13:00:22 <alexm> #startmeeting
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13:00:37 <alexm> #topic Roll Call
13:00:39 <nattie> hi, i'm here but very tired :)
13:00:57 * alexm here too
13:01:05 <nattie> anyone else?
13:02:03 <axhn> Yes, but feeling like natte
13:02:20 <nattie> we can all be tired together!
13:03:34 <alexm> #topic following up on previous actions
13:03:49 <nattie> i think there's only one, and i'm not sure phls is here
13:03:51 <alexm> I guess there's no news on this topic
13:04:30 <nattie> guess we should carry that item over
13:05:39 <alexm> alright, then let's see if there's AOB...
13:05:49 <alexm> #topic Any Other Business
13:06:04 <nattie> hang on, i'll just link last meeting's minutes
13:06:14 <alexm> #undo
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13:06:20 <nattie> #link http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-localgroups/2021/debian-localgroups.2021-04-10-20.28.html lasst meeting's minutes
13:06:32 <nattie> bah, typo
13:06:39 <nattie> #undo
13:06:55 <alexm> hmm... my undo didn't work either :)
13:07:01 <nattie> no, yours worked!
13:07:06 <nattie> i think
13:07:21 <nattie> never mind, we'll be more thorough next time
13:07:29 <alexm> maybe for the minutes but didn't change the topic
13:08:05 <nattie> shall we schedule the next one and hope more people come?
13:08:27 <alexm> yes, and announce it in advance on the list
13:08:57 <alexm> 4 weeks from now would be June 5, right? Same time?
13:09:10 <nattie> yep
13:09:27 <alexm> #agreed next meeting on June 5 13:00 UTC
13:09:55 <nattie> note to everyone: please say things between meetings here!
13:10:05 <alexm> #action alexm to send a reminder to the list the day before
13:10:56 <nattie> sounds good!
13:11:42 <alexm> anything else before we end the meeting?
13:11:46 <nattie> not from me
13:13:09 <alexm> #endmeeting