23:00:05 <Hydroxide> #startmeeting
23:00:09 <schultmc> oh - almost forgot about the meeting
23:00:11 <Hydroxide> #chair MrBeige
23:00:14 <Hydroxide> (as a backup)
23:00:21 <Hydroxide> everyone ready?
23:00:24 * Clint nods.
23:00:25 <Hydroxide> #topic Logo
23:00:28 * schultmc nods
23:00:29 <moray> Hydroxide: yes
23:00:37 <Hydroxide> so, we've had useful discussion on the mailing list about the logo
23:00:45 <Hydroxide> including a collaboratively developed draft or three
23:01:04 <Hydroxide> how can we get it in shape within 7-10 days?
23:01:13 <Hydroxide> we need to put something on promotional items, the website, the presentation, etc
23:01:36 <Hydroxide> are people ok with a deadline of 8 days from now to have proposals we can vote on?
23:01:39 <MrBeige> do we want people to submit different proposals, or decide what idea we want and then collabratively develop it ?
23:01:44 <Hydroxide> or that
23:01:50 <Hydroxide> thoughts?
23:01:54 <schultmc> which mailing list? I don't recall logo discussion, although I may have skimmed through it
23:02:02 <Hydroxide> schultmc: are you on debconf10-localteam?
23:02:08 <Clint> [Debconf10-localteam] DC10 logo call for proposals
23:02:09 <Hydroxide> if not, you should be (and everyone else who's interested)
23:02:09 <bgupta> I would say whatever we think will get us the best logo.
23:02:23 <schultmc> Hydroxide: yes - and I apparently did read that thread :)
23:02:39 <moray> MrBeige: I'd say that trying to be *too* collaborative won't lead to the best result in this kind of area
23:02:45 <bgupta> In my *opinion* collaboration seems the way to go.. but that's just one vote
23:02:56 <MrBeige> moray: sure... yes
23:03:18 <moray> MrBeige: for design stuff you kind of need someone's version and to accept/reject though obviously there's room for small changes from committee...
23:03:19 <schultmc> I'm not sure how I feel about "Debian" being prominent in the logo - "DebConf" is typically emphasized over Debian Conference
23:03:32 <Hydroxide> ok. should we at least decide on the direction we want the logo to take, and then people can either collaborate or not to implement the idea?
23:03:35 <Hydroxide> schultmc: agreed, personally
23:03:46 <moray> but it depends if you already decide you want one of the suggestions so far, or to poke people for any others
23:03:51 <MrBeige> moray: it's just that if I was making a logo, i'd like a reasnable knowledge that i'm going in roughly the right direction and not wasting time.  but I'm not an artist and probably won't submit one, so my thoughts don't matter
23:04:34 <Hydroxide> so the only artist who's spoken up here is bgupta
23:04:56 <Hydroxide> I propose that we set a deadline of 5pm EDT on July 8th for proposals
23:05:08 <Hydroxide> and people can collaborate if they want or make separate drafts
23:05:09 <moray> Hydroxide: well, you asked more people on the list already than you have here, the question is really whether you poke those again or decide you're there already
23:05:21 <MrBeige> what if we said "we'll vote in 8 days, we can have sub-votes before then to guide people" ?
23:05:28 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: sounds confusing
23:05:58 <Hydroxide> moray: what do you mean? there was very little response online
23:05:59 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: yeah.  i'll stay out of the decision process now...
23:06:02 <moray> Hydroxide: well, giving feedback on the things so far visible to other 'artist' types is useful
23:06:12 <Hydroxide> yeah. there was comment on the list
23:06:12 <Clint> we could come up with a set of requirements plus deadline, cast a wide net, and hope something good comes back
23:06:16 <moray> (as MrBeige says, without needing actual voting)
23:06:26 <Hydroxide> Clint: that's what I tried to do before, except without a deadline. I think the deadline will help now
23:06:37 <tonyb486> hi
23:06:38 <moray> maybe if they see the suggestions so far and comments on them they'll give an improvement
23:06:55 <MrBeige> moray: yes, exactly
23:06:58 <Hydroxide> moray: yeah ... that was the point of doing it on-list. the collaboration so far has been there
23:07:05 <Hydroxide> tonyb486: hi there
23:07:16 <Hydroxide> tonyb486: we're discussing logo design
23:07:49 <Hydroxide> ok, so I'll send a deadline announcement to the list after this meeting, CCing the same people, and linking to the old thread?
