Started logging meeting in #debian-boot
[20:00:27] <otavio> Hello ... the meeting topics can be see at
[20:01:30] * otavio asks who is going to participate
[20:04:33] <joeyh> hi, I'm a bit late, but here
[20:04:39] <otavio> Anyone alive?
[20:04:41] <otavio> :-)
[20:05:35] <otavio> Well ...
[20:06:08] <otavio> #topic #
[20:06:08] <otavio> Debian Installer - Lenny Beta1: blockers and intended schedule
[20:06:08] <otavio> #
[20:06:15] <otavio> #topic Debian Installer - Lenny Beta1: blockers and intended schedule
[20:07:04] <otavio> I'd like to invite everyone to check for the starting proposal for the timeline for beta1
[20:07:53] <otavio> However since ftp-master has problems, I couldn't upload the kernel udebs (they're ready here on my laptop) and this is really important to happen before we can really start the preparation for it
[20:09:05] <otavio> I'd like to talk about current blockers for Beta1 and general d-i release
[20:09:40] <otavio> First, is the "installer doesn't start on mips and mipsel (#445507)"
[20:09:52] <otavio> Looks like whole mips and mipsel images are in trouble ..
[20:10:00] <ths> I plan to look into it soon.
[20:10:04] <otavio> last news I have is that ths and waldi were looking at it
[20:10:15] <otavio> ths: good. daily images looks failing too
[20:10:31] <ths> Should be fixed already.
[20:10:43] <otavio> ths: what's your ETA for start looking into it?
[20:10:50] <ths> Tomorrow.
[20:10:57] <otavio> ths: great .. thanks
[20:11:28] <otavio> Next bloker for beta1 is: " from first partman dialog does not work (#446994)"
[20:11:37] <otavio> has anyone started to look into it?
[20:12:10] <joeyh> I haven't looked at it, but I'm not sure how it's a really serious blocker either
[20:12:41] <otavio> joeyh: well, we can ignore it for beta1 however it isn't a nice thing to release with
[20:13:02] <otavio> joeyh: i ack that it could be ignored for beta1
[20:13:32] <otavio> #agreed #446994 can be ignored for beta1 but would be nice to get fixed before it
[20:14:06] <otavio> joeyh: Is it in your TODO list?
[20:14:49] <joeyh> I'm behind on recent changes to partman, including anton's
[20:15:24] <otavio> right
[20:15:37] <otavio> who do you suggest we try to contact to look at it?
[20:16:12] <joeyh> anyone who can handle partman should be able to debug a problem like this fairly easily
[20:16:35] <otavio> ok .. will talk to frans, anton and jeremy later
[20:17:08] <otavio> Another issue: sparc kernel seems to produce unkillable processes (#433187).
[20:17:15] <otavio> Looks like upstream has it fixed
[20:17:20] <otavio> and a patch has been reported on the bug
[20:17:37] <otavio> maks: could you take a look and include it on next kernel upload? (2.6.22, i mean)
[20:17:48] <maks> no
[20:17:54] <otavio> maks: why not?
[20:18:06] <maks> i don't have any sparc box
[20:18:30] <otavio> maks: i'm sure we can find people to test it
[20:18:32] <maks> and 2.6.22-6 is closed - i don't have time for such an old kernel
[20:18:55] <maks> i already did 2 updates too much if you ask me
[20:19:43] <otavio> maks: it's a serious issue for sparc users so it would be nice to get it included
[20:20:03] <maks> 2.6.22-6 is doen
[20:20:10] <otavio> maks: i looked the patch and it doesn't look to break abi and like
[20:20:20] <otavio> maks: was it uploaded already? It doesn't look to be
[20:20:22] <maks> it's just not uploaded due to ftp master borkage
[20:20:35] <otavio> maks: so .. we could get it included before it
[20:20:53] <maks> no 2.6.24-rc2 is out
[20:20:58] <otavio> maks: couldn't you reconsider your position to not include it?
[20:21:24] <joeyh> it's so nice that the kernel team is so cooperative
[20:21:35] <joeyh> why are we even considering their bugs as d-i release blockers/
[20:21:36] <joeyh> ?
