16:59:10 <lucas> #startmeeting
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16:59:14 <lucas> hi everybody!
16:59:25 <rafw> hi
16:59:25 <lucas> agenda is at http://titanpad.com/debiandpl-20130925
16:59:30 <lucas> #topic roll call
16:59:32 <lucas> who is around?
16:59:35 <bgupta> here
16:59:36 <RichiH> me
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16:59:43 <MeetBot> meeting!
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16:59:43 <MeetBot> meeting!
16:59:50 <paultag> Yo!
17:00:09 <lucas> zack said he would likely be a bit late
17:00:10 * zack has just arrived
17:00:11 <lucas> ah
17:00:17 <lucas> just in time :)
17:00:22 * pabs waves in the background
17:00:31 <lucas> #topic next meeting
17:00:39 <lucas> $ date -ud @1381338000
17:00:39 <lucas> Wed Oct  9 17:00:00 UTC 2013
17:00:46 <lucas> (that's 2 weeks from now)
17:00:51 <zack> wfm
17:01:06 <rafw> ok for me.
17:01:29 <lucas> 1
17:01:29 <lucas> 2
17:01:30 <lucas> 3
17:01:32 <lucas> ok
17:01:45 <lucas> #info next meeting: date -ud @1381338000
17:01:56 <lucas> #topic * Current DPL TO-DO list
17:02:13 <zack> btw, did anyone look into fixing the .ics?
17:02:14 <lucas> please look at http://people.debian.org/~lucas/todo.txt
17:02:29 <lucas> zack: not afaik
17:03:02 <lucas> zack: I must admit that I don't care, as an additional ICS for a single meeting every two weeks is quite useful in my setup
17:03:48 <zack> lucas: no worries, I can live with out :) (or roll up my sleeves and look into it)
17:04:11 <lucas> ok
17:04:45 <lucas> regarding the TODO list, do you have questions? comments? stuff you'd like to work on yourself? all of those are up for grab, except the ones with someone already listed
17:05:27 <zack> lucas: about binary-throw-away uploads, my memory is that there was -devel consensus on it
17:05:32 <zack> I can look up the thread, if you want
17:05:51 <RichiH> for the record (told lucas already): i didn't tackle any of my three todos due to real life. this is a major meh on my side and i hope to have all three tackled by the time for the next meeting
17:05:53 <lucas> zack: it would be great to see if the next action items are identified
17:05:54 <zack> it seems to be one of the topic in wait of "ftpmaster should implement it"
17:05:59 <paultag> well
17:06:04 <paultag> I seem to recall a bit more than that
17:06:10 <zack> paultag: please, go ahead :)
17:06:13 <paultag> but yeah, there was consensus
17:06:22 <paultag> but I remember issues with uploads when you just simply throw everything away
17:06:39 <paultag> one big issues was where to build arch:all (since all may ftbfs on non-FOO arch, but work on all platforms)
17:06:48 <paultag> there was another too. I can't exactly remember.
17:06:52 <zack> paultag: right, there was some exceptions to be dealt with, but IIRC it was entirely possible to deal with them (pretty much as we now treat "source only upload" as exceptions)
17:06:55 <paultag> but I think it was in a patches-welcome phase
17:06:58 <paultag> yeah, totally.
17:07:55 <lucas> a more easily hackable dak would be great
17:07:59 <paultag> I agree
17:08:08 <lucas> there used to be an outdated debian package for it
17:08:17 <lucas> but I'm not sure if there are setup instructions nowadays
17:08:24 <paultag> yeah, the README is pretty easy
17:08:34 <paultag> I set one up in a few minutes with zero dak know-how a while back
17:08:41 <lucas> ah, good to know
17:09:04 <lucas> dak is python, right?
17:09:09 <paultag> yessir.
17:09:22 <paultag> It's got some parts that are very un-pep8, but it's mostly pretty ok python
17:09:25 <paultag> slightly messy in the older parts
17:09:31 <paultag> not that I know a lot about it
17:09:58 <lucas> zack/paultag: it would be great if one of you could find the relevant thread(s) and write a quick summary of the open issues
17:10:22 <zack> lucas: I can do that, sure
17:10:23 <paultag> I'm free to do this on Monday if no one beats me before that point
17:10:26 <paultag> zack:17:10:31 <paultag> (Beer's on me next time :) )
17:10:32 <zack> and will check with paultag if I missed anything ;)
17:10:37 <lucas> ok, great
17:10:54 <rafw> Regarding: - check that anti-harrassement is mentioned on Debian website. It doesn't look we have a that on the website. Shall I add it on the http://www.debian.org/contact webpage ?
