16:59:02 <meejah> #startmeeting
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16:59:07 <meejah> agenda: 1. updates
16:59:09 <meejah> anything else?
16:59:38 <luketheduke> I have nothing for the agenda
16:59:44 <lucyd> me neither
16:59:46 <meejah> #topic updates
16:59:57 <meejah> lucyd: you start?
17:00:13 <lucyd> ok
17:00:20 <lucyd> well, I wrote the hourly and daily scripts
17:00:51 <lucyd> #info commit added to the previous pull request
17:01:11 <meejah> to the one i merged to develop yesterday or day before? (from backend?)
17:01:33 <lucyd> meejah : the backend one
17:01:47 <meejah> okay, so there's more for me to merge now?
17:02:05 <lucyd> #link https://github.com/meejah/tor-weather/pull/6
17:02:09 <meejah> p.s. please make the pull-requests to "develop" not "next". "next" is for things ready-to-deploy
17:02:13 <lucyd> meejah : yes
17:02:15 <meejah> #action look at pull/6
17:02:17 <meejah> ok
17:02:30 <lucyd> will do...sorry
17:03:25 <lucyd> I also set up the vagrant environment and have been tinkering around...nothing else except that frankly
17:03:38 <meejah> #info I merged a few things to develop, starting looking at vagrant + deployment
17:03:55 <meejah> for OnionPy for now it will be a submodule
17:04:09 <luketheduke> git submodule?
17:04:12 <meejah> one we have more stabilitiy, it will ideally be packaged into debian + backports
17:04:15 <meejah> luketheduke: yes
17:04:20 <meejah> no virtualenv's
17:04:26 <luketheduke> ok
17:04:52 <luketheduke> you could just install onion-py with pip, since it's on pypi now
17:04:57 <meejah> sec, i'll dig up a link. we should be updating the table to reflect our dependencies
17:05:10 <meejah> luketheduke: no, that's even worser for sysadmins
17:05:21 <luketheduke> right
17:05:27 <meejah> #link https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/operations/Guidelines
17:06:06 <luketheduke> ah, I see
17:06:14 <meejah> #info this week I will update the above and do real reviews of all the new stuff that's in develop
17:06:30 <meejah> #action meejah update package lists for tor-weather
17:06:37 <luketheduke> my pypi packages are signed with the same gpg key I sign my emails to tor-dev with
17:06:42 <luketheduke> just fyi
17:06:46 <meejah> great :)
17:07:45 <luketheduke> it's sad that virtualenv can't be used
17:07:52 <kfreds> Can someone tell me how I get a hold of Matt?
17:08:02 <kfreds> can*
17:08:29 <meejah> a little. but we ultimately getting OnionPy into debian won't be that big a hill to climb i believe :)
17:08:48 <meejah> ...and then sysadmins don't have to learn (+ trust) N package managers
17:08:52 <meejah> anything else for meeting?
17:09:21 <lucyd> #action : wrap up testing weather on vagrant and send the next project report
17:09:32 <luketheduke> so you definitely want to use OnionPy directly eventually?
17:09:37 <meejah> yes, great
17:09:44 <meejah> luketheduke: yes, i don't see any reasons not to
17:09:46 <luketheduke> that's great (:
17:09:57 <meejah> #endmeeting