17:00:26 <gaba> #startmeeting June 8th
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17:00:32 <gaba> pad in http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
17:01:22 <ahf> fancy with onion
17:01:27 <nickm> asn: ping?
17:01:34 <ahf> is holiday in greece today
17:01:36 <gaba> now i get automatic change :P
17:01:37 <nickm> ah
17:01:40 <Caitlin> oh i didn't realise there was an onion for that
17:01:42 <nickm> enjoy your holiday asn
17:01:42 <ahf> gaba: :-D yep
17:01:53 <nickm> do we know if dgoulet can make it?
17:02:20 <gaba> please take time to update the statuses on the pad
17:02:39 <Caitlin> ahead of you on that
17:02:50 <nickm> I try to do that before the meeting; does anybody need more time?
17:03:00 <Caitlin> had no "planned" for last week but i did fill in what i ended up doing
17:03:21 <jnewsome> doing it now
17:05:22 <nickm> so, we probably won't have new reviewer assignments today, since asn and dgoulet are both out
17:05:46 <nickm> if you need something reviewed urgently, though, just ask on IRC
17:05:46 <Caitlin> re #32888 should i split up the ticket into ipv6?
17:06:02 <Caitlin> i can do that
17:06:11 <nickm> Caitlin: whatever you prefer there; sorry for premature merge
17:06:13 <Caitlin> i was just going to keep the current one opened since it had the details
17:06:15 <gaba> Caitlin: if you are doing that ticket change the ownership, otherwise if it is just a part of it you can create a ticket
17:06:21 <Caitlin> alright
17:06:26 <gaba> you can put it as a child
17:06:32 <gaba> thanks!
17:06:44 <Caitlin> yeah that might work better, that way i could have the new PR tied with the specific issue
17:07:26 <gaba> about reviews, we still have a bunch of reviews assinged. and yes, we will not have those 3 tickets taht needs reviews assigned today
17:07:50 <gaba> nickm: you want to talk about 0.4.4 ?
17:08:16 <nickm> huh, actually all three of those tickets are mine
17:08:31 <nickm> if anybody wants, have a look at any of these: I think they are all small and correct
17:08:34 <nickm> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=needs_review&reviewer=&component=%5ECore+Tor%2FTor&max=300&col=id&col=summary&col=reviewer&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&col=component&report=82&order=reviewer
17:08:38 <nickm> gaba: sure.
17:09:01 <nickm> 044 is scheduled to enter feature-freeze in 7 days.  I don't know a reason to postpone that right now, but people should let me know asap if they think we should
17:09:15 <nickm> I'll plan to put out an next week unless there are blockers
17:09:42 <nickm> I am thinking about forking 045 early for S55 stuff, but I'd like to know what the whole team thinks of that
17:09:42 <gaba> sounds good
17:10:12 <nickm> this is a good week to work on any 044-should/must/can features, realizing that delaying for 045 is always safer
17:10:41 <nickm> and to plan to do only 044-should/must/can bugs for a bit
17:10:44 <nickm> s/only/mostly/
17:11:02 <nickm> ahf: this sound plausible to you?  and what do you think about an early 045 fork?
17:11:04 <Caitlin> i'll glance at 044-must to get an idea what's going on
17:11:14 <gaba> there are 2 tickets in 044 that have no owner and are parked as priority high. are those important?
17:11:24 <nickm> here's our status page, which is currently WIP. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/044Status
17:11:27 <gaba> #32564
17:11:34 <gaba> and #33469
17:11:45 <Caitlin> oh i guess none for -must
17:12:13 <nickm> gaba: Those are both "I don't know if this is happening much and I don't know what's happening".
17:12:20 <Caitlin> looking at 044 status page
17:13:08 <nickm> removing #32564 from the milestone; it's needs-info and stalled
17:13:11 <ahf> nickm: sounds plausible, yeah
17:13:25 <ahf> i think it sounds like a good plan actually
17:13:29 <ahf> (my not just dropped out)
17:14:17 <Caitlin> not?
