15:02:03 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team meeting
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15:02:18 <karsten> #34141 and #34142.
15:02:24 <karsten> what do I set as sponsor, keyword, parent ticket, etc. for them to be part of the onionperf project.
15:02:31 <karsten> (making the log even more useful...)
15:02:43 <karsten> or do I leave that to you?
15:03:28 * gaba looking for the pad
15:03:37 <gaba> this is still the pad for this meeting :) https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-metricsteam-2020.1-keep
15:03:55 <karsten> also wondering if #29367 should be some other sponsor than 58. it looks lost among the other tickets.
15:04:12 <gaba> karsten: onionperf's sponsor is s59
15:04:46 <gaba> the idea is to have anything about this sponsor in its wiki page
15:05:20 <gaba> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor59
15:05:38 * karsten moved #29367 to sponsor 59.
15:05:43 <gaba> thanks
15:07:01 <karsten> there are 27 tickets in the tables on that page (if I counted correctly), but the progress bar says there are 49.
15:07:10 <gaba> yes
15:07:18 <karsten> should we include another table for tickets not assigned to objectives?
15:07:22 <gaba> today in the onionperf meeting we need to get tickets into each objective
15:07:27 <karsten> ah, heh, or that.
15:07:29 <gaba> the project tracking has all the s59 tickets
15:07:37 <gaba> but the objectives has only the kids of the objective tickets
15:07:44 <karsten> makes sense.
15:08:00 <gaba> so we need to organize a littlte, see if the objectives still makes sense, scope them
15:08:04 <gaba> and put tickets in each place
15:08:12 <gaba> as well as figuring out who is going to do what
15:09:04 <karsten> not sure if we'll achieve all that in one meeting.
15:09:07 <gaba> karste: I also updated the wiki page for the metrics https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/MetricsTeam
15:09:13 <gaba> hehe
15:09:33 <gaba> we can talk about it and i move the tickets later
15:10:22 <gaba> is there anything else to talk about right now?
15:10:55 <karsten> I don't have anything.
15:11:11 <gaba> short check-in is fine :)
15:11:17 <karsten> yes, agreed.
15:11:26 <karsten> let's do it again next week.
15:11:30 <gaba> yes
15:11:38 <karsten> cool!
15:11:46 <karsten> ttyl, thanks for coming! o/
15:12:06 <karsten> #endmeeting