16:59:37 <donuts> #startmeeting ux weekly sync
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16:59:44 <donuts> hello UX Team :)
16:59:49 <championquizzer> hello o/
16:59:52 <nah> hello :)
16:59:52 <Shreya[m]> hiii
16:59:58 <nicob> helloooo
16:59:58 <donuts> I have not prepared the pad yet lol
17:00:01 <donuts> but it is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2022-keep
17:00:06 <donuts> give me two minutes to update it...
17:01:38 <donuts> okay I think that's it in terms of announcements – just the two new alphas for desktop and android
17:02:22 <donuts> the release schedule for Tor Browser is up to date, but we have a rough plan for the following releases at least
17:02:49 <donuts> 11.0.5 for Android should be landing very soon, hopefully this week
17:03:12 <donuts> this will be the first stable release for Android since October, and the first stable Android 11.0 release
17:03:40 <donuts> after that, we're expecting 11.0.5 for desktop the following week
17:04:21 <donuts> with subsequent alphas (a2 for desktop and a3 for both) coming after
17:04:53 <donuts> hopefully, in February, Android and desktop releases will be in sync again
17:05:06 <donuts> aaaaaaand that's it for announcements
17:05:16 <donuts> let's take 5 minutes to update the weekly planning session of the pad
17:05:29 <donuts> please remember to highlight any work items you'd like to discuss in bold
17:05:47 <donuts> and also remember to check the UX Team kanban and shift any tasks that are currently assigned to you into their correct columns
17:05:56 <donuts> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/boards?scope=all&label_name[]=UX%20Team
17:06:13 <championquizzer> v nice! ty for the updates, donuts
17:06:38 <donuts> yw :D
17:07:33 <nah> ok, i'm done
17:07:52 <nicob> also done!
17:08:47 <donuts> okay just waiting for me then, two minutes...
17:09:17 <donuts> done
17:09:28 <donuts> looks like nobody has any items in bold
17:09:38 <donuts> is there anything I'm blocking anyone on, that's not already on my list?
17:10:30 <nah> not on my side
17:10:33 <nicob> not I
17:10:40 <nah> i plan on bold my items next week hehehe
17:11:08 <donuts> hahaha good
17:11:32 <donuts> what's the Sponsor 30 meeting tomorrow nah?
17:11:45 <donuts> "training and UX planning"
17:11:52 <donuts> oh is that the regular one that was set up?
17:12:01 <nah> kinda of regular i think
17:12:11 <nah> to plan the training and UR for march/april
17:12:22 <nah> this week we will finish the survey
17:12:23 <donuts> I'm thinking about not attending unless I'm needed, what do you think?
17:12:28 <nah> to call for participation
17:12:44 <nah> donuts: yep, i think it's fine
17:12:44 <donuts> if anything needs review we could chat about it in our 1:1s?
17:12:50 <donuts> great, ty nah :D
17:13:01 <nah> ;)
17:13:56 <donuts> oh wow free figjam has expired
17:14:03 <donuts> okay that's another thing to add to my list to sort
17:14:04 <nah> :O
17:14:05 <nicob> noooooo
17:14:23 <miko[m]> *was lurking but omg
17:14:28 <donuts> not to worry, I'll fix that today :)
17:14:59 <donuts> hi miko[m]!
17:15:11 <donuts> I was considering filling the extra time today by talking about our OKRs
17:15:20 <donuts> our/my
17:15:24 <miko[m]> hi duncan!
17:15:32 <miko[m]> *continues lurking
17:16:01 <donuts> buuuuuuuut let's hold off doing that until I can tick a few more off, as there are a couple that are right on the brink of being completed
17:16:06 <donuts> which means...
17:16:11 <donuts> we're finishing early again today ^^
17:16:29 <donuts> next week I'll add some actual discussion points to the agenda hehe
17:16:39 <nicob> thanks donuts!
17:16:50 <Shreya[m]> next week I'll be contributing too!
17:16:56 <donuts> oh nicob, I'm going to send that Tor Browser icon ticket your way this week
17:17:03 <nicob> sounds good
17:17:10 <donuts> that can take priority over anything in the backlog, but feel free to chip into that stuff while you're waiting on me
17:17:18 <nicob> alrighty
17:17:24 <donuts> Shreya[m]: fantastic, looking forward to it!
17:17:44 <donuts> okay team, any last words before I hit the button?
17:17:48 <nah> i'm gonna add discussion points next week too ;)
17:17:58 <championquizzer> thanks o/
17:17:59 <donuts> I'm already bracing myself
17:18:09 <donuts> lol
17:18:15 <nah> thank you all :)
17:18:16 <donuts> thanks everyone! o/
17:18:22 <donuts> #endmeeting