17:11:32 <zack> rafw: it's at http://www.debian.org/intro/organization , but only since DebConf13, thanks to taffit
17:11:58 <zack> might deserve a mention in /contact too, dunno what's the policy/philosophy of that page
17:12:14 <lucas> it might make sense to list it on the contact page too though
17:12:21 <lucas> (without listing the individual members there)
17:12:57 <rafw> ok, I will contact taffit about the contact page :)
17:13:10 <lucas> #action zack/paultag [binary-throw-away uploads] find relevant thread(s), write quick summary
17:13:21 <lucas> thanks
17:13:44 <lucas> #action rafw to investigate whether anti-harrassement should be added to www.d.o/contact
17:14:15 <rafw> lucas: it make sense to me to add it there.
17:14:19 <lucas> I'm surprised nobody wants to write the DC13 final report for me :)
17:14:29 <lucas> rafw: yeah, to me too
17:14:30 <zack> rafw: have a look at this one too http://www.debian.org/intro/diversity.en.html
17:14:41 <zack> it looks like there's some uniforming to do...
17:14:58 <rafw> zack: thanks
17:15:07 <lucas> like on many other parts of the website... :)
17:15:12 <zack> (it's also not clear to me where that page is linked from, not for /intro for instance)
17:16:59 <lucas> ok, maybe it would make sense to discuss outstanding action items, since they are directly related to the todo list
17:17:16 <lucas> #topic ** TODO rafw to look into the status of the Debian events team, and advise lucas on possible course of action
17:17:44 <lucas> rafw: if I remember correctly, you decided to join the team? :)
17:17:58 <zack> (say no, say no! :))
17:18:14 <rafw> Yes, that was my idea... but i am not sure anymore.
17:18:18 <rafw> Well
17:18:45 <rafw> There is Arne in the team and Geepert who is new.
17:19:21 <rafw> Arne told me he doesn't need help but would be nice to have someone from America in the team.
17:19:41 <lucas> maybe you could send a mail to dpl-helpers@ to give a status update on active members of the team
17:20:00 <rafw> ok, will do
17:20:32 <bgupta> rafw: I would be willing to help… since I am involved in local NYC events.
17:20:53 <bgupta> (ties in with what I am doing already)
17:20:58 <rafw> sure
17:21:09 <lucas> you could contact Sylvestre Ledru as he ends up being involved in many events in france, too
17:21:24 <rafw> yes, good idea.
17:21:33 <rafw> I will wrote a summary to the list.
17:21:38 <lucas> ok, thanks
17:21:50 <rafw> welcome
17:21:56 <lucas> #action rafw to summarize status of debian-events on dpl-helpers@
17:22:07 <lucas> #topic ** TODO bgupta to followup with auditor@ on 9/13 regarding proposed requirements for Debian TO
17:22:37 <lucas> auditor@ is currently quite inactive, unfortunately
17:23:18 <bgupta> I sent first draft, and a followup ping with no reply. Lucas was cc'ed and followed up with his thoughts.
17:23:59 <bgupta> I'm thinking that if anyone else on dpl-helpers wants to review and/or join the discussion that would be helpful.
17:24:08 <lucas> yes, good idea
17:24:35 <lucas> maybe you could reply to my mail if you have comments, and Cc dpl-helpers@?
17:25:00 <lucas> I don't see any reason to stay private with that anyway, other that give auditor@ a chance to comment before the "general public"
17:25:19 <bgupta> #action bgupta to follow up to TO email thread and cc dpl-helpers@
17:25:50 <lucas> #topic ** TODO bgupta to explore legal issues around accepting cryptocurrency donations
17:26:07 <bgupta> reaction please no progress
17:26:45 <lucas> #action bgupta to explore legal issues around accepting cryptocurrency donations
17:27:16 <lucas> #topic ** TODO RichiH to review email about debian.* and send it to SFLC
17:27:20 <zack> bgupta: on the same topic, we discussed briefly here PayPal donations
17:27:31 <zack> bgupta: in case you've to inquire with SPI anyhow, maybe you can join the two questions?
17:27:32 <lucas> #topic paypal donations
17:28:27 <bgupta> sure.
17:28:37 <lucas> (you both already know that, but paypal was already used for DC fundraising, using debian.ch)
17:28:43 <bgupta> however I don't believe the paypal issue is a legal issue.
17:28:46 <RichiH> imo, the issue of paypal donations hinges on how confident we are that we can PR paypal into releasing money if/when they decide to freeze assets for whatever reason
17:28:53 <zack> bgupta: right, I agree
17:29:16 <zack> lucas: yep, and that's a possibility too, although I'm not sure what currency those donations were stably stored as
17:29:32 <lucas> not sure either. probably CHF
17:29:51 <zack> my thought exactly, so probably we don't want to store general donations long term in CHF
17:30:12 <bgupta> debian.ch site was USD donations. hug would know the final currency though. I will check.
