community team) coordinate user support activities at Tor. our work encompasses helping folks with software in the Tor ecosystem, collaborating on bug reports with dev teams, collaborating on user feedback with the UX team..
17:37:21 <championquizzer> helping users during censorship events and collaborating with ACT when required, write/maintain user facing docs
17:37:54 <championquizzer> currently we actively monitor frontdesk@tpo (email, using RT https://bestpractical.com/request-tracker/)
17:38:05 <championquizzer> forum (forum.torproject.net)
17:38:15 <championquizzer> and IRC/matrix channels
17:38:18 <nicob> what is ACT?
17:38:22 <championquizzer> sorry
17:38:30 <championquizzer> anti-censorship team
17:38:33 <nicob> ah, ty
17:38:52 <championquizzer> so that's about it
17:39:28 <championquizzer> you can find us lurking on r/tor reddit, twitter, tor stack exchange ..but we don't monitor those support channels :D
17:39:45 <donuts> <3
17:39:58 <championquizzer> back to the report..
17:39:59 <donuts> ty for all the work the community team does
17:40:11 <nah> <3
17:40:25 <nicob> thanks for the overview!
17:40:47 <championquizzer> :)
17:41:32 <championquizzer> .ru Tor censorship and .kz internet shutdown has been keeping us busy last month
17:41:48 <championquizzer> we now have a telegram support channel for users in .ru!
17:42:00 <donuts> \o/
17:42:57 <championquizzer> re. missing feature on mac/windows. we got a number of tickets for that issue ..but i see the bug is fixed and might make into 11.0.6?
17:43:28 <donuts> richard has just confirmed that in #tor-dev, yep!
17:43:36 <championquizzer> awesome
17:43:47 * donuts is looking forward to it
17:44:06 <championquizzer> and we saw an uptick in the reports for https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/fenix/-/issues/40192
17:44:28 <richard> o/
17:44:32 <donuts> hrm, any leads as to why?
17:45:10 <championquizzer> i am not entirely sure ..but I can confirm i could reproduce the bug
17:45:16 <donuts> once aguestuser is fully settled in and TBA releases have been smoothed out, I'm going to review the open bugs for Android and see what we can prioritize now it has dedicated dev resource
17:45:31 <donuts> hopefully in march-ish
17:45:47 <donuts> apologies for the wait :/
17:45:59 <championquizzer> no worries
17:46:06 <donuts> if this one's generating a lot of tickets, we could look into it now though
17:47:10 <championquizzer> i would not rush but report back if we see more reports of this :)
17:47:24 <donuts> sounds good!
17:48:02 <championquizzer> ggus: thanks for bringing this up!
17:48:18 <championquizzer> i am happy to keep this monthly ..
17:48:31 <championquizzer> but open to suggestions, feedback :)
17:48:48 <donuts> I'm more than happy with this format/frequency – I think it works great
17:48:53 <donuts> so I have no notes :)
17:49:32 <donuts> except to say thank you for doing these reports championquizzer and fielding our Qs afterwards <3
17:49:38 <donuts> nah: any comments?
17:50:16 <nah> i'm happy with it too!
17:50:23 <championquizzer> awesome
17:50:23 <nah> thank you championquizzer and community team ;)
17:50:59 <donuts> was there anything in particular you wanted to bring up re: the format ggus, or were you just checking in?
17:52:13 <ggus> donuts: we started using that format during Outreachy project with Pari
17:52:24 <ggus> idk now with weekly meetings make sense waiting 1 month to report to devs
17:53:31 <ggus> the user feedback report should help on prioritizing TB and TBA tickets
17:54:05 <donuts> ah, I see! I'm happy to stick to monthly for the reports themselves – and championquizzer can let us know of anything pressing (like the downloads issue) that needs attention inbetween during regular weekly meetings
17:54:10 <donuts> yep, absolutely
17:54:47 <championquizzer> cool, that wfm
17:55:06 <ggus> sounds good!
17:55:10 <donuts> thanks both!!
17:55:30 <donuts> okay it looks like we're at the end of today's agenda
17:55:44 <donuts> is there anything else anyone would like to discuss? or are we all good?
17:55:52 <nah> i'm good
17:56:11 <championquizzer> thanks all o/
17:56:35 <donuts> great, thanks very much everyone! catch you on IRC :D
17:56:38 <nicob> thanks! o/
17:56:40 <donuts> #endmeeting