Meeting started by madduck at 20:59 UTC
21:02:44 Topic: deadlines
21:06:43 AGREED madduck alright, I agree, I will push out the dates tomorrow
21:07:38 AGREED madduck #agreed
21:14:53 AGREED madduck #agreed
21:15:26 AGREED madduck Ganneff is in charge to prepare penta to open for dc9 on 15 jan 2009
21:16:50 AGREED madduck reg for sponsored attendance ends 15 march
21:19:26 AGREED madduck aim for paper reg to close end of march, papers announced beginning of may
21:24:40 Topic: roles
21:32:22 AGREED madduck cek_ volunteers for CFP, moray volunteers to help with that, deadline 15 jan
21:32:26 Topic: website
21:32:59 Topic: RT permissions
21:39:30 AGREED madduck Ganneff looks into RT and investigates whether the permissions setup couldn't be simplified a whole lot (e.g. admins and non-admins)
21:39:59 Topic: wiki arithmetic check
21:41:11 Topic: misc
Meeting ended at 21:44.

People Present:
  1. madduck
  2. moray
  3. Ganneff
  4. gwolf
  5. bdale
  6. schultmc
  7. sgran
  8. cek_
  9. zer0mdq
  10. bgupta_
  11. Hydroxide
  12. des

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