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[17:04:50] <h01ger> i'll chair. better than waiting ;)
[17:05:06] <h01ger> #topic 1. who writes the summary
[17:05:40] <h01ger> someone please volunteer to write the summary of this meeting
[17:06:12] <crazy-chris> okay, i'll do it
[17:06:16] <h01ger> meetbot helps by providing notes at
[17:06:20] <h01ger> crazy-chris, great
[17:06:26] <h01ger> #action crazy-chris writes the summary
[17:06:36] <h01ger> #topic 2. welcome
[17:06:38] <h01ger> hi
[17:06:47] * b457144n|home was at the door receiving the two laptops from Austria :-)
[17:06:47] <h01ger> please indicate your presence
[17:06:55] <crazy-chris> heya
[17:06:56] * h01ger = Holger Levsen
[17:07:15] * bertf = Bert Freudenberg
[17:07:17] <h01ger> b457144n|home, hehe, nice
[17:07:19] * b457144n|home = Bastiaan Bakker, living in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
[17:07:25] * crazy-chris = Chris Hager
[17:08:09] <h01ger> alright..
[17:08:15] * b457144n|home apologizes for still having only partially completed the summary of the last meeting
[17:08:32] <h01ger> #topic 3. progress since last meeting
[17:08:43] <h01ger> #topic 3.1 progress since last meeting - projects from people / national grassroots
[17:09:30] <b457144n|home> the people from 'making miles for millenium' are making progress.
[17:10:20] <crazy-chris> about the european laptop program we have no news... maybe next meeting. we keep working on the back- and frontend ( in the meantime
[17:10:28] <h01ger> "olpc germany" now has a timeline to finalise on its name :) and we'll have a face2face meeting at cebit. and we discussed when we want to do our official founding event, which shall also be a party, to network with interested people and organisations and generate press
[17:10:45] <b457144n|home> crazy-chris: what happens with the projectdb submissions?
[17:10:53] * h01ger notes "european laptop program" as a new term ;)
[17:11:06] <crazy-chris> they are saved, and put into
[17:11:13] <b457144n|home> I mean who approves them?
[17:11:49] <crazy-chris> no one at the moment. that's why it's not yet working. people from the mit had a look at it, and we're in contact with brightstar, who might ship the laptops to europe then
[17:12:00] <b457144n|home> the guy from MM4M wants to get 30 laptops to Russia
[17:12:22] <b457144n|home> but did not get any answer from the US yet
[17:12:50] <h01ger> #idea lots of interesting news in the log - read it :)
[17:13:37] <b457144n|home> he also mailed
[17:14:26] <h01ger> shall we move on?
[17:14:47] <h01ger> or are there more news/progress?
[17:15:01] <b457144n|home> well, we had our monhtly meeting last week
[17:15:39] <b457144n|home> not much interesting from that though
[17:15:56] <h01ger> #topic 3.1 progress since last meeting - domain name, email, project application
[17:16:23] <{Nico}> 'lo (sorry i'm late)
[17:16:28] <h01ger> is working now (which might have been the case at the last meeting already)
[17:16:38] <crazy-chris> hey {Nico}
[17:16:51] <h01ger> hi {Nico}, backlog is at in case you dont have it
[17:17:10] <h01ger> i dunno about the status of email nor what it should be..
[17:17:22] <crazy-chris> me neither... status = None
[17:17:39] <b457144n|home> doesn't do anything?
[17:17:48] <crazy-chris> nope
[17:17:50] <h01ger> and for the project application i (or someone else) should ping that thread on devel@
[17:18:24] <crazy-chris> maybe that's not supposed to be hosted on d.l.o... we'll see
[17:19:16] <crazy-chris> what about emails... ideas, wishes?
[17:19:21] <h01ger> do we want/need to work?
[17:19:48] <h01ger> i'd say not really.
[17:20:00] <b457144n|home> if we want olpc-europe to be a communication hub to the US, I guess we do.
[17:20:46] <h01ger> i said after reading the vision again today, but b457144n has a point. but then, isnt it about connecting with people, more than having official sounding email addresses?
[17:20:48] <b457144n|home> I still don't know which email address to give to people if they have serious questions
[17:21:19] <crazy-chris> i see points in both...
[17:21:25] <h01ger> right. national email addresses takes more time..
[17:21:43] <b457144n|home> I don't care if the address sounds official or not.
[17:21:45] <jaume> i think can be usefull to clarify to have also email adresses with olpc europe
[17:22:10] <h01ger> so i'd see mailaddresses as temporarly ones (for the individual users of them)
[17:22:43] <b457144n|home> I mean just a contact@ address or similar, not individual ones
[17:22:52] * h01ger nods
[17:23:09] <h01ger> crazy-chris, does olpc austria do mailhosting?