17:30:22 <zack> great, thanks!
17:30:47 <lucas> that reminds me that we should check about the final status of DC13 surplus
17:31:11 <zack> out of curiosity, do you have any vague idea about the amount?
17:31:20 <bgupta> #action bgupta confirm the final stored currency for debian.ch paypal account
17:31:45 <lucas> at DebConf, I informally said that transferring that to debian.ch's 'Debian' account would be OK, and that we could use that to buy e.g. hardware later
17:31:56 <lucas> but an email thread would be better for accountability
17:32:08 <lucas> #action lucas check status of DC13 surplus
17:32:15 <lucas> I've no idea about the amount
17:32:30 <lucas> I seem to remember something around 10-20kCHF, but I'm really not sure anymore
17:32:47 * zack nods
17:33:01 <lucas> #topic ** TODO RichiH to review email about debian.* and send it to SFLC
17:33:15 <lucas> that's the only item from RichiH that is quite urgent, I think
17:33:36 <lucas> that discussion about domain names have been going on and off for a long time now, it would be great to make progress
17:34:04 <RichiH> lucas: i will do that over the weekend
17:34:12 <lucas> ok, thanks, that's fine
17:34:21 <lucas> #action RichiH to review email about debian.* and send it to SFLC
17:34:26 <lucas> I'll reaction the two other ones
17:34:33 <lucas> #action RichiH to look into the status of the press team, and advise lucas on how to update the current delegation
17:34:42 <lucas> #action RichiH to add Debian logins to http://www.debian.org/intro/organization.en.html
17:35:02 <lucas> #topic New topics / other business / other items from the TODO list
17:36:40 <lucas> anything? :)
17:37:01 <zack> well, nothing to suggest, but as an highlight: debbugs
17:37:13 <zack> I was wondering if anyone has bright ideas on how to help/resurrect the team
17:37:39 <zack> newbie sprint organization had been tried (and failed), maybe it's time to try again?
17:38:15 <lucas> I could try to write call for helps for the few parts of Debian infra that need a lot of help
17:38:46 <bgupta> this is the team that maintains the bug tracker?
17:38:59 <zack> yep
17:39:18 <zack> and it's essentially a 1-person team, and has been so for very long time
17:39:27 <lucas> that would be debbugs, dak (for binary-throw-away uploads and debian PPAs), d-i
17:39:32 <bgupta> I see there is a list of former members in addition to current member, perhaps reach out to the former members and see if they have ideas?
17:40:37 <pabs> I would say almost all parts of Debian infra could use more people
17:40:38 <zack> some references to past attempt at organizing a get together https://lists.debian.org/debian-sprints/2011/09/msg00002.html https://lists.debian.org/debian-sprints/2012/02/msg00005.html
17:41:03 <pabs> snapshot needs someone to migrate the code to django
17:41:14 <zack> pabs: sure, but that imho helps less than pinpointing each of them and highlighting what one can do
17:41:25 <zack> to help
17:41:27 <pabs> true
17:41:58 <lucas> also, I'm quite sure you will agree that snapshot is less important than debbugs, dak, or d-i
17:42:08 <lucas> (even if I'm a heavy user of snapshot for many purposes)
17:42:11 <pabs> for the pts we need people to help finish the transition to the new code by ensuring it has the same features as the old one
17:42:12 <pabs> sure
17:43:26 <lucas> #action lucas write call for helps to be included in next bits from DPL, for debbugs, dak, d-i
17:44:53 <lucas> ok, if there's nothing else, we could stop there
17:44:54 <zack> I wonder if a blog post with clear point of entry wouldn't be better, but for that one would need some cooperation form the current service maintainers
17:44:55 <bgupta> lucas: Is there any progress on PPAMAIN/PPAEXT?
17:45:05 <lucas> bgupta: not AFAIK
17:45:10 <zack> paultag: ?
17:45:36 <paultag> none that I know of
17:45:46 <paultag> there needs to be work with the buildd maintainers on making sure it's all wired properly
17:45:53 <paultag> it's ftpteam blocked
17:45:58 <lucas> zack: yeah, I was planning to do a long version of the call for help, with skills needed, point of entry, etc.
17:47:40 <lucas> ok, generally, please don't hesitate to talk to me about TODO items you'd like to pick up. As I said, they are all up for grabs
17:47:59 <lucas> currently the "private" part of the TODO list is empty, as well as my DPL mailbox
17:48:27 <lucas> #endmeeting