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14:00:08 <championquizzer> hello! o/
14:00:09 <miko[m]> Hi everyone!
14:00:14 <ggus> hi everyone!
14:00:15 <nina13[m]> hi!
14:00:16 <championquizzer> happy new year everyone
14:00:19 <ggus> welcome to 2022!
14:00:45 <miko[m]> happy new year!
14:00:53 <ggus> new year, new pad. please add your updates https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2022-keep
14:01:05 <ggus> and then we will start discussing the agenda
14:02:51 <nah> o/
14:02:55 <emmapeel> o/
14:03:42 <championquizzer> \\o
14:06:27 <miko[m]> o/
14:06:36 <miko[m]> im done with the pad!!
14:06:45 <nina13[m]> done
14:06:48 <ggus> i think everyone added their updates, so let's get started :D
14:06:55 <emmapeel> yes
14:07:14 <ggus> * Gamification project update
14:08:22 <ggus> miko: do you want to share an update about your internship? :D
14:08:45 <miko[m]> yess!
14:09:00 <miko[m]> hi everyone, the year starts with exciting updates :D
14:09:24 <miko[m]> we have 55 responses on our user survey
14:09:32 <miko[m]> for tor relay operators
14:10:02 <miko[m]> https://survey.torproject.org/index.php/459487 survey hosted here
14:10:38 <miko[m]> so far from the data a few questions about our decisions are being answered and I will summarize all of those in a report this week
14:10:49 <ggus> yay! :D
14:10:59 <nah> super! :)
14:11:09 <emmapeel> great, i am curious about the answers!
14:11:15 <championquizzer> nice! the survey is open until today, right?
14:11:22 <miko[m]> for context this survey is related to this: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/26
14:12:23 <nah> miko[m]: do you have volunteers for the interviews already?
14:12:27 <miko[m]> thanks emma and nah!
14:12:53 <miko[m]> championquizzer: we're advertising the survey on social media today
14:13:10 <ggus> nah: 5 people
14:13:25 <nah> great!
14:13:40 <miko[m]> nah:  great reminder, we have a list of relay operators recommended by gus, we will start scheduling interviews this week
14:13:52 <miko[m]> i'll add this to the pad real quick
14:15:21 <miko[m]> @nah: do you have any pointers on how i should approach interviews, what we should ask differently compared to the survey?  https://survey.torproject.org/index.php/459487
14:16:01 <nah> i think it would be useful to have insights from the survey
14:16:18 <nah> to create the interview questions - if you want a different approach
14:16:56 <nah> i'll have another look to the survey and get back to you with suggestions anyway ;)
14:17:02 <miko[m]> yesss i will work on a report and send it to you and gus tomorrow!
14:17:29 <miko[m]> thanks a lot nah! :D i'm so happy to have your help
14:17:48 <nah> <3 thank you! great work, miko[m]!
14:17:56 <ggus> great!
14:18:33 <miko[m]> then there's a competitive audit report, related to this project (and UX research)
14:19:15 <miko[m]> it's way low on the agenda but it is related, and I just want to ask people here for suggestions:
14:19:45 <miko[m]> do you know any interesting volunteer-run projects where the volunteers are being rewarded?
14:20:34 <miko[m]> i have 5 such projects in the audit already but I am looking for suggestions :D
14:20:42 <nah> hmmm i can't think of any atm
14:21:17 <miko[m]> no worries! any time you can think of a project, ping me :D
14:21:43 <emmapeel> miko[m]: do you mean projects inside tor project, or outside?
14:21:58 <miko[m]> inside and outside, anything we can learn from!
14:22:18 <nah> miko[m]: foss projects? or any kind of project?
14:22:19 <emmapeel> translators are rewarded sometimes with tshirts and stickers
14:23:52 <miko[m]> emmapeel sounds good! nah the best contenders on my existing list are FOSS projects. I think FOSS has the whole volunteer engagement thing figured out better than most
14:24:05 <championquizzer> i think libreoffice has been/was doing something like this
14:24:19 <miko[m]> but there's still minor differences in how they keep their community engaged, that's what i want to study
14:24:22 <championquizzer> (e.g. https://blog.documentfoundation.org/blog/2019/11/01/starting-today-the-month-of-libreoffice-november-2019-get-cool-swag/)
14:24:48 <miko[m]> championquizzer: thanks! adding to my list :D
14:25:25 <ggus> alright, shall we move to the next topic?
14:25:34 <miko[m]> yes! thanks everyone
14:25:43 <championquizzer> great work, miko[m]
14:25:50 <ggus> thank you! :D
14:26:02 <ggus> * Internet shutdown in Kazakhstan
14:26:07 <miko[m]> thank you championquizzer
14:26:40 <ggus> since last week, there are some internet disruptions in Kazakhstan, you can read more here: https://github.com/net4people/bbs/issues/99
14:27:00 <ggus> this weekend the AC team discovered that there's a way to connect to tor
14:27:31 <ggus> so we wrote a user guide today: https://forum.torproject.net/t/internet-shutdown-in-kazakhstan-how-to-circumvent-censorship-with-tor/1679
14:28:01 <ggus> tl;dr: it's possible to use obfs4 bridges on port 3785.
14:28:42 <ggus> thanks nina13 for translating so fast!
14:29:11 <emmapeel> <3
14:29:27 <nah> great work!
14:29:39 <nina13[m]> Thank you. It's important for Kazakhstan
14:30:11 <miko[m]> great work nina13 and gus !!
