16:59:28 <meejah> #startmeeting tor-weather
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17:00:26 <lucyd> ok so I'll update on what I've been doing so far
17:01:55 <lucyd> #action posted a commit to #11084
17:03:32 <lucyd> #action Wrote the hourly script (#10697) with notifiers for both NodeDown and LowBandwidth type events
17:04:03 <lucyd> #action minor: updated the 'utilities' module of the onionoo-wrapper
17:06:47 <lucyd> oops should I be using the info tag?
17:08:02 <lucyd> anyways i'll go with action for now
17:08:05 <lucyd> #action clubbed the welcome script and the previously written t-shirt script(#9889) into a 'daily script'
17:09:15 <meejah> sorry, was afk. network back
17:09:30 <lucyd> #info most of the backend implementation has been done...will need some reviewing
17:09:39 <meejah> use # info for those, # action is for "something to do"
17:09:44 <meejah> yes
17:10:01 <meejah> #action i need to review recent merges to develop
17:10:36 <meejah> sorry i didn't get to that earlier, was away over the weekend. will be around this weekend.
17:10:49 <tadaboom> nobody can ban the truth!
17:10:54 <meejah> have I merged everything you've got to develop or are there more?
17:11:15 <lucyd> let me check
17:12:13 <lucyd> meejah I've made a couple of additions to the backend branch
17:12:46 <lucyd> meejah : I'll send you another pull request with the modifications?
17:12:51 <meejah> #action merge backend branch to develop (and review)
17:12:54 <meejah> yes please
17:12:56 <meejah> against develop
17:13:00 <lucyd> ok
17:13:07 <lucyd> #action wrap up any remaining updates to the 'backend' branch
17:13:50 <lucyd> #action minor: update documentation to reflect shift to onionoo
17:14:24 <lucyd> #action use the vagrant environment setup to test the new weather
17:17:53 <lucyd> meejah : anything else?
17:18:45 <meejah> no i think we're good
17:18:56 <meejah> sorry, network mediocre here
17:19:17 <meejah> #endmeeting