21:02:18 <elmig> #startmeeting
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21:02:37 <elmig> first of all i want to thank everybody for taking personal time to be here
21:02:56 <elmig> so let's go to the agenda
21:03:24 <elmig> #topic current issues
21:03:52 <elmig> anyone wants to start?
21:03:59 <elmig> with issues affection d-i?
21:04:10 <otavio> First of all I would like to thank elmig for offering himself to organize the meeting.
21:04:14 * bubulle didn't really follow closely lately
21:04:33 <elmig> ok, so i start
21:04:49 <elmig> we had a tentative beta ~1 week ago
21:04:56 <otavio> It is very nice to have the meetings happening again since those are a nice opportunity to fix issues
21:04:59 <otavio> Ok
21:05:20 <otavio> So I am generating the installer right now
21:05:29 <elmig> what know issues from the beta still exist?
21:05:59 <elmig> the keyboard-stuff last time i checked was solved
21:06:06 <elmig> (2 days ago, irrc)
21:06:07 <otavio> yes it was
21:06:21 <otavio> we have the data corruption bug
21:06:27 <otavio> broken apt
21:06:38 <elmig> #agreed keyboard problem solved from tentative beta
21:06:41 <otavio> #600852.
21:06:58 <otavio> gtk hang fixed as well
21:07:24 <otavio> bubulle has fixed the localechooser issue about a not working language
21:07:38 <elmig> #agreed gtk fixed also
21:07:55 <elmig> #agreed localechooser issue fixed by bubulle
21:08:04 <otavio> as far as I know the blokers are:
21:08:11 <bubulle> that one was not a big deal, but yes
21:08:30 <otavio> zipl installation problem that makes s390 uninstalable
21:08:35 <otavio> waldi: ^
21:08:44 <dileks> otavio: you said to me you have patches to solve WPA/WPA2 configuration. is that for beta1 or post-beta1?
21:09:03 <otavio> data corruption bug due os-prober
21:09:06 <otavio> cjwatson: ^
21:09:34 <elmig> otavio: 2 issues so far
21:09:36 <otavio> apt problem with empty indexes
21:09:41 <otavio> reported today
21:09:55 <bubulle> ah, yes, I was looking for this data corruption thing for os-prober
21:10:01 <otavio> yaboot (mostly useless)
21:10:07 <youpi> could somebody upload rootskel to get speakup postinst fixed?
21:10:14 <bubulle> #599203
21:10:25 <otavio> bubulle: yes; move to suggests looks right for me
21:10:36 <otavio> youpi: after meeting please
21:10:45 <youpi> well, it's a matter of the meeting
21:10:50 <youpi> as that'd have been a but of beta1 :)
21:11:01 <youpi> s/but/bug
21:11:08 <elmig> otavio: finished blockers?
21:11:27 <bubulle> youpi: building rootskel right now
21:11:36 <youpi> thx
21:11:39 <bubulle> otavio: cjwatson didn't agree with moving to suggests
21:11:57 <elmig> #info blocker zipl installation problem that makes s390 uninstalable
21:12:07 <otavio> youpi: afaik you've uploaded it before no?
21:12:18 <elmig> #info blocker data corruption due to os-prober
21:12:19 <otavio> elmig: yaboot for powerpc
21:12:30 <otavio> bubulle: ok; I discuss with him it
21:12:32 <youpi> otavio: I've never uploaded d-i p ackages iirc
21:12:35 <elmig> #info blocker yaboot for powerpc
21:12:46 <otavio> youpi: humm crap! I thought you had
21:12:51 <otavio> youpi: OK
21:13:02 <elmig> #info blocker apt problem due to empty indexes
21:13:25 <elmig> ok, s390 issue
21:13:39 <elmig> ideas?
21:13:50 <otavio> for b1 what is missing is:
21:13:59 <otavio> - upload installer (doing it right now)
21:14:12 <otavio> - fixing/improving announcement
21:14:15 <otavio> - update errata
21:15:05 <otavio> just it
21:15:08 <CIA-3> debian-installer: 03otavio * r65074 10installer/debian/changelog: releasing version 20101020
21:15:27 <bubulle> so, mostly doc stuff
21:15:30 <anibal> who is working on fixing yaboot?
21:15:43 <CIA-3> debian-installer: 03otavio 07installer * r65075 10/20101020/: tagging version 20101020
21:16:16 <elmig> otavio: any of the blockers you mentioned are beta/alpha d-i blockers?