17:14:40 <nickm> "net" probably?
17:14:45 <Caitlin> i was thinking that too
17:15:01 <ahf> net, yes
17:15:13 <nickm> gaba: also putting 33469 into unspecified: as far as we know it only affects ancient windows
17:15:22 <gaba> ok
17:16:49 <gaba> let's move on then. unless there is something else on 044
17:17:24 * ahf good
17:17:42 <gaba> i had something to bring about the project after IPv6 s55 but it would be good to have dgoulet and asn here for that
17:17:58 <gaba> i will talk with them about it and if it makes sense we chat next week
17:18:44 <Caitlin> re #32888 there are still things for both ipv4 and ipv6 and i think it's cleaner just to reassign this issue to me than try to dissect the relevant parts of the ticket into a child
17:18:48 <Caitlin> so i will do that
17:18:50 <alsmith> gaba as a reminder the ARIN grant is due june 10, wednesday
17:18:53 <gaba> ahf, caitlin: so you know is about what project is needed after https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor55
17:19:02 <gaba> alsmith: thanks :)
17:19:13 <gaba> ok
17:19:18 <Caitlin> say again gaba?
17:19:35 <nickm> gaba's wondering, "like, what should we seek ipv6 funding for after S55 is done"
17:19:39 <nickm> I think
17:19:40 <Caitlin> oh
17:19:45 <nickm> gaba: is that right?
17:19:47 <gaba> yes, thanks nickm
17:19:47 <ahf> uh, i don't know :o
17:20:10 <Caitlin> s55 focuses on ipv6 as far as relays are concerned, correct?
17:20:11 <ahf> i am pretty clueless on IPv6. teor's analysis was what i went with, but i don't know what is after that
17:20:19 <Caitlin> so i'm assuming next steps would be for bridges and clients
17:20:36 <Caitlin> which seem like relays will need extensive testing and adoption first which might take a bit
17:20:47 <Caitlin> i know this isn't immediately relevant but i want to get a broader picture anyway
17:21:36 <gaba> yes, it may makes sense to wait a little and not apply for a next project right away
17:22:13 <Caitlin> i probably won't leave right away after my internship is done either
17:22:19 <Caitlin> i am actually interested in the progress of this goal
17:22:27 <nickm> awesome
17:23:08 <Caitlin> i do need to pay some mind both to IRL and personal projects but yeah i'll try to poke in and help where i can
17:23:27 <gaba> great
17:23:43 <Caitlin> as for immediate concerns, i think i have my week lined up
17:23:46 <Caitlin> anything else i should be aware of?
17:23:52 <gaba> nickm, alsmith: let's talk later today about this specific grant application.
17:24:07 <gaba> no, I think that is it
17:24:10 <Caitlin> cool
17:24:20 <alsmith> ok i am free at any time after this
17:24:22 <gaba> The next item in the discussion part of the pad is this holy migration :)
17:24:25 <Caitlin> i mentioned concerns with onion.torproject.org in #tor-dev as well
17:24:34 <Caitlin> i can open tickets on that if it's relevant on trac
17:25:23 <gaba> caitlin: openning tickets is good as we can follow up the discussion and document it
17:25:41 <Caitlin> what component, "internal services"?
17:26:16 <nickm> that or "website"
17:26:20 <Caitlin> ok
17:26:22 <gaba> yep
17:26:29 <Caitlin> well it says "webpages" i assume that's the one
17:26:29 <gaba> ahf: do you want to talk about migration here?
