19:28:40 <elbrus> #startmeeting
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19:28:47 <elbrus> #topic Admin
19:28:58 <elbrus> #info Previous minutes: http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-release/2021/debian-release.2021-04-28-19.04.html
19:29:10 <elbrus> #info elbrus had an action to draft a bits
19:29:12 <elbrus> that's done
19:29:22 <elbrus> #topic Freeze progress
19:29:35 <elbrus> Sebastinas: please repeat :)
19:29:49 <Sebastinas> :)
19:29:51 <Sebastinas> There are two upgrade issues that wait on a reply from us
19:29:54 <Sebastinas> #989695
19:30:05 <Sebastinas> and #989599
19:30:08 <Sebastinas> Didn't have the motivation to look at them, though.
19:30:29 <Sebastinas> hdf5 and gdal should be solved now
19:30:59 <Sebastinas> The postgis upgrade odities would be good to have documented in the release-notes
19:31:47 <elbrus> re postgis, do you understand enough to propose a text?
19:32:04 <elbrus> and thanks for helping solving it
19:32:10 <elbrus> looked like a mess from the side
19:32:42 <Sebastinas> I'll prod Myon who was very helpful in finding a working upgrade path
19:34:30 <elbrus> unfortunately these days I only have limited time and often I'm than too tired to look at difficult cases
19:35:00 <elbrus> probably I don't have time to really look into those two bugs before next week Thursday
19:35:09 <elbrus> ginggs: are you motivated?
19:36:01 <ginggs> i'm quite busy until middle of next week
19:36:23 <elbrus> ack, than they'll have to wait I fear
19:36:41 <ginggs> but if i get a chance i will take a look
19:37:07 <elbrus> ack
19:37:39 <elbrus> does either of you have a recent view on the open RC bugs?
19:38:35 <elbrus> grub is mentioned a couple of times
19:38:58 <elbrus> I fear there's a capacity challenge there
19:40:44 <elbrus> kibi: around to (very briefly) comment on d-i and amdgpu progress?
19:41:06 <elbrus> I saw you commented in some bugs but aren't totally up to date
19:42:54 <Sebastinas> Apart from the grub bugs, many of them are removal candidates (and on the autoremoval list) and then there's a bunch of CVEs that can be deferred.
19:43:56 <elbrus> ca-certificates and circular dependecies
19:44:08 <elbrus> I think it has a solution but ...
19:44:26 <Sebastinas> And that one. It moved in the list so I suppose there was some traffic on the bug.
19:44:42 <elbrus> yes, I pinged it
19:45:28 <elbrus> jcristau: do you recieve bug traffic?
19:48:59 <elbrus> hmm, anything else?
19:50:02 <Sebastinas> Is there anything to do wrt to release-notes?
19:50:28 <elbrus> nearly up-to-date as far as reports are concerned
19:51:02 <elbrus> I only need to test a non-supported by kernel NAS upgrade
19:51:20 <elbrus> as I happen to own such a NAS myself
19:51:31 <elbrus> before we add the text with our recommendation
19:51:54 <elbrus> https://lists.debian.org/debian-doc/2021/06/msg00001.html
19:53:32 <elbrus> did you have time to look into how to do a release already?
19:53:58 <elbrus> as mentioned off channel https://release.debian.org/doc/stable is a great read
19:54:59 <Sebastinas> Not yet. I need to find a evening with enough free time.
19:55:10 <elbrus> I know that problem
19:56:41 <elbrus> anyways, let's round off this meeting
19:57:02 <elbrus> agree?
19:57:06 <Sebastinas> ACK
19:57:09 <ginggs> agreed
19:57:10 <Myon> fwiw postgis is fixed
19:57:20 <Myon> pg_upgradecluster Just Works
19:57:43 <Sebastinas> Ah, great. Then there's no need for release-notes.
19:57:54 <Sebastinas> Thanks for helping with postgis.
19:58:01 <elbrus> that's a nice way to end this meeting :)
19:58:16 <Myon> maybe it would be nice to have a general note on PostgreSQL, including postgis
19:58:23 <Myon> I can write something, might help users
19:58:27 <elbrus> \0/
19:58:31 <Myon> but it's not a eww bad blocker anymore
19:58:56 <elbrus> patches welcome, just a draft text too
19:59:49 <elbrus> #topic Next Meeting
19:59:52 <elbrus> #info Next meeting is 21rd July at 19:00 UTC (import into your calendar via https://release.debian.org/release-calendar.ics)
19:59:58 <elbrus> #endmeeting