[17:23:13] * crazy-chris thinks this could make sense
[17:23:18] <crazy-chris> yes
[17:23:19] <b457144n|home> And that people reading conact@ are in contact with people in boston
[17:23:26] <crazy-chris> we can make an alias?
[17:23:36] <b457144n|home> so questions will actually be answered
[17:23:52] <crazy-chris> sounds interesting -- let's see how/if we use that
[17:23:57] <crazy-chris> and evaluate in a month or so
[17:24:05] <b457144n|home> unlike mail to
[17:24:06] <h01ger> crazy-chris, then you should probably also do! :) (if not, i would have offered to do it)
[17:24:41] <crazy-chris> i don't need to do it :) ... what do you mean with actually?
[17:24:56] <crazy-chris> b457144n: lol
[17:25:19] <h01ger> forward-addresses or real mail setup (imap/pop,smtp,webmail)
[17:25:30] <b457144n|home> crazy-chris: I wasn't trying to be funny :-/
[17:26:05] <h01ger> crazy-chris, can you evaluate whats possible til next meeting and then we can discuss and finalise this then?
[17:26:28] <crazy-chris> sure. we can setup right now, and you can use this at fosdem if you like
[17:26:37] <crazy-chris> just a forwarder to us
[17:27:05] <h01ger> cool
[17:27:30] <b457144n|home> good, that should suffice
[17:27:31] <h01ger> #action crazy-chris evaluates whats possible for a mail setup til next meeting and then we can discuss and finalise this then?
[17:27:38] <h01ger> next?
[17:27:53] <b457144n|home> contact with US
[17:28:21] <h01ger> b457144n, ?
[17:28:30] <h01ger> do you suggest that as an new topic?
[17:28:41] <b457144n|home> semi new topic
[17:29:02] * h01ger spoke from an agenda POV :-D
[17:29:29] * h01ger adds it to the agenda and moves on
[17:29:32] <h01ger> #topic 3.3 progress since last meeting - newsletter
[17:29:37] <h01ger> crazy-chris! :)
[17:29:37] <b457144n|home> It's the same in the sense that I'd like contact@olpc-europe ....
[17:29:45] <b457144n|home> I type too slow ;-)
[17:29:50] * h01ger too fast
[17:30:02] <crazy-chris> okay. i've put a few things into the newsletter the last days
[17:30:15] <crazy-chris> still, i feel it's somewhat slim on content
[17:30:36] <crazy-chris>
[17:30:36] * h01ger thinks "release early, release often" will work here as well :)
[17:31:09] <crazy-chris> okay :) so we just drop it to grassroots@ and community@ then
[17:31:32] <b457144n|home> yeah, it will be obsolete before publication otherwise
[17:31:51] <h01ger> crazy-chris, yes. and add a huge box "contributions needed" :)
[17:32:01] <crazy-chris> yeah :)
[17:32:02] <h01ger> like with a deadline, announcing the next newsletter...
[17:32:26] <crazy-chris> but what about the next newsletter?
[17:32:28] <h01ger> i think deadline and publish date are important and regular publishing
[17:32:31] <crazy-chris> s/but/and
[17:32:34] <h01ger> next month?
[17:33:06] <crazy-chris> yes... but we need more contributions then
[17:33:26] <h01ger> yes
[17:33:36] <h01ger> thats why you need to put a huge box
[17:33:53] <h01ger> and there will be content, fosdem, pilots, zagreb, ..
[17:34:11] <crazy-chris> okay, perfect!
[17:34:23] <crazy-chris> so we say between 10. and 20.3.?
[17:34:34] * h01ger nods. thats after cebit also :)
[17:34:50] <crazy-chris> sweet
[17:35:47] <h01ger> #topic 3.4 progress since last meeting - developer program
[17:36:38] <h01ger> thats basically projectdb by now, right? what was the link? :)
[17:36:52] <crazy-chris>
[17:37:15] <crazy-chris> that's what i meant with "european laptop program", but a better name would be something like "contributors program"
[17:37:28] <h01ger> thanks :) so the status is: progress, but no further news yet. right?
[17:37:36] <crazy-chris> yes, we are a bit idle... communication goes not that quick
[17:38:02] <crazy-chris> we are improving the page and hope to get the distribution system working soon... perhaps mid-march
[17:38:09] <h01ger> cool
[17:38:21] <crazy-chris> but we have no definite news how and even if it will happen that way
[17:38:25] <h01ger> i changed the name of the topic in the wiki page, so we can reuse it at the next meeting
[17:38:34] <h01ger> just like the next point:
[17:38:54] <h01ger> #topic 3.5 progress since last meeting - communication topics with
[17:39:00] <h01ger> let me explain:
[17:39:26] <h01ger> what is the actual topic you want to disuss? contact to the US or contact@olpc-europe?
