19:04:45 <elbrus> #startmeeting
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19:04:53 <elbrus> #topic Admin
19:05:02 <elbrus> #info Previous minutes: http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-release/2021/debian-release.2021-02-24-19.00.html
19:05:10 <elbrus> #info elbrus had an action to contact DSA to see if it's on their agenda, which is done
19:05:17 <elbrus> #topic Freeze progress
19:05:32 <elbrus> This is the only topic, let's log it by starting the meeting
19:05:55 <elbrus> ginggs, Sebastinas, do you have anything to discuss on the topic?
19:06:38 <elbrus> new things that pop-ed up since last time we spoke?
19:07:10 <elbrus> from my side, release-notes are going steady
19:07:31 <Sebastinas> Only thing that comes to mind are some of the empty-package-RC-bugs that are now getting fixed by dropping binary packages
19:07:39 <Sebastinas> #987558 for example
19:08:57 <elbrus> I *think* that the intention was to avoid mistakes where the package should have content
19:09:52 <elbrus> what do you want to say about it?
19:10:11 <Sebastinas> I haven't looked at this specific case, but since we're past the point where we allow removal of binary packages …
19:10:17 <elbrus> that bug isn't RC
19:10:23 <elbrus> at least, not now
19:10:35 <elbrus> wait, that's the unblock bug
19:11:01 <Sebastinas> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=987455
19:12:23 <elbrus> we'll allow it if it's the right solution to fix an RC bug obviously, the question is, is mere emptyness RC in our book (and not a bug where files somehow went missing to be installed)
19:12:51 <elbrus> is bunk around? maybe he can explain his intentions
19:13:41 <Sebastinas> It's a useless package of course.
19:14:18 <elbrus> I think we agree on that, but is it RC and if so, does it need to be fixed for bullseye?
19:15:27 <Sebastinas> I think that's a class of bugs where we can live without fixes.
19:15:35 <Sebastinas> And deferred them to bookworm.
19:16:29 <elbrus> except, it's hard to tell without careful looking if it's a left over empty package, or empty by mistake....
19:16:33 <bunk> qupzilla-plugin-kwallet is even a transitional package for a package that never existed
19:17:17 <bunk> I didn't file bugs for packages where it was clear that it was a transitional package.
19:17:38 <bunk> falkon-plugin-wallet looked like a mistake, but wasn't
19:18:48 <elbrus> I thought I read somewhere indeed that you took care to avoid "just" filing the bugs already
19:19:19 <elbrus> so all those bugs you *think* are showing a mistake
19:19:33 <bunk> exactly
19:19:46 <bunk> I agree with the downgrade after someone looked more detailed
19:19:49 <elbrus> then I think we'll just see case by case when they come by
19:20:14 <bunk> I'd argue for the falkon case that having the packages dropped is less confusing for users
19:20:34 <bunk> but clearly a "nice to have", not a "must fix"
19:32:17 <Sebastinas> Okay, looks like most of the others were actually fixed by building docs, manpages, etc
19:32:45 <Sebastinas> Otherwise nothing out of the ordinary
19:32:49 <elbrus> sorry, distracted IRL
19:34:00 <elbrus> I think it's time for another Bits soon
19:34:34 <elbrus> with a call to test upgrades?
19:34:47 <elbrus> with a call to test the installer.
19:34:51 <elbrus> s/?/./
19:37:14 <elbrus> point at bug #987441 ?
19:37:39 <elbrus> if people want to help?
19:38:21 <elbrus> other topics?
19:38:34 <elbrus> #action elbrus to draft a new bits
19:38:47 <ginggs> i'm happy to help review bits
19:38:56 <elbrus> great
19:39:02 <ginggs> no other topics from me
19:39:24 <Sebastinas> If we send out bits … what about the hard freeze?
19:39:36 <Sebastinas> Or do we wait until we have a release date?
19:39:52 <elbrus> good point
19:43:57 <elbrus> to be honest, I'm a bit at a loss on how to continue in our d-release thread
19:44:48 <elbrus> so I guess we better settle that before announcing further in the bits
19:46:58 <elbrus> #topic AOB
19:47:09 <elbrus> anybody?
19:47:32 <Sebastinas> Nothing else from my side.
19:48:14 <elbrus> ginggs ?
19:49:07 <ginggs> nothing else here either
19:49:21 <elbrus> #topic Next meeting
19:49:32 <elbrus> #info Next meeting is 26th May at 19:00 UTC (import into your calendar via https://release.debian.org/release-calendar.ics)
19:49:39 <elbrus> #endmeeting