21:17:27 <elmig> the uestion is, doing the doc stuff can the beta d-i be releases?
21:17:35 <otavio> yes
21:17:38 <otavio> i guess so
21:18:15 * bubulle just updated the localization part of the release announcement
21:18:26 <elmig> yaboot problem prevents installation? or theres any bootloader who can do the job?
21:18:56 <otavio> elmig: yes; it makes ppc useless
21:19:01 <otavio> elmig: but works for some
21:19:57 <otavio> I do need someone to help with the errata stuff
21:20:25 <CIA-3> debian-installer: 03bubulle * r65076 10packages/rootskel/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.91
21:20:38 * bubulle look selsewhere
21:20:39 <CIA-3> debian-installer: 03bubulle 07packages * r65077 10/rootskel/1.91/: tagging version 1.91
21:21:10 <otavio> Besides beta 1 we have some stuff to be done
21:21:18 <otavio> CD/DVD checking
21:21:24 <otavio> tasksel checking
21:21:30 <elmig> can we agree on released beta1?
21:21:55 <elmig> released/release
21:21:56 <bubulle> tasksel could be uploaded again: not a blocker, though
21:22:09 <otavio> elmig: I plan to have images of b1 in two days
21:22:22 <qq-> powerpc stop building since 16 oct
21:22:24 <otavio> elmig: after that a day for testing
21:22:29 <otavio> elmig: and release
21:22:33 <otavio> qq-: yes
21:22:34 <bubulle> I think that, for the technical part, beta1 is OK. The release announcement seems fairly good, we only need errata
21:22:47 <elmig> ~24-25 october?
21:22:54 <otavio> elmig: I guess so
21:23:23 <elmig> #agreed Beta1 tentative2 on 24-25 october
21:23:33 <otavio> If all goes fine I plan to make another beta very soon just with the fixes and then a RC1 when l10n is done
21:24:08 <bubulle> not sure you'll have time for all this..:-)
21:24:14 <youpi> is there also a release of the installation guide, to get along beta1?
21:24:22 * bubulle will work as if RC1 is the target
21:24:39 <otavio> bubulle: b2 shouldn't matter for l10n
21:24:47 <bubulle> youpi: tricky part as it need someone to coordinate it (particularly the l10n thing...and don't look at me!
21:24:48 <elmig> bubulle: can you take care of the manual release?
21:24:57 <elmig> :)
21:25:02 <otavio> bubulle: it will be, if done, just to make testing easier
21:25:03 <bubulle> elmig: no, that wouldn't be serious of me to accept
21:25:34 <elmig> #idea need coordinator for installation manual
21:25:51 <elmig> and about the errata:
21:25:57 <bubulle> I can build/upload/etc. but pushing folks to complete l10n has to be done by somebody else
21:26:06 <elmig> saves time/work being part of the manual?
21:26:17 <elmig> bubulle: sounds great to me
21:26:27 <otavio> elmig: errata, no
21:26:39 <otavio> elmig: needs to be on web so we can make it up to date
21:26:55 <elmig> manual is on the web
21:26:57 <bubulle> also needs someone to  check how the sync with the webste is done for the IG...as well as inclusion on CDs
21:26:58 <elmig> alioth
21:27:42 <elmig> being part of the manual brings existing l10n teams
21:28:27 <elmig> bubulle: can the l10n bot include manual?
21:29:20 <elmig> if it's not a good idea, let's move on
21:29:29 <bubulle> hmmm, you mean the l10n status pages? What produces http://d-i.debian.org/l10n-stats/?
21:29:40 <elmig> yes, the 'mail bugger'
21:29:47 <elmig> (very appreciated)
21:30:11 <bubulle> hmmm, not sure
21:30:20 <bubulle> (also this is Perl, so Chinese for me)
21:30:43 <otavio> and for me
21:30:48 <elmig> #idea include installation manual on the l10n stats. needs work. maybe perl.
21:31:12 <bubulle> (the mail bugguer, namely websec, I mean)...the script that produces l10n-stats is shell script
21:31:23 <bubulle> things are in scripts/l10n indeed
21:31:36 <otavio> let's move?
21:31:51 <elmig> #action propose integrarion of manual with l10n on mailing list
21:31:54 <elmig> ok
21:31:59 <elmig> the blockers
21:32:34 <elmig> the yaboot problem - any ideas?