23:08:03 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: ok
23:08:14 <Hydroxide> #agreed Jimmy will send a deadline announcement to the list after this meeting, CCing the same people, and linking to the old thread
23:08:23 <Clint> are there technical requirements you should include?
23:08:39 <Hydroxide> Clint: vector, legal to distribute derivative works, etc
23:08:40 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: but I would try to as a group encourage people more by saying "this is looking good, if you do ..."
23:08:46 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: sure
23:08:50 <bgupta> MIght want to add a link to this wiki: http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf10/LogoContest
23:09:07 <Clint> Hydroxide: okay, you said both those things already
23:09:10 <Hydroxide> great
23:09:11 <MrBeige> #link http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf10/LogoContest
23:09:14 <Hydroxide> #topic PResentation
23:09:32 <Hydroxide> we have a presentation draft in subversion
23:09:36 <Hydroxide> using latex-beamer
23:09:52 <MrBeige> #info svn co svn://svn.debian.org/debconf-data/
23:09:56 <Hydroxide> svn://svn.debian.org/debconf-data/dc10/presentation/dc10pres.tex
23:10:09 <MrBeige> #info svn co svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/debconf-data/    (with alioth login, ping us to get you added)
23:10:19 <Hydroxide> yes
23:10:36 <Hydroxide> you can compile it with pdflatex dc10pres.tex
23:10:36 <MrBeige> wait, those will pull in a lot of other data... you might want to limit it...
23:10:56 <Hydroxide> #info svn co svn://svn.debconf.org/debconf-data/dc10/
23:11:24 <Hydroxide> #info current draft at http://rogue.kaplowitz.org/~jimmy/dc10pres.pdf
23:11:31 <Clint> ping
23:11:43 <Hydroxide> #info Clint needs debconf-data svn access
23:11:45 <Hydroxide> noted
23:11:55 <MrBeige> so, here was my plan for this:
23:12:15 <MrBeige> we use irc right now to make a list of all possible stuff we might want
23:12:18 <Hydroxide> #topic stuff to add / avoid in the presentation
23:12:35 <Hydroxide> go ahead :)
23:12:39 <Hydroxide> use #info
23:12:43 <MrBeige> and then after the meeting those interested decide on organization and add it, since after knowing what you want, it's easier to include it all
23:12:57 <Clint> is the goal of the presentation just to convince people to come, or are there others?
23:13:10 <Hydroxide> Clint: that's the big one. and to answer questions they might have.
23:13:11 <MrBeige> Clint: ohhh, yes... we should decide what the goal is
23:13:22 <MrBeige> so it's to convince people that it'll be awesome
23:13:37 <MrBeige> not necessirily to give them all the facts ?
23:13:39 <Hydroxide> #info goal of the dc10 presentation at dc9: convince people that dc10 will be awesome and that they should come
23:13:55 <Hydroxide> #info be positive, don't scare people away
23:14:00 <Clint> #info nyc has great tourist value
23:14:16 <MrBeige> #info morningside heights is not a megacity, it's a nice neighberhood
23:14:34 <Hydroxide> #info spanish widely spoken in the area
23:14:41 <bgupta> near central park
23:14:43 <MrBeige> #info maybe some information on airfares ?
23:14:45 <Hydroxide> #info near central park
23:14:46 <bgupta> (and riverside)
23:14:51 <Hydroxide> #info and near riverside park
23:15:18 <MrBeige> #info columbia has a lot of tech resources, won't be hard to integrate with it
23:15:23 <Hydroxide> the great thing about using svn is that we can all add things as we see them
23:15:27 <bgupta> I prolly would skiup airfare info and rather just list the local airprots
23:15:27 <Hydroxide> even after the meeting
23:15:39 <Hydroxide> bgupta: how about:
23:16:01 <Hydroxide> #info be brief and give one or two sample airfares - don't make it a full slide
23:16:18 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: just enough to convince people that it's not expensive to get here
23:16:24 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: right
23:16:31 <MrBeige> and if it turns out we can't get data supporting our case, we leave it out
23:16:37 <Hydroxide> true :) I think we can
23:16:46 <Clint> #info 24-hour transportation runs all over the city
23:17:00 <MrBeige> #info no cars needed anywhere
23:17:03 <bgupta> I just think that it's hard because people are coming from so many different places
23:17:07 <Hydroxide> #info touch on handicapped accessibility, but leave most details for the website
23:17:30 <Hydroxide> bgupta: yeah. there are a few big areas though, and we can do e.g. one europe, one south america, one north america
23:17:37 <MrBeige> bgupta: the goal isn't to tel people what they need to know, just to convince them it's not too expensive
23:17:41 <Hydroxide> or leave out that last one
23:17:44 <Hydroxide> whatever works
23:17:52 <Clint> probably not necessary to reiterate things that were necessary for the bid
23:18:12 <MrBeige> unless it's a very good advantange of nyc
23:18:21 * Clint nods.