17:26:47 <ahf> sure, i don't have much to add here. there is a big email being written right now that will come out soon
17:26:50 <ahf> with a ton of info
17:27:03 <ahf> and we are experimenting most of this week with the migration process to make sure things are ready for the weekend
17:27:04 <Caitlin> oh webpages/website gotcha
17:27:07 <Caitlin> sorry i'm slow :p
17:27:39 <ahf> there will be a thread on internal where we request some help with finding problems, please help out there
17:27:44 <ahf> that i think is the most important thing for this week
17:28:00 <ahf> as if we move next week and find out an issue in 4 weeks then the decision tree is sad
17:28:35 <Caitlin> eh? webpages/website does not show up for me
17:28:37 <nickm> qq wrt trac/gitlab migration:
17:29:00 <Caitlin> #34396 i'll let someone else figure that out
17:29:08 <nickm> where do the repos live after the migration?
17:29:41 <gaba> all Tor repos will be under https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo
17:30:12 <nickm> Do the git.torporject.org and gitweb.tpo urls keep working?
17:30:14 <gaba> (this is after we split tickets that ended up in legacy and move them to the right place)
17:30:19 <gaba> ahhhh, the repos. sorry
17:30:22 <ahf> nickm: the repos will be moved after tuesday, with automatic syncing, on the tpo org on gitlab. git.torproject.org will continue to work as will gitweb.torproject.org
17:30:25 <nickm> is git.tpo still canonical?
17:30:27 <ahf> yes
17:30:38 <ahf> if you want it to! that is, i think for tor.git, we want that.
17:30:42 <nickm> ok
17:30:55 <ahf> some smaller projects and all the user/* projects on git.tpo we probably want them to move over to gitlab soon.
17:31:12 <nickm> fine with me to let each project choose
17:31:28 <nickm> when is the public announcement?
17:31:37 <nickm> and would you like any help with it?
17:31:42 <ahf> i am fixing danglish right now. you wanna proof read it?
17:31:49 <nickm> sure!
17:31:58 <ahf> gonna PM you a pad in a bit, just writing the last part now
17:32:18 <nickm> ok, i'll have it proofed within a little while after this meeting, if you'll be around
17:32:45 <gaba> this is the mail we will send to internal
17:32:51 <gaba> we sill do not have a public announcement
17:32:51 <nickm> oh
17:32:58 <gaba> nickm: it would be great if you can/want to work on it
17:33:01 <nickm> it's the public one I want to make sure we get right
17:33:06 <gaba> ok
17:33:15 <nickm> we need to put it out asap; only 4 days of notice is already too short IMO
17:33:26 <Caitlin> #34397 too
17:33:31 <gaba> we can start drafting it in a pad
17:33:36 <Caitlin> low priority compared to the gitlab migration i'm sure
17:33:39 <ahf> nickm: are you in the admin channel?
17:33:41 <Caitlin> but just so you are aware
17:33:54 <nickm> ahf: I think so, but I mainly ignore it
17:34:03 <nickm> I can pay attention if you want
17:34:24 <gaba> Cailtin: thanks
17:34:41 <ahf> i just highlighted the two important pieces for you in there
17:34:52 <ahf> Caitlin: good catches!
17:35:39 <Caitlin> i caught it quickly because i block third-party browser requests by default
17:35:44 <Caitlin> and a non-onion caught my eye
17:35:45 <Caitlin> so no problem
17:36:09 <nickm> also "we" should move ALL of those to v3 onions in our Copious Spare Time, but I think there's already a ticket for that
17:36:17 <nickm> (I say "we" because I don't maintain web stuff :/)
17:36:23 <Caitlin> i'll try to dig up the ticket because i'm interested in tracking progress
17:36:37 <gaba> ok. anything else for today?
17:36:43 * ahf good
17:37:00 <ahf> i might seem a bit stressed this week, please let me know if there is something you need from me
17:37:31 <Caitlin> #32824 seems it
17:37:33 <Caitlin> correct?
17:37:49 <nickm> I think so
17:38:14 <gaba> ok. I'm going to close the meeting
17:38:18 <gaba> we can continue in #tor-dev
17:38:20 <Caitlin> sounds good
17:38:23 <gaba> if needed
17:38:26 <gaba> #endmeeting