[17:39:26] <h01ger> using contact@olpc-europe as an effictive proxy for contact with the US
[17:39:26] <h01ger> because people that are not in-crowd do not get their email answered from the US
[17:39:26] <h01ger> yes, thats the idea of olpc europe. what to discuss about this? :-D or do you mean, announce this more?!?
[17:39:26] <h01ger> (sorry for being so sharp/to the point)
[17:39:28] <h01ger> I want to know what the current situation is. Like the 30 laptop for Russia question, can you or chris answer that or get an answer from the US?
[17:39:31] <h01ger> ok
[17:39:33] <h01ger> now i understand
[17:39:35] <h01ger> "communication topics with" sounds like a regular topic for our meeting to me :-)
[17:40:23] * h01ger has no idea about the 30 laptops for russia. currently has better connections to boston than i do..
[17:41:31] <crazy-chris> just finished reading. i did not know about laptops for russia before now
[17:42:08] <crazy-chris> and the communication to boston is always hard -- also for austria. aaron has the best contact.
[17:42:46] <crazy-chris> the best/only way to get connected to boston is to go there i guess :)
[17:43:06] <h01ger> irc usually works quite well too, if you get hold of the (right) people.
[17:43:06] <crazy-chris> we are in contact sj and walter for the contrib-prog
[17:43:30] <crazy-chris> yes, that's defenitely the best way
[17:43:32] <crazy-chris> irc
[17:44:06] <b457144n|home> crazy-chris: I was refering to the Making Miles for Millenium project. He (Harrie) also submitted the proposal to projectdb.
[17:44:20] <crazy-chris> yes, but we always said, the projectdb is not yet functional
[17:44:25] * h01ger would like _sj_ to regulary read the summary of this meeting, so that we can use this meeting as contact point to. but besides pointing this out, i cant do anything about it ;)
[17:44:51] <b457144n|home> Aaron suggested to him to mail, but he does not get an answer from that
[17:45:08] <h01ger> but this would make "proxies" (as in people) superfluoius.
[17:46:07] <b457144n|home> h01ger: what do you refer to with "this"
[17:46:08] <b457144n|home> ?
[17:46:19] <b457144n|home> I don't like proxies
[17:46:25] <h01ger> _sj_ reading summaries :)
[17:46:34] <h01ger> b457144n, yes, they become bottlenecks
[17:46:51] <h01ger> this=_sj_ reading summaries
[17:46:58] <b457144n|home> exactly.
[17:47:10] <h01ger> move on?
[17:47:14] <crazy-chris> wait
[17:47:17] <h01ger> sure
[17:47:36] <crazy-chris> maybe we need someone on the mit side as a contact point
[17:47:47] <crazy-chris> i mean sj does it at the moment. but he is super-busy
[17:47:58] <b457144n|home> OKl. _sj_ reading, and following up(!) on questions here, is good
[17:48:15] <h01ger> s/maybe/definitly/ :) otherwise the local projects will search their contacts..
[17:48:17] <b457144n|home> but maybe it's a bit slow (once every 2 week) and does not scale well
[17:48:34] <b457144n|home> I mean SJ is only 1 person and he is very busy
[17:48:50] <crazy-chris> okay. we can get in touch with sj and maybe others, on how they think about this -- on how to connect with us
[17:49:04] * h01ger is actually quite positive that this will happen: "boston" reading here regulary :) it's our fourth meeting only...
[17:49:46] <crazy-chris> right
[17:49:47] <h01ger> s/this/something like this/
[17:50:02] <h01ger> next topic?
[17:50:13] <crazy-chris> agenda += "legal structure of o-e"
[17:50:17] <b457144n|home> so proxying or not?
[17:50:48] <h01ger> b457144n, yes. but this meeting should be the proxy. with a regular agenda item..
[17:50:56] <b457144n|home> I mean do we still aim to pre-digest questions for Boston so the can answer more efficiently?
[17:51:02] <h01ger> crazy-chris, uh. time is running :)
[17:51:08] <crazy-chris> okay
[17:51:09] <b457144n|home> h01ger: ok
[17:51:13] <crazy-chris> b457144n: sure
[17:51:19] <crazy-chris> we can start with contact@ for the moment
[17:51:32] <crazy-chris> and see what we can do
[17:51:45] <h01ger> #topic 4. fosdem event
[17:51:58] <h01ger>
[17:52:06] <h01ger> Day Saturday
[17:52:06] <h01ger> Room H.3227
[17:52:06] <h01ger> Start time 15:00
[17:52:06] <h01ger> End time 17:00
[17:52:27] <h01ger> my slides are at - comments very welcome!
[17:52:52] * crazy-chris likes the slides!