23:18:34 <MrBeige> #info look at bid documents and see what the huge advantages for nyc were there, include them
23:18:53 <moray> I don't think people will think of flight prices as a problem for NYC
23:19:14 <Clint> the people who have 8 weeks of vacation to use around the conference might appreciate the relative closeness of nearby cities
23:19:16 <moray> I guess you want to think of stuff they might think of as problems, and without focussing on the problem part, say relevant positive stuff
23:19:17 <Hydroxide> moray: as I asid earlier, one person already had that concern, though it wouldn't have been different for anywhere else in the americas for him
23:19:22 <bgupta> CHeck here for some ideas:  http://www.iloveny.com/home.aspx (Or maybe even link)
23:19:32 <Hydroxide> #link http://www.iloveny.com/
23:19:43 <Hydroxide> #link http://nycgo.com/
23:19:43 <MrBeige> #info other nearby cities in the US
23:20:05 <moray> Hydroxide: well, I think from most places attendees come from it will appear obviously much cheaper than e.g. Argentina...
23:20:09 <MrBeige> what other concerns have attendees had about the US, which we could alleviate here ?
23:20:11 <Clint> #info or other attractive areas for tourism
23:20:27 <Clint> besides immigration difficulty?
23:20:33 <Hydroxide> #info we don't want to spend too much of the presentation on tourism (cf. "Don't have too much fun!")
23:20:44 <moray> I think NYC is also reasonably obviously a tourist place, so no *need* to spend too much time on it
23:20:58 <moray> I think the 'don't have too much fun' thing may just look negative though
23:21:11 <MrBeige> Clint: yes, what ether concerns besides immigration (of course that's included too)
23:21:24 <moray> anyone attending dc9 and planning to go to dc10 clearly *isn't* just going to scam money from debconf...
23:21:31 <Hydroxide> #info reword "don't have too much fun" and a few other bits to be positive not negative
23:21:34 <moray> (well, is unlikely to be)
23:21:35 <Clint> i haven't heard any but 1) immigration and 2) the USA is patently evil
23:21:43 <bgupta> Mmm. WE probably want to clarify border visa and border issues in the preso, especially in those cases where people have to do stuff early.
23:21:53 <Hydroxide> bgupta: it's in there ... check the .pdf or .tex
23:22:03 <MrBeige> #info emphasize *greatly* that NYC is incredibly multicultural and not at all like much of the rest of the US
23:22:14 <moray> Clint: right, 2 is harder to deal with, though it appears most of the world will believe you if you make a grinning Obama the background on every slide
23:22:17 <Hydroxide> #info visa and border issues are already in the presentation structure - details will be provided by Frank
23:22:24 <moray> Clint: I think 2 is mostly why people complain about 1
23:22:46 <Clint> moray: no comment
23:22:55 <Hydroxide> anything else to say on this subtopic of the agenda?
23:22:56 <moray> i.e. complaining about 1, or addressing it too much, may be something of a red herring
23:23:13 <Hydroxide> ok then
23:23:16 <moray> I don't think the real concern from Europeans who complain is really the immigration stuff
23:23:21 <bgupta> FOr transport I might mention taxi and limo stuff. Just so people know that's there if they need it.
23:23:34 <moray> obviously it's different from some Latin Americans, but there's also less you can do for the people who correctly worry about it
23:23:39 <Hydroxide> #info mention taxi and limo stuff along with other transportation options
23:23:58 <MrBeige> bgupta: you can use #info, too
23:24:02 <moray> not helicopter?  did they stop that route from the airports? ;)
23:24:11 <Hydroxide> #info and helicopter (yes, it's available)
23:24:14 <Hydroxide> moray: no, it exists :)
23:24:14 <MrBeige> moray: it's still there
23:24:27 <bgupta> MrBeige: We definately need a slide on food!
