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[20:00:25] <bubulle> #topic going over Squeeze release goals
[20:01:04] <bubulle> OK, folks, the point is *quickly* going through all release goals to see what has been going on on them
[20:01:42] <bubulle> I'll mention all of them with the person in charge, please give us some mention of how it is going on (or not)
[20:01:47] <bubulle> Persistent device naming for disks: cjwatson
[20:01:54] <bubulle> not sure if Colin is around
[20:02:38] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: persistent device naming for disks
[20:02:53] <bubulle> well, we'll need to move to another one,then...:)
[20:03:06] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: Find replacement for the ISC DHCP client in d-i
[20:03:33] <bubulle> waldi: the SqueezeGoals page mentions "needs activating udhcpc in busybox"
[20:03:35] <waldi> udhcpc seems to work fine. enabled in the next busybox upload. needs a script in netconf
[20:03:52] <bubulle> planned when?
[20:03:56] <bubulle> (the upload)
[20:04:12] <waldi> when i get around it
[20:04:26] <bubulle> anything we can do for it?
[20:04:28] <waldi> not unti, fryday
[20:04:33] <luk> s/netconf/netcfg/ ?
[20:04:38] <waldi> yes
[20:04:53] <bubulle> anyone volunterring for the changes in netcfg?
[20:05:12] <luk> I can have a look
[20:05:18] <bubulle> #url
[20:05:36] <bubulle> #link
[20:05:39] <waldi> luk: the busyox source contains an example script
[20:05:44] <bubulle> (that's for the meetbot report)
[20:05:49] <luk> waldi: tnx
[20:06:00] <otavio> :)
[20:06:30] <bubulle> #agreed luk volunteers for netcfg changes for udhcpc and waldi plans upload for busybox with udhcpc activated
[20:06:54] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals:Switch from console-data to console-setup
[20:07:01] <bubulle> youpi: any move on that one?
[20:07:50] <bubulle> well, he's not around apparently. We'll come back on this one if he pops up
[20:08:08] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: Add ext4 support
[20:08:19] <bubulle> would need input from cjwatson...
[20:08:27] <otavio> We have few pending issues from Parted side
[20:08:29] <bubulle> otavio: maybe you have a summary?
[20:08:40] <otavio> The main blocker for it is at Parted side now
[20:09:12] <bubulle> otavio: so who's is goind to look at this? You?
[20:09:24] <otavio> I'm looking forward for our parted release in near future (I'm not talking with Parted RM hat on)
[20:09:39] <bubulle> who's also involved in parted?
[20:09:41] <otavio> It should happen soon but we're still solving few remaining bugs.
[20:09:48] <otavio> bubulle: At Debian?
[20:10:01] <bubulle> yep
[20:10:27] <bubulle> svenl, otavio, xoswald and waldi are listed as uploaders
[20:10:44] <bubulle> last upload, hmmmm, dec 2008
[20:11:32] <bubulle> #511224 seems to be the blocker, right?
[20:11:53] <bubulle> needs someone to apply cjwatson patch and upload
[20:12:35] <bubulle> #511207 is done
[20:13:13] <bubulle> and #511121 (grub) also needs to be adressed
[20:13:36] <bubulle> otavio: so we need to push parted maintainers to at least fix #511224. OK?
[20:13:59] <otavio> bubulle: yes...
[20:14:06] <bubulle> will you?
[20:14:24] * otavio at phone
[20:14:41] <bubulle> ok, feel free to come back on it when ready
[20:14:57] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: Finish last bits of UdebSupport (udeb transition)
[20:15:00] <bubulle> luk?
[20:15:34] <luk> all udeb library dependencies seem to be taken care of
[20:16:07] <luk> dependencies for postinsts will not be a problem
[20:16:38] <bubulle> luk: is the wiki page up-to-date?
[20:16:45] <bubulle> #link
[20:17:00] <luk> almost, I'll do a last change to update it
[20:17:23] <bubulle> ok
[20:17:28] <bubulle> anything else to add?
[20:17:52] <bubulle> luk: ?
