Meeting started by crazy-chris at 17:03 UTC
17:03:21 Topic: 1. Welcome
17:05:15 AGREED crazy-chris b457144n|home writes a brief summary
17:05:29 Topic: 3. Progress since last meeting
17:06:10 Topic: 3.1 projects from people / national grassroots
17:09:23 LINK b457144n|home
17:10:19 LINK h01ger has it
17:19:26 ACTION crazy-chris we need to establish _and_ document a procedure how to get a pilot started
17:19:45 Topic: 3.2. infrastructure: domain name, email
17:25:12 Topic: 3.4. developer pogram
17:25:28 LINK crazy-chris
17:29:56 LINK crazy-chris
17:34:46 Topic: 3.3. newsletter
17:37:13 ACTION crazy-chris chris sends a info about the newsletter to the mailing list today
17:39:46 Topic: 4. Fosdem
17:39:58 Topic: 4.1. Talk
17:40:02 LINK h01ger
17:48:15 ACTION crazy-chris finalize the agenda for the fosdem event a week in advance and sets himself a reminder to do so :) if we have the next irc meeting in two weeks we can also discuss the agenda there
17:50:06 ACTION crazy-chris the event will be more an open but structured discussion, than a talk. details on the event-wikipage linked above
17:52:27 Topic: 5. Pilot projects
17:54:22 ACTION crazy-chris h01ger will link the existing two pages and the to be written page (the howto start..) together after the meeting
17:58:23 LINK crazy-chris
18:01:25 Topic: 6. next meeting
18:03:04 Topic: 7. any other business
18:04:31 ACTION crazy-chris holger sends a reminder about the next meeting
18:09:47 ACTION crazy-chris bastiaan sends a mail to a list about ideas on how comanies can donate manpower instead of money
Meeting ended at 18:12.

People Present:
  1. crazy-chris
  2. h01ger
  3. b457144n|home
  4. groupsky

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