23:24:33 <Hydroxide> #info definitely talk about the food!
23:24:38 <Hydroxide> bgupta: please use #info
23:24:47 <MrBeige> what venue-related things ?
23:24:53 <Clint> "90,000,000 cuisines"
23:24:55 <MrBeige> and day trip related things ?
23:25:06 <Hydroxide> #info day-trip things should be mentioned
23:25:08 <Clint> tonyb486: what would entice you into the city?
23:25:34 <Hydroxide> #info tourist daytrip options, naturalistic/explorational daytrip options, lesser-known urban bits daytrip options...
23:25:40 <bgupta> #info For transport mention yellow cabs, limo, and shuttle buses
23:25:53 <MrBeige> < MrBeige> what venue-related things ?
23:26:19 <Clint> columbia looks neat
23:26:36 <Hydroxide> #info photos of columbia
23:26:41 <Hydroxide> #info a map or two
23:26:44 <MrBeige> Clint: what do you like best about columbia ?
23:26:57 <bgupta> Not sure it is appropriate for the preso, but NY is known for it's nightlife.
23:27:02 <Hydroxide> bgupta: sure it is
23:27:05 <Clint> MrBeige: just how it seems so out of place from its surroundings
23:27:07 <Hydroxide> bgupta: briefly
23:27:17 <bgupta> #info brief info on nightlife
23:27:18 <Hydroxide> #info briefly mention NYC's nightlife
23:27:24 <bgupta> heh
23:27:26 <Clint> MrBeige: and like how there's something identifiable as a campus, unlike nyu
23:27:32 <Hydroxide> bgupta: I was so used to you not doing it :) good for you
23:27:42 <MrBeige> #info < Clint> MrBeige: and like how there's something identifiable as a campus, unlike nyu
23:28:10 <Clint> is that a draw for other people?
23:28:23 <MrBeige> Clint: it *is* a nice oasis
23:28:32 <Hydroxide> these are some good ideas... it's already :28. should we leave some time for the rest of the agenda?
23:28:39 <MrBeige> Clint: with large lawns and plazas and stuff, so it will be very nice to be in
23:28:44 * Clint nods.
23:28:46 <bgupta> #info Make sure the columbia map is color if available
23:29:22 <MrBeige> yeah, we can probably move on
23:29:23 <Hydroxide> jvasile: hi there.
23:29:28 <Hydroxide> #topic dividing up the presentation work
23:29:31 <bgupta> Hydroxide: Do you want to schedule a meeting to work on preso?
23:29:37 <jvasile> Hi.  Is this the 7pm meeting?
23:29:40 <Hydroxide> jvasile: yes
23:29:58 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: are meetbot logs available in real time for him to catch up?
23:30:05 <moray> Hydroxide: also if you don't have it yet, a slide on the weather, as by then in dc9 people will want to know about that :)
23:30:09 <MrBeige> #save
23:30:22 <Hydroxide> #info mention NYC weather in comparison to dc9 :)
23:30:27 * Clint laughs.
23:30:29 <Clint> good way to spin it
23:31:01 <Hydroxide> bgupta: I think having a large-group meeting isn't conducive to actually working on the file
23:31:13 <Hydroxide> here's my suggestion
23:31:26 <Hydroxide> take a look at what is in the .tex file so far, and what we've #info'ed so far this meeting
23:31:27 <MrBeige> http://rkd.zgib.net/meetbot/debconf-nyc/2009/debconf-nyc.2009-06-30-23.00.html
23:31:33 <MrBeige> jvasile: --^
23:31:45 * jvasile looks now
23:31:57 <Hydroxide> does anyone want to take responsibility for adding content on a certain chunk of the presentation?
23:32:03 <Hydroxide> not the whole thing, just a chunk of it
23:32:06 <bgupta> well I thought that we were gonna ado a mockup in wiki first... but it seems you guys went straight to working on the preso
23:32:14 <Hydroxide> bgupta: we had the outline on the wiki
23:32:15 <MrBeige> bgupta: yes, we should all add stuff via svn, and after it's mostly done then we can discuss again
23:32:32 <MrBeige> #action MrBeige takes the venue parts
23:32:46 <bgupta> I can do whatever's left over.