[20:17:55] <luk> no, not atm
[20:18:09] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: Make d-i capable to cross compile armel|* firmware images
[20:18:16] <bubulle> zumbi: around?
[20:18:27] <bubulle> or tbm maybe?
[20:19:18] <bubulle> none of them around (sigh)
[20:19:37] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: General cleanup
[20:19:46] <bubulle> luk: you made a few proposals...
[20:20:25] <luk> well I wanted to see if we maybe could drop some of the code, so it did not need a cleanup at all :-)
[20:20:51] <luk> it seems the m68k modules package is the only one atm
[20:21:19] <luk> and sysconfig-writer could be renamed
[20:21:27] <bubulle> at least that makes on
[20:21:29] <bubulle> one
[20:21:47] <bubulle> ok, that seems to be the only thing that happened for that goal, right?
[20:22:07] <luk> sarge-support should maybe moved to history section in doc or something like that?
[20:22:12] <luk> yes
[20:22:28] * bubulle OK to move sarge-support, yes.
[20:22:59] <bubulle> I don't remember the exact point of it, indeed. Don't we need an etch-support pkg or is this something that's now obsolete?
[20:23:40] <bubulle> otavio: ack for moving sarge-support out of packages/?
[20:23:44] <luk> we have etch-support, but sarge-support has more content, so might be interesting as an example
[20:24:32] <luk> I would move it in installer/doc/devel/historic
[20:25:11] <bubulle> #agreed Move sarge-support to another place
[20:25:34] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: Improve support for Intel-based Apple MacBook systems; current support is a bit of a kludge and needs restructuring
[20:25:42] <bubulle> -->skipped as no cjwatson around
[20:25:55] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: Allow selecting disks with GRUB with multiple controllers
[20:26:00] <bubulle> Ryan52: around?
[20:26:25] <zumbi> hi
[20:26:57] <bubulle> zumbi: ah....we'll come back on one of your "babies" soon..:-)
[20:27:04] <bubulle> no Ryan52 around...
[20:27:14] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: Make d-i capable to cross compile armel|* firmware images
[20:27:20] <bubulle> zumbi: that one
[20:27:45] <bubulle> any progress on this? Something happened? Something has to happen?
[20:28:06] <zumbi> hi
[20:28:42] <zumbi> i tried, but i am on the phase of modifying get-source-debs or whatever is called, it is under util scripts
[20:29:05] <zumbi> i need to hack it so it pulls right arch debs
[20:29:40] <zumbi> i am not sure yet if d-i wants those packages to be installed, i guess no
[20:30:17] <luk> what packages?
[20:30:18] <zumbi> so, WIP, no hurry and no much time
[20:30:23] <bubulle> zumbi: care to do some summary in the mailing list? All this is somthing I'm really ignorant about and I wouldn't want to summarize things the wrong way
[20:30:45] <zumbi> sure
[20:30:46] <bubulle> so, let's say WIP, then..-)
[20:30:55] <zumbi> ok
[20:31:14] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: Try to get some issues in libparted fixed (otavio)
[20:31:20] <bubulle> still on phone? :-)
[20:31:28] <bubulle> #406680, #328629, #377263
[20:32:47] <luk> next please
[20:32:49] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: Add PlayStation 3 support
[20:33:01] <bubulle> wart, zumbi: ?
[20:33:29] <bubulle> grmbl
[20:33:33] <zumbi> hi
[20:33:48] <zumbi> i did take a look to latest petitboot
[20:34:00] <zumbi> i still have to send some comments to geoff-
[20:34:23] <zumbi> and packaging petitboot is something nasty
[20:34:47] <zumbi> at least if we, in Debian, do not have uclibc, which we are currently working on it
[20:35:07] <bubulle> ok, so in some way, this is WIP as well?