[20:21:45] <maks> and so cool that d-i drags behind always
[20:22:06] <joeyh> all you have to do is gets kernels into testing, and d-i will use them
[20:22:11] <otavio> maks: i'm sorry but we want to have a stable release (even it being a beta)
[20:22:45] <otavio> maks: and we can't just start with a new kernel version that we don't know when it's going to be stable enough to get into testing
[20:22:57] <otavio> maks: so we're wanting to get it done on 2.6.22
[20:23:06] <otavio> maks: so we upload the udebs and put it on testing
[20:23:19] <otavio> maks: so you're free to upload .23 after this all
[20:24:18] <otavio> maks: so, can I count on you?
[20:24:30] <joeyh> otavio: there's no chance in hell that a kernel upload tomorrow will get into testing in time for your published timeline
[20:24:49] <joeyh> just look at the history of any kernel upload over the past few years
[20:24:55] <otavio> joeyh: 2.6.22-6 can make it
[20:25:02] <otavio> joeyh: .23 no
[20:25:06] <maks> 2.6.22-6 is closed
[20:25:22] <otavio> maks: so open -7 and put this change and close it and upload it :-)
[20:25:29] <maks> if a sparc porter does a 2.6.22-7 fine with me
[20:26:33] <otavio> :(
[20:27:21] <otavio> Next blocker: Regressions in cleaning old LVM partitions (#425829);
[20:28:15] * otavio is sad about kernel team cooperativeness :(
[20:28:33] <otavio> Well .. has someone looked at it? Jeremy said he was going to
[20:28:47] <otavio> but I hadn't hear from him since some time..
[20:29:24] * ths has to run - see you later
[20:29:37] <otavio> ths: see you
[20:30:58] <otavio> Looks like noone did :(
[20:31:00] <otavio> Ok ..
[20:31:37] <otavio> I'll see what I can do
[20:31:42] <otavio> Next blocker: dependencies of excluded packages on the cd, making netinst huge (#410418)
[20:32:05] <otavio> This one I thought I had solved but my patch had issues with complete CDs and then it needed to be reverted.
[20:32:39] <otavio> I started to work on it locally here and I have a partial patch with it but it is much more complex then I thought it was
[20:32:48] <otavio> This one can be kept with me
[20:33:51] <otavio> I don't consider it a blocker for beta1 but one for final release
[20:34:53] <otavio> weekly builds now looks OK and then problem of mismatch version between kernel and module has been solved
[20:35:14] <otavio> So basically .. the plan is:
[20:35:29] <otavio> - once ries is online again, i do udeb uploads;
[20:36:06] <otavio> - once kernel team do -6 (or -7, if maks change his mind :P) I'll then redo them all;
[20:36:39] <otavio> - after it, i'll publish the timeline with updated dates;
[20:37:07] <otavio> joeyh: are you aware of any other important bug that we might consider for beta1 as a blocker?
[20:38:13] <joeyh> I still don't understand how you expect a kernel that is not currently in testing or unstable to magically appeaer in testing in a week
[20:41:19] * otavio checking linux-2.6 status again
[20:42:59] <otavio> wow it looks horrible ... it didn't look so bad last time ..
[20:43:27] <joeyh> that's because it had just finally made it into testing last time.. after how many months?
[20:43:59] <otavio> joeyh: besides kernel itself (that we'll need to sort it out) .. there's anything we need to fix?
[20:44:01] <joeyh> anyway, even if it had zero bugs, it would not make it into testing in a week
[20:46:05] <otavio> waldi: Is your turn
[20:46:12] <otavio> waldi: can I move to sbuild topic?
[20:47:37] <otavio> hum he doesn't look to be alive
[20:48:57] <otavio> well ..
[20:49:05] <otavio> Looks like people is really quiet
[20:49:23] <otavio> and most isn't alive ...
[20:49:41] <otavio> so I see no reason to continue the meeting
[20:49:52] <otavio> Does someone wants to comment or say something?
[20:50:29] <otavio> #endsmeeting
Meeting ended.