23:32:49 <MrBeige> #action and MrBeige also takes morningside heights related sections (hopefully with some help)
23:32:57 <Hydroxide> does someone want to do "yay NYC is great" parts?
23:33:11 <Hydroxide> there are already a few headlines about that in the .tex
23:33:12 <bgupta> sure
23:33:20 <Hydroxide> #action bgupta does the "yay NYC is great" parts
23:33:25 <bgupta> that's liek tourism food and nightlife, no?
23:33:30 <Hydroxide> bgupta: yeah
23:33:33 <jvasile> #action jvasile will help with Morningside Heights, though it's been a few years since he lived there
23:33:38 <Hydroxide> jvasile: great
23:33:55 <MrBeige> jvasile: thanks, that will help me!
23:34:42 <Hydroxide> #action Jimmy will remind Frank about the visa/border stuff in the context of the presentation
23:35:18 <Hydroxide> #action Jimmy will deal with the local team bit and the NYC transportation bit
23:35:20 <bgupta> Hydroxide: I don't understand the what we won't provide slide..
23:35:26 <Hydroxide> #action including airport
23:36:12 <bgupta> Hydroxide: That's slide 22
23:36:40 <Hydroxide> bgupta: that was MrBeige's wording ... I think we should phrase it more positively. basically, he wanted to convey that we shouldn't spend large chunks of time as a local team arguing about "US is evil" stuff. I think we might want to leave it out and just decline to get into long drawn-out arguments in public contexts about it
23:36:47 <MrBeige> we don't need to decide who all will do what bits right now... we can recruit people later
23:36:55 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: we just figured out a bunch of bits though
23:37:00 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: too late ;)
23:37:19 <bgupta> MrBeige: If I can get you content, can you tex it for me?
23:37:29 <MrBeige> bgupta: absolutely
23:37:51 <Hydroxide> ok, moving on?
23:37:55 <MrBeige> #info if anyone doesn't know latex or latex-beamer, they can just throw data into the file and someone else will tex-ify or beamer-ify
23:38:17 <Hydroxide> great
23:38:21 <Hydroxide> #topic website
23:38:58 <Hydroxide> here we just need to basically do three things: (1) remove dc9 content and associated scary disclaimer; (2) replace it with corresponding dc10 content; (3) some sort of visual refresh
23:39:08 <Hydroxide> this is really easy to do
23:39:15 <Hydroxide> it's in the same svn checkout
23:39:21 <Hydroxide> in the website subdir instead of presentation subdir
23:39:25 <MrBeige> removing dc9 data is easy...
23:39:27 <Hydroxide> yep
23:39:33 <bgupta> HYdroxide, MrBeige: Can we poll some non-US folks to see what they would like to hear about in the preso? (If you haven't done so already).
23:39:43 <Hydroxide> bgupta: we've asked in #-team already
23:39:49 <MrBeige> adding dc10 data can be done as-needed, for now focus on what's helpful so far in advance
23:40:06 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: my goal is to have a bunch of info at the presentation
23:40:07 * jvasile will need an alioth login
23:40:09 <MrBeige> (I mean, dc9 site only recently got fully data-ified around reconfirmation time...)
23:40:14 <bgupta> MrBeige: We talked about setting up an email alias for visa questions.
23:40:20 <bgupta> we should list that
23:40:23 <MrBeige> #action Hydroxide requests alioth login for jvasile
23:40:27 <Hydroxide> jvasile: go create one - they're self-creatable, though it'll have a -guest suffix as you're not a DD
23:40:30 <moray> Hydroxide: -team people will all have watched the discussions lots before, of course, others may want different stuff
23:40:36 <Hydroxide> #info alioth logins are self-creatable
23:40:51 <Hydroxide> jvasile: once you've got one, let me know
23:40:55 <MrBeige> #action Hydroxide requests jvasile added to -data repo
23:40:58 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: there
23:40:59 <jvasile> wil do
23:41:22 <Hydroxide> #info requests to be added to -data repo are initiated by the person who wants the access, and then Hydroxide prods the -data admins
23:41:26 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: there :)
23:41:48 <MrBeige> so
23:41:52 <MrBeige> website stuff...