[20:35:20] <zumbi> so probably this is going to take some time, and I need to agree some mid-hack with wart
[20:35:29] <waldi> uclibc have license problems
[20:35:35] <zumbi> bubulle: this is WIP but it is a long-term WIP
[20:35:41] <zumbi> waldi: not anymore
[20:36:11] <zumbi> waldi: we work with uclibc, busybox upstream, so that gets things easier
[20:36:28] <zumbi> waldi: Gyrosgeier has more bits on uclibc
[20:36:51] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: Extend accessibility support
[20:37:01] <bubulle> youpi: is apparently not around so let's skip
[20:37:13] <bubulle> same for "Split the initrd into three"
[20:37:34] <bubulle> #topic Suqeeze release goals: Don't forget reinstating translation for grub-installer/grub2_instead_of_grub_legacy and grub-installer/grub_not_mature_on_this_platform
[20:37:58] <bubulle> that's for me but I need to prod grub2 maintainers about these templates still being useful or not
[20:38:33] <bubulle> I propose not going any longer in the release goals list. Others are wishlist only
[20:38:44] <luk> I removed one item about pxe file renaming in favour of franklin's solution
[20:39:04] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals
[20:39:17] <zumbi> bubulle: you can drop the choosing bootloader, that can come again when we gain mtd support
[20:39:58] <bubulle> zumbi: hmmm, choosing bootlader has already been dropped after last meeting..:)
[20:39:59] <zumbi> i also did some reading on ipv6, which i better write a summary to ML
[20:40:16] <bubulle> Yoe: ^^^
[20:40:42] <bubulle> zumbi: OK, I'll add a mention that you did some research on this, in the RG list, then
[20:41:22] <bubulle> I think we're over release goals.
[20:41:30] <bubulle> Let's see next topics:
[20:41:37] <bubulle> #link
[20:41:46] <bubulle> #topic
[20:41:55] <bubulle> luk: what's the current status?
[20:42:21] <luk> it currently has
[20:42:39] <luk> and the dailies from about half of the arches
[20:42:52] <luk> it's still waiting for you to move l10n-sync :-)
[20:43:05] <luk> and to get content on some home page
[20:43:23] <luk> and maybe some other content that could be moved/added?
[20:43:51] <bubulle> luk: maybe link the build logs from
[20:44:07] <bubulle> move l10n-sync, yes I know.
[20:44:17] * bubulle needs time for this..:)
[20:45:35] <bubulle> luk: are there other arches for which the dailies could go to d-i.d.o?
[20:46:20] <bubulle> I see that armel and i386 are done under joeyh's account and sparc under stappers'
[20:46:27] <luk> all of them could go there, just needs some coordination with the people doing the dailies
[20:46:35] <otavio> heck! was a client on phone :(
[20:46:37] <otavio> sorry
[20:46:53] <bubulle> otavio: you'll have to go through the backlog..:-)
[20:47:35] <luk> bubulle: also ia64 done by dannf and s390 currently not done?
[20:47:41] <bubulle> dannf: ia64 dailies are done under your account. Maybe coordinate with luk to move them under the d-i.d.o umbrella?
[20:48:05] <waldi> the machine who did the s390 images is broken, i trashed the raid
[20:48:49] <bubulle> any planned revival from the deads?
[20:48:54] <otavio> about the sarge-support I'm ok about moving but but not for installer/doc or it will be add in tarball
[20:48:56] <dannf> luk, bubulle: ok - just me know what i need to change
[20:49:03] <waldi> only revival from the dasds
[20:50:04] * youpi back
[20:50:09] <bubulle> luk: anything more you see about d-i.d.o?
[20:50:25] <bubulle> youpi: ah, we'll quickly come back on your release goals, then
[20:50:28] <luk> no, the rest is in a latter point
[20:50:34] <otavio> luk: btw, thanks by mocing d-i.d.o ahead!
[20:50:42] <luk> np
[20:50:45] <bubulle> #topic Squeeze release goals: improving accessibility
[20:50:50] <bubulle> youpi: ^^
[20:51:00] <youpi> well, actually there's not much news :)
[20:51:09] <youpi> I've been busy with other stuff
[20:51:33] <otavio> youpi: what is your plan about it? When you plan to have focus on it again?
[20:51:48] <youpi> well, not right now as our lab has burnt so we have other priorities
[20:51:51] * otavio is in a bit of hurry today... sorry
[20:51:56] <youpi> but a few weeks after that, yes
[20:52:12] <otavio> youpi: burnt?
