19:00:04 <elbrus> #startmeeting
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19:00:17 <elbrus> #topic Admin
19:00:29 <elbrus> #info Previous minutes: http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-release/2021/debian-release.2021-01-27-19.07.html
19:00:46 <elbrus> #info ginggs had an action for a patch to britney
19:00:54 * elbrus didn't see it
19:01:05 <elbrus> #info ginggs had an action to think about a proposal for blocking binNEW in unstable
19:01:23 * h01ger waves
19:01:43 * elbrus waves back \o/
19:01:46 <ginggs> no progress
19:02:07 <elbrus> #topic Transitions
19:02:22 <elbrus> standard topic, but I guess not much to say now
19:02:57 <elbrus> couple of removals being slow to resolve themselves
19:03:20 <elbrus> and wlroots actively blocked
19:03:36 <elbrus> #topic Freeze progress
19:04:25 <elbrus> ivodd created a nice overview to work with (IMHO)
19:04:25 <elbrus> https://udd.debian.org/dev/cgi-bin/rcblog7.cgi
19:04:55 <elbrus> rest: 78 (key packages: 32)
19:05:09 <elbrus> those are the great numbers below the line...
19:05:56 <elbrus> most packages under "Affecting bullseye only" are just aging
19:06:28 <ivodd> yes, the number of packages that doesn't look like they will migrate after 10 days is very low
19:07:45 * elbrus hasn't checked the is-blocker bugs lately
19:07:57 <elbrus> the key was mentioned just before the meeting
19:08:08 <ivodd> the gcc upgrade issue has a proposed fix
19:08:28 <ivodd> the libcrypt one hasn't seen any recent activity
19:09:54 <elbrus> libcrypt ones even...
19:10:10 <ivodd> yes, but I guess both bugs are essentially the same issue
19:10:23 <elbrus> I had that impression too
19:10:32 <kibi> is anyone keeping an eye on upgrades of default installs from buster to bullseye? #864597 comes to mind
19:11:37 * elbrus hasn't looked at upgrade-reports yet
19:12:32 <kibi> last time, problems were detected on jenkins.d.n, but unreported
19:13:03 <ivodd> kibi: well, the gcc and libcrypt issues were at least detected and reported
19:14:59 <Sebastinas> I've looked at some of the failures (and reported #983089)
19:15:05 <elbrus> kibi: I'll go over (and subscribe to) the upgrade-reports, but there are hardly new ones since buster yet
19:15:14 <Sebastinas> Also a fix for the edu upgrade failures was in unstable
19:15:46 <kibi> ok, thanks; just wanted to make sure just looking at bugs.d.o/upgrade-reports used not to be sufficient
19:16:00 <kibi> *make sure to mention
19:16:22 <ivodd> kibi: yeah, we should probably encourage people (again) to do upgrade testing and report issues
19:16:35 <elbrus> we mentioned it in our last bits
19:16:44 <ivodd> elbrus: hence the 'again' :)
19:16:48 <elbrus> indeed
19:17:04 <nthykier> Related, have you had DSA upgrade a machine to bullseye?
19:17:34 <elbrus> I don't think we persued that actively yet
19:18:09 <elbrus> nthykier: did you actively have to ask in the past?
19:18:56 * elbrus would assume DSA does have in the back of their minds... but maybe it needs pulling forward...?
19:21:21 <nthykier> I actively asked - I do not know if was necessary but I liked to be certain. :)
19:21:38 <elbrus> I guess we also have to start asking for input to the release notes
19:21:42 <elbrus> nthykier: ack
19:22:20 <elbrus> #action elbrus will contact DSA to see if it's on their agenda
19:23:04 <elbrus> anything else on bullseye freeze progress?
19:23:26 <bunk> Which direction should fam go?
19:26:04 <elbrus> not sure if this meeting is the right place... ivodd?
19:27:31 <ivodd> I guess delaying the switch to gamin to bookworm is the most sensible way forward
19:27:54 <bunk> And to be on the safe side, getting courier reerted?
19:28:03 <ivodd> bunk: I'm not opposed to that
19:28:17 <bunk> ok
19:28:31 <ivodd> (if it happens quickly enough, ie if it migrated before the hard freeze)
19:29:33 <_rene_> what are we doing with the Java uploads completely not following the freeze guidelines? (e.g. javac->maven, cdbs->dh, ...)
19:29:48 <_rene_> they don't break stuff, but...
19:29:48 <elbrus> _rene_ several are blocked
19:30:10 <_rene_> k, thanks. didn't check, my bad
19:30:19 <elbrus> [19:26:17] <elbrus> sudip (and _rene_) thanks, blocked
19:30:46 <sudip> I can modify my script to detect changes in cdbs->dh also (if needed)
19:31:32 <elbrus> sudip: I think we don't want to actively go looking around if people are not following the policy excactly
19:31:44 <elbrus> I mean, they just should
19:31:51 <elbrus> or we automate it in britney
19:32:12 <elbrus> but all this manual searching sounds like we're police men
19:32:15 <elbrus> wer'e not
19:32:25 <sudip> ok, do you want me to continue checking for new/dropped binary till the hard freeze?
19:32:36 <elbrus> we just set some rules to enable a smooth release
19:33:00 <elbrus> I rather have you spend time on fixing bugs
19:33:05 <elbrus> :)
19:33:38 <sudip> ack
19:33:45 <elbrus> #topic AOB
19:33:50 <elbrus> anybody?
19:34:42 <elbrus> going once
19:34:48 <zhsj> is there another round rebuild for out dated built using?
19:35:02 <elbrus> zhsj: we'll get to that, yes
19:35:10 <zhsj> ok
19:35:30 <elbrus> ivodd did the first round and I voluteered to do another one
19:36:02 <elbrus> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ReleaseTeam/ReleaseCheckList/BullseyeCheckList has it listed to remind us
19:36:22 <ivodd> I have to update my script to check for binNMUs in unstable that didn't migrate (yet)
19:36:49 <ivodd> because in that case it usually doesn't make sense to schedule another rebuild in unstable
19:36:55 <elbrus> right
19:38:10 <elbrus> going twice
19:39:00 <elbrus> #topic Next meeting
19:39:09 <elbrus> #info Next meeting is 24th March at 19:00 UTC (import into your calendar via https://release.debian.org/release-calendar.ics)
19:39:22 <elbrus> #endmeeting