23:42:06 <Hydroxide> here we don't need to get into details
23:42:13 <Hydroxide> but, who has time to work on website content in the next couple of weeks?
23:42:17 <Hydroxide> that will suffice for now
23:42:41 <Clint> i may or may not depending on factors i cannot anticipate
23:42:46 <Hydroxide> anyone? it's really easy
23:42:50 <Hydroxide> Clint: gotcha
23:42:57 <Hydroxide> #info Clint may help - can't say for sure yet
23:42:57 <Clint> but probably at least some
23:43:07 <Hydroxide> #info Clint will probably do at least some website help
23:43:13 <bgupta> what do you need?
23:43:24 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: should we focus on finding someone to do a redesign ?
23:43:24 <Hydroxide> #link http://debconf10.debconf.org/
23:43:39 <Hydroxide> bgupta: we need to make that into something that's accurate and complete enough for dc10 :)
23:43:42 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: sure
23:43:45 <MrBeige> since I don't know anyone who has volunteered to do that yet
23:43:58 <MrBeige> small amounts of other data removing/updating can be done rapidly enough...
23:44:03 <Hydroxide> #topic web redesign
23:44:16 <Hydroxide> anyone have ideas about how to find someone for this?
23:44:17 <bgupta> Hydroxide: If you want to grab me after meeting I can help with website.. I can work on text content.
23:44:45 <Hydroxide> bgupta: well, it's not a synchronous thing, but I can show you more what is needed
23:44:51 <Hydroxide> #info bgupta will help with website content too
23:45:21 <bgupta> Hydroxide:  WHat kind of design skills are required?
23:45:38 <bgupta> IE: THere are tons of desingers in loal NYC user groups
23:45:48 <Hydroxide> bgupta: for the redesign? probably just someone with a decent aesthetic sense and a bit of html/css skill. it's not complex stuff
23:45:55 <Hydroxide> bgupta: the site is statically generated with a template system
23:46:15 <bgupta> I can put out a call for volunteers if you want.
23:46:20 <Hydroxide> bgupta: can I task you with finding someone who might want to help and having them email debconf10-localteam@lists.debconf.org ?
23:46:31 <bgupta> sure.
23:46:47 <Hydroxide> #action bgupta will find someone who might want to help with website visual redesign and will have them email debconf10-localteam@lists.debconf.org
23:46:51 <Hydroxide> great
23:46:56 <Hydroxide> #topic goals for DebCamp9
23:47:28 <Hydroxide> so, during DebCamp9, my primary two tasks will be (1) helping DC9 as practice for leading DC10 local team on-site, and (2) working on DC10 prep stuff
23:47:40 <jvasile> Hydroxide: alioth account created
23:47:43 <Hydroxide> regarding (2), I need to know what to work on assuming the presentation and website are in good enough shape
23:47:48 <Hydroxide> jvasile: great
23:48:16 <MrBeige> we had talked about sponsor pack
23:48:20 <bgupta> Hydroxide: DO we need to find someone before DC9? IE: What's the timeframe.
23:48:20 <Clint> what is it still too early to do?
23:48:28 <Hydroxide> jvasile: go to http://alioth.debian.org/projects/debconf-data and click on "request to join"
23:48:34 <Hydroxide> Clint: you already have debconf-data svn access
23:48:38 <Hydroxide> bgupta: no
23:48:47 <Clint> Hydroxide: that was quick
23:49:02 <Hydroxide> #info dc10 site redesign doesn't have to happen before dc9, though it can if things magically work out that way
23:49:06 <Hydroxide> Clint: I mean, you already had it
23:49:10 <jvasile> Hydroxide: done
23:49:17 <Hydroxide> jvasile: great. I'll ping the -data admins about that
23:49:28 <Hydroxide> ok
23:49:30 <Clint> Hydroxide: i am confused
23:49:31 <Clint> but okay
23:49:40 <Hydroxide> back on topic
23:49:42 <Hydroxide> DebCamp9
23:49:49 <Hydroxide> I was thinking of trying to work on the sponsor pack
23:50:16 <Hydroxide> would this be the best use of my dc10 prep time in debcamp, or should I do something else? (secondary to presentation-related stuff of course)
23:50:24 <Hydroxide> and who has time to help remotely during debcamp?
23:50:28 <Hydroxide> (or on-site)
23:50:39 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: you can always do other debian work, too...