21:32:52 <otavio> there's a guy working at yaboot
21:32:59 <otavio> (he has mailed d-b)
21:33:08 <otavio> but I am unsure how it is going
21:33:37 <otavio> aurel32: are you aware of any blocker for kfreebsd?
21:34:26 <youpi> bsd people need to fill the installation guide.. :)
21:34:43 <otavio> bubulle: when do you can announce the l10n period for installer?
21:34:52 <otavio> bubulle: I can announce the string freeze
21:34:54 <elmig> #action installation guide needs update regarding kFreeBSD
21:34:56 <bubulle> otavio: I started
21:35:13 <elmig> anyone working on that?
21:35:16 <bubulle> today I mailed all translation teams with incomplete translations for sublevels 1 to 5
21:35:23 <elmig> manual <-> bsd
21:35:42 <bubulle> elmig: not me, for sure..:-)
21:36:03 <youpi> but another way, is there any bsd guy in the d-b team?
21:36:04 <elmig> i meant any of our bsd experts
21:36:09 <youpi> s/but/put
21:36:26 <bubulle> otavio: what I omitted to do, though is to activate l10n for partman-zfs strings
21:36:26 <otavio> youpi: aurel32
21:36:38 <otavio> bubulle: it ought be nice
21:36:48 <otavio> bubulle: if not complete we can not use it for stats
21:36:49 <elmig> # action activate l10n for partman-zfs
21:36:56 <otavio> bubulle: partman-ufs too
21:37:01 <elmig> # action activate l10n for partman-ufs
21:37:08 <elmig> brtfs?
21:37:22 <bubulle> need to steal l10n for partman-whateverfs and eventually unfuzzy, then remerge back in sublevel files
21:37:25 <otavio> elmig: afaik it was already
21:37:47 <bubulle> yep, ufs and btrfs are already l10n'ed
21:38:02 <elmig> #action compile list of mentioned blockers and push them on d-b
21:38:11 <elmig> can we move on?
21:38:36 <otavio> yep
21:38:57 <elmig> the upload of rootskel for speakup
21:39:02 <elmig> canbe done?
21:39:17 <otavio> elmig: bubulle has doneit
21:39:23 <bubulle> elmig: done
21:39:30 <otavio> elmig: will not be in b1 thought
21:39:39 <youpi> ah
21:39:40 <otavio> youpi: sorry for that
21:39:42 <bubulle> ah, about l10n, I need to activate a language
21:39:47 <elmig> #info bubulle uploaded rootskell for speakup issue
21:39:56 <youpi> well, it'll just have to be documented in the errata
21:40:09 <elmig> how do we proceed with the errata?
21:40:18 <elmig> how was done in previous releases?
21:40:25 <otavio> elmig: bubulle and I
21:40:46 * bubulle runs away
21:40:58 * otavio runs to the other side
21:41:29 <elmig> #action start thread with content for errata
21:41:46 <bubulle> yup, probably the best way to do it
21:41:51 <elmig> anyone willing to 'own' this thread?
21:42:06 <otavio> elmig: you?
21:42:08 * bubulle waves from very far away
21:42:13 <elmig> bummer
21:42:16 <elmig> ok
21:42:23 <elmig> next time i will run too :P
21:42:31 <otavio> lol
21:42:34 <elmig> #action elmig will run thread on errata
21:42:50 <elmig> someone asked for wpa/wpa2
21:42:58 <otavio> wpa not for squeeze
21:43:07 <bubulle> otavio: can I activate my new language now (which means that PO files will flow to all packages)
21:43:20 <otavio> patches mostly done but needs someone to test and properly integrate them
21:43:25 <bubulle> or better wait for b1 to be released?
21:43:25 <elmig> i have to agree with you, because of the freeze but it's really a pitty
21:43:44 <elmig> bubulle: release and forget
21:43:47 <otavio> bubulle: I consider b1 done
21:44:00 <SynrG> re wpa, sigh
21:44:26 <elmig> regarding wpa, there's support in kenshi's own images
21:44:51 <elmig> otavio: possible to use it in the future?
21:44:58 <CIA-3> debian-installer: 03bubulle * r65078 10packages/localechooser/ (debian/changelog languagelist): Activate Icelandic
21:45:00 <elmig> (it == his work)
21:45:13 <otavio> sure
21:45:30 <elmig> #action bubulle activated icelandic language
21:45:52 <elmig> post-squeeze? or.... ?