[17:52:58] <b457144n|home> I'l be there
[17:53:04] <h01ger> crazy-chris, thanks
[17:53:07] * b457144n|home is reading the slides
[17:53:10] <h01ger> b457144n, cool.
[17:53:21] <crazy-chris> i'm so sorry i can't be there... :(
[17:53:29] <h01ger> b457144n someone of your group will be able to say a few words about
[17:53:32] <crazy-chris> but hey... there will be another chance to hook up
[17:53:33] <h01ger> crazy-chris, me too!
[17:54:00] <crazy-chris> h01ger: thanks :)
[17:54:15] <h01ger> and i'd say, "next topic" - i'm very happy to discuss the slides after the meeting too. i'll be here alnight :)
[17:54:33] <h01ger> #topic 5. Pilot projects
[17:54:48] <h01ger> is there any news on this?
[17:54:55] <crazy-chris> not from my side
[17:55:07] <h01ger> its basically also covered in 3.1...
[17:55:15] <h01ger> #topic 5. t-shirt
[17:55:40] <h01ger> also a nice idea, which we should do at some time in future...
[17:55:59] <crazy-chris> :) yeah!
[17:56:01] <b457144n|home> h01ger: yeah we will be able to say a few things about olpc-nl. btw Sabine will be there too
[17:56:07] <h01ger> #topic 6 legal structure of olpc europe
[17:56:11] <h01ger> b457144n, great
[17:56:38] <crazy-chris> i just wanted to say, that it might be an aim, to have a legal structure that can accept funds
[17:56:49] <crazy-chris> as sj also suggested
[17:57:07] * h01ger notes 5min is also too little time for legal structure... but after reading the vision again today,, i noticed that we havent dug depper into that
[17:57:16] <b457144n|home> crazy-chris: interesting. with olpc-nl we're at the same point
[17:57:23] <crazy-chris> heh, yeah :)
[17:57:30] <b457144n|home> I mean working on setting up a foundation
[17:57:37] <b457144n|home> Probably more than one actually
[17:57:39] * h01ger plans to have a discussion round about this as part of the fosdem meeting. input via mail to the grassroot list very welcome! ;)
[17:57:53] <b457144n|home> good idea
[17:58:06] <h01ger> b457144n, we also have a similar disucssion in
[17:58:09] <crazy-chris> we might consult a lawyer for something like an 'european ngo' or verein or something
[17:58:48] <h01ger> lawyer costs money..
[17:59:26] <crazy-chris> okay, but just to kick-off the topic. we can start thinking on how we get that started
[17:59:30] <aferti> h01ger: I cannot promise, but I'll definitely try to look more on that and learn more about it.
[17:59:44] <h01ger> #action we will discuss "legal structure" at fosdem and at the next irc meetings. a legal structure that can accept funds could be very nice, as one which could employ people
[17:59:59] <aferti> h01lger: as a lawyer.
[18:00:14] <h01ger> aferti, great! ah. i was about to ask which topic :)
[18:00:25] <crazy-chris> aferti: that would be outstanding
[18:00:28] <h01ger> nice nice
[18:00:52] <aferti> h01ger: I apologize. :-) I meant to define...
[18:01:06] <h01ger> #topic 7 next meeting, when
[18:01:23] <crazy-chris> 2 weeks from now, same time?
[18:01:24] <b457144n|home> in two weeks?
[18:01:31] <h01ger> aferti, no need to apologise! :) probably any research on that topic will help us :)
[18:01:39] <h01ger> thats march, 6th
[18:01:42] <h01ger> fine with me
[18:01:54] <h01ger> same time?
[18:02:00] * crazy-chris nods
[18:02:03] <b457144n|home> yup
[18:02:30] <aferti> just let me know. Would you prefer separately for each European country or something based on i.e. the Netherlands or Austria or Belgium?
[18:02:45] <h01ger> #agreed next meeting: march, 6th, 2008, 17 UTC, #olpc-europe on
[18:03:31] <h01ger> aferti, what ever is more useful :) like, what advantages and disadvantages are there... as said here, .nl and .de are both discussion starting foundations atm...
[18:03:48] <crazy-chris> and austria is a 'verein'
[18:04:12] <h01ger> germany might also become one, we dont know yet
[18:05:01] <aferti> thank you both h01ger and crazy-chris. I 'll keep it in mind.
[18:05:06] <{Nico}> aferti: you might to take a look at mozilla europe
[18:05:46] <crazy-chris> "Mozilla Europe is a non-profit organisation based on the Association Loi 1901 as enabled by the French Law"
[18:05:55] <h01ger> ok, thank you all for attending the meeting and making it fun again!
[18:05:56] <{Nico}> crazy-chris: yep
[18:06:11] <h01ger> #link
[18:06:16] <aferti> I just checked that. I'll have a closer look.
[18:06:44] <h01ger> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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