23:50:48 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: but i'd say sponsor pack + other stuff that's not done yet
23:50:50 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: yeah, but that's always true
23:50:56 <bgupta> MrBeige: For my slides for Tourism, FOod and Nightlife, when do I need to get you raw content to give you enough time to have it merged into the tex preso?
23:51:02 <Hydroxide> #info goals for debcamp9: sponsor pack + loose ends
23:51:12 <MrBeige> it really depends on what gets done beforehand...
23:51:14 <Hydroxide> ok, moving on
23:51:22 <MrBeige> bgupta: ping em after the meeting...
23:51:26 <Hydroxide> #topic Anyone else need debconf-data SVN write access?
23:51:28 <MrBeige> bgupta: (but I can do it fast)
23:51:35 <Hydroxide> I think we took care of this, but anyone else who needs write access to presentation/website ?
23:51:48 <Hydroxide> #info if you want access later, contact Jimmy (Hydroxide)
23:51:50 <Hydroxide> good
23:51:50 <Hydroxide> :)
23:52:01 <Hydroxide> #topic When to let the US press start writing about DC10
23:52:22 <Hydroxide> #info bgupta already found an eweek.com reporter who wants to write about the first US debconf
23:52:42 <Hydroxide> #info so far we're waiting on that until after dc9 occurs and/or the dc10 dates are set. should we change this?
23:52:58 <Clint> i think being able to narrow the dates down is probably a good idea
23:53:03 <MrBeige> I think that's fine
23:53:17 <Hydroxide> Clint: you mean choose the dates sooner, or delay the news article until we know the dates?
23:53:23 <Clint> the latter
23:53:27 <Hydroxide> ok
23:53:32 <moray> you could also decide if you're going to have some kind of Open Day thing, with what target audience
23:53:32 <MrBeige> they can do whatever after dc9 is done, if the want to wait for later then they can, too
23:53:44 <bgupta> #info eweek reporter has also offered to help us get more press contacts.
23:53:48 <moray> as without mentioning that there's not much actual gain from press coverage
23:53:50 <MrBeige> we don't need to decide if they need dates for their article (yay government intereference!)
23:54:04 <MrBeige> moray: that's a good point, knowing more about the openday activities would be good
23:54:15 <Hydroxide> #info future meeting agenda topic, probably good to resolve before press coverage: determine what OpenDay for DC10 is like
23:54:17 <MrBeige> moray: to be able to encourage people to attend
23:54:41 <moray> MrBeige: you don't really want to encourage too many random people not involved with Debian to attend
23:54:58 <moray> that's not really the point of a debconf (and would spoil the social aspects)
23:55:00 <MrBeige> moray: the openday/debianday equilavent part only
23:55:04 <MrBeige> (is what I meant)
23:55:12 <moray> ah -- yes, that's what I was thinking
23:55:14 <MrBeige> but yeah
23:55:37 <Hydroxide> moray: might be good to encourage the US debian user community to attend and get more involved though
23:55:48 <Hydroxide> moray: as opposed to the open day which is more broadly focused
23:55:56 <Hydroxide> anyway this is somewhat of a tangent now I think
23:56:06 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: yes, but that wouldn't be for the mainsteam press to do, more targeted stuff
23:56:11 <MrBeige> anyway yes, tangents now...
23:56:11 <moray> Hydroxide: right, the DebConf target audience probably will learn directly rather than via press though
23:56:14 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: true
23:56:23 <Hydroxide> moray: or non-eweek press, at least
23:56:24 <Hydroxide> right
23:56:30 <Hydroxide> ok
23:56:35 <Hydroxide> nearly done guys :)
23:56:42 <Hydroxide> #topic brief mention: visa meeting with Frank
23:56:52 <Hydroxide> so, we couldn't have Frank here to discuss visa/border issues as originally planned
23:56:57 <Hydroxide> since he's traveling through July 7th
23:56:58 <MrBeige> whenever he can, we do...
23:57:22 <Hydroxide> #info we couldn't have Frank here to discuss visa/border issues as originally planned, due to Frank's travel schedule
23:57:33 <Hydroxide> #info we will have that meeting when he is back, plus do status updates on stuff we talked about today
23:57:41 <Hydroxide> and, regarding that, next item:
23:57:45 <Hydroxide> #topic Next meeting
23:57:52 <Hydroxide> when do you think we should meet next?