21:46:06 <SynrG> since pre-lenny debian-eeepc had wpa patches, and twice they were redone and resubmitted. in a small way i've been tracking progress here recently and involved in some testing (with relation to debian-live, not wpa in particular). would've been nice if i had been involved more earlier ...
21:46:21 <SynrG> but that's life. maybe post-squeeze i can help more.
21:46:34 <otavio> SynrG: yes
21:46:35 <elmig> SynrG: willing to follow that?
21:46:38 <otavio> SynrG: it is a shame
21:46:49 <otavio> SynrG: but it is big enough to be risky
21:46:54 <elmig> can that be activated in unstable/experimental d-i development?
21:46:59 <SynrG> involvement in d-i is a *big* learning curve
21:47:06 <SynrG> but very interesting so far
21:47:32 <otavio> elmig: after squeeze, yes
21:47:47 <SynrG> elmig: sure. i'll do what i can after squeeze with wpa. if the patch needs to be cleaned up, tested or whatever
21:47:48 <CIA-3> debian-installer: 03bubulle * r65079 10packages/po/PROSPECTIVE: Remove Icelandic from prospective languages
21:48:14 <elmig> my idea is to start integration now, but being included in squeeze+1
21:48:29 <otavio> elmig: we need to finish media stuff before that
21:48:39 <otavio> elmig: checking tasks, validating cds
21:48:50 <otavio> elmig: track blockers
21:49:14 <elmig> SynrG: feel free to keep us posted on mailing list on wpa stuff if you work on that
21:49:21 <SynrG> yup
21:49:26 <elmig> #agreed wpa/wpa2 POST-SQUEEZE!
21:49:47 <elmig> i have a question:
21:50:08 <otavio> joeyh_: around?
21:50:35 <elmig> usb3 was mentioned while a ago. today is almost non-existing. after release will be more common. can we include support for that?
21:51:06 <otavio> i need to check but I guess we can
21:51:07 <elmig> i only know it uses xhci kernel module available since 2.6.31
21:51:11 <otavio> bdale: can you test it/?
21:51:18 <elmig> but i can't test it
21:51:25 * otavio neither
21:51:30 <elmig> anyone?
21:51:39 <CIA-3> debian-installer: 03bubulle * r65080 10installer/doc/i18n/ (languages.xml languages.xsl): Record activation of few languages
21:51:41 <otavio> elmig: bdale is suppose to have a hw with it
21:51:48 <otavio> bdale: ^ regarding usb3
21:52:13 * bubulle is about to vanish
21:52:15 <elmig> #start thread on usb3 and bing bdale garbee. i might have hw
21:52:21 <elmig> i/he
21:52:40 <elmig> any other hardware we should activate with current kernel?
21:52:46 <bubulle> yes, bing pdale
21:52:51 <bubulle> or ping bdale
21:53:06 * bubulle hides
21:53:20 <otavio> not that I aware of; but activate hw is not a big problem ... as far as it is stable
21:53:53 <elmig> usb3 support thread, should be started where? -devel? d-b?
21:54:12 <otavio> elmig: neither; report a bug in kernel-wedge
21:54:20 <otavio> elmig: I deal with it when I am back at home
21:54:25 <bubulle> ujhyh
21:54:26 <elmig> otavio: feature for beta1 ?
21:54:36 <otavio> elmig: nops; b2/rc1
21:54:58 <elmig> #action usb3 for b2/rc1 releases
21:55:19 <elmig> moving on...
21:55:28 <qq-> maybe make  debian-installer-launcher   to fit in 800x600  ...
21:55:37 <bubulle> oops, 'ujhyh' is what my head falling on the keyboard does (on a French keyboard)
21:56:12 <otavio> bubulle: heh
21:56:15 <otavio> bubulle: go sleep
21:56:22 <bubulle> oh, OdyX brought issues about wiN32-loader in the ML
21:56:22 <SynrG> qq-: ++ considering the number of 1024x600 netbooks around
21:56:27 <otavio> qq-: not sure how to fix it
21:56:31 <joeyh_> otavio: intermittently
21:57:05 <otavio> joeyh_: would be possible for you to look at the git conversion script so we finally convert after we branch ?
21:57:10 <joeyh_> heh
21:57:33 <bubulle> need to blow out dust from it..:-)
21:57:39 <joeyh_> you know, I'd love to work on that, and at least the first N hours of work are there in svn, assuming the converter we were using is still good
21:57:52 <elmig> migrating to git?
