13:00:30 <nattie> #startmeeting
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13:00:41 <nattie> #link https://pad.riseup.net/p/localgroups-meetings agenda
13:00:50 <nattie> #topic roll call
13:00:58 <nattie> (i'll just sit here until someone says hi)
13:01:04 <moray> hello
13:01:30 <nattie> anyone here other than Dr Allan and me?
13:02:26 <moray> maybe they're fashionably late (but more likely outside somewhere and not watching IRC)
13:02:45 <nattie> let's give them a few more minutes and if they've not shown up by five past, speed through the agenda?
13:02:51 <moray> sure
13:03:13 <nattie> because i feel like i gave ample reminders
13:05:20 <nattie> wellllllllllll
13:05:28 <nattie> maybe give them a *little* longer?
13:07:43 <nattie> (the academic quarter?)
13:08:05 <moray> How's life in England now that the government declared you're pandemic-free?
13:08:52 <nattie> i wouldn't know, i don't live there anymore!
13:09:06 <moray> Ah yes
13:09:08 <moray> Sorry :)
13:09:15 <nattie> heh, it's fine
13:09:25 <moray> That's what happens with not seeing people face-to-face in so long
13:09:47 <nattie> i've clearly acquired a strong flemish accent in the interim
13:09:50 <moray> one kinds of loses track of people's lives
13:10:04 <moray> haha, I look forward to hearing the new accent
13:10:47 <nattie> alas, it's only imaginary, but i'll see what i can develop!
13:11:20 <moray> Maybe we need to go through the agenda, and see if that causes people to pop up just after the relevant item
13:11:40 <nattie> ooh perhaps, but let's just give it another 4 minutes for the full academic quarter
13:12:03 <nattie> (i'm stalling like a champion here)
13:15:15 <moray> I think it's quarter past
13:15:31 <nattie> yeah
13:15:35 <nattie> OK, let's carry on
13:15:43 <nattie> #topic last meeting's action items
13:15:49 <nattie> #info there were no action items at the last meeting
13:16:00 <nattie> #topic news from local groups
13:16:02 <nattie> anyone?
13:16:19 * moray drops a pin
13:16:40 <nattie> how about our Brazilian friends, who said they were coming today?
13:18:28 <nattie> i've heard of efforts for some in-person get-togethers on 21 August for quasi-cheese-and-wine
13:20:35 * nattie would like for there to actually be some people around to discuss the timing of the BoF
13:20:47 <moray> yeah
13:20:59 <nattie> guess we'll stay on this item for a few more minutes?
13:21:26 <moray> if we want real pre-BoF discussion we may need to schedule it with explicit requests to people to join a special meeting
13:21:35 <nattie> yeah
13:21:46 <nattie> shall i just move to the BoF discussion item anyway?
13:21:53 <nattie> maybe it'll attract people like as a beacon
13:21:57 <moray> try it
13:22:06 <nattie> #topic timing of the Localgroups BoF
13:23:03 <nattie> anybody, anything?
13:24:12 <moray> If you want to spell out a longer question then someone might reply asynchronously (perhaps)
13:26:31 <nattie> yeah
13:26:48 <nattie> for one, i'm not sure i can make the evening of the 28th, and would prefer the BoF be moved
13:26:59 <nattie> but i understand that there are 4 of us listed as authors
13:27:59 <moray> one of the earlier evenings of the week would be better for me too
13:28:00 <nattie> well, there are two of us now - do you have any thoughts on this?
13:28:02 <nattie> yeah
13:28:14 <nattie> (sorry, typed that just as you were responding)
13:29:00 <nattie> valhalla, phls: how about you?  would an evening earlier in the week work for you?
13:29:22 <nattie> (maybe people will turn up at half past...)
13:30:47 <moray> I think you will need to watch for an asynchronous reply
13:31:03 <moray> but already you could start investigating if we know it's bad for two of us
13:31:28 <nattie> *nods*
13:31:59 <nattie> #info We intend to explore a different schedule slot for the localgroups BoF, as two of the authors would have difficulty attending on the proposed date
13:32:02 <nattie> voilĂ 
13:32:05 <moray> yes
13:32:21 <nattie> #topic scheduling the next meeting
13:32:45 <nattie> #info the next meeting will effectively be the localgroups BoF, which is yet to be fully scheduled (see info item above)
13:32:58 <nattie> #topic AOB
13:33:17 <nattie> What can we do to encourage attendance?
13:33:37 <nattie> we've been dealing with low meeting attendance for several iterations running already
13:33:43 <moray> Well, I think we can say from experimental data that this timing isn't getting lots of people
13:33:56 <moray> What we don't know is whether a different time would
13:34:20 <nattie> i think the inconvenient thing here is that it cuts right into the afternoon of people in central(ish) Europe
13:34:33 <nattie> and it's nearly equally awkward for everyone else
13:34:49 <nattie> other times definitely exclude some groups, though
13:35:00 <moray> Yeah, in principle it's a time that's possible, but apparently there are more interesting things for people to do at this timeslot
13:35:10 <nattie> and we don't really want to send the message of "we don't care about your timezone"
13:35:20 <moray> I know
13:35:45 <moray> but it's equally a bit silly to go on hold meetings in a time when no one is actually turning up
13:35:46 <nattie> then again, the timezones we've tried to accommodate haven't exactly been represented either
13:35:49 <nattie> yeah
13:36:15 <nattie> so, uh, further discussion required?
13:36:41 <moray> seems like it
13:37:11 <nattie> #info we need to discuss (outside of a meeting) how to encourage more meeting attendance, as figures have been very low lately
13:37:18 <nattie> right, shall we call it?
13:37:52 <nattie> #endmeeting