23:57:52 <Hydroxide> :)
23:58:00 <MrBeige> before or during debcamp ?
23:58:02 <Hydroxide> July 8th has two meetings for me already
23:58:29 <MrBeige> how about send another doodle poll for the week of the 12th-18th ?
23:59:00 <Hydroxide> ok. does that work for everyone?
23:59:25 <Hydroxide> hearing no objection
23:59:27 <MrBeige> sure
23:59:32 <MrBeige> it's a doodle poll, we'll do what we can
23:59:33 <Hydroxide> #agreed doodle poll for week of 12th-18th
23:59:40 <Hydroxide> #topic Any other business
23:59:51 <Hydroxide> anything else we should address? bgupta, I heard you had something?
23:59:53 <MrBeige> bgupta:
00:00:17 <bgupta> checking calendar.. tuesday is out as is thursday (user group meetings)_
00:00:24 <bgupta> the rest of the evenings are good
00:00:27 <MrBeige> 19:57 <bgupta> Hey do you want to mention meeting with Columbia to settle down the dates?
00:00:45 <MrBeige> I've been trying to meet with dana vlcek, to hear about columbia's SEAS facilities
00:01:09 <MrBeige> I expect we'll hear that around mid june or in july is best
00:01:17 <MrBeige> but unfortunantly I really don't have much to reprot
00:01:30 <MrBeige> from housing, I don't know what else I could get from them if I met
00:01:35 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: any ETA on the meeting appointment with vlcek?
00:01:53 <Hydroxide> either the scheduling of it or the occuring of it
00:02:06 <MrBeige> the most I think I could do with columbia   housing is have them verify what they told me before still is valid
00:02:20 <moray> well, that's reasonable if it's a few months on
00:02:34 <Hydroxide> (for those who don't know, SEAS is where most of the non-housing part of the conference will occur)
00:02:34 <bgupta> MrBeige: If it's not too much trouble, that would be worthy.
00:02:54 <MrBeige> I have emailed vlcek last week, no meeting set up yet.  you all should ping me heavily since I spend most of my thoughts on dc9
00:03:19 <Hydroxide> ok
00:03:22 <Clint> is it likely to be that they'll give us a bunch of options?
00:03:47 <MrBeige> I think meeting with CU housing more towards the end of the summer would be best... right now I'd feel silly with a real meeting just being "say the same stuff to me again", though maybe she'd have more info
00:04:00 <MrBeige> emails to maria would be a good idea probably, though...
00:04:05 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: and if we do end up with a narrow range of date options from SEAS, would it be possible to just go to CU housing at that point instead of waiting until october?
00:04:35 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: since that would become a bigger constraint than optimal room arrangement in the housing
00:04:38 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: yes, if I learn more from SEAS, then I can go back to housing and will have more information to update them with, and that would be a good idea
00:04:45 <Hydroxide> ok
00:04:54 <Hydroxide> anything else before we conclude?
00:05:07 <bgupta> MrBeige: I think a good action item would be to followup with vlcek and let him know that it would be aweseom if we could narrow down the dates prior to DC9.
00:05:32 <Hydroxide> does someone want to #action or #info or such?
00:05:33 <Hydroxide> :)
00:05:53 <bgupta> i will... but wanted MRBeige's agreement
00:05:55 <Hydroxide> jvasile: what's your alioth username?
00:06:00 <jvasile> Hydroxide: vasile
00:06:04 <jvasile> vasile-guest
00:06:06 <Hydroxide> ok
00:06:09 <MrBeige> bgupta: agreed, but tehre are other things that need to be coordinated and I don't think we can say anything for sure until later
00:06:21 <MrBeige> I'll keep doing my best to narrow dates down as much as possible, as soon aspossible
00:06:39 <MrBeige> #action everyone probs MrBeige to do DC10 work, not DC9 work
00:06:53 <Hydroxide> great
00:06:58 <MrBeige> if you don't see me talking about stuff I'm doing in this channel, it means i'm not, so you should prod me more
00:07:09 <bgupta> kk
00:07:24 <Hydroxide> last call...
00:07:26 <MrBeige> (contrapositive: it means that everything I do do, will be reported here, which is good)
00:07:35 <Clint> gavel
00:07:38 <Hydroxide> done!
00:07:40 <Hydroxide> #endmeeting