14:31:13 <ggus> i will jump to the next topic
14:31:40 <ggus> * Tor user support in Telegram
14:31:59 <ggus> so, last year, before the holiday break, nathan from The Guardian Project configured an account on their cdr.link instance.
14:32:03 <ggus> it's possible to do user support over telegram
14:32:42 <ggus> cdr.link is pretty amazing help desk tool
14:32:54 <championquizzer> +1!
14:33:04 <emmapeel> how does it work, do you use a web interface, or the telegram client on your phone?
14:33:17 <ggus> a web interface, like RT
14:33:27 <ggus> but from 2020's and not 2000.
14:33:32 <championquizzer> ha
14:33:34 <emmapeel> hehe
14:33:58 <miko[m]> hehe
14:34:32 <ggus> if you send a message to @TorProjectSupportBot, it will open a new 'ticket' on this system
14:34:33 <gaba> nice
14:34:55 <nina13[m]> great!
14:35:38 <ggus> so, here's the plan: i will ask TGP to create new account for nina13. and then we will test this week how this work (how we can use templates to answer ppl)
14:36:14 <ggus> i believe the goal is not to replace RT right now and i would like to focus on .ru support
14:36:29 <nina13[m]> will it work in the tor browser?
14:36:38 <ggus> nina13: yes!
14:36:40 <nah> do we have a list where telegram is banned?
14:36:50 <ggus> i've tried and it works
14:37:01 <nina13[m]> ggus: that's amazing!
14:37:57 <ggus> nah: no, but i believe TG is blocked in Turkmeninstan, but works in Russia and Kazakhstan. We can check with Maria and ooni.
14:38:47 <ggus> fwiw, TG is used a lot in China and HK. so we could expand tor user support in china in the future.
14:39:05 <miko[m]> amazing!
14:39:17 <nah> nice!
14:39:34 <emmapeel> if it is easy to handle, it feels closer to millenials than an arcane email
14:39:48 <championquizzer> ggus: i don't think i have a account on this particular instance. can you create one for me please? (i only tested the demo instance which josh shared)
14:39:53 <nah> haha yep
14:39:58 <nina13[m]> maybe even program a bot (later). That's really useful and easy to use
14:41:35 * gman999 back lurking as per emmapeel
14:42:50 <ggus> nina13: let's meet this week to onboard you on this tool and define a plan.
14:43:19 <nina13[m]> ggus: OK!
14:43:52 <ggus> championquizzer: i can create, but i would like to only answer users in Russian, so we don't overlap with IRC/Matrix/RT/Forum.
14:44:17 <championquizzer> ack
14:45:37 <ggus> anything about the TG user support in russian?
14:46:47 <championquizzer> post-testing we will have to add this to the support documentation
14:48:29 <championquizzer> (similar to https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/support/-/issues/281)
14:49:48 <ggus> there's a step before that is evaluating the success of this new tool after the end of this rapid response fund.
14:50:23 <championquizzer> yeah
14:51:15 <ggus> let's jump to the last topic
14:51:25 <ggus> * Bridges campaign
14:51:45 <kushal> ggus, great work on this one :)
14:51:57 <ggus> the campaig ended last friday : https://blog.torproject.org/run-a-bridge-campaign/
14:52:03 <ggus> campaign
14:53:12 <ggus> you can see the network size here: https://metrics.torproject.org/networksize.html
14:53:20 <ggus> and here are the numbers
14:53:26 <ggus> - 2021-11-17: 1252 bridges
14:53:34 <ggus> - 2022-01-10: 2289 bridges
14:53:41 <emmapeel> wow
14:53:50 <nah> wooow! :)
14:53:51 <championquizzer> awesome!
14:53:54 <emmapeel> a little more than the 200 hoped
14:53:56 <ggus> ~1037 new bridges
14:54:00 <miko[m]> 👏 woo!
14:54:08 <nina13[m]> Wow
14:54:12 <ggus> the goal was 200 new bridges
14:54:14 <nah> that's great!
14:54:52 <ggus> this week i will write a new blog post about the campaign
14:55:02 <kushal> 👍
14:55:27 <ggus> but, it's amazing how the community is engaged :D
14:55:38 <nah> 5 times the goal, that's the new goal. congrats, community!
14:55:41 <kushal> ggus, btwk, is this the number of bridges where the operators messaged us about their bridges?
14:55:55 <ggus> partially because of the tor hoodie
14:56:03 <ggus> but mostly because of the censorship in russia
14:56:10 <donuts> 👏👏👏
14:56:14 <gman999> sorry... how many unique operators on the bridges?
14:56:26 <ggus> kushal: no, this is just the network size. the number of operators that contacted us is lower
14:56:33 <ggus> gman999: idk
14:56:38 <kushal> ggus, Okay.
14:56:50 <ggus> but i can say that a lot of new operators joined us
14:56:52 <gman999> there's a lot of this "i brought up 17 bridges blah blah"
14:56:54 <gman999> definitely
14:56:58 <kushal> ggus, I asked as I know at least one new operator who forgot to email back :)
14:57:09 <gman999> ha ha
14:57:19 <ggus> kushal: ask them to email us ASAP
14:57:25 * gman999 marks kushal troublemaker in book
14:57:33 <ggus> so we can count how many swag we will need to deliver
14:58:57 <ggus> we're close to the hour, so i will stop the bot. we can talk more about these topics on other channels
14:59:02 <ggus> #endmeeting