21:58:11 * bubulle Zzzzz
21:58:15 <otavio> joeyh_: please do then
21:58:26 <otavio> joeyh_: i have we can move soon
21:58:31 <anibal> git migration \o/
21:58:40 <otavio> joeyh_: just not now due release
21:58:53 <joeyh_> I'm not sure that how to deal with all the little git repos that result when doing eg, l10n was ever sorted
21:59:04 <joeyh_> or how to handle the manual l10n's svn-isms
21:59:05 <otavio> l
21:59:12 <otavio> l10n keeps in svn
21:59:20 <elmig> #action more work on git conversion script (joeyh)
21:59:28 <joeyh_> ah right, we talked about that to keep translators from pain
22:00:02 <youpi> how about installer-guide ? split the l10n parts and en/ part?
22:00:23 <otavio> i-g ought to stay on svn IMO
22:00:26 <youpi> ok
22:00:33 <otavio> at least for now
22:00:38 <elmig> for the release beside announcement and errata, anything related with documentation need to be done?
22:00:58 <otavio> elmig: update website (last thing)
22:01:09 <elmig> who can do it?
22:01:14 <otavio> i do
22:01:29 <youpi> I can have a look at updating the figures btw
22:01:32 <otavio> this is mostly the "release" together with the d-d-a announce
22:01:32 <elmig> #action octavio will update website regarding next release
22:01:46 <youpi> (number of packages, disk usage, etc.)
22:01:51 <otavio> youpi: figures?
22:01:53 <otavio> ahh
22:02:27 <elmig> #action youoi will updated figures used in d-i (number of packages, disk usage, ...)
22:02:39 <elmig> youpi: sorry for the typo
22:02:42 <youpi> np )
22:02:43 <youpi> +:
22:03:06 <otavio> next?
22:03:13 * otavio need to leave
22:03:16 <elmig> we already talked about next di release
22:03:21 <elmig> last topic:
22:03:26 <elmig> next meeting
22:03:40 <elmig> how do you guys wanti it? weekly?
22:03:57 <elmig> every 2 weeks?
22:04:10 <elmig> speakup i will try to adjust to you
22:04:35 <otavio> every two weeks fits well
22:04:37 * youpi didn't take the right meaning for "speakup" at first sight :)
22:04:47 <elmig> missed the comma
22:04:50 <otavio> sometimes people can miss one or another
22:04:55 <youpi> I usually find 2 weeks a better period than 1
22:04:58 <elmig> "speakup, i will try to adjust to you"
22:05:19 <elmig> #action schedule meeting in 2 weeks - elmig
22:05:21 <otavio> we might try to check with OdyX about timming
22:05:22 <youpi> elmig: nah, doesn't work better, I'm still too much concentred on the a11y stuff :)
22:05:31 <anibal> one final point about the loongson mipsel subarch
22:05:32 <anibal> tbm started the support for loongson-2f (and 2c as well) in d-i a few months ago and I would like to complete it
22:05:32 <anibal> I talked to tbm about that and I'm currently working on completing the support for loongson-2f in d-i
22:06:15 <qq-> anibal, ++
22:06:16 <tbm> there's no loongson kernel in squeeze anyway, so this is post-squeeze work
22:06:40 <elmig> #anibal working on support loongson-2f hardware (mipsel) - post-squeeze work
22:06:47 <anibal> tbm, there is a loongson kernel in exp
22:07:13 <otavio> anibal: not the one used in squeeze, btw
22:07:20 <anibal> agree
22:07:43 <tbm> anibal: exp != testing
22:07:54 <elmig> there was a question on ml regarding win32loader
22:07:56 <anibal> of course :)
22:08:09 <otavio> elmig: yes
22:08:22 <otavio> elmig: the detaills needs to be discussed with ftpmasters though
22:08:27 <elmig> otavio: you already gave some awnsers
22:08:45 <elmig> so will be worked on mailing list
22:08:46 <otavio> elmig: yes
22:08:52 <otavio> folks
22:08:55 <otavio> I do need to leave
22:09:02 <otavio> I have a doctor now
22:09:09 <elmig> i am termination the meeting
22:09:16 <elmig> thanks all for your time
22:09:16 <youpi> kthxbye!
22:09:24 <anibal> elmig, thank you
22:09:29 <elmig> i will post links to meeting log
22:09:32 <otavio> thanks for everyone to come
22:09:45 <elmig> #endmeeting