[20:52:16] <youpi> yes, like on fire
[20:52:18] <youpi> :/
[20:52:20] <bubulle> ok, np...the point is mostly keeping topics alive...:)
[20:52:21] <bubulle> ouch
[20:52:25] <otavio> youpi: oh my
[20:52:31] <otavio> youpi: everyone is fine?
[20:52:36] <youpi> yes, it was at 3 am
[20:52:41] <youpi> no PhD was still there at the time
[20:52:44] <otavio> youpi: oh :(
[20:53:03] <bubulle> youpi: I'd guess nothing else to add about Console-setup switch?
[20:53:10] <youpi> no more news indeed
[20:53:12] <otavio> youpi: quite sad news. Yep, we come back to it when you're more free
[20:53:51] <bubulle> #topic cleaning out DebianInstaller/Today
[20:54:01] <otavio> Folks ... It is quite bad but I need to leave
[20:54:02] <bubulle> #link
[20:54:22] <luk> cu otavio
[20:54:37] <bubulle> As of now we only have one topic "active" in "Today", a very old one.
[20:54:49] <bubulle> "Installer doesn't start on mips and mipsel (445507) - there is a workaround in place for this issue though"
[20:55:23] <bubulle> but I'm not sure if many people are following this..:-(
[20:55:44] <bubulle> we currently don't have "bad" reports as far as I'm able to see
[20:56:01] <zumbi> p2-mate: ^^^
[20:57:16] <bubulle> Well apparently nothing mor eto add
[20:57:28] <bubulle> luk: I think we went through "how to do dailies centralised"?
[20:58:09] <luk> I think it would be best to make the dailies autobuilt via the normal way
[20:58:25] <bubulle> #topic centralize dailies
[20:58:44] <luk> aka having a real package that gets binNMUed every day if it has not been changed and uploaded otherwise
[20:59:13] <luk> this would make sure it gets built centrally
[20:59:30] <luk> it would not harm the buildd by running in parallel
[20:59:35] <bubulle> and thus buyilt on autobuilders?
[20:59:40] <luk> it would solve the issue of outdated build environments
[20:59:54] <luk> or at least get it to the same level as the buildds
[21:00:05] <luk> yes
[21:00:32] <bubulle> again, that needs someone to jump on it and do this. That can't always be luk..:-)
[21:00:58] <luk> it would probably need some coordination with ftp-master to get the result go to
[21:01:19] <waldi> err, you want automatic binnmus in the main archive?
[21:01:56] <luk> ah another archive would also be an option
[21:02:10] <luk> or at least another suite
[21:02:51] <luk> I plan to work on that during DebCamp and would welcome anyone who wants to help
[21:02:51] <bubulle> unless we have a real volunteer, I see this as a nice dream only, though..:)
[21:03:20] <bubulle> I think we're about to be ready to conclude this meeting
[21:03:23] <waldi> make it cross-buildable, then it is easy
[21:04:07] <bubulle> #topic Various items
[21:04:12] <bubulle> just one mention:
[21:04:34] <bubulle> I was pointed to the lack of answer to
[21:05:26] <bubulle> apparently, it would be nice if someone could complete the (small) answer made to Rogerio Brito
[21:06:41] <bubulle> after all, he's proposing to keep miboot alive and it would be a shame if this good will is lost
[21:06:53] <bubulle> #topic Planning next meeting
[21:07:20] <bubulle> Next meeting will be May 18th, 20:00 UTC, unless there are strong objections to this
[21:07:42] <bubulle> I propose we focus it on an early preparation of an alpha release
[21:08:16] <bubulle> luk, otavio: ^^^^ (I know otavio is away)
[21:08:23] <zumbi> do we have a timeline somewhere?
[21:09:05] <bubulle> zumbi: for the release?
[21:09:09] <luk> no, not yet
[21:09:30] <franklin> I drafted that page once: (but it may go away too )
[21:10:34] <zumbi> bubulle: yes
[21:10:40] <bubulle> #link
[21:10:59] <bubulle> this is not a timeline but it gives an idea of what's involved in a release
[21:11:34] <bubulle> anyway, see you on May 18th!
[21:11:39] <bubulle> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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