13:00:15 <nattie> #startmeeting
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13:00:23 <nattie> hello and welcome to the meeting
13:00:31 <nattie> #topic roll call
13:00:37 <nattie> if you're here: you know what to do
13:00:43 <moray> hiya
13:00:45 <join_subline> 🙋
13:00:58 * valhalla pours tea for everybody :)
13:01:05 <nattie> oh yes please thank you
13:01:39 * nattie gives another moment or two before proceeding
13:02:44 <nattie> #link https://pad.riseup.net/p/localgroups-meetings agenda
13:02:57 <nattie> #topic followup on previous actions
13:03:26 <nattie> #info There is someone in place to handle the distribution of DebConf21 swag in Asia
13:03:29 <nattie> hurrah!
13:03:43 <nattie> #topic news from localgroups
13:03:53 <nattie> any exciting news items this month?
13:04:32 <moray> exciting increases in covid case numbers in Edinburgh, so organising events still seems a while away
13:04:41 <nattie> hélas!
13:05:01 <valhalla> :(
13:05:43 <nattie> any other developments?
13:06:15 <nattie> (i do have something to re-raise, but i'll do that in AOB, to give stragglers a bit of extra time)
13:06:20 <moray> maybe you can claim Steve's barbecue as a local event...
13:06:45 <nattie> i hear that's going to be *very* local
13:07:16 <nattie> but i could actually ask if he's happy to have the counted as a localgroups event
13:07:30 <moray> if it's less local than the residents of his house, it probably counts
13:07:39 <join_subline> a buddy of mine wrote an article in Linux Magazine of a network them and i are on.  check it out if you like (sorry for paywall, but supposedly will be free in a few months) ... https://www.linux-magazine.com/index.php/Issues/2021/249/Interview-IRCNow
13:08:21 <nattie> #topic scheduling the next meeting
13:08:36 <nattie> 4 weeks from now puts us at the 31st of July
13:08:54 <nattie> that would then shift the meetings generally from the beginning of the month to the end
13:08:59 <nattie> does that work for people?
13:09:48 <nattie> (and then it'll gradually make its way back to the beginning of the month, over a fair bit of time)
13:09:51 <valhalla> to me that doesn't change anything
13:10:01 <nattie> nor to me, really
13:10:15 <moray> I might be busy that day, if it's the same timeslot, but no issue being end vs. middle vs. start of month
13:10:31 <nattie> and this timing currently still seems like the least-worst timing
13:10:52 <nattie> though if people have specific suggestions about timeslots, they are of course very welcome
13:11:30 <adria> I'm considering proposing monthly/regular meetings (remote for now because of the situation) in the debian-cat local group… but I feel it'll be dependant on the proposer, so still evaluating. I discussed this with alexm a while ago
13:12:02 * nattie would be delighted by more activity from debian-cat
13:12:16 <nattie> whether this means Catalonia or beings of the feline persuasion ;)
13:12:32 * adria meows
13:13:00 <moray> adria: if it's remote (or once we can travel again), Alba and I might be interested in attending
13:13:07 <nattie> #undo
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13:13:22 <nattie> #topic scheduling the next meeting
13:13:32 <nattie> (just so it falls under the right heading)
13:13:44 <nattie> so, 31 July, same time for now?
13:13:47 <moray> nattie: (I didn't know you could do that in meetbot)
13:14:00 <nattie> (i have no idea whether it actually works, i'll have to check the minutes later)
13:14:50 <moray> nattie: sounds reasonable.  I don't know at what point we are due another survey about timing ... but there's the usual problem of suiting the widest audience of people who might attend vs. those who most frequently do attend
13:15:34 <nattie> moray: indeed - today it seems that the timezones we were trying to accommodate aren't actually there, but i guess we didn't really publicise this meeting very much on channel and list
13:17:06 <nattie> shall we do the usual thing of saying it's provisional, while in practice having it at that time anyway?
13:17:20 <moray> ok :)
13:17:32 <nattie> and of course, we should try to discuss timing again in the intervening 4 weeks
13:17:48 <nattie> #agreed next meeting 31 July, 13:00 UTC
13:17:50 <nattie> #topic AOB
13:18:27 <nattie> i've actually got two items for AOB, which could have gone on the regular agenda, but i've been trying to leave a bit of room for latecomers
13:18:41 <nattie> one is the localgroups BoF
13:19:54 <moray> yes, we should think how to best use it to excite more people (assuming it's scheduled)
13:20:37 <nattie> i have no reason to believe it wouldn't be
13:21:04 <nattie> #info the Local Groups BoF has been proposed, and will hopefully be scheduled at DC21
13:21:54 <nattie> if we can hold off thinking for about 5 minutes, we can do that right after the meeting finishes
13:22:14 <moray> sure
13:22:29 <nattie> the other thing i wanted to touch upon is the potential very small-scale local cheese and wine events, as proposed by tzafrir the other night
13:22:45 <nattie> i realise in a lot of places that's not yet an option
13:23:07 <nattie> shall we also talk a little bit about those after the meeting?
13:23:19 <moray> right
13:23:36 <nattie> #info small-scale local cheese and wine gatherings during DC21 to be discussed after the meeting
13:23:54 <nattie> right, i think that's about all i can squeeze out of this meeting
13:24:11 <nattie> same bat time, same bat channel, 4 weeks from now?
13:24:31 <join_subline> (O.O)b
13:24:36 <moray> thanks nattie
13:24:38 <nattie> (though of course please let's discuss the BoF and small local sessions while we're still gathered)
13:24:41